2008 Spring General
Election Supplement

Presidential Candidates

John Paul "J.P." Primeau - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey Gauchos!

My name is John Paul Primeau and I am ready to be your next A.S. President. I'm a third year double major in Business Economics/Pharmacology and I live and breathe A.S.. Serving in Associated Students for the past three years, including TWO terms as a Representative-at-Large has given me unparalleled knowledge of its structure, functions and capacity to create change that betters the lives of students.

On A.S. Finance board, I have worked to fund hundreds of student groups, from club sports to outreach projects while keeping the board accountable to the legal code. As the Associated Students Committees on Committees Recruitment Chair, I have brought hundreds of students into A.S.. Over the past three years I have served on, or worked with, the vast majority of the Associated Students Boards, Committees and Commissions.

This past year, I have worked tirelessly to elevate the roll of students in the University decision making process. Through my position as the Undergraduate Representative to the Faculty Legislature I have worked to create action committees that redefine the roll of students in the Academic Senate- empowering students to fight issues like parking rate increases and the increases in the minimum unit requirement. As A.S President, I will use the strong relationships I have already established with the UCSB administration to the benefit of all students.

Our university needs a dedicated, fiscally responsible president who is willing to stand up and defend student welfare. I have a passion for UCSB and want to see all the students who attend our school well served. When you vote, please consider who you think will be the strongest, most experienced leader for this campus and for all of the students. I appreciate your vote and I will work hard for you.

My name is J.P. Primeau and My Door is Always Open.

* Endorsed by the Current A.S. President, Stephanie Brower and past A.S. President Jared Goldschen

Alessandra "Soulutions For All" Baer

I would like to thank everyone for this opportunity to run for A.S. President and create positive change on and around the UCSB campus.
My platform, "Soul-You-tions for All" came from my conversations and observations with fellow UCSB students. We see a need to work with one another beyond the borders of race, class, and culture for our common concerns. So, I ask: What would you like to accomplish? I will take your ideas and put them to work. Please send me an email: alibaer@umail.ucsb.edu.

Hassan Naveed - Student Voice!

Hey UCSB! My name is Hassan Naveed and I would you love to be YOUR next AS President.

Since arriving here at UCSB, I've played active role on campus, and in our community of Isla Vista. As a current representative in the governing body of UCSB's Associated Students, I've ensured the availability of resources for ALL students, fiscal responsibility in financial committees that handle YOUR money and accountability of the administration to the needs of UCSB students. My involvement as Associate News Director of our student radio station, KCSB 91.9FM, I've worked on many issues such as student housing on and off campus, environmental issues facing our beaches, the improvement of the academic experience at UCSB and ensuring the voices of ALL students are heard. My experience as a Residential Life employee and RA provided me with individual relationships with students from different perspectives to understand the issues students face during their college experience.

As your future President, I will improve the quality of life for students at UCSB by:

Vote for experience, passion and action! Vote Hassan Naveed for President and for Student VOICE!

Internal Vice President

Megan Klein - Student Voice!

Hello Gauchos!

My name is Megan Klein and I'm your Student VOICE! candidate for Internal Vice-President. I'm a third year Political Science, Public Service Emphasis and Law and Society double major.

As your IVP, I will ensure that AS works hard to include ALL students and advocate for issues that really affect YOU. I have and will continue to enhance the student experience at UCSB through my involvement in AS and OSL organizations.

My experience includes:

My experience has given me a broad perspective to understand YOUR issues and I will continue to advocate for ALL students by:


Vote for Megan Klein for Internal Vice-President!

Amplify your Student VOICE!

Bay Grabowski - Independent

Hello Students! My name is Bay, and I hope to be your next Associated Students Internal Vice President. I've been working with Associated Students for about a year and a half, mostly doing internal issues; talking to the administration, clarifying bills in AS, helping Associated Students do its job efficiently and fairly. I have a decade of experience working with legislative bodies and rules of order, I know how meetings can be run fairly and efficiently. I also strive toward getting student's views on technology heard; working with the expansion of wireless Internet across the campus, more power outlets and Internet connections inside the library, better computer labs, helping to makeUCSB have technology worthy of the school.

As Internal Vice President, I want to keep doing the same thing, promoting communication between everyone; Associated Students, the students ofUCSB, the administration of UCSB, other schools, and whoever else will help to make the student's experience at UCSB the best that is possible. I want to act as the catalyst of that communication, to show students that AS is working for them, and to haveeveryone's voice heard and felt. I want UCSB to know the will of the students, for us to work with the people who manage UCSB . I want us to work together, to help each other. By electing me Internal Vice President, we can achieve that. I've already been helping people work together, I want to keep doing it, and expand what I can do.


Kevin Higuchi - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey Gauchos! My name is Kevin Higuchi and I want to be your 2008-2009 Internal Vice President.

I first decided to get involved in Associated Students as a first year because I saw it as another great campus leadership opportunity. My initial reaction to the AS structure was that it was complex and overly bureaucratic. But I stayed involved and set a goal to learn more about AS. I wanted to find ways to make it more approachable and to give the students a sense of belonging to it.

I currently serve as the Chair for Associated Students Finance Board, ensuring the responsible management of an almost $7 million dollar budget. I have made