Resources for Non-Student Community

Many Associated Students resources are available to non-student community members.  Here is a partial list of resources and activities that are open to the general public. The list is subject to change, so always check with the sponsoring group or organization for the most updated information.


Bike Shop

  • Get your bike fixed! Check the AS Bike Shop website for updated pricing

Bike Committee

  • Free bike lights on campus and in Isla Vista
  • Once a year during Fall quarter, the Bike Committee sponsors a bike fair organized by the CSO office. Educational workshops and give-away

Food Bank

  • Access to community food banks
  • Access to food workshops

Community Affairs Board

  • You can volunteer and participate in CAB activities and programs
  • Any non-profit organization on and off campus can apply for a grant at the Isla Vista Community Relations Committee (IVCRC) and Community Volunteer Organization (CoVO)

Ticket Office

  • Many events are free and accessible to anyone
  • If not free, prices will be specified on the description of the event
  • Discount on Theme Park tickets are available to the community


  • Non-students and community members are welcome to train at the station and apply to host shows on the air.
  • Most KCSB events are free and open to anyone

Media Center

  • Wednesday workshops are open to anyone— You can find the list of the upcoming events here. But also on the flyers around campus.

Coastal Fund

  • Graduate students, community organizations, non-profit organizations and faculty researchers can apply for grant

Program Board

  • Most events are open to anyone, price might be higher for non-students – check the ASPB website
  • Free Tuesday Films are offered in Isla Vista Theater—priority is given to students, but most screenings have space available for members of the general public.  More students attend the late screenings, so the early screening time is recommended for non-students.
  • Program Board offers weekly music during the noon hour in Storke Plaza—these events are open to the public.

AS Government

  • Non-students can attend meetings and work on projects but aren’t voting members

Bottom Line

  • Non-students can volunteer as journalists
  • Journalism workshops are free and open to the community


  • Services of publication are accessible to community members.  Community members who are not UCSB students are charged the non-student rate.

Pardall Center

  • Communal and Study spaces can be used and a meeting room (8-10 people) can be reserved. To reserve the meeting room, send an email at with the detail of the event.
  • A free self-help legal center is located on the first floor of the Pardall Center and is open to the community.
  • Access to AS Legal Service attorneys free assistance is available but limited to two tenant issues: habitability and eviction

Isla Vista Tenant Union

  • Community members can be part of the Isla Vista Tenants Union and work alongside students on tenant issues in Isla Vista.