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The Associated Student Bike Shop is a student-run and student funded non-profit service which has benefits all students, faculty, staff, and alumni of UCSB since 1974. All you need is your access card, your bike, your time, and an inclination to learn. We have everything needed to get your bike running safely and smoothly. Anything else you need, we offer at the lowest possible prices. The AS Bike Shop is located behind the HSSB adjacent to the aquatics center. The Bike Shop is open Monday through Thursday 10am-4pm and Friday 10am-3pm.

Advisor: Adam Jahnke

    The A.S. Black Womyn’s Health Collaborative’s directive is to aid the currently inadequate support of Black womyn and our ability to exist and live well and centralize leadership efforts for the betterment of Black womyn’s holistic spiritual, mental, and physical health.

    Advisor: Marisela Marquez

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