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Authority, Responsibility, and Purposes

Student governments shall have authority and responsibility over matters that are consistent with their enabling documents such as constitutions and by-laws, and with the University’s purposes for such governments as defined by these Policies and implementing campus regulations. It shall be the responsibility of student governments, in consultation with the Chancellor or the Chancellor’s designee, to ensure that their enabling documents, as well as all their programs and activities, are consistent with the status of such governments as official units of the University, and with the University’s purposes for such governments as set forth in Section 61.10-15 of these Policies, as well as with all other provisions of these Policies and with implementing campus regulations.

Associated Students Staff Mission Statement

We, the UCSB AS Professionals, empower, mentor, guide and support UCSB students to deepen and enhance civic engagement and social responsibility by:

  • Facilitating learning through student initiated projects and programs.
  • Ensuring student inclusion in shared governance of the university.
  • Initiating and facilitating collaboration within the UCSB community and beyond.
  • Safeguarding the continuity, financial stability and institutional memory of the AS organization for current and future students.
  • Respecting student agency to create their own path.