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Office of the External Vice President of Local Affairs

Ashcon Minoiefar

Ashcon Minoiefar

External Vice President of Local Affairs

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My Plan:

  • Police Collaborative Board – a representative body that discusses issues of policing and compiles crime rate
    statistics to promote transparency
  • Isla Vista Community Court– a local court run by community members utilizing RESTORATIVE JUSTICE for minor
  • Year-Round UCIV Program– student volunteers assisting residents, keeping party goers hydrated and providing a
    safe space for survivors of sexual assault EVERY weekend
  • Promote the Isla Vista music scene and support local bands.
  • Ensure 12,000 students are registered to vote in the November 2016 election deciding the future of Isla Vista


Publish quarterly reports on how your student fees are being spent and gain feedback to ensure your student fees are being spent responsibly.


Collaborate with AS Entities and other campus organizations to host a quarterly Craft Far infusing the association with a more diverse group of student leaders to create a better atmosphere of productivity within AS.


Create senate staff positions to provide more opportunities for people to get involved in AS and enhance productivity, efficiently and transparency within Senate.

Madison Hechler 

Chief of Staff
Responsible for organizing and running the External Vice President of Local Affairs Office. Coordinates the activities of the entire EVPLA office staff and acts as a stand in for the EVPLA when needed. Such activities include staff meetings, quarterly staff retreats and coordinating the office fellowship.

Dhishal Jayasinghe

Isla Vista Community Liaison
Focuses on projects in Isla Vista and the general welfare of the Isla Vista community. Acts as liaison to AS CAB, Isla Vista Teen Center, Isla Vista Recreation and Parks District, and Isla Vista Community Relations Committee.

Jordan Goulet

Public Safety Coordinator
Responsible for issues of safety in the Isla Vista community. Develops measures and initiatives intended to create a safe, welcoming environment and inclusive feel in Isla Vista, especially for underrepresented communities.

Jessica Black  

County Liaison
County Liaison serves as a legislative liaison to the External Vice President for Local Affairs office as well as to the County Board of Supervisors. Stay informed of the actions and pending business of the Goleta Water District, Goleta City Council, Santa Barbara City Council, and the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors, and attend when they are discussing issues that affect students. Plays an active role in voter registration and voter turnout campaigns on campus and in Isla Vista.

Kristen Armellini

Deputy Chief of Staff

The Deputy Chief of Staff serves as representative and assistant for the EVPLA and Chief of Staff. Helps execute logistical aspects of the office, while taking on personal projects to improve the community. Partners on projects and serve as a resource for other staff members.

Cheyenne Kabil 

Environmental Chair Coordinator
The Environmental Chair Coordinator shall work on environmental issues. Acts as a liaison to the waste management services of Isla Vista, AS Coastal Fund, AS WORMS, AS Environmental Affairs Board, AS Recycling, and I.V. Surfrider.

Sruthi Kumar

Community Events Coordinator
Responsible for acting as a liaison between the EVPLA office and community organizations like the Isla Vista Community Network, Isla Vista Teen Center, and Isla Vista Recreation and Parks District. Develops programs, events and initiatives to help foster a strong sense of community in Isla Vista.

Sophia Dycaico

CSD Coordinator
The Community Service District (CSD) Coordinator focuses on educating UCSB students on local Isla Vista governance issues by making sure they are aware of the local measures before the election. The CSD coordinator acts as the liaison to the Isla Vista Community Service District.

Grayson Hernandez

Community and Police Relations Forum Liaison

Responsible for creating and managing the new monthly public forum that will provide an inclusive and engaging meeting space for all members of the Isla Vista community and law enforcement in order for all in attendance to voice their advice, comments, or concerns regarding safety and policing in Isla Vista. The goal for this public forum is to encourage community engagement in local issues and create a greater sense of mutual trust between the community and law enforcement.

Tara Landefeld

Public Relations Coordinator

The Public Relations Coordinator has an active role in all EVPLA projects, as needed, including but not limited to writing press releases, logistical coordination, legislation and advertising. The PR chair is responsible for informing the community of all the progress and events happening within the EVPLA Office.

Christina Pak

Resident and Housing Coordinator

Focuses on local residents’ issues and rights by acting as a liaison to Isla Vista Tenants Union and the Community Housing Office. Responsible for addressing housing, non-student resident, or tenant issues in the community.

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