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Please join us in celebrating Denise Rinaldi and Cindy Lopez on their retirement!

These “star players” will be retiring at the end of June—please stop by and show your appreciation for the years of service they have given to Associated Students.

? SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Gwendolyn Wu ?
“A.S. has been a crazy, challenging crash course in public service, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It has also been a safe, several safe spaces in A.S., where through all the trials and tribulations I’ve developed strong bonds with students and staff who have supported me in all my endeavors. There has been no better place on campus to grow as an individual or produce meaningful work. My time working with the wonderful folks at A.S. Publications, KCSB News, and especially The Bottom Line (UCSB) has been so valuable, and I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for it.”

? SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Lianna Nakashima ?
“Being part of UCSB Associated Students Bike Committee as Media Coordinator for the past three years opened my eyes to the possibility of pursuing social media marketing as a career. I enjoy creating meaningful content from photographs, videos, to graphic designs to share on a large-scale with our community to inform them about bike safety, events, and more.”
PC: Nathaniel Kroll-Goldschlag

“AS has shaped my college experience by giving me the opportunity to work alongside professional staff that provided me resources and guidance during my time at UCSB. Not only was I able to meet influential people but I gained confidence in my public speaking and ability to work with the community. Overall, thank you AS for providing me resources, some panic attacks, but life lessons that will help me post-grad.”

ConGRADulations, Gauchos! #UCSB2018