How To Nominate

The Nomination Process

The first step in making a nomination for a particular award is to become completely familiar with the requirements to be met by the candidate for the award, provided in the Campus Awards Section. Comparison of the accomplishments of the candidate with the accomplishments of previous recipients of the honors will help the nominator in deciding whether to make a nomination. Each recognizing entity (OSL, AS, and the University) has their own set of detailed instructions on how to complete nomination forms. Using the appropriate nomination form the nominator should study and follow these carefully so that the relevant accomplishments of the candidate will be properly presented. The suggested format stresses the importance of a clear, precise narrative and description of the accomplishments of the candidate.

How do I fill out a nomination form?

Award nomination forms can vary, some have a list of specific details they would like answered about the nominee. On the other hand, some forms ask very broad questions and would like detailed information about the nominee. When filling out a nomination form follow the instructed details. Not filling out the form as instructed could lesson the chance to the nominee receiving the award.

Below is an example of a broad leading question, borrowed from the University Service Award Form.

Please describe those personal and leadership characteristics that you believe make this person deserving of the Storke Award, Friedman Award, the Whitted Award, a University Service Award, or an Award of Distinction.

When answering this question the nomination should tell the story of what your candidate has done in reference to the award you are nominating them for. Give examples of how this outstanding quality has been demonstrated. Show how your candidate has:

  • Contributed in a distinctive way to improving the lot of those less able to help themselves;
  • Devoted him or herself to sustained and selfless voluntary service;
  • Shown innovation or creativity in delivering lasting results;
  • Describe as vividly and precisely as possible the difference their contribution has made: ­ How were things before they began? ­How are they now?
  • Earned the respect of their peers and become a role model to others;
  • Produced, perhaps against the odds, sustained achievement that has required moral, courage, vision, and the ability to make tough choices or determined application and hard work.

How do I find the right words?

 Nouns Determination







Community Organizer

  Adjectives Trusted




































Phrases Going the extra mileOvercoming obstacle

Making a difference

Role mode

Head and shoulders above the rest

Beyond the Call of Duty

Promoting Scholarship, Leadership and Citizenship.

Example Nominations

Example # 1: Individual nomination for general questions.

It is a pleasure to nominate Jane for a Senior Co-Curricular Activity Award. My first impression of Jane came in 2007 when she gave the hands-down, best interview for a position on the Student Fee Advisory Committee that I have ever encountered. Since then she has continued to live up to that impression of being a passionate young woman who is smart, hardworking, energetic, professional, and is as committed to academics as she is to bettering our society.

In addition to pursuing a double major in Communication and Feminist Studies, Jane is involved in many different areas on campus. She is currently a Resident Coordinator for Apartment and Community Living, after being a Resident Assistant for the two years prior. This includes maintaining professionalism while fostering resident camaraderie, as well as coordinating resident development activities and staff retreats. She also serves as the Chair of the Student Fee Advisory Committee. This extremely important committee is comprised of students (graduate and undergraduate), staff and faculty and advises the Chancellor with regard to activities supported by the $25 million income from student registration and education fees by reviewing these programs and recommending priorities for funding.

In her capacity as Chair, Jane is charged with creating the agenda and leading weekly meetings, attending quarterly statewide meetings with other UC SFAC committee chairs, and serving as the SFAC representative on pertinent campus-wide committees, such as the Chancellor’s Coordinating Committee on Budget Strategy. Another campus organization that Jane is highly involved in is the Born Again Ministries. This is a Christian organization created and operated by students at UCSB consisting of three different branches – Men’s Fellowship, Women’s Fellowship and Community Bible Study. Jane is a Spiritual Leader for the Women’s Fellowship, which includes attending weekly meetings, coordinating alternative programming, and helping plan an inter-organization Christian event called the “Believers Conference.”

Additionally, Jane is a member of the Black Student Union, which she has served in several different capacities, working to uplift, educate and create a safe-space for Black students on the UCSB campus. She has also been an active participant in UCSB’s Gospel Choir for the past three years. Alongside these leadership roles, Jane also devotes much time and energy to academic research through the Department of Communication as a member of the McNair Scholars Program. As you can see, Jane is an incredible young woman with an astonishing amount of energy, determination, professionalism and maturity. She has contributed greatly to the campus community this past year and throughout her time at UCSB and truly embodies the campus mission of scholarship, leadership, and citizenship. I believe that she is a perfect candidate for a_________ Award.

