Flacks Intern

The Flacks intern serves as a concrete bridge between the students, the administration, and the university community.

The Associated Students Leadership intern was named after Dr. Richard Flacks, a distinguished Professor in Sociology, because of his remarkable leadership to students and his highly regarded published research on student culture and activism. Through its substantive projects, duties and goals, students gain valuable leadership experience by working closely with A.S. Executive Director.

Dr. Flacks has challenged institutions, altered structures of power, taken ownership in the community, and in honor of his work, the Flacks Intern will simultaneously challenge student leaders and administrators to better serve and represent the student body. By utilizing the local, state, and national resources of A.S., the Flacks Intern can make an everlasting change in the campus community through the projects that she or he chooses.

All undergraduate students in good academic standing may apply. During her or his service the intern must be registered at UCSB for the entire academic year. Listed below are some of the projects and/or events the intern is responsible for coordinating.

University Committees

The intern may have the unique opportunity to sit on various committees seeking student input within the Division of Student Affairs. These committees may include the Activities Awards, the Annual Student Leadership Conference, and/or the Student Affairs Student Staff Divisional Meeting.

Student, Staff and Administrative Internal Discussion

At least two (2) times during the academic year, the Flacks intern invites A.S. officers, representatives, members from the boards, committees, commissions, and also staff and administrative personnel to an informal gathering. The Flacks intern presides over these informal meetings and may chose to invite additional clubs, organizations, faculty, staff, and administrators if she/he deems fit for any particular meeting. The goal of the internal discussion is to bridge communication between A.S. internally, set goals, and discuss issues affecting the A.S. students and staff, while pushing forward the A.S. organization itself within the campus community.

Duties and Requirements

The Flacks Intern must attend and help plan the Student Leadership Retreat held in the beginning of Fall Quarter. They must also attend at least two (2) Senate meetings per quarter. They must also attend at least three (3) board and committee meetings each quarter to help establish relationships with members of Associated Students and offer assistance on different boards and committee’s projects and goals. The Flacks Intern must also assist the A.S. officers as well as Senate members on special projects and support their events. The intern will meet with the Executive Director three (3) times per quarter to discuss current and future projects.


Intern Selection

The Flacks Intern participates in the recruitment and selection process for the following year’s intern.

Click here to complete the 2021-22 Intern Application online. The deadline to apply is Monday, May 28th, 2021 at 5pm. Additionally, two recommendation forms are needed.

For more information, contact Marisela Marquez mariselam@as.ucsb.edu

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