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Office of the Student Advocate

Jack Tannenbaum

Jack Tannenbaum

Student Advocate General

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Office Hours

I intend to make sure every students knows their rights, and that my office is there to help. I intend to raise awareness about resources available to students that often go unused. I intend to establish town halls and meeting spaces to facilitate dialogue and understanding on issues currently challenging student safety and identity. I intend to hold the Association accountable for their actions, doing my best to make sure that no student on this campus feels silenced, marginalized, or ignored. I intend be a non-partisan representative of ALL undergraduate students.

In my time on this campus I have come to meet so many wonderful people and I hope I can be entrusted with the honor and privilege of fighting for and amplifying the voice of each and every one of you.

Rogelio Tec

Chief of Staff

M 12-2:00pm, T 10-11am,
W 12-2pm, R 11am-12pm

Annika Tan

Director of Public Relations  
T 11am-12:30pm
W 12-2pm

Lorena Alvarez

Community Organizer 

T 10am-12pm
R 10am-12pm

Marjan Kris Abubo

Community Organizer  

M 9-11pm
R 10-12pm

Catt Phan

Social Conduct Caseworker

M 3:30-5pm, W 3:30-5pm
R 2-3pm

Josephine Ampaw

Public Interest Caseworker

M 2-4pm, T 3-4pm
R 4-5pm

Narmada Murugan

Academic Caseworker

M 11:30am-1:30pm
W 11:30am-1:3pm


Eve Kopecky

Housing Caseworker

M-R 9-10am

Sandi Isozaki

Housing Caseworker

T 12:30-2pm
R 3-5pm