AS Required Trainings for Honoraria-Earners (2022)


Directly below this section, you will find instructions and resources for completing the Fall 2022 requirements. Please note this will change each academic year. 

These trainings are required for all honoraria-earners once per academic year, per Article III Section 5 of the A.S. Legal Code. Below is the applicable excerpt, drawn from page 25 of the 2022-2023 A.S. Legal Code. 


1) All honoraria earners of Associated Students, including but not limited to appointed officers or Executive office members, are required to attend one-half (1⁄2) of the Senate Training Sessions in order to qualify for full honoraria. Elected Senators are required to attend two-thirds (2⁄3) of the trainings in order to qualify for full honoraria.

2) Exceptions for not attending at least one-half of the training sessions shall be made for valid medical excuses, valid academic excuses, valid personal conflicts, and family emergencies, explaining the reason(s) for non-attendance at the discretion of the Honoraria Committee.

3) These trainings will be facilitated by the Internal Vice President and are to be completed by week 2 of Fall Quarter, as stipulated in Article VI, Section 3 of the By-Laws of the Associated Students of UCSB

2022 Instructions

  1. Watch pre-recorded trainings listed below
    *BCU members, appointed honoraria-earners (board members, chairs, exec staff, etc): 7 total trainings (of your choice.)
    *Senate members: 10 total trainings (of your choice.) 
  1. Submit an assessment form for each training completed.

The deadline is Sunday, November 13th at 11:59pm

Please note, the authority to grant honoraria is outlined in Legal Code and is primarily under the discretion of the A.S. Senate Honoraria Committee.

2022-23 Training Topics

A.S. Financial Policies and Procedures 

Intercultural Awareness (presented by OISS)

Interpersonal Violence Prevention (presented by CARE)

Anti-Seminitism Awareness (presented by ADL)

Robert’s Rules of Order

Introduction to Education Abroad Programs (presented by EAP)

Group Work (presented by CLAS)

Intro to Legal Code

Reframing Disability (presented by CODE)

Introduction to A.S. Legal Resource Center 

The Role of a Senate Liaison 

History and Structure of Associated Students

UCEN and other student fee facilities

A.S. Enterprise Activities 

Anti-Black Awareness (presented by UCSB Black Student Union)

QTies: Queer and Trans 101 (presented by RCSGD)

University Budget Overview 

How to Write Legislation

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