Current Organizations

Here is a listing of AS units, services, government, and resources. Everything. If you find any errors, please let us know

Advocacy in Orange

Advocacy groups generate student support and fight for changes that not only impact all communities within Isla Vista and Santa Barbara County, but also issues that impact higher education and government institutions.

Enterprise in Green

Each and every one of these Enterprise Entities provides services to students or allows students to provide services to their local community. Enterprise entities offer students services in addition to creating a space where students skills are utilized to promote a better campus atmosphere for UCSB students and our Isla Vista community.

Media/Events in Blue

Associated Students offers many different avenues for students to express themselves as well as professional designers and artists available to create designs for students.

Philanthropy in Purple

Philanthropic entities raise money for organizations which work hard to better the UCSB community. These services are provided by student fees and also create jobs for students. Each and every one of these Enterprise Entities provides services to students or allows students to provide services to their local community.

Boards/ Commissions in Teal

The charge of Boards and Commissions is to create a safe space where students can organize effective strategies which they can use to help fight for their cause. Get involved with Boards and Commissions here

Title colors reflect the AS area.
Black indicates an AS information site.

Alphabetical A-E

Admin Help

Questions about checks, budget, key access, employment, requisitions.

America Reads
logo America reads

Associated Students Community Affairs Office and local school districts work together to implement UCSB’s response to the national America Reads America Counts challenge. America Reads America Counts (AR/AC) is funded through Federal Work Study and trains 35 UCSB students to be tutors in elementary schools.

Advisor: Allina Mojarro

AS Answers
logo AS answers

General FAQ site for all things AS.

Bike Committee
logo bike commission

The AS Bike Committee is a unique component of the Associated Students community. The ASBC is a place where passionate advocacy for bicycle safety and a clear voice for consideration of bicycles in campus planning have come together. The ASBC is an active bicycle system advocate, and works to increase student, staff, faculty, and administration awareness of and involvement with bicycle system issues in and around UCSB. We also fund bike improvements on campus, and participate in social and outreach events throughout the year with our $1.25 per student per quarter lock-in fee.

Advisor: Sarah Siedschlag

Bike Shop
logo bike shop

The Associated Student Bike Shop is a student-run and student funded non-profit service which has benefits all students, faculty, staff, and alumni of UCSB since 1974. All you need is your access card, your bike, your time, and an inclination to learn. We have everything needed to get your bike running safely and smoothly. Anything else you need, we offer at the lowest possible prices. The AS Bike Shop is located behind the HSSB adjacent to the aquatics center. The Bike Shop is open Monday through Thursday 10am-4pm and Friday 10am-3pm.

Advisor: Adam Jahnke

Black Womyn’s Health Collaborative
logo black womyn's health collaborative

The A.S. Black Womyn’s Health Collaborative’s directive is to aid the currently inadequate support of Black womyn and our ability to exist and live well and centralize leadership efforts for the betterment of Black womyn’s holistic spiritual, mental, and physical health.

Advisor: Marisela Marquez

Book Bank
logo book bank

The Associated Students Book Bank is a student-run service that is available to all UCSB students, both graduate and undergraduate. All donations that we receive will be for loaning and not up for resale. We aim to provide students with the opportunity to check out books for a certain amount of time from the SIRRC Book Bank in efforts to reduce the costs of our students in need. The Book Bank will be collecting books from different campus locations throughout the end of each quarter in order to increase the amount of books that can be lent out to students.

Advisor: Leah Bartos

logo budget

Along with budgets, you can also view the expenditures of the groups. The administration and the business services expenditures are posted after they have been subjected to an audit.

Campus Support Advisor

Support for groups that Tim advises

Community Affairs Board (CAB)
logo CAB

The ASUCSB Community Affairs Board is an official board of the Associated Students Senate. We are comprised of active students who work to bring the campus and community together through service. The Board’s Volunteer Action Center, is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of all UCSB Students by providing information and easy access to community service work. Through a wide range of projects and community programs, CAB seeks to augment classroom experiences, create opportunities for career exploration, connect UCSB to the community in a meaningful way, and promote the ethics of public service.

Advisor: Ruth Garcia Guevara

Community Volunteer Foundation (Covo)
logo COVO

CAB Community Volunteer Foundation seeks to enhance the educational experience of UCSB students by issuing grants for ongoing service-based programs or projects that foster greater awareness regarding social, educational, economic, and environmental issues. These programs must engage UCSB undergraduate students as volunteers or leaders as well as strive to have meaningful and lasting impact on the greater Santa Barbara community.