Example 2: Individual Nomination for Co-Curricular Excellence Award

What specifically makes this person stand out from other students in the same class level, in terms of co- curricular? I have known Steve for almost four years during which he has held various KCSB positions, each with an increased level of responsibility. This year he is our General Manager, an elected position. The thing which most makes him stand out as a leader is that he never demands that anyone do anything, but he still manages to get people to cooperate. Well most of the time, which is more than okay when, you’re talking about a hundred to 150 volunteers at any one time. The range of his activities is also interesting, taking in the arts as well as political work and management activities.

In what ways did this person demonstrate leadership in his/her co-curricular activities?

As mentioned above, Steve is KCSB General Manager this year. In that capacity he is responsible for engaging all of KCSB’s programmers in work to support the station; he hires and supervises all other stipended student positions with some assistance from career staff; he runs meetings; and facilitates outreach efforts. In addition to his KCSB work, he is one of the founders of SB-DIY, an organization that works to bring a variety of all ages events – especially music – to Isla Vista. These events are alcohol and drug free and they have been organized on a minimal budget. He has also been active in the Department of Energy Lab Oversight Committee and in Food Not Bombs. Did I mention that he is a member of a couple of bands and that he has toured nationally and his art work has recently been included in an international collection of artists? All true though he is often as likely to talk about his colleagues’ work rather than his own.

In closing, Steve has been an excellent leader at KCSB and in the community. He is a gentle spirit who tries to tread lightly on this earth but still manages to have a positive impact on it.

Example # 3: Nomination for group of the year.

Please provide a brief overview of this registered campus organization’s programs and other notable achievements, such as increased member participation or leadership development, during the current academic year.

This year, the Queer Student Union served as a wonderful organization for the ENTIRE campus population. Not only did the Queer Student Union continue on their traditional programming such as Pride Week and Queer Bombing events, they also added new and original programs and events. Some of their new accomplishments include: -Creation of a Big Queer/Little Queer mentorship program that served to foster mentorship relationships amongst “Big” (Involved, Experienced) Queers and Little (New, transfer, 1st year) Queers. The mentorship program, included events and social. Allies were included in the mentorship program as well. – Outreach to Santa Catalina Queers and allies. For the first time ever, QSU outreached to San. Cat. by having programs in San. Cat. One of the programs included a Barbe-Queer at the San. Cat. pool. -Community Service. This year, QSU participated in the efforts to fundraise to make up for the cut in HIV/Aids spending. Together, as a team, they were able to raise 1,000$ for the Pacific Pride Foundation. -Activism.

The Queer Student Union has always been a political organization. However, this year, they took up a notch by endorsing both AS Queer and Ally candidates for AS elections and also by endorsing the Roundtable resolution that was introduce as a result of the mass evictions in the Santa Barbara county. -Visibility. This year, QSU made their traditional Pride event bigger and better by expanding to the Saturday after the Queer Wedding by closing down Pardall and holding the 1st ever IV Pride festival. The IV Pride festival included Drag Queers, fire dancers, speakers, and DJs. While the event was fun, QSU’s festival demonstrated that regardless of the hate crimes that have occurred in IV against the Queer community, Queer people are here to stay! This year’s Pride week included 10 organizational collaborations and 20+ programming events.

What distinguishes this organization’s efforts this year from other organization’s efforts?

QSU’s challenges and activities distinguish their efforts from other organization’s effort. I say this because QSU has faced SEVERAL hate incidents this year as well as facing the ban of gay marriage the year prior with Proposition 8. Many members of the Queer community have been offset by the challenges of the community; however, the Queer Student Union went all out and fought for their rights. While many may see QSU as an organization that focuses itself on narrow issues, I will argue that they focus on issues that affect everyone. Although not everyone identifies as Queer, everyone is affected by the heteronormative stereotypes of our society. These stereotypes construct norms and practices that are deemed essential and natural; thus, anything that strays from this norm is looked down upon. QSU understands that we are different and how that is more than okay.

How specifically did this group’s efforts contribute to the student experience at UCSB?

QSU directly contributed to the student experience at UCSB by providing a safe space for Queer identifying and strong allies of the Queer Student Union. Also, the organization served to create more than 20+ programs that were open to the ENTIRE UCSB campus, even faculty and staff. QSU incorporated racial, gender, class, ability, and many more other identities into their programming. QSU was able to contribute to the Political and Social aspects of the UCSB campus climate.

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