Awards 2011-2012

On June 5, 2012 in Corwin Pavillion, these groups and individuals were honored for their contribution to Associated Students. Congratulations to all.

Come view photos of this event

Robert L. Lorden Award

Stanley Tzankov

Jeremy Johansen Award

Chloe Stryker

Board/Committee/Commission of the Year


Staff Member of the Year

Tuyen Nguyen

Student Staff Member of the Year

Chantal Pozon

Project of the Year


Legislative Council Member of the Year

Jonathan Abboud

Individual Board Member Awards

  • Business Services Committee:  Stanley Tzankov
  • Committee on Student Well Being: Lisa Schwartz
  • Academic Affairs Board: Adeel Lakhani
  • Environmental Affairs Board: Lisa Camilo
  • Student Initiated Recruitment and Rentention Committee: Reyna Duran
  • Student Lobby: Kevin Alcantar, Alex Terinin
  • KCSB: Eric Wolff
  • Program Board: David Schnurr
  • Office of Student Advocate: Dyne Suh
  • Rally Committee: Melanie Levin
  • Committee on Disability Equality: Shakeela Swaby
  • Investment Advisory Committee: Mardo Iknadiossian
  • Womyn’s Commission: Ciera Smith, Letty Escobar, Mariam Agazayan
  • Isla Vista Community Relations Committee: Megan Smith
  • Queer Comission: Evan Gillogley, Abrahan Monzon
  • Childcare Grant: Casey Kakenda
  • Food Bank: Erick Lankey
  • Student Commission on Racial Equality: Sandra Rodriguez
  • Finance Board: April Gubatina, Alex Onodera
  • The Bottom Line: Amanda Garcia
  • Committee on Committees: Erica Lee
  • Community Affairs Board: Elise Zolczynski, Julia Ismail
  • Coastal Fund: Tanya Jones
  • Food Bank: Jennelle Fong
  • Human Rights Board: Adeel Lakhani, Denna Taherzadeh
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