Advisor: Allina Mojarro

Coastal Fund
logo coastal fund

The Coastal Fund is a student initiative dedicated to the conservation of the UCSB coastline. Our student body recognizes that the coast is at the heart of our campus’ culture and character and must be protected. The Coastal Fund shall provide funds to preserve, protect, and enhance the terrestrial and marine habitats associated with the shoreline of the University of California, Santa Barbara through preservation, education, open access, research, and restoration.

Advisor: Sarah Siedschlag

Commission for Marginalized Genders
logo commission for marginalized genders

Commitment to representing and improving the status of women, non-binary, and trans* folks on campus and in the community.

Advisor: TBD

Commission on Culture, Arts & Joy Justice
logo commission on culture, arts and joy justice

The A.S. Commission on Culture, Arts, and Joy Justice (CCAJJ) is a platform for coalition-building among BIPOC students and cultural organizations to strengthen a united front in tackling intersectional issues. We aim to combat the effects of racial and cultural marginalization on an institutional and systemic level through advocacy initiatives, cultural celebrations, and educational programming to increase cross-cultural understanding and solidarity, and to positively uplift the climate of the entire campus and the community at large.

Marisela Marquez (primary)
Holly Mayes (secondary)

Commission on Disability Equality (CODE)
logo code

CODE is dedicated to improving the status of students with temporary or permanent disabilities on campus and in the community. CODE is also committed to advocating for students with disabilities and educating the campus community on the importance of equal access by raising disability issues, interests, and awareness on a local, state, and national level.

Advisor: Marisela Marquez

Commission on Student Well Being (COSWB)
logo coswb

A.S COSWB seeks to create and promote programs focused on preserving a climate of student well-being on campus. It is our goal to help students reduce their stress and foster an environment of  positivity at UCSB. We are always looking for members and volunteers to help us to provide a more positive environment for our community.

Advisor: Marisela Marquez

Committee on Committees
logo coc

Our mission is to help you find out about all the opportunities waiting for you in Associated Students.

Advisor: Holly Mayes

Community Financial Fund (CFF)
logo cff

CFF is a student run organization and part of Associated Students. We promote financial literacy awareness and educate students on various personal finance topics. Our mission is to prepare students for a lifetime of financial wellbeing, and those basics start in college.

Advisor: Kelsey Thibdeau

Creative Media Unit
logo cmu

The Creative Media Unit serves to provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to hone and advance their multimedia skills, particularly pertaining to the fields of graphic and web design and videography. The AS Media Center provides free camera and equipment rentals, and a computer lab equipped with professional design and video software.

Advisor: Chelsea Lyon-Hayden

Dept. of Public Worms
logo worms

DPW manages on-campus composting programs, maintains the three Edible Campus Projects, and educates the community about sustainable gardening practices, composting, and reducing food waste. 

Advisor: Marla Greer

Elections Board
logo elections board

The UCSB AS Elections Board is responsible for organizing, assisting, providing the necessary resources, and overseeing UCSB’s student election process. Our roles include enforcing the Elections Code, promoting campus involvement and student participation, as well as ensuring that the election process runs smoothly for candidates. Additionally, our board oversees student fee-based ballot measures. We serve as a resource for students interested in running for an elected position and assist campus organizations that wish to propose a ballot measure.

Advisor: Ruth Garcia Guevara

Environmental Affairs Board (EAB)
logo eab

Environmental Affairs Board (EAB) was established to protect, preserve and enhance the environment, principally at UCSB and its surrounding communities.  We focus on ecology, energy, food, climate change, water policy and conservation, the economy, environmental justice and other issues. We coordinate and coalition-build with other groups to promote environmental perspectives and sustainability throughout the University.

Advisor: Sarah Siedschlag

Environmental Justice Alliance
logo environmental justice alliance

The mission of the Environmental Justice Alliance is to amplify the awareness of and action towards environmental justice. This Alliance shall serve UC Santa Barbara and local communities by maintaining respectful interactions, by collaborating with organizations and communities, and by raising attention towards local, national, and global environmental injustices. The Alliance encourages intersectional awareness and inclusion with the environmental movement and other related movements by prioritizing the safety, experiences, and viewpoints of Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) and people of diverse gender and sexual identities in its decisions, events, and activities. 

Advisor: Sarah Siedschlag

Event Planning

A resource for how to plan an event at Associated Students.


