Internal Vice President

Bee Schaefer

Internal Vice President

Contact info:


Office Hours: TBD

Together WE can:

EXPAND FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE, increase international student representation in A.S, address campus ROAD CONDITIONS, and revitalize campus as a SAFE SPACES..
REDUCE FOOD INSECURITY by mitigating Dining Hall Food Waste.
Create EQUITABLE OPPORTUNITIES for all students to succeed.


  • University Owned Apartments SENATOR,
  • CHAIR of the AS Internal Affairs Committee,
  • RHA Programming VICE PRESIDENT
  • Manzanita Hall PRESIDENT


  • to Maintain a safer UCSB learning and living environment
  • GIVE BACK! Disperse A.S funding where needed for Student use! Expand and educate student body on available A.S funding
  • FOSTER more AS opportunities for UCSB’s international and disabled communities
  • EXPAND SHS resources through the creation of an AS Health Locker, the ADA Compliance Officer, and emergency transportation services
  • SUPPORT survivors through collaborating with SASA to increase call boxes and lighting in IV
  • HOLD EXECS & SENATE accountable for PLATFORM COMPLETION, and proper representation of Constituency
  • FACILITATE a healthy, inclusive AS environment through Racial Bias Training and Awareness Programs
  • CREATE an internal A.S Complaint and Professor Rating form to serve as a confidential feedback mechanism for improvement,made public on GOLD.
  • DEVELOP information platform systems to empower students, including a Go Gaucho App Newsletter and the expansion of the campus occupancy system

I will use the momentum behind this year’s efforts to uplift Community Wellbeing, Transparency, and cultivate an AS for Everyone.


Publish quarterly reports on how your student fees are being spent and gain feedback to ensure your student fees are being spent responsibly.


Collaborate with AS Entities and other campus organizations to host a quarterly Craft Far infusing the association with a more diverse group of student leaders to create a better atmosphere of productivity within AS.


Create senate staff positions to provide more opportunities for people to get involved in AS and enhance productivity, efficiently and transparency within Senate.