Requisition Form

Working and Processing Remotely

Make sure you have the following before you start:

1. Scanned Receipts
  • Scan the receipt or take a photo of it with your phone
  • Here are some apps to help you scan:
    Cam Scanner
    Adobe Scan
2. Authorized Signer Info

Names and email addresses of the authorized signers on the account. If you don’t know, contact your advisor or

3. Available Funds

Do you actually have funds? If you don’t know, make the request here.

4. Funding Date and Source

If you don’t know, contact your advisor.

6. Transaction Details

The name, address and details of the event / expense, transaction requisition is intending to make.


Requisitioner is someone who is completing this form to pay for an expense in support of an event sponsored by Associated Students. Vendor: someone who is seeking payment for a good or service from Associated Students. A vendor cannot authorized a requisition for themselves.

Authorized Signer: someone who is authorized to sign on an AS account by virtue of having completed all of the required elements by the AS Financial Policies and Procedures, including a Finance and Business workshop.

All questions you have about this process are sent to


1. Staff/Student/Group (referred to as “Requisitioner” hereafter)  completes online requisition in the following manner:

  • download the requisition form
  • you can fill it out electronically with Preview or Adobe Acrobat
  • or you can print the form, fill it out, and then scan it
  • here are some apps to help you scan:
    Cam Scanner
    Adobe Scan

Download Requisition Form


Note: If you need the requisition form for 2022-2023 please email AS Admin

2. Requisitioner emails packet to the group’s Authorized Signers. Requisitioner will ascertain who the authorized signers are on the account.

  • If unsure, write to for clarification on the list of authorized signers for your group.
  • Send document for approval to authorized signer #1. Note: a person cannot sign a requisition made payable to themselves. Include, in the body of the email, the email address and name of authorized signer #2.
  • Requisitioner mails original receipts(AND includes additional slip of paper with their Name & requisition Amount to identify the requisition) to:
    AS Administration
    UCEN Room 2537
    University of California Santa Barbara
    Santa Barbara, CA 93106-6081
  • Not sure how to send something through the mail? Here’s a YouTube tutorial.

3. Authorized signers check paperwork for accuracy, and emails approval. IMPORTANT: Authorized signer email must originate from an email which contains the signers name and not a generic group name ( or only).

4. Authorized signer #1 forwards the approval (and the attached documents) to the second authorized signer.

5. Second Authorized signer approves and emails both approvals (and includes the requisition packet and any attachments) to AS Admin: 
NOTE: Subject line must be listed as: Payable to (Vendor Name) – total amount (in $)

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