All Senators

In Alphabetical Order

Jonathan Alberts

Off Campus Senator

My name is Jonathan Alberts, but call me Jonny/Yoni. I’m a third-year transfer majoring in Global Studies and double minoring in German and Philosophy.

I love my home at Isla Vista and as Off-Campus Senator I hope to better our community. Being so warmly welcomed to IV, I want to give back through improving aspects that I’ve heard my fellow residents speak out about. The COVID-19 outbreak has made it difficult for students to adjust financially and academically, and I want to work on making it easier for students living in Isla Vista post-quarantine.
Relevant Experiences and Activities:

  • President of a BBYO high school youth group chapter
  • Elected as Insurance Commissioner of Boys State California in 2017
  • Customer care at MOD Pizza

If you love dogs, then you will appreciate what P.U.G.S. can do for you:
PREVENT the escalating cases of bike theft that have been occurring throughout Isla Vista by encouraging more usage of security measures like discounted locks, GPS devices, and increased surveillance at designated bike racks.
EXPAND the AS emergency grant to give AS funds back to students that have suffered the most as a result of remote learning.
GRANT more resources via the IV Tenants Union for students so that they can familiarize themselves with their legal entitlements and avoid exploitation.
SUPPORT students that have contesting relationships with their roommates. Setting up a specializing counselor that mediates conversation between two or more parties and allowing on-campus temporary housing for those trying to change living arrangements while maintaining little contact with ex-roommates.

Nicole Bongard

Off Campus Senator

My name is Nicole Bongard, a 3rd year sociology major from SLO county.

As a transfer student from UCSD, I have witnessed the commonalities between the areas surrounding the UCs and what changes need to be made to create a better ENVIRONMENT for each and every student. Because of my affiliation with Gamma Phi Beta, I have learned how to make those around me feel INCLUDED and COMFORTABLE, while offering my full care and support as a sister. I know times are hard right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and I hope to alleviate some of the stressors this year has caused. My goals as Off-Campus Senator involve creating a space for everyone to feel safe and healthy in, so that students and residents will feel right at home.

My Plans:
-ADVOCATE for safety by working with Campus Safety to provide 24 hour on duty staff for students and residents to call if they are feeling unsafe while walking or driving home.
-COLLABORATE with the Isla Vista Tenants Union to ensure landlords reduce the risk of asbestos exposure by removing popcorn ceilings that can cause serious risks to resident’s health.
-WORK with the AS Commission on Student Well-Being to increase mental-health awareness by providing yoga and meditation courses for students, while simultaneously spreading awareness of the resources available for those struggling with their mental health.
-HELP Student Health in their efforts to ensure the continuation of COVID-19 safety and pass out masks for those in the IV community, to help COVID-19 rates decline.
-ESTABLISH a connection with the AFFORDABLE HOUSING unit of the City of Santa Barbara to help low-income students or residents find comfortable housing to rent in Isla Vista.

Cesar Castillo

Collegiate Senator for the College of Engineering

My name is Cesar Castillo and I am a first-year mechanical engineering major, originally from Newark, California, in the SF Bay Area.

In my single year here at UCSB, I’ve come to love our community for its diversity and its collaborative nature. I am a firm believer in sharing ideas and breaking down boundaries so that we can grow and improve both individually and collectively.

I currently serve as the vice president of SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) here at UCSB, and in the summer I will be working as Orientation Staff.

My goals as CoE Senator:

1. Collaborate with faculty and staff engineers to increase opportunities for students to work with industry professionals
2. Collaborate with organization leaders, especially the Engineering Student Council, to get students involved and networking from their first year through graduation
3. Make use of available resources to help students obtain certifications such as CSWA, FE, and other industry-specific things to prepare them for jobs
4. Collaborate with administration and organizations targeted at students of color and LGBTQ+ students to improve diversity in the College of Engineering

As a university, we have come so far and there is lots more for us to accomplish. I look forward to serving my fellow engineering students and I’m happy to speak with you regarding any issues or ideas you may have throughout the year.

Cassandra Chow

Collegiate Senator for the College of Creative Studies

My name is Cassandra Chow. I am a 3rd year CCS Music Composition major. I lead by example and I work hard. I am flexible, steadfast, very creative, multi-faceted, and open to suggestions and hearing from students. As an Asian-American woman in the face of recent events, it has inevitably been difficult to see a lack of representation and disregard for the Pan-Asian community. I am working towards being a light in my UCSB community by being a willing vessel in this moment in time where fostering growth can be a reality. Change will only happen if we try as a unit, and cannot occur due to the work of one person; it takes a group effort.

