Facilities Access Process

Associated Students Facilities Access Process – Undergraduate Students


Prior to accessing any Associated Students facility, the following process must be followed in order to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Please keep in mind that this process is in place due to the campus being officially closed to most services, instruction, and visitors for the health and safety of the campus and surrounding community.

This process applies to any student staff members, elected/appointed student officials, BCU members, or students accessing AS facilities to conduct department business. Only activities that cannot be conducted remotely and are essential to department business, or essential for providing campus services, will be considered for approval. The following steps must be completed:

  1. Student must inform/discuss with supervisor or staff advisor their need to access an AS facility.
    • Determine if access is for a one-time visit or for regular scheduled access.
    • Confirm if access request is essential or if related work can be done remotely.
    • Create a worksite plan detailing how work will be conducted safely within COVID-19 restrictions (e.g. face mask requirements, social distancing, workspace cleaning, safety protocols for engaging with others while providing services, etc.). One plan is sufficient as long as it is comprehensive and kept up to date.
  1. Submit access proposal to Marisela for review and approval.
    • Indicate frequency of requested access/work (day(s) & hours).
    • Provide statement as to why access is essential.
    • Submit a detailed worksite plan as described above.
  1. Register for and complete a daily campus COVID-19 screening survey (this is a self-attestation and documentation proof will not be requested by supervisors/advisors).
  1. Complete a weekly required COVID-19 test (given the medical classification of these tests, documentation proof will not be requested by supervisors/advisors).
  1. Wear a face mask while on campus & practice social distancing at all times.
    • For indoor space, face masks should be worn at all times when in the presence of others but not necessary if alone in one’s enclosed office work space.
    • For outdoor space, face masks should be worn at all times per campus policy guidelines.

Any changes to the approved access proposal and related worksite plan must be presented to and approved by Marisela before implementing. Also, access approvals are for the sole purpose of conducting work related activities and are not meant to provide accommodation for studying or academic project discussions or work.

* If a facility access/worksite plan has already been approved, please ensure that steps 3 through 5 are followed, and that any changes to the original request are approved.

**For new hires requiring non-standard process guidance or questions, please contact Lili or Katherine in AS Administration. They can also forward questions should answers not be readily available.