Post your events for the campus to see.

External Vice President of Local Affairs (EVPLA)
logo evpla

The EVPLA office is here to function as a liaison between UCSB students, UCSB administration, non-student community members, and various local agencies.

External Vice President of Statewide Affairs (EVPSA)
logo evpsa

EVPSA is a section of AS dedicated to bettering the lives of UCSB students by keeping them informed on statewide, national, and local policies that affect students.

Alphabetical F-O

Finance and Business Committee
logo finance and business committee

AS Finance and Business is an Administrative Committee under the Office of the Internal Vice President. ASFB serves the UC Santa Barbara student body by facilitating the financial allocation of student fees.

Advisor: Kelsey Thibdeau

logo flashback

A.S. Annual Reports

Food Bank
logo food bank

The AS Food Bank is open to registered Undergraduate and Graduate Students at UCSB in need of non-perishable food and toiletries. All items found at the Food Bank are completely free with proof of a valid UCSB access card. The Food Bank is open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9am-6pm and is located on the third floor of the University Center. Follow the marked signs to the AS Food Bank.

Advisor: Daniel Chavez

Global Gaucho Commission
logo global gauchos

The A.S. Global Gaucho Commission is a body funded by the UCSB undergraduates concerned with providing a positive and comfortable learning environment for international students.

Advisor: Timothy Grigsby

Help Desk

This Help Desk handles IT support solely for Associated Students Systems.


The Honoraria Committee oversees the allocation of all money towards honoraria. The Committee is responsible for reviewing all honoraria requests through examination of written requests as well as thorough discussions with chairmen and Committee members affected. The committee is in charge of creating and distributing honoraria forms.

Advisor: Marisela Marquez, Holly Mayes

Human Rights Board
logo human rights board

Human Rights Board is a coalition of passionate human rights and social justice activists determined to educate UCSB students on all human rights violations on a global scale. The Board will host programs conducive t0 enlightening the community about Human Rights violations and inhumane atrocities around the world.

Advisor: Timothy Grigsby

Internal Vice President
logo internal VP

The Internal Vice-President serves as the Presiding Officer of the Senate and as the representative of Associated Students in all internal affairs. This office is here as a resource for you all on any and all CAMPUS and internal matters!

Investment Advisory Committee

The Investment Advisory Committee (IAC) is an entirely student-run organization that operates as an arm of the Associated Students – the UC Santa Barbara student government. We are dedicated to educating UCSB students in the areas of finance and investing. Working with an active portfolio currently valued at over $160,000, participants accumulate valuable experience in securities and portfolio management through hands-on investment analysis, discussion, and action.

Advisor: Kelsey Thibdeau

Isla Vista Community Relations Committee (IVCRC)

Isla Vista Community Relations Committee is an Associated Students committee works to promote and educate the Isla Vista community as a whole by nurturing the relationships between the long-term and short-term residents. In addition, IVCRC funds on-campus and off-campus groups that work to improve the community. IVCRC is a committee filled with active and passionate students who wish to bring the Isla Vista Community as a whole together.

Advisor: Ruth Garcia Guevara

Isla Vista Tenants Union (IVTU)
logo ivtu

The Isla Vista Tenants Union (IVTU) is an organization serving the interests of Isla Vista tenants. We recognize the diversity of our community, and we strive to meet the different needs of our members while uniting our common interests as tenants. We educate tenants on their rights and responsibilities, and we act as a resource when problems occur. We believe people should live without the suffering that arises from discrimination, retaliation, or neglect.

Advisor: Marisela Marquez

IV Arts Board

Isla Vista Arts promotes the arts as a catalyst for social growth and change in the neighboring Isla Vista community.

Advisor: Kris Ehrman (secondary)

Judicial Council

The UCSB Associated Students Judicial Council serves as the judicial branch of the student government and is empowered to hear and decide any cases under its legal jurisdiction as noted in Article VII of the AS Constitution.

Advisor: Marisela Marquez

KCSB-FM 91.9
logo kcsb

KCSB is a non-commercial, educational FM station broadcasting for the public interest. You can be involved with art, music, culture, public affairs, news and sports. We will teach you everything you need to know to be on the radio or help behind the scenes. KCSB is committed to being non-commercial, live, alternative, independent, and your community radio!