ENGAGE our students by organizing gatherings/events for the students to mingle and interact with each other, whether it be through Zoom, Discord, or small in-person events. As a Music Composition major, I will opt for concerts and performances to engage students.

CONNECT with students through my office hours, meeting with students, and expanding study spaces on campus.

ADVOCATE for UCSB students and their needs. I will advocate for more credits in lab classes as well as more funding for independent research projects for students.

INTRODUCE propelling, introspective ideas. from designing workshops and organizing exhibits displaying student works, to advertising shows for the UCSB community.

CREATE community by encouraging attendance of Coffee Hour, and use of CCS facilities for students to learn together in a comfortable environment.

We need a mindset of action and recognition. We can work towards progress at CCS, with communication and a mindset of unity. I will be an open and ready ear for all students.

Ethan Engler

On Campus Senator

My name’s Ethan Engler and I’m a first year Pre-Economics major.

The pandemic has robbed us all of the experiences and opportunities that in-person college provides. As we return to campus, I want to compensate for time lost by making this next year the best it can be, even better than a “normal” year at UCSB. As your Senator, I will work to provide you with more campus involvement, opportunities, and memorable events than before, while addressing the new and old issues we face.

My Experience:
– Current Commissioner of Environmental Sustainability for AS Office of the President
– IV Live Representative for IV Arts Board
– President of BESTY youth group
– Founder/President of high school Jew Crew club
– Senior Year Treasurer of high school student government

We have a lot of lost time to make up for, so here’s what I’ll do to make this coming year stand out as one of the best:

CREATE NEW SOCIAL EVENTS for students to rebuild our sense of community and help everyone get involved as we return to campus
– More mixers and memorable campus-wide events
– New welcome events for first and second-years and transfer students that have never lived on campus

EXPAND ACCESSIBILITY to UCSB’s academic, community, and career opportunities
– Encourage organizations and programs to increase their outreach to students
– Use my platform to publicize opportunities and connect students to programs they are interested in

INCREASE TRANSPARENCY of Associated Students for an inclusive and open student government
– Keep students in the loop with UCSB’s COVID-related policies to avoid last-second announcements and ensure that students will know what guidelines to follow
– Encourage students to attend my office hours and share their concerns and ideas with me, then advocate for them as a representative

Jamison Evans

Off Campus Senator

My name is Jamison Evans and I’m a second year Environmental Studies and Political Science student.

I’m in love with UCSB and Isla Vista and I want to help contribute to making our school experience the best it can be while also improving UCSB for ALL students. I would love to receive your vote so I can work within Associated Students to help make improvements for Isla Vista and the university.

Experience and Activities:
Co-Founder of UCSB’s Clean Consulting Club.
Social Chair for Men’s Club Water Polo
Floor Representative of Santa Cruz Hall Council

My Vision:

1. Create more OUTDOOR STUDY spaces on campus and throughout Isla Vista with access to charger ports in order to support students studying during the pandemic
2. Promote ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY by increasing University and Isla Vista wide composting, decreasing food waste, holding the university accountable for reaching carbon neutrality goals, and working with off campus organizations to promote environmental justice.
3. Advocate for REAL and EFFECTIVE mental health resources from the university such as increased access to the Rec Center, more funding and counselors for CAPS, and other physical programs
4. Increase Associated Students TRANSPARENCY in order for the common gaucho to access underutilized resources
5. Remove UNETHICAL items from campus dining commons such as shark cuisines

Tyler Ferguson

On Campus Senator

My name is Tyler Ferguson.

In a year of uncertainty, anxiety, and chaos, I want to return the power to the students’ hands, where it belongs. I am one of you. I hate the pettiness and toxicity of Associated Students and the two party system. A.S. should be about helping students, not about personal or partisan enrichment. You deserve leaders who are in this fight for you, not for themselves or their party. That is why I am running as an independent. You also deserve honesty and straightforwardness. You are adults and deserve to be treated that way. As such, I will not follow the typical candidate statement where students make tired, impossible, and impractical promises like free wifi on the beach or building a multimillion dollar new University Center that raises your cost of attending UCSB. Instead, I pledge to you to provide necessary, common-sense changes to campus policy, and promise to work tirelessly every day in serving you as your next On-Campus Senator.

In my time at UCSB, I have:

– Served as a Senator: Sponsored legislation to create two International Student Senator seats to ensure equitable representation for all students, allocated $80,000 in emergency relief grants to students impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic, established two new Associated Students Boards to promote art, culture, and political activism on campus, and passed a resolution supporting rolling over leftover meal plan swipes in the dining halls.

