Interim Internal Vice President

Bee Schaefer

Hailey Stankiewicz

Interim Internal Vice President

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I am a double major in Political Science and Sociology. I am dedicated to making UCSB and Isla Vista a more inclusive, equitable, and safe space for all students. With the return back to in-person instruction, residents of IV have seen unprecedented issues that have severely affected all students as they navigate not only their academics, mental health, but also their safety. With my two prior years of experience within Associated Students, I hope to direct my passion for and knowledge of student needs towards instituting tangible changes in our community.

Resident and Housing Director for EVPLA
L&S Senator
Finance and Business Committee Chair
Honoraria Committee Member

INSTITUTE an annual public safety risk assessment report and emergency plan
PARTNER with the UCSB ADP to provide Rohypnol and other substance testing kits
EXPAND the opportunities available to students for them to speak with UCSB administration, local government and law enforcement to ensure students have a platform to voice their concerns/needs
COLLABORATE with other AS entities to work towards food security for undocumented students
IMPROVE habitability conditions for housing in IV specifically working to alleviate mold, infestations, and other home hazards
PROTECT tenant’s rights by continuing to document rent increases and putting pressure on leasing companies and the university
PRIORITIZE increasing the hours of essential services such as revitalizing the Pardall Center and other AS resources
INCREASE the amount of public and accessible study spaces with wifi in IV
CONTINUE to expand the Restorative Justice Program that the current EVPLA office has strengthened
INCREASE the amount of free concerts in IV to support local artists


Publish quarterly reports on how your student fees are being spent and gain feedback to ensure your student fees are being spent responsibly.


Collaborate with AS Entities and other campus organizations to host a quarterly Craft Far infusing the association with a more diverse group of student leaders to create a better atmosphere of productivity within AS.


Create senate staff positions to provide more opportunities for people to get involved in AS and enhance productivity, efficiently and transparency within Senate.

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