For the 72nd Senate

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TypeNumberNamePrimary AuthorDate IntroducedFinal StatusAction
Resolution020922-41To Urge the Academic Senate to Require Recorded Lectures and Prohibit Mandatory AttendanceLove T. Maia02/09/22PassedTake Stance
Bill0209222-40Amending the Legal Code of Isla Vista Community Relations Committee’s (IVCRC) Publicity CoordinatorNicole Bongard02/09/22PassedAmend Legal Code
Bill020222-39Amending the Legal Code of the Living History ProjectAbigail Merkel02/02/22PassedAmend Legal Code
Bill012622-38To Update the Legal Code of the A.S Community Financial FundBrieonni Johnson01/26/22PassedAmend Legal Code
Resolution012622-38To Temporarily Suspend A.S. Trainings Jessy Gonzalez01/26/22PassedTake Action
Bill012622-37To Update Global Gaucho Commission’s Legal CodeApril Zhang01/23/22PassedAmend Legal Code
Resolution012622-36To Support 100% Renewable Energy in Santa Barbara and in CaliforniaApril Zhang01/23/22PassedTake Stance
Bill012622-35To Update Environmental Justice Alliance’s Legal CodeApril Zhang01/23/22PassedAmend Legal Code
Bill011222-34Amending the Legal Code of the Collegiate Senator for the College of EngineeringCesar Castillo01/09/22PassedAmend Legal Code
Resolution010422-33To Expand the Senate Appointment Ad Hoc CommitteeEthan Engler01/05/22PassedUpdate Committee
Resolution010422-32To Call for Transparency in School Closure and Return to CampusDavid Gjerde01/02/22PassedTake Stance
Resolution112421-30To Modify the Senate Appointment Ad Hoc CommitteeJessy Gonzalez11/24/21PassedUpdate Committee
Bill111721-30To Update the Environmental Affairs Board’s Legal CodeTaylor Tait11/17/21PassedAmend Legal Code
Bill111721-29To Reinforce Separation of Powers and Accountability Regarding Elected Positions in ASTaylor Tait11/17/21FailedAmend Legal Code
Resolution111721-28To Support Map 801: United CommunitiesJessy Gonzalez11/17/21PassedTake Stance
Resolution111021-27To Temporarily Suspend A.S. Trainings Until Winter QuarterJessy Gonzalez11/10/21PassedTake Action
Bill111021-26Amending the Legal Code of the Student Advocate GeneralJessy Gonzalez11/08/21Tabled IndefinitelyAmend Legal Code
Resolution110321-25To Oppose the Construction of Munger HallJessy Gonzalez10/31/21PassedTake Stance
Bill102721-24Amending the Legal Code of Isla Vista Community Relations CommitteeNicole Bongard10/27/21PassedAmend Legal Code
Bill102721-23To Add a Standing Policy on A.S. AccountabilityJessy Gonzalez10/27/21Tabled IndefinitelyAmend Legal Code
Bill102721-22To Update the Associated Students Office of the President Legal CodeKian Mirshokri10/24/21PassedAmend Legal Code
Resolution102721-21To Establish the Senate Appointment Ad Hoc CommitteeVince Tran10/24/21PassedCreate Committee
Resolution102721-20To Increase Accessibility at the University of California, Santa BarbaraJessy Gonzalez10/24/21PassedTake Stance & Action
Resolution102721-19In Support of UC-AFT’s Ongoing Contractual EffortsJessy Gonzalez10/24/21PassedTake Stance & Action
Resolution102721-18In Support of Student Researchers United/United Auto WorkersJessy Gonzalez10/24/21PassedTake Stance & Action
Bill102121-17To Amend the Legal Code of the Office of the Student Advocate GeneralVince Tran10/17/21PassedAmend Legal Code
Bill102121-16To Adopt a New Legislative TemplateJessy Gonzalez10/17/21PassedAmend Legal code
Resolution102121-15To Ameliorate Internet Services at the University of California, Santa BarbaraJessy Gonzalez10/17/21PassedTake Action
Resolution102121-14In Support of Reproductive RightsJessy Gonzalez10/17/21PassedTake Stance
Bill102121-13To Update the Legal Code of the EVPSA OfficeApril Zhang10/17/21PassedAmend Legal Code
Bill101221-12To Address Minor Errors in Legal CodeErika Ramos10/12/21PassedAmend Legal Code
Resolution101221-11To Succor the People Impacted by Natural DisastersJessy Gonzalez10/03/21Tabled IndefinitelyFund
Resolution101221-10To Amend the Legal Code of the EVPSA OfficeApril Zhang10/12/21RepealedAmend Legal Code
Resolution101221-09In Support of 100% Carbon-Free Electricity in California by 2045Jessy Gonzalez10/03/21PassedTake Stance & Action
Resolution100621-08To Reaffirm the University of California, Santa Barbara as a Sanctuary CampusJessy Gonzalez10/03/21PassedTake Stance & Action
Resolution100621-07To Stand in Solidarity with SurvivorsJessy Gonzalez10/03/21PassedTake Stance
Resolution091121-06To Stand in Solidarity with UC MercedJessy Gonzalez08/31/21PassedTake Stance
Resolution082321-05To Address Housing Insecurity in the 2021-2022 Academic YearJessy Gonzalez08/21/21PassedTake Stance
Resolution052621-04To Divest from Corporations Violating Palestinian Human RightsJessy Gonzalez05/25/21FailedTake Action
Resolution052621-03To Condemn the June 1st People’s Park EvictionsAbigail Merkel05/25/21PassedTake Stance
Resolution051921-02To Adopt the New A.S. Strategic PlanAvital Rutenburg05/19/21PassedImplement Plan
Bill051921-01To Establish the A.S. Commission on Campus ConnectionsEthan Engler05/19/21Tabled IndefinitelyCreate Commission

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