Boards and Commissions

The charge of Boards and Commissions is to create a safe space where students can organize effective strategies which they can use to help fight for their cause. Get involved with Boards and Commissions here

Book Bank logo

Book Bank

The Associated Students Book Bank is a student-run service that is available to all UCSB students, both graduate and undergraduate. All donations that we receive will be for loaning and not up for resale. We aim to provide students with the opportunity to check out books for a certain amount of time from the SIRRC Book Bank in efforts to reduce the costs of our students in need. The Book Bank will be collecting books from different campus locations throughout the end of each quarter in order to increase the amount of books that can be lent out to students.

Black Womyn’s Health Collaborative logo

Black Womyn’s Health Collaborative

The A.S. Black Womyn’s Health Collaborative’s directive is to aid the currently inadequate support of Black womyn and our ability to exist and live well and centralize leadership efforts for the betterment of Black womyn’s holistic spiritual, mental, and physical health.

Commission for Marginalized Genders logo

Commission for Marginalized Genders

Commitment to representing and improving the status of women, non-binary, and trans* folks on campus and in the community.

Commission On Disability Equality logo

Commission on Disabled Equality

CODE is dedicated to improving the status of students with temporary or permanent disabilities on campus and in the community. CODE is also committed to advocating for students with disabilities and educating the campus community on the importance of equal access by raising disability issues, interests, and awareness on a local, state, and national level.

Commission on Culture, Arts, and Joy Justice logo

Commission on Culture, Arts, and Joy Justice

The A.S. Commission on Culture, Arts, and Joy Justice (CCAJJ) is a platform for coalition-building among BIPOC students and cultural organizations to strengthen a united front in tackling intersectional issues. We aim to combat the effects of racial and cultural marginalization on an institutional and systemic level through advocacy initiatives, cultural celebrations, and educational programming to increase cross-cultural understanding and solidarity, and to positively uplift the climate of the entire campus and the community at large.

Commission on Student Well-being logo

Commission on Student Well-being

A.S COSWB seeks to create and promote programs focused on preserving a climate of student well-being on campus. It is our goal to help students reduce their stress and foster an environment of  positivity at UCSB. We are always looking for members and volunteers to help us to provide a more positive environment for our community.

Environmental Affairs Board logo

Environmental Affairs Board

Environmental Affairs Board (EAB) was established to protect, preserve and enhance the environment, principally at UCSB and its surrounding communities.  We focus on ecology, energy, food, climate change, water policy and conservation, the economy, environmental justice and other issues. We coordinate and coalition-build with other groups to promote environmental perspectives and sustainability throughout the University.

Environmental Justice Alliance logo

Environmental Justice Alliance

The mission of the Environmental Justice Alliance is to amplify the awareness of and action towards environmental justice. This Alliance shall serve UC Santa Barbara and local communities by maintaining respectful interactions, by collaborating with organizations and communities, and by raising attention towards local, national, and global environmental injustices. The Alliance encourages intersectional awareness and inclusion with the environmental movement and other related movements by prioritizing the safety, experiences, and viewpoints of Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) and people of diverse gender and sexual identities in its decisions, events, and activities. 

Global Gaucho Commission logo

Global Gaucho Commission

The A.S. Global Gaucho Commission is a body funded by the UCSB undergraduates concerned with providing a positive and comfortable learning environment for international students.

Human Rights Board logo

Human Rights Board

Human Rights Board is a coalition of passionate human rights and social justice activists determined to educate UCSB students on all human rights violations on a global scale. The Board will host programs conducive t0 enlightening the community about Human Rights violations and inhumane atrocities around the world.

Public Safety Commission logo

Public Safety Commission

Public Safety Commission works to promote a safer environment, both on campus and off campus. This is done through advocating for changes in school and local law enforcement policies, promotion of safe substance use, changes to infrastructure in Isla Vista and the creation of programs both on campus and off campus.

Student Commission on Racial Equality logo

Student Commission on Racial Equality

The A.S. Student Commission on Racial Equality is a body funded by the UCSB undergraduates concerned with providing a positive and comfortable learning environment for persons from diverse and underrepresented social backgrounds. Its purpose is to confront and proactively resolve issues of ethnicity-related concerns and create and promote programs to educate the student body on issues concerning the campus and community that affect students of UCSB.

Student Initiated Recruitment and Retention Committee logo


The Student Initiated Recruitment and Retention Committee is a collective effort of students catering to the needs of local and academic communities. The committee will assist historically underrepresented, low-income, and under-resourced students and organizations in establishing the fundamental interaction needed to create a long-term recruitment and retention program within our UCSB community.

Take Back the Night logo

Take Back the Night

The charge of the Associated Students Take Back the Night committee is to raise awareness about issues surrounding sexual violence through activism, advocacy, and survivor empowerment. It aids survivors in finding and demonstrating their empowerment, provides a forum for survivors and allies alike to make their voices heard, and creates an environment in which survivors of sexual violence can begin to heal.

Trans and Queer Commission

We are a formal group under UCSB Associated Students that provides funding and advocates for trans & queer students and their communities on campus and beyond. We believe that education, representation, and community work can combat oppression and lead to the safety and comfort of all people.

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