Awards FAQ

Why should we nominate?

Every year the University, Office of Student Life, and Associated Students presents awards to student groups, student leaders, staff, and faculty who have contributed greatly to campus through advocacy, service, support and programming.

It is important as staff that we take the time to nominate students and staff who have demonstrated creative vision and exceptional achievement in furthering the goals of the association and the university. By nominating a student, staff member, or group for an award you are acknowledging their commitment to helping others as well as their growth and success as a leader. Through receiving these awards, it will boost their self-esteem and confidence in their efforts. So, please nominate the exceptional students, staff members, and groups you work with everyday and help recognize the amazing things they do for people on campus and in the community.

Who deserves to be nominated?

These awards exist to recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements, so whoever you feel needs to be recognized you be nominated for award. There are always fewer awards than there are people and groups who deserve them and because they are rare, they should be reserved for people and groups:

  • Who have changed things ­ especially by solid, practical achievement
  • Whose work has brought distinction to their Board, Committee, or Commission and/or AS in General and enhanced it reputation.
  •  Made a difference to their community or field of work?
  •  Exemplified the best-sustained and selfless voluntary service?
  •  Demonstrated innovation, activism and advocacy?
  •  Created, organized, facilitated a program. Activity, campaign that prompted outstanding attendance and awareness to a cause or issue.
  • Who has gone over and beyond the call of duty
  •  Displayed moral courage and vision in making and delivering tough choices?

When can we nominate and for what awards?

Recognizing Entity

Week due in Spring Quarter


University Awards  1st  week
  • Thomas M. Storke
  • Jeremy D. Friedman Memorial Award
  • University Service Award
  • University Award of Distinction
  • Alyce Marita Whitted Memorial Award
Associated Students Awards   5th week
  • Jeremy Johansen Award
  • Board/Committee/Commission of the Year
  • Staff Member of the Year
  • Student Staff Member of the Year
  • Senate Member of the Year
  • Individual Board Member Awards
  • Project of the Year
  • The Robert L Lorden Award for Outstanding Leadership in Service to Associated Students
Office of  Student Life Awards  6th Week
  • Leslie G. Lawson Outstanding Leadership
  • Individual Student Awards for Co-curricular Activity: Freshman Sophomore Junior New Transfer (1st year) Senior Graduate Student
  • Outstanding Organization Advisor
  • Faculty Involvement
  • Era Achievement – Faculty/Staff/Advisor
  • Anti-Bias Program
  • Community Service/Humanitarian
  • Group Achievement
  • Late Nite Social Programming
  • Most Creative Program
  • Most-Improved Student Organization
  • Progressive Use of Technology
  • Residential Programming
  • Student-Initiated Outreach Program
  • Student Organization of the Year
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