Pearman Fellowship Program

I am writing to inform the entire association that effectively immediately, the AS Fellowship Program will be renamed the Pearman Fellowship Program in honor of Kelly Pearman. Given the unfortunate circumstances of Kelly’s sudden passing, and our Senate being out of session during Summer, I was prompted to take this unilateral action. Many UCSB students and alumni have requested that we honor her memory, and this is one way we can keep it alive.

The AS Fellowship Program was created to provide hands on experience for newcomers to the association, and to develop their skills and increase student engagement within our community. As a freshman at UCSB, Kelly became involved with student government through the AS Fellowship Program. Her dedication and youthful energy were unmatched, and soon quickly, she exceeded the expectations of what it meant to be a fellow.

Kelly continued to stay involved and utilized her fellowship experience to become one of our very own elected Senators. Throughout her time in AS, she touched the lives of all those around her and impacted our community in many ways. Her presence will be missed dearly.

Moving forward, the Pearman Fellowship Program will continue to honor Kelly’s legacy, sacrifice, and dedication. This program will strive to meet the standard of excellence that Kelly set forth when she was once a fellow, while ensuring that the work of those who walk in and out of AS Main be remembered. If any of you wish to know more, below is a link of a Nexus article dedicated to her.

Hieu Le
Associated Students UCSB