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Allina Mojarro

Community Education Outreach Coordinator

  • America Reads/ America Counts
  • CAB Alternative Breaks

Leah Bartos

Journalism Advisor

  • The Bottom Line
  • Living History Project

Rodolfo Herrera

Foodbank Coordinator and Student Engagement Advisor

  • Food Bank
  • Human Rights Board

Alejandro (Ale) Muro

Community Financial Fund Coordinator

  • Community Financial Fund

Diana Collins Puente

Isla Vista Community Advisor

  • Commission on Disability Equality (CODE)
  • Commission on Student Well-Being (COSWB)
  • Public Safety Commission
  • Co-advisor for Isla Vista Tenants Union (IVTU).

Chelsea Lyon

Art Director

  • Creative Media Unit

Jessie Schmitt

Recycling and Compost Program Coordinator

  • Recycling
  • Department of Public Worms
  • Zero Waste Committee

Jennifer Kiser

Assistant Director for Independent Media (KCSB & The Bottom Line)

  • KCSB Advisor

Lisa Osborn

News & Public Affairs Director

  • KCSB volunteer news team and associate news directors
  • KCSB sports director & sports reporters

Marilyn Dukes

Assistant Director of Student Programs, Events and Services

  • Judicial Council Advisor
  • Womyn’s Commission Advisor
  • Program Board Advisor
  • TBTN Advisor
  • Herstory Advisor

Marisela Márquez

Executive Director

  • Attorney General Advisor
  • Judicial Council Advisor
  • Honoraria

Robin Unander

ASLRC Attorney

  • Legal Resource Center

Sarah Siedschlag

Environmental Programs Advisor

  • Bike Committee
  • Coastal Fund
  • Environmental Affairs Board

Ted Coe

KCSB Advisor

  • KCSB

Ruth Garcia Guevara

Community Volunteer Coordinator

  • CAB Advisor
  • Elections Advisor
  • IVCRC Advisor
  • Community Volunteer Foundation

Holly Mayes

Legislative Liason

  • Internal Affairs Committee
  • External Affairs Committee
  • Committee on Committees