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On March 24th, I was sworn in as the new Associated Students President. This was truly a surreal and humbling moment for me. Thank you so much for electing me, and I am thrilled to get started as your 2023-2024 A.S. President! My past few years in Associated Students have taught me many lessons. It has taught me the importance of collaboration and open-mindedness. I have learned how much the Association does for students, but also the ways in which it falls short in providing for our campus community. As President, I am steadfast in pioneering efforts to improve our Association while keeping basic needs, financial transparency, accessibility, and proactive inclusion of diverse student voices at the forefront of my presidency. I will adhere to and build upon the A.S. Strategic Vision, particularly focusing on initiatives that relate to basic needs. I am immensely passionate and driven about the goals I have for this upcoming year, but I am especially determined to listen to students and reflect their needs in my leadership. Your student fees go into this Association every year, and I promise to work tirelessly to ensure those fees are spent efficiently and in students’ best interests. I look forward to getting to know you all and sharing my ideas for this year with you. I am always available to you all, as your President, as your student leader, as your peer, and as your friend. Thank you for trusting me with this responsibility, Gauchos, and I hope to make you all proud. 

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