Jennifer Kiser, Lisa Osborn, Ted Coe

Legal Resource Center (LRC)

The Legal Resource Center started as a result of a student initiative to provide FREE legal counseling services to the UCSB campus. An ASLRC attorney is available to consult with all registered UCSB students on any issue or concern in which legal education would be helpful, unless it involves the university or another UCSB student. We offer legal advice, education, information and/or referrals , and can assist you in identifying and resolving your legal problems.

Advisor: Robin Unander

Living History Project
logo living history project

The Living History Project is a branch of Associated Students that tracks, archives, and narrates the history of student activism at UCSB.  It traces the origins of organizations such as BSU, El Congreso, A.S. Queer Commission, Associated Students, etc. and outlines how they were developed and integrated into our community.  This project shifts the historical point of view towards the students and shows how they enacted change on and off campus.  The Living History Project amplifies the voices of the students in the face of corruption, injustice, and inequity and will continue to serve as a platform as current social and political issues arise.

Advisor: Leah Bartos

Lobby Corps
logo lobby corps

Associated Students Lobby Corps fights for the rights of students on a local, statewide, and national level. We lobby our elected representatives on the behalf of UCSB students.  We always welcome any student from any background to come lobby with us and share their stories with the student population and representatives. Have something you want to bring up to us? Come stop by one of our meetings.

Advisor: Holly Mayes

Media Center
logo media center

The AS Media Center is a fully student funded creative space available to UCSB undergraduate and graduate students equipped to help  with everything from creating a simple flyer to producing a video documentary about something that you’re passionate about.

Advisor: TBD

Office of the Contoller

Acts as a consulting body for the following Associated Students’ Units: A.S. Bike Shop, A.S. Cashiers, A.S. Community Financial Fund, A.S. Publications, A.S. Ticket Office, A.S. Legal Resource Center, and any new services which may be developed by the Sub-Committee.

Advisor: Phil Pinedo

Alphabetical P-Z

Pardall Center
logo pardall center

The A.S. Pardall Center is a mixed use center for the IV and UCSB community. Welcome to the Heart of Isla Vista!

Advisor: Marisela Marquez

logo office of the president

The AS President acts as the official representative of the student body in all campus, system-wide, local, state, and federal matters.

Program Board
logo program board

AS Program Board is a student-operated non-profit organization funded by lock-in fees which aims to coordinate fun and educational events for the UC Santa Barbara community. Appointed student board members gain hands-on experience in planning, booking, advertising, and running various events ranging from intimate open mics to 10,000 capacity festivals.

Advisor: Kris Ehrman (production and safety)
Marisela Marquez

Public and Mental Health Commission
logo public and mental health commission

The A.S. Public and Mental Health Commission is a body concerned with the healthcare and mental health of UCSB undergraduate students. Its purpose is to promote the awareness of student health and mental health concerns in our community, and take direct action to address and combat them accordingly.

Advisor: Timothy Grigsby

Public Safety Commission
logo public safety commission

Public Safety Commission works to promote a safer environment, both on campus and off campus. This is done through advocating for changes in school and local law enforcement policies, promotion of safe substance use, changes to infrastructure in Isla Vista and the creation of programs both on campus and off campus.

Advisor: Marisela Marquez

logo publications

The David B. Miller A.S. Publications Service is a full- service copy shop available to UCSB student groups, faculty, and staff. Our faculty Services, including Class Readers and other Classroom Materials. Associated Students Publications Service is committed to giving you the best possible service and about the environment. All our white paper is 100% post-consumer recycled. Our machines are state of the art. And we will recycle readers at the end of the quarter. We are located at UCen Room 1531 (Next to the AS Cashiers and Ticket Office windows) and operate Monday through Friday 8am-5pm.

Advisor: Phil Pinedo

Rally Comm
logo rally comm

Rally Comm works to increase spirit and support our school athletics.

logo recycling

The  Recycling Program is operated and funded by the students of the University of California, Santa Barbara in order to provide an efficient and long-lasting infrastructure that promotes sustainability and adapts with the progress of technology. The students of A.S. Recycling, UCSB are dedicated to bringing our campus, community and beyond relevant information about various environmental issues and their daily social, economic, and ecological impacts. A.S. Recycling strives to close the waste loop with the 4 R’s — refuse, reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Advisor: Katee Gustavson

logo senate

The Associated Students Senate is a group of elected student representatives who serve as the supreme policy-making body of the Associated Students.

Advisor: Holly Mayes

Student Advocate General
logo OSA

The Office of the Student Advocate (OSA) – an official service of UCSB’s Associated Students – assists students accused of violating the University Code of Student Conduct.

