Acronym List

Errr, what does LRC stand for?

Here is a handy list for those of you who may not be fully acquainted with all of the acronyms we use in AS!

Acronym Real Phrase
AS Associated Students
ASPB Associated Students Program Board
BCU Boards Committees and Units
CEC Campus Elections Commission
CPC Campus Planning Commission/Collegiate Panhellenic Council
CODE Commission on Disability Equality
COSWB Commission On Student Well-Being
COC, Com on Com Committee on Committees
CAB Community Affairs Board
CBL Constitution and Bylaws
CMU Creative Media Unit
EAP Education Abroad Program
EOP Educational Opportunity Program
EAB Environmental Affairs Board
EVPLA External Vice President of Local Affairs
EVPSA External Vice President of Statewide Affairs
F&B, FinBo Finance and Business Committee
HRB Humyn Rights Board
IVP Internal Vice President
IAC Investment Advisory Committee
IVCRC Isla Vista Community Relations Committee
IVTU Isla Vista Tenants Union
LRC Legal Resource Center
MC Media Center
MCC Multicultural Center
OP Office of the President
OSL Office of Student Life
OSA Office of the Student Advocate
PRB Parking Rates Board
PSC Public Safety Commission
QComm Queer Commission
QTIP Quit Taking It Personal
RC Rally Committee
RDA Redevelopment Agency
RHA Residence Hall Association
SA Student Affairs
SAG Student Advocate General
SCORE Student Commission On Racial Equality
SIRRC Student Initiated Recruitment and Retention Committee
SL Student Lobby
SRB Student Resource Building
SIDE Student-Initiated Democratic Education
SOCC Students Of Color Conference
STAR Students Teaching Alcohol and other drug Responsibility/
TBTN Take Back The Night
TPS Transportation & Parking Services
TBL The Bottom Line
UCOP University of California Office of the President
UCSA University of California Students Association
USSA United States Students Association
WAIT Why Am I Talking
WC Womyn’s Commission
SAOD Statewide Affairs Organizing Director