– Chaired Isla Vista Arts Board: Ran weekly executive Board meetings, sponsored and hosted virtual art and culture events for UCSB students, and provided a creative outlet for students to express themselves through.

– Worked side by side with the student body President as Executive Assistant: opened job applications for students to get involved on campus in student government, hired multiple students to fill vacant positions in the Office of the President, and worked tirelessly to make UCSB a better place for all students.

– Represented UCSB students on the Committees of Honoraria, Finance and Business, Internal Affairs, Basic Needs, and the COVID-19 Task Force.

As your next On-Campus Senator, I will:

– Fight for more financial relief for UCSB students by creating grants from excess funds, collaborating with other A.S. executives and boards such as the A.S. Office of the President and the Isla Vista Tenants Union to focus on COVID-19’s impact on our campus community, and meeting with UCSB administration and local elected officials to lobby for more financial assistance.

– Strive to lower your tuition, student fees, and overall cost of attendance.

– Vote against any Senate legislation that misuses your student fees.

– Expand resources for CAPS and CARE.

– Be an advocate for your needs; I will always be there to listen to and voice your concerns.

It is extremely rare for someone to run for a second term to the Senate. Most Senators are one and done. This job requires unwavering dedication to fighting for students and their needs– and I pledge to you that I am in this fight for you for the long run.

David Gjerde

Off Campus Senator

My name is David Gjerde (he/him/his) and I’m a first-year Economics student.

I’ve had a great year getting to know my fellow Gauchos! But, like many of you, I’ve felt that my tuition dollars have not been working for me this year. We are paying the same tuition for substantially reduced services, and many times we are unaware where our student fees end up. With my background in leadership, I hope to voice the concerns of those excited to get back to UCSB, as well as those who have never stepped foot on campus.

– Associated Students Fellow working in Zero Waste Committee to create a more sustainable campus; worked closely on the committee’s budgeting
– Gave grants to local leaders with AS ZWC to support IV sustainability projects
– Working with ZWC, COSWB, CAB, and CMG to distribute care packages for food insecure students during 2021 Spring Quarter
– 4 years of Mock Trial with budgeting and grant leadership roles


– REINVEST student fees back into the community and to basic-needs insecure students, not Senators

– REOPEN a safer, better-prepared campus by reallocating AS funds for COVID-19 grants, community rebuilding, and resources for reopening

– INCREASE TRANSPARENCY in student fee usage by working directly with the Senate Finance and Business Committee

– LOBBY for reduced tuition and student fees by using my position to urge UCSB administration to listen to student voices

– INCREASE INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES by collaborating with IV business owners and organizations to localize internship outreach for UCSB students

Jessy Gonzalez

On Campus Senator

My name is JESSY GONZALEZ. My pronouns are he/him/his, and I am a first-generation first-year bio major from the Bay. No doubt, this pandemic has taken a toll on every individual, some more than others, and its effects will last indefinitely. Which is why I am running. . .To discover. To build. To acquire new resources and possibilities for our Gaucho community. That said, I have the experience and the attitude to excel in this position, possessing 4+ years in public service. Currently, I serve as IVTU’s Technology Director, exploring ways to expand our virtual reach to you while helping roll out COVID-19 Grants to those in need. Not to mention, I’m a Pearman Fellow for the Office of the Student Advocate, gaining insight into how to assist my fellow students in dire situations. I have a reputation for getting things done—and with a smile on my face. That’s because I love working to ameliorate our community, and I am eager to work with this student body because YOU and YOUR PASSIONS deserve the best!

– EXPAND the student discount program to include more businesses throughout Isla Vista and Santa Barbara (e.g. popular restaurants) and bring such locations to campus, as well.
– COLLABORATE with the administration to look for new yet innovative ways to hire more students into union jobs while promoting fair and just settlements to university contracts.
– LAUNCH a Crisis Assistance Task Force that promotes equity and unearth novel methods to assist and support UCSB-affiliated and local organizations in terms of healthcare, psychological, and financial struggles.
– ADVOCATE for our diverse university population by investing in opportunities to provide a safe and inclusive environment for students, such as coordinating with the UCSB Police Department to reduce discrimination and broadening CAPS staff to include more members of racially/ethnically marginalized backgrounds.

