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Elected Positions, Boards and Commissions, and Committees

Executive Officers


There are five Executive Officers that govern separate entities within the Association. The President, the Internal Vice President, the External Vice President for Local Affairs, the External Vice President for Statewide Affairs and the Student Advocate General. You can apply to run for an Executive position at the elections code website or have a role in an Executive office by applying here



Get involved with Associated Students Senate and voice the opinions of your fellow Gauchos. Senatorial candidates must run during the spring election. Elections take place during Spring quarter. Apply at the Election Board website



Students can be involved in both Administrative Committees and Standing Committees. Applications to be a part of either Committees can be found on the Committees on Committees website. Applications open up week five of spring quarter and are open to any student

Boards and Commissions


Boards and Commissions advise the ASUCSB Senate and Executive Officers on matters relevant to their issue base in order to have elected officials informed by students with passion and expertise. You can apply to be an active member of a Board or Commission at the Committees on Committees website



The Association offers many services and resources to the student body in the form of Units. Students can apply to be a part of Units at the Committees on Committees website.

Campus Advisory


Campus-Advisory positions are rare opportunities where students can sit on boards with faculty and staff from the campus and vote on decisions that have serious impact. Whether it involves changing the face of campus or addressing women’s issues the campus cannot function without student input. Apply here

choose your AS journey

Choose your A.S. Journey!

UCSB Associated Students is a fully student-funded, student-run organization with initiatives, activities, services, and programs that enrich campus life and our community. Choose your A.S. journey to gain hands-on experience doing what you’re passionate about and make lifelong friends!

View the issuu here


The Association offers many services to the student body which also presents the opportunity to employ many students. Students must log in with their netID and may apply here.

Attend an AS Tour

You can meet AS officers and executives in their offices during our AS Tours. Feel free to ask them about what their position entails, and how you would be able to join their committee or office.

Walk into A.S. Main

AS’ doors are always open. Walk into our offices in the MCC Building and ask our friendly student staff how you can get involved. Feel free to walk into any Committee and Executive offices- there is always someone who will be able to help you out with your questions.

Search for Committee Vacancies

The Committee on Committees’ mission is to help you find out about all the opportunities waiting for you in Associated Students. With over 60 student organizations, it’s easy to find a place to get involved. On their website, committees, boards, and groups post their openings and provide you with the details needed to apply.

Recruitment Fairs and Week of Welcome

Join the AS Fellowship Program

The Pearman Fellowship teaches students about the many different roles and functions of AS. At the end of the quarter-long fellowship, students can apply to the Executive office where they can create their own projects, or work on projects with staff. Apply here.

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