Emergency Loans

Students in need of emergency funds may request a short-term loan through the Associated Students Cashiers and Ticket Office. This loan is eligible to all registered undergraduate students The loan is interest free and may not exceed $600.00 per academic quarter. A student applicant can select one of three loan options, as long as the total for any given academic quarter does not exceed the $600 limit. These options are $200, $400, or $600. There is a $5 Associated Students handling fee for each loan so the net amount received is $195, $395, and $595 respectively. In addition, the BARC Office charges a separate $10 administration fee for each loan. Upon funds disbursement, applicants agree to repay the loans within 30 days from when the loan posts to student BARC accounts. Any defaulted loans will be dealt with according to the procedures followed by the BARC office, which processes and will determine the uncollectable funds.

What to expect when you click on the DocuSign application

  • You will need a scan/image of the front and back of your student ID Card.
  • You will need to use your @ucsb email address when signing into DocuSign and filling out the application
  • You fill in all of the yellow items at DocuSign
  • Scroll below for the link to the DocuSign application
  • Checks will be mailed to the address provided on the loan application within 10 business days
reference image about what an emergency loan docusign form looks like

Start the DocuSign application

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