Executive Order Reallocating Safe Transportation/COVID-19 Funding

Over the course of the past few years, previous presidents have had to make some unique decisions to respond to the pandemic and safety concerns that UCSB students face. These decisions have resulted in a pool of widely undesignated funding collected over these few years. This executive order serves to stipulate my decisions regarding this funding, and it allows for more flexibility over the next year as we continue to try and make UCSB a safer and more accessible campus for all students. 

This executive order stipulates that a portion of funding ($10,000) residing in this account will be allocated to the UCSB Financial Crisis Response Team in collaboration with the AS Office of the President to continue maintaining efforts to support student facing Covid-19 and/or safety-related obstacles that hinder their ability to receive an adequate education. This $10,000 is to be used through the summer followed by a report sent to the President on how this funding was spent. Based on this report as well as the campus climate as we return in the fall, I will work with the necessary communities and offices to make a decision on how best to move forward. 

I am also working to create new efforts to complete the remaining work from the Safe Transportation Task Force to ensure a smooth transition of responsibility to the Financial Crisis Response Team. Some of the language has been stipulated to allow more flexibility for both ASOP and the FCRT when responding to unprecedented circumstances in the future, if necessary. 

Please read the executive order attached below, and email me if you have any questions.

Hoping you all have an amazing summer! 

Gurleen Pabla
Associated Students President