Acronym List

Errr, what does LRC stand for? Here is a handy list for those of you who may not be fully acquainted with all of the acronyms we use in AS!

AcronymReal Phrase
ASAssociated Students
ASLCAssociated Students Legislative Council
ASOPAssociated Students Office of the President
ASPBAssociated Students Program Board
ASRAssociated Students Recycling
BIKESBicycle Improvements Keep Everyone Safe
BCCBoards Committees and Commissions
BSBusiness Services
CECCampus Elections Commission
CPCCampus Planning Commission/Collegiate Panhellenic Council
CODECommission on Disability Equality
COPSCommission on Public Safety
COSWBCommission On Student Well-Being
COC, Com on ComCommittee on Committees
CABCommunity Affairs Board
CBLConstitution and Bylaws
CMUCreative Media Unit
DSPDisabled Students Program
EAPEducation Abroad Program
EOPEducation Opportunity Program
EABEnvironmental Affairs Board
EVPLAExternal Vice President of Local Affairs
EVPSAExternal Vice President of Statewide Affairs
FB, FinBoFinance Board
HRBHuman Rights Board
IVPInternal Vice President
IACInvestment Advisory Committee
IVCRCIsla Vista Community Relations Committee
IVTUIsla Vista Tenants Union
LRCLegal Resource Center
MRCMedia Relations Committee
MCCMulticultural Center
OPOffice of the President
OSLOffice of Student Life
OSAOffice of the Student Advocate
PRBParking Rates Board
QTIPQuit Taking It Personal
RCRally Committee
RDARedevelopment Agency
RHAResidence Hall Association
SAGStudent Advocate General
SCOREStudent Commission On Racial Equality
SIRRCStudent Initiated Recruitment and Retention Committee
SLStudent Lobby
SRBStudent Resource Building
SIDEStudent-Initiated Democratic Education
SOCCStudents Of Color Conference
STARStudents Teaching Alcohol and other drug Responsibility/
TBTNTake Back The Night
TPSTransportation & Parking Services
TQCommTrans and Queer Comm
TBLThe Bottom Line
UCOPUniversity of California Office of the President
UCSAUniversity of California Students Association
USSAUnited States Students Association
WAITWhy Am I Talking
WCWomen’s Commission
SAODStatewide Affairs Organizing Director
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