Awards 2013-2014

On May 29, 2014in Corwin Pavillion, these groups and individuals were honored for their contribution to Associated Students. Congratulations to all.

Robert L. Lorden Award For Outstanding Leadership in Service to Associated Students

Kaitlyn Christianson

Jeremy Johansen Award

The Jeremy Johansen award is given to an individual who has demonstrated endurance, persistence and courage in the face of extraordinary challenges while in service to Associated Students.

Jonathan Abboud

Board/Committee/Commission of the Year

This award is given to the A.S. organization that has consistently made outstanding contributions to student life throughout the year.

IV Tenants Union

Staff Member of the Year

This award is given to a staff member who has provided outstanding service to the students involved in Associated Students

Marisela Marquez

Student Staff Member of the Year

This award is given to a student-staff member who has done an outstanding job throughout the year.

Marissa Martinez

Senate Member of the Year

This award is given to a Senate member that has consistently performed outstanding work on behalf of the Senate throughout the year.

Scott O’Halloran
Montana MacLachlan

Project of the Year

For an outstanding project that made a contribution to the student body.

Student Strategic Plan- Erick Lankey and Jimmy Villareal

Individual Board Member Awards

Each Board, Committee, or Commission is invited to select their member of the year.  Please forward the Organization name, Chair name, and the name of the member of the year.  These individuals will be recognized at the banquet.

  • Bike Committee- Ava Cheng
  • The Bottom Line-Magali Gauthier
  • Coastal Fund- Marissa Bills
  • CODE- Guadalupe (Lupe) Ibarra
  • COSWB-Molly Nickelson and Dillon Cao
  • CAB- Bridgette Quan, our Hunger-Houseless Coordinator.
  • CAB Foundation- Monte-Angel Richardson
  • EAB- board member of the year – Kori Lay, Unique Vance
  • Finance Board-Jorge Villela
  • Food Bank- Katie Freeze
  • Human Rights Board- Anisha Ahuja
  • IVCRC- Daniela Bayon
  • IVTU-Andrey Bogdanov and Samir Azizi
  • KCSB- Matt Malmlund and Christina Min
  • Office of the President- Derek Engen
  • Office of the Student Advocate- Bailey Loverin
  • Program Board- Aditya Sharma Sean Nolan and Justin Stausik
  • Queer Commission- Chris Buck
  • SCORE- Hani Tajsar and Angelica Cano
  • SIRRC- Iris Yang
  • Student Lobby- Maria Flores and Lupe Zelada
  • Womyn’s Commission- Kristina Didero
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