Brieonni Johnson

Off Campus Senator

My name is BRIEONNI JOHNSON and I am a second year Psychology and Brain Science major and a proud ZEN member. What I want to bring to the table to the A.S. Senate is intersectionality, student advocacy, and accountability.

In the past, I have worked with multiple organizations:
Zeta Sigma Nu Inc.
– A sorority designed as a safe space for people of color and LGBTQIA+ groups, which is not only part of my two identities but what my platform encompassses: intersectionality and a safe space for students!
– As Social Media Coordinator, I have properly implemented working with multiple different people regardless of situations in order to post accordingly on time as well as making sure to do it in a friendly manner.
– As Chief Justice, I have gained experience learning to view all situations from a neutral perspective and to pick the best outcome for all parties involved by providing proper justice.
– As Racial Justice Coordinator, I have attended multiple conferences and zoom meetings that have truly broadened my scope of knowledge of what justice means and learning about grassroots work.

CREATING an environment where students can feel safe and felt like they are the first priority at this institution, regardless of their situation or identity
OVERSIGHT: Holding the university and its professors accountable to our highest capacity to ensure the best opportunities for students under remote instruction
DEVELOPING a network and devise a plan to help the retention rates of disenfranchised students and active support for mental health
MAKING CAPS more accessible and productive for the student body

Megan Khobian

Off Campus Senator

My name is MEGAN KHOBIAN and I am a second-year Art History major from Los Angeles, California. My mission is to improve the daily lives of each UCSB student by expanding and creating useful resources for the individuals of our beloved community. I aim to represent the collective voice. Together we can elevate the UCSB community through transparency, accessibility, and involvement.

Leadership Experience:
Alumni Relations Chair for Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority
Family Literacy Program Tutor

My Vision:
EXPAND the Recreation Center’s self defense programs. I aim to increase the amount and frequency of classes, while making them free to each UCSB student, to ensure an individual sense of security for all.
IMPLEMENT technology-friendly outdoor study spaces in Isla Vista. I plan to install solar powered study tables that would be fully equipped with wireless charging stations, similar to the tables currently on-campus around the HSSB.
CREATE a Peer Academic Advising Program to provide students with support from friendly peers who can provide practical advice.
BROADEN accessibility to the A.S. Food Bank by adding Isla Vista pop-up locations on weekends.

I could not be more READY and DETERMINED to take a stance and make the changes our community wants to see. As your next Off-Campus Senator I aim to make Isla Vista, our home, a more welcoming and safer place for all of us.

Caria Lee

Off Campus Senator

My name is CARIA LEE (she/hers) and I am a second year Political Science and Sociology double major.

I absolutely love UCSB, but within every institution, there is always room for improvement. With YOUR help I believe we can make meaningful reforms and create the best UCSB for both current and future students. It would be an honor to represent you all, and for that reason, I recognize the importance of being AVAILABLE and LISTENING.

This year has been extremely difficult with the pandemic and increasing political polarization. As a member of a minority group, it has been hard to see the rising hate crimes and discrimination that so many are facing today. As a senator, I would hope to focus on inclusion and acceptance by ADVOCATING for and AMPLIFYING the voices of all marginalized communities.

Currently, I work as a fellow in the office of the External Vice President of Local Affairs. This past quarter, I have worked on various team projects to benefit students and the community of Isla Vista. One project we have been working on is addressing FOOD INSECURITY by increasing accessibility to the AS Food Bank. I love being a part of AS and feel that TOGETHER we can truly make a difference.

PREPARE for the TRANSITION next year to ensure a SAFE and welcoming environment for ALL students
IMPROVE current safety measures due to increasing concern from students living in IV
ADVOCATE for RENT CONTROL and SAFER housing by working with the Isla Vista Tenants Union
Continue working to REDUCE food insecurity by addressing food waste concerns with Housing, Dining, & Auxiliary Enterprises
COLLABORATE with the Environmental Affairs Board and other orgs to continue implementing SUSTAINABLE practices such as clean energy and hydration stations
DECREASE excessive policing on minor infractions

Hannah Lee

Transfer Senator

My name is HANNAH LEE, my pronouns are she/her/hers. I am from Ventura,CA! I am a 3rd-year transfer student as well as a PROUD first-gen college student. I am a political science major with a Black studies minor.

I think it is incredibly important to give every person a voice to be heard. I was raised by a single mother who instilled in me to never give up on a challenge that comes my way. I am DETERMINED to create a better and safer environment not only at UCSB but outside of campus as well.

