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Office of the Internal Vice President


Jasmine Sandhu

Jasmine Sandhu

Internal Vice President

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My Plan:

Revitalize and reform the association to ensure seamless transition of all AS positions, not only limited to senators, but to BCU chairs as well

Ensure the association runs as efficiently as possible by developing a system that holds all members accountable in completing their goals and duties

Continue to advocate for fiscal responsibility of your student fees

Push for the utilization of the Vision 20/20 Plan, a school-wide survey detailing the needs of UCSB students

I am passionate about making your experience here at UCSB as fulfilling as possible.


Publish quarterly reports on how your student fees are being spent and gain feedback to ensure your student fees are being spent responsibly.


Collaborate with AS Entities and other campus organizations to host a quarterly Craft Far infusing the association with a more diverse group of student leaders to create a better atmosphere of productivity within AS.


Create senate staff positions to provide more opportunities for people to get involved in AS and enhance productivity, efficiently and transparency within Senate.

Jorge Escobar

Chief of Staff
Chief of staff is responsible for organizing and running the Internal Vice President Office. Responsible for organizing and facilitating weekly staff meetings and quarterly retreats. Maintains the IVP office budget. Serves as a representative on Council on Planning and Budget.

Helia Ludema

Deputy Chief of Staff
Responsible for coordinating and organizing the Associated Students Fellowship program. Also responsible for advising and supporting the IVP staff. Works with IVP to create agenda for the weekly Senate meetings.

Matthew Santos

Student Fee Advisory Commissioner
Attends SFAC meetings and provides brief written reports of the meetings to the IVP and the Committee on Committee’s Administrative Advisory liaison. Discusses expenditures of the student fees that fall under AS and reports on any issues regarding AS Lock-In fees.

Bianca Bacaltos

Programming Coordinator
Focuses on projects within Associated Students. Initiates and plans on project per quarter that relates to AS. Serves as the Director of Research and Planning of the AS Information Agency. Advises the IVP on how to make the internal functioning of AS more efficient.

Eric Wang

Gauchobooks Lead Officer
Attend Web Standards Committee meetings to address website quality and function. Address general operating maintenance and troubleshooting with web development and tech administrators. Oversees all marketing and advertising strategies for GauchoBooks website.

Affie Afzalnia

SIDE Coordinator
The Student Initiated Democratic Education (SIDE) Coordinator shall facilitate all administrative aspects associated with the SIDE Program. Shall manage and create methods to gain feedback form the student and faculty involved with SIDE.

Michelle May

Director of Accountability
Works with IVP to ensure that Senators fulfill their job descriptions. Read minutes of AS Entities and reports of the Academic Senate or Advisory Committees. Report to Honoraria Committee with all relevant forms and information to aid in the assessment of member’s job description fulfillment.

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