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The Associated Students Senate is a group of elected representatives which serves as the policy-making body of Associated Students.

As a governing body, we strive to open lines of communication between students, the administration, and our greater community. Members of the Senate seek to be proactive in addressing student needs and providing and facilitating services and resources that enhance the UCSB experience. Senate meets Wednesdays at 5:00pm in the State Street UCEN room.

The official A.S. Senate website is http://www.as.ucsb.edu/senate/

Administrative Committees

Investment Advisory Committee

IAC is an undergraduate run investment committee managing a substantial portion of student body funds on behalf of UCSB’s Associated Students (AS).  Operating as an arm of AS, our intent is to generate substantial returns on our investments and eventually redistribute those resources across student organizations.  Additionally, we seek to attract notable professionals and host or co-host public lectures on campus for the betterment of the entire student body. Visit the website here

Elections Board

The Elections Board is in charge of instituting and regulating all elections for Executive and Senatorial members of the Association. Students may run as independent candidates or with a party. Elections are held yearly during Spring quarter. Past results, as well as candidate information can be found here

Honoraria Committee

Associated Students rewards its hard working members through honoraria at the end of each quarter. The Committee is made up of the Senate First Pro-Tempore, Senate Second Pro- Tempore, one Senator, Three Student Representatives at large, the Internal Vice President, the AS Executive Director, the Committee on Committees Internal Liaisons, the AS Controller, the Attorney General, the AS Director of Accountability, the AS President and the Internal Vice President Chief of Staff. You can file for your Fall honoraria below

Chairs and Directors

Appointed Board Commission and Unit members



Committee on Committee

Committee on Committee’s is the pathway to involvement into AS. Their  mission is to help you find out about all the opportunities waiting for you in Associated Students. With over 60 student organizations, it’s easy to find a place to get involved. On this website committees, boards, and groups post their openings and provide you with the details needed to apply. We hope you enjoy your stay and look forward to you joining us here at Associated Students! You can visit the website here

Standing Committees

Finance and Business Committee

Each quarter, every UCSB undergraduate pays a fee of $186.04 to Associated Students. This fee supports a wide variety of operations of Associated Students that benefit the students of UCSB, the campus and the surrounding community. The charge of the AS Finance and Business Committee is to help registered student organizations put on successful events, provide necessary student services, hold conferences, and fund championship aspiring teams through the procurement of funds. The AS Finance and Business Committee is composed of one Chair, one vice-chair, the Chief Financial Officer, 10 Finance Officers, and 8 Senators. These student leaders are tasked with the careful deliberation and the decision of the approval of funding for student groups, and for allocating a yearly budget that is used to foster leadership, give to the community, and enhance the experience of UCSB students. The Finance and Business website can be found here

External Affairs Committee

The Senate External Affairs Committee oversees all Associated Students activities regarding local, UC system, state, and federal government affairs. The Committee will receive legislation from Senate related to the above entities and establish a position that is consistent with the views of UCSB students. External Affairs meetings on Thursday Nights in the Chumash room. external.as.ucsb.edu

Campus Affairs Committee

The Campus Affairs Committee oversees all legislation that pertains to the Association or University. Senators can elect to send legislation to the committee to review its language in order to make sure it is consistent with the attitudes of the student body as well as ensuring that all legislation is consistent with AS legal code. The committee meets Tuesdays at 5pm in the Goleta Valley room.

Basic Needs Senate Committee
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Boards and Commissions

  • Black Women’s Health Commission
  • Book Bank
  • Commission on Disability Equality
  • Commission for Marginalized Genders
  • Commission on Student Well Being
  • Environmental Affairs Board
  • Environmental Justice Alliance
  • Global Gauchos
  • Human Rights Board
  • Public Safety Commission
  • Student Commission on Racial Equality
  • Student Initiated Recruitment and Retention Committee
  • Take Back the Night
  • Trans and Queer Commission

Position Resignation

If you are an appointed or elected member who would like to resign from your position, please click here to fill out the resignation form.

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