I attended SBCC before tagging into UCSB, I was a part of an incredible organization on campus, the SBCC Ambassadors. I worked hands-on with international students to help them transition to a community college and create a more diversified and inclusive community. I was able to connect with students from all over the world, this helped me immensely in creating more cultural awareness on campus. I plan to take the knowledge I learned through the ambassador program and implement it into UCSB’s University culture.

MODIFY GOLD add a tab for transfers to access with a complete list of possible resources they may need, names, and emails for those to contact if they need more information/assistance
WORK on expanding the transfer community, bridging the gap between transfers and other students
COMMIT to creating a healthier and more sustainable environment for our students
FORM COALITIONS that will collaborate with diverse organizations on campus such as, fighting against sexual assault, food security, and housing stability
REVITALIZE/ REOPEN the Pardall Center creating a safe space for students to go
HELP first-generation students adjust to life on campus and in Isla Vista, working hands-on with EOP

Alexander Liebetrau

Off Campus Senator

My name is Alex Liebetrau, and I am a second-year Financial Mathematics and Statistics major.

For better or worse… we have made it through a year of tough and often mentally draining times. This coming school year we have the promise of in-person, pandemic free schooling, something that enables us to explore the variety of possibilities that living in Isla Vista has to offer. I believe that by supporting and enabling students to thrive going into our next year, we will be able to bounce back in remarkable fashion. Let the IV spirit
reign free!

Qualifications and Accomplishments:
● Commissioner of Budget and Finance for the Office of the President
● UCSB Housing Representative for Santa Catalina’s Hall Council
● Member of Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity, Finance Connection, and Data Science Club

My Goals:
● STRENGTHEN OUTREACH PROGRAMS: Inform and connect UCSB students with job and career opportunities, and assist students with vital post-graduation transition
Streamline simple, accessible ways to obtain basic needs resources from the AS Food Bank and Miramar Food Pantry
● EMPHASIZE MENTAL HEALTH INITIATIVES: Providing proactive mental health resources to help maintain a positive mental health; working with the AS Mental Health Task Force to create social and stress-relieving events at UCSB
● IMPROVE SUSTAINABILITY: Collaborate with the AS Department of Worms to extend campus compost bin resources to public spaces in the IV community

Abigail Merkel

Off Campus Senator

My name is Abigail Merkel and I am a second year Political Science major with a minor in Philosophy.

UCSB and Isla Vista are both places I am lucky to call home. After living in Isla Vista during Covid-19, I have experienced how loving and tight knit our college community is. No town is perfect though, and I am running as your next Off-Campus Senator to address the neglected needs of Isla Vista residents. I am determined to bring my experience in AS to the Senate, as I work to make Isla Vista a town where everyone feels heard, accepted, and safe.

My Experience:
AS Office of the President, Director of Alumni Affairs
UCSB Mock Trial, Tournament Director and Attorney
Legal Assistant at a Law Office in Goleta

My Goals:
ADVOCATE for the homeless living in Isla Vista by working with EVPLA and providing them with the comprehensive resources needed to better their living conditions, while keeping students safe.
PROVIDE complete financial transparency of student fees managed by AS by publicly posting quarterly monetary breakdowns.
WORK with UCSB Administration and UCPD to provide transparency surrounding the funding UCPD receives. Organize town halls and collaborate with students to reimagine safety in Isla Vista.
CREATE a known plan if there is an active shooter on campus and advocate for preventative measures to be taken and installed in classrooms.
ASSIST students with landlord troubles by providing a website with online legal information and people to contact.
EDUCATE students on what constitutes sexual assault and the Title IX process by holding mandatory, in-person, yearly informational sessions in Isla Vista.

I want to advocate for you!

Kian Mirshokri

Off Campus Senator

I am Kian Mirshokri and I am a first-year student pursuing a degree in Political Science.

I am incredibly lucky and thankful to be able to call Isla Vista my home. Living here the past year has shown me what a diverse and unique town Isla Vista is. It has also bettered me in understanding our community and its needs. With such a great community, however, comes hard work. Therefore, I will ensure that all voices in this diverse community are heard, and will strive with all my might to deal with issues decisively and swiftly. I want to allow you and all other off-campus students to have the best possible experience living in Isla Vista.

CREATE a safer community where students feel more confident walking on roads at all times by installing more lighting in IV
EXPAND spaces where off-campus students can de-stress and study
INCREASE local recycling, compost systems, and trash cans in order to create a cleaner Isla Vista
COMMUNICATE with teachers to expand online textbook access for all students
SHOW students what AS does with monthly town hall meetings
EXPAND self-defense classes for students through the UCPD
ENCOURAGE better relations between students and law enforcement by having open discussions

I am hopeful that my goals will benefit you in the best way possible.