Advisor: Holly Mayes

Student Commission on Racial Equality (SCORE)
logo score

The A.S. Student Commission on Racial Equality is a body funded by the UCSB undergraduates concerned with providing a positive and comfortable learning environment for persons from diverse and underrepresented social backgrounds. Its purpose is to confront and proactively resolve issues of ethnicity-related concerns and create and promote programs to educate the student body on issues concerning the campus and community that affect students of UCSB.

Advisor: Marisela Marquez

Student Initiated Recruitment and Retention Committee (SIRRC)
logo sirrc

The Student Initiated Recruitment and Retention Committee is a collective effort of students catering to the needs of local and academic communities. The committee will assist historically underrepresented, low-income, and under-resourced students and organizations in establishing the fundamental interaction needed to create a long-term recruitment and retention program within our UCSB community.

Advisor: Marisela Marquez

Student Strategic Plan

In May 2014 Associated Students (A.S.) adopted a six-year Strategic Plan: 22 A.S. goals and 14 A.S. advocacy priorities to achieve by 2020. The plan addresses a frustration expressed by students for years: continuity. To be updated with the new vision 2025 goals soon.

Student Staff

Onboarding site for new student staff.

Students Against Sexual Assault (SASA)

Students Against Sexual Assault is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the elimination of sexual assault and sexual harassment on the UCSB, SBCC and the UCSC campuses and their surrounding communities.

Advisor: Marisela Marquez

Take Back The Night (TBTN)
logo tbtn

The charge of the Associated Students Take Back the Night committee is to raise awareness about issues surrounding sexual violence through activism, advocacy, and survivor empowerment. It aids survivors in finding and demonstrating their empowerment, provides a forum for survivors and allies alike to make their voices heard, and creates an environment in which survivors of sexual violence can begin to heal.

Advisor: TBD

Tech Rental

iClickers, chargers, adapters, and more

The Bottom Line (TBL)
logo tbl

The Bottom Line provides a printed and online space for investigative journalism, culturally and socially aware commentary, and engaging reporting that addresses the diverse concerns of our readership, including UCSB and its surrounding community. Created in early 2007 in response to concerns there should be another newspaper on campus.

Advisor: Leah Bartos

Ticket Office
logo Cashiers & Ticket Office

The Associated Students Cashiers and Ticket Office is in charge of distributing tickets that pertain to events held in the Multicultural Center, UCSB Athletics, Program Board Sponsored Events, Events through the UCSB Music Department, any Student Organization Event, UCSB Theatre and Dance as well as special events. The Cashiers and Ticket Office is completely run my UCSB students and offers a multitude of services including emergency loans, the quarterly distribution of bus stickers, course readers and notes as well as recycled toner. The office is located across from Corwin Pavillion behind Ortega and is open Monday through Friday 10am – 5pm.

Supervisor: Edwin Zepeda

Trans and Queer Commission

We are a formal group under UCSB Associated Students that provides funding and advocates for trans & queer students and their communities on campus and beyond. We believe that education, representation, and community work can combat oppression and lead to the safety and comfort of all people.

Advisor: Marisela Marquez (primary), Kris Ehrman (secondary)

Transfer Student Alliance
logo tsa

The Transfer Student Alliance is an organization dedicated to helping Transfers with the unique challenges they face when starting at UCSB. Whether you need help transitioning socially, academically, or professionally, UCSB’s TSA is here to help solve your problems and answer any of your questions. Reach out to us at with any of your questions. If you have more questions, or just want to talk, visit our exec board during office hours!

Advisor: Timothy Grigsby

UC in IV

UCIV is a public volunteer program that acts as a mediator between police officers and the community. Volunteers provide information about resources available to the community as well as help those in need.

Visual Media Request

Graphic design, photography, and videography services are available to all Associated Students entities.

Advisor: Chelsea Lyon-Hayden

Zero Waste Committee
logo zero waste

The Zero Waste Committee is comprised of a group of enthusiastic students sharing a variety of interests and experience relating to the environment. From researching the nutritional value of insects as a solution to future sustainable sources of food, to encouraging stores to switch from single-use plastics to sustainable alternatives, or educating students and faculty about composting benefits, the members of the ZWC all share a mutual passion of being environmentally conscious and inspiring UCSB do the same. As members of the ZWC, we harness our power as UC students to create a positive, lasting change in producing sustainable models and habits.

Advisor: Katee Gustavson

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