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Meeting Times

Entity Time Location Entity Time Location
External Affairs Committee Thursday 7pm Chumash Room Queer Commission Monday 7:30 Nati Conference Room
Campus Affairs Committee Tuesday 7pm Goleta Valley Room Bike Committee Every other Friday 4pm Nati Conference Room
Lobby Corps Thursday 7pm Nati Conference Room Public Safety Commission Friday 5pm Pardall Center
Legal Resource Center Friday 4pm Pardall Center SIRRC Thursday 6pm AS Annex
Office of the Controller Monday 6pm Nati Conference Room Commission on Disability Equality Wednesday 6pm Nati Conference Room
Commission on Student Well- Being Monday 5pm SRB: Indian Resource Center Food Bank Committee Tuesday 4pm Food Bank Lounge
Community Affairs Board Monday 7:30 CAB Office (UCen 2523) Environmental Affairs Board Wednesday 7pm GSA Lounge
Investment Advisory Committee Wednesday 8:30 North Hall 1110 Finance and Business Committee Monday 4pm State Street Room
Womens’s Commission Thursday 5pm SRB: Indian Resource Center Community Financial Fund Monday 11am The Hub
Zero Waste Committee Monday 8pm SRB Room 1103 Coastal Fund Tuesday 6pm Nati Conference Room
Community Volunteer Foundation Monday 6pm CAB Office (UCen 2523) Office of the Student Advocate Friday 2pm Chumash Room
Isla Vista Tenants Union Friday 5pm Pardall Center Creative Media Unit Friday 12:30 AS Annex
Isla Vista Community Relations Committee Tuesday 7pm Pardall Center Committee on Committee Wednesday 7pm Pardall Center