Luisa Ramirez

Off Campus Senator

My name is Luisa Ramirez and I am a second year global studies major and art history minor.

I have been working for the past year as the Community Service District Coordinator Liaison under the EVPLA office. During my first year at UCSB, I served as a Pearman fellow which allowed me to feel more comfortable with Associated Students at UCSB. I have also served in student government every year throughout high school working on projects to create the best possible experiences for students.

As a first generation Latina student I plan on making UCSB as accessible and transparent as possible.

  • INITIATE the reduction of law enforcement of the surrounding areas of Isla Vista to create a safer environment and advocating for the reduction of minor infractions on our community members.
  • CREATE a more accessible senate by publicizing how student fees are distributed through graphics and general recaps of senate meetings.
  • PRESERVE safe spaces for marginalized students such as El Centro to allow for a comfortable environment. It is imperative that new and returning students feel comfortable with the transition back to the classroom environment and can find a comfortable space to call their own.
  • ADVOCATE for students best interest when it comes to off campus housing. I hope to work with the Isla Vista Tenants Union to help improve off campus living. I would strive to have workshops for first year students to learn about off campus housing.

Erika Ramos

University Owned Housing Senator

My name is Erika Ramos my pronouns are she/her/hers and I am a first-generation student! I am currently a third-year majoring in Sociology!

Living in University Housing for the past two years, I have learned to LOVE what our University has to offer in terms of housing. In this time I have also learned how to address the needs of our fellow residents. Look below to see my qualifications!

San Miguel Residence Hall Recognition Chair
Active Member of the National Residence Hall Honorary
Residential Housing Association Student Representative at Large
Pardall Center Student Representative at Large
Office of the Student Advocate Director of Student Life and Campus Communication

COLLABORATE with Student Apartment Community Council (SACC) to provide communication between residents and Associated Students
SUPPORT Resident Assistants rights in case of future events that reign similarities to the COVID-19 pandemic
ALLOW an easier transition for FIRST GENERATION students in University Housing by allowing advising for such students
EXTEND more on-campus resources like advising or mental health services to the apartments to create greater accessibility to such resources
PROVIDE free menstrual products in all university housing by collaborating with RHA’s previous Period Pantry

Avital Rutenburg

Collegiate Senator for the College of Letters and Sciences

My name is AVITAL RUTENBURG, a third-year Philosophy major.

As the daughter of Russian-Jewish immigrants, I have a strong appreciation for the unparalleled community and opportunities offered at UCSB. Coming from the Bay Area where I was surrounded by people who similarly and openly struggled with anxiety and depression, I came into college equipped with tools to better my mental health. Unfortunately, mental health is still a taboo topic in many communities. Especially after the difficult and isolating year we all faced, it is important that student fees are allocated toward promoting our psychological well-being. As your representative, I will advocate for your needs and voice your concerns in topics such as this one.

My Relevant Experience:
-Legal Assistant at a Law Office
-Campus Associate at Amazon
-Vice President of TAMID Club
-Member of Debate League and Model United Nations in high school

My Goals:
EXPAND mental health resources. Increase funding for CAPS to promote the Mental Health
Peer Program and hire professional counselors.
REALLOCATE student fees to support underfunded departments as well as returning unnecessary funds to students.
SUPPORT students’ basic need insecurities by assisting the A.S. Food Bank in expanding its locations to promote accessibility.
PROMOTE environmentally-sustainable practices and minimize the school’s carbon footprint. INCREASE transparency by basing decisions off of student sentiments and publicizing
A.S. affairs.

I would love to spend my last year at UCSB giving back to the student body in any way I can.

Bee Schaefer

Chair of the committee

Being a part of Associated Students the past two years has allowed me to not only be an advocate for students, but also learn about how A.S. can be improved. As IVP, I hope to make Associated Students more accessible, especially for students who have only experienced a remote UCSB. As your 71st University Owned Apartments Senator last year, I helped our community navigate through recognizing the outstanding and extenuating circumstances of students with marginalized identities.

I have advocated for the recognition and support of the physical, mental, and social impacts of online instruction during the pandemic, and also the condemnation of all acts of discrimantion and harassment of marginalized groups. I hope to continue to foster an environment that supports and uplifts all UCSB students. Whether it be over zoom or on campus. I want to build and strengthen our Community.

