AS Event Planning


The Flacks Intern will design and implement the Associated Students Congress/TownHall to be held by the seventh week of Fall Quarter.

This is an opportunity for committee members, members of student groups and organizations and any interested students to come together and set a common goal for what they want A.S., particularly Senate to achieve for the academic year. The intern will set the date for Congress, establish speakers, invite the relevant students and staff, advertise, and collect lists of possible goals to be discussed at the event. The Town Hall portion of the evening will include all persons in A.S. (Board and Committees, student staff, career staff, Senate, Executive members, etc.). This event will provide an opportunity for the above members of A.S. to set their own goals and issues for the academic year, and also as an opportunity to discuss ideas and goals of A.S. Congress.

The year end recognition banquet is designed to bring together all of the varied departments and organizations within A.S. and provide an opportunity for A.S. leaders to recognize the outstanding work that is done throughout the year both individually and collectively. At this banquet the recipients of several awards are announced including: the Robert L. Lorden Award for Outstanding Leadership in Service to Associated Students, the Jeremy Johansen award, Board or Committee of the year, various Committee members of the year and others. The intern will coordinate the logistical planning and work with A.S. leadership to design the program and awards.

Annual Student Leadership Retreat

The intern helps plan, coordinate, and host a two-day retreat for student leaders, is held in September or early October (participation is mandatory); wherein they help identify critical issues for the upcoming year. The Flacks Intern also has the chance to give presentations for the group and network with other student groups and provide them with support.