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Allina Mojarro

Community Education Outreach Coordinator

  • CAB Youth Outreach Programs
  • CAB Family Literacy Program
  • CAB Alternative Breaks
  • Community Volunteer Foundation


Art Director

  • Creative Media Unit

Daniel Chavez

Food Bank Coordinator

  • Food Bank Committee

Holly Mayes

Assistant Director of Governmental Affairs

  • Committee on Committees (COC)
  • Internal Affairs Committee (IAC)
  • External Affairs Committee (EAC)
  • Lobby Corps
  • Senate
  • Executive Officers Chiefs of Staff
  • Honoraria Committee
  • Rules and Administration Subcommittee 

Jennifer Kiser

Assistant Director for Independent Media (KCSB FM)

  • KCSB Advisor


Kelsey Thibdeau

Community Financial Fund Coordinator

  • Community Financial Fund
  • Finance and Business Committee

Kris Ehrman

Program Advisor

  • ASPB Production and Event Safety
  • IV Arts Board (secondary)
  • Trans & Queer Commission (secondary)

Leah Bartos

Journalism Advisor

  • The Bottom Line
  • Living History Project
  • Book Bank

Lisa Osborn

News & Public Affairs Director

  • The KCSB FM 91.9 volunteer news team and student news directors, KCSB sports director & sports reporters

Marisela Márquez

Executive Director

  • Attorney General Advisor
  • Judicial Council Advisor
  • Honoraria
  • Trans and Queer Commission (primary)
  • Commission on Culture, Arts, and Joy Justice (primary)
  • Black Womyn’s Health Collaborative
  • Commission on Disability Equality
  • Commission on Student Well Being
  • Isla Vista Tenants Union
  • Pardall Center
  • Student Commission on Racial Equality
  • Student Initiated Recruitment and Retention Committee
  • Students Against Sexual Assault
  • Public Safety Commission
  • Judicial Council
  • Program Board

Marla Greer

Garden Coordinator

  • Department of Public Worms

Phil Pinedo

Assistant Director for Business Services

  • Office of the Controllers

Ricky Barajas

Media Center Coordinator

  • Commission on Culture, Arts, and Joy Justice (secondary)

Robin Unander

ASLRC Attorney

  • Legal Resource Center

Sarah Siedschlag

Environmental Programs Advisor

  • Bike Committee
  • Coastal Fund
  • Environmental Affairs Board
  • Environmental Justice Alliance

Ted Coe

KCSB Advisor

  • KCSB

Timothy Grigsby

Campus Support Advisor

  • Global Gaucho Commission
  • Human Rights Board
  • Public and Mental Health Commission
  • Transfer Student Alliance

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Groups in Alphabetical Order

America ReadsAllina Mojarro
Bike CommitteeSarah Siedschlag
Bike ShopAdam Jahnke
Black Womyn’s Health CollaborativeMarisela Marquez
Book BankLeah Bartos
Community Affairs BoardTBD
Community Volunteer FoundationAllina Mojarro
Coastal FundSarah Siedschlag
Commission for Marginalized GendersMarisela Marquez
Commission on Disability EqualityMarisela Marquez
Commission on Student Well BeingMarisela Marquez
Committee on CommitteesHolly Mayes
Community Financial FundKelsey Thibdeau
Creative Media UnitChelsea Lyon-Hayden
Department of Public WormsMarla Greer
Election BoardRuth Garcia Guevara
Environmental Affairs BoardSarah Siedschlag
Environmental Justice AllianceSarah Siedschlag
Finance and Business CommitteeKelsey Thibdeau
Food BankDaniel Chavez
Global Gaucho CommissionTimothy Grigsby
HonorariaMarisela Marquez, Holly Mayes
Human Rights BoardTimothy Grigsby
Investment Advisory CommitteeKelsey Thibdeau
Isla Vista Arts BoardKris Ehrman (secondary)
Isla Vista Community Relations CommitteeTBD
Isla Vista Tenants UnionMarisela Marquez
Judicial CouncilMarisela Marquez
KCSB-FM 91.9Jennifer Kiser, Lisa Osborn, Ted Coe
Legal Resource CenterRobin Unander
Living History ProjectLeah Bartos
Lobby CorpsHolly Mayes
Media CenterTBD
Office of the ControllerPhil Pinedo
Pardall CenterMarisela Marquez
Program BoardKris Ehrman (production and safety), Marisela Marquez
Public and Mental Health CommissionTimothy Grigsby
Public Safety CommissionMarisela Marquez
PublicationsPhil Pinedo
SenateHolly Mayes
Student AdvocateHolly Mayes
Student Commission on Racial EqualityMarisela Marquez
Student Initiated Recruitment and Retention CommitteeMarisela Marquez
Students Against Sexual AssaultMarisela Marquez
Take Back the NightTBD
The Bottom LineLeah Bartos
Ticket OfficeEdwin Zepeda
Trans and Queer CommissionMarisela Marquez (primary), Kris Ehrman (secondary)
Transfer Student AllianceTimothy Grigsby
Visual Media RequestsChelsea Lyon-Hayden
Zero Waste CommitteeTBD
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