University Owned Apartments Senator
Chair of the AS Internal Affairs Committee
EVPSA UCweVote Campus Coordinator
RHA Programing Vice President
Manzanita Hall President

FACILITATE the reopening and revitalization of UCSB’s campus
DEVELOP a biweekly newsletter to inform students on Senate legislation to improve A.S. transparency.
OVERSEE efforts to increase diversity and retention within Associated Students
PROVIDE TIMELY COMMUNICATION about all decisions, actions, and work that occurs within Associated Students
FOSTER more opportunities for Non-A.S. students to get involved and get ahead in their career development, academics, and community service.
EXPAND the Pearmen Fellowship to include ALL new students to UCSB.

Hailey Stankiewicz

Collegiate Senator for the College of Letters and Sciences

My name is HAILEY STANKIEWICZ. I am a second-year political science and sociology double major dedicated to making sure UCSB is a more inclusive and safe campus. I am currently the Housing and Resident director for the EVPLA office and have been working to protect students’ rights in Isla Vista, most recently through collaborating on a mold survey with the intent of advocating for students’ rights as tenants and eradicating unsafe unsafe living situations. I am also a member of the Alpha Phi sorority and serve as the Director of Finance for my chapter, working to cultivate a compassionate and transparent environment regarding dues for the women in my chapter. I am passionate about ensuring representation for all students in our community and hope to support and advocate for everyone, especially those who often don’t have a voice to do so themselves.


EXPAND the number of departments that allow P/NP grading for major classes and CONTINUE the week 10 grading change deadline during the transition to in-person learning
PRIORITIZE increasing the hours of essential services on campus when reopening campus (like the AS food bank, printing services, the AS book bank, etc.)
Begin the DEVELOPMENT of instituting of new majors and minors that are more applicable to student interests and passions
ELIMINATE gender and racial prejudice in the classroom by CREATING workshops for TAs and professors to acknowledge and understand their implicit biases
INCREASE the funding for CAPs and work to DIVERSIFY the therapists offered for students to cultivate a safe space for people of various backgrounds
EXPAND internship opportunities for students by working with the EVPLA office to CREATE a local internship fair
COLLABORATE with other AS entities (like the EVPLA office) to foster a sense of community for new and returning students who do not feel connected to

Taylor Tait

Collegiate Senator for the College of Letters and Sciences

My name is Taylor Tait, a second year sociology & geography double major. As your next L&S Senator, I will strive to embody the ideals of all members of our Gaucho community. I’ll take on this position with openness in discussing & advocating for the concerns & hopes for our UCSB community, dedicated to bringing EFFICIENCY & TRANSPARENCY to our Gaucho community! Our campus needs someone who is dependable & will work for our students’ best interests. I’ve spent the past seven years working in various leadership positions, growing to encompass a variety of skills that would make me perfect for this position. This past year I have worked in the Senate, representing the values of students, & uplifting their voices through advocacy & authoring legislation.

2020-21 On Campus Senator
Finance & Business Chairmember
Manzanita Hall Council Activities Chair
Geography Club Editor in Chief

-Continue to promote ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY by increasing climate change awareness, minimizing the campus’ carbon footprint by bringing compost bins to campus, & other practices that will help UCSB become a truly green campus
-ADDRESS THE REALITY OF FOOD INSECURITY on our campus by growing & expanding our AS food bank, making our farmer’s markets more accessible, allowing guests to use students’ meal swipes instead of charging it to their BARC account, & increasing the capacity of donating meal swipes
-Increase RECOGNITION of all clubs, committees, organizations, and other groups on our campus. Every Gaucho, both big & small, deserves to have their voice heard
-UPLIFTING the students with the College of Letters & Science within academic capacities, advocating for department leniency as the virtual school setting transitions to in-person by collaborating directly with faculty executives

Stay safe gauchos, & know that, together, we will rise above!

Vincent Tran

Collegiate Senator for the College of Letters and Sciences

My name is Vincent Tran. I am currently a 2nd Year Chemistry Major from Anaheim, California, going by He/Him pronouns.

Besides spending my time on organic chemistry (all I know is pain and Lewis structures), I currently serve as the Director of Student Life and Campus Communications for the Office of the Student Advocate and the Retention Director for KP’s FIERCE program where I connect with different parts of the campus community, and work with prospective Gauchos. My work within these underfunded communities has developed over time, especially with my service as an intern within Alexander Hamilton Scholars, a nation-wide non profit which provides resources to marginalized groups. As your L&S Senator, I hope to accomplish the following if elected:

-ADVOCATE for smaller class sizes and sections.
-EXPAND Caps Resources for students of color, and to make Acacia more accessible.
-PROMOTE a campus wide resource manual that will be given to all incoming students
-DEVELOP a transparent relationship between AS and all multi-cultural organizations on campus
-REALLOCATE FUNDS TO PROMOTE Anti-Blackness, mental health, and sexual assault awareness across all AS entities and staff on campus
-CALL for a fair pay for all campus employees, and bring back awareness to UCSB4COLA
-ALLOCATE and REVAMP funding to make testing material free and accessible to all students.
-PUSH for a fair meal plan, in which students are allowed to use their swipes in which they deem appropriate, to avoid food waste & proper swipe donations
-WORK with the UCSB Pantry to better spread awareness to students in the FIGHT against food insecurity.

I would like to be a resource for YOU.

Aijia Wang

International Senator

My name is Aijia Wang, and you can call me AJ. I’m a first year student majoring in Pre-Economics and Accounting.

As an international student, we have experienced many academic and life difficulties in the past year. I am running as your next International Senator to solve those potential problems and neglected topics regarding international students. I hope to do my best to help every international student integrate into this diverse and attractive campus!

My Experience:
– Co-Founder and Officer of Canine Wellness Initiative (Animal Aid)
– Officer of Chinese Cultural Club in high school
– Member of AS Lobby Corps
– Member of Interact Club of Silicon Valley (Community Giving Project)
– Consultant of CDFLS’s Model United Nations

My Goals:
– ASK for more language options for CLAS and CAPS service to help international students with their academic and mental flexibility.
– IMPROVE the mental health problems that international students face from online classes.
– ADVOCATE for international students to speak for themselves on campus.
– COOPERATE with other organizations to INCREASE the presence of international students in UCSB.
– PROMOTE emergency measures and safety guarantees on campus in different languages to ensure that international students can find a place to seek help.
– CREATE a forum for international students to share their worries and difficulties, and involve related organizations to help these international students.

Ranna Zahabi

Off Campus Senator

My name is RANNA ZAHABI (she/her/hers) and I’m a History of Public Policy & Law Major and a Comparative Literature minor.

Like many of you, I came to this school in the middle of a pandemic and internalized a lot of the uncertainty that followed. I’ve gotten involved in different clubs like CalPrig and the Persian Student Group as well as the Engaging Humanities program. Like many students who have only been at UCSB during Covid, I’ve felt stuck until I found this opportunity with the ISLA VISTA PARTY to channel my mix of frustration and inspiration into action. Being your senator would allow me to apply my urge for advocacy at a level where we can all see change materialize–ultimately to serve you as a constituent and our community as a whole.

ELIMINATE the normalized toxic mold issue in off-campus housing by collaborating with the EVPLA (external vice president for local affairs) office.
ADVOCATE for livable rent prices across the board and hold property managers accountable for taking advantage of students
AMPLIFY underrepresented voices by holding regular forums and opportunities for community members to get involved
REDUCE policing in IV and the threat/fear that accompanies heavily policed minor infractions
EXPAND accessibility to CAPS (counseling and psychological services) to ensure students’ basic needs are met
CREATE a safe atmosphere, both physically and emotionally, by fostering an environment that prioritizes working with survivors

April Zhang

My name is APRIL ZHANG 张若凡. I am a 1st year Sociology major from Shenzhen, China.

An international student myself, I fully understand your struggles of living thousands of miles away from home, studying and speaking in your non-native language. I hope to use my platform to represent and advocate for YOU, and create a more organized, sophisticated, and personalized support system for ALL international students.

– Administrative Chair of AS Commission for Marginalized Genders
– Fellow of AS President’s Office
– Activities Officer of high school International Student Organization
– Intern at International Rescue Committee
– Federal Policy Analyst of AS External Affairs Committee

My Visions for YOU:

> ENSURE international students’ safe & timely return to campus, and a sufficient amount of remote classes opening in future quarters for those who are unable to return yet

> CREATE campus positions and internships designated for international students, and OPEN grants and other existing opportunities to international students

> ESTABLISH one-on-one mentorship program for international students by working with offices and organizations for international students, & AS Boards, Committees, and Units

> IMPLEMENT quarterly survey system collecting international students’ concerns, comments and questions, which will serve as guidelines for future events & action items

> PERSONALIZE academic, mental health, career, and legal resources on campus to the needs and backgrounds of international students

> ORGANIZE workshops & events on topics pertaining to international students, such as visa renewal and sexual assault, w/ related campus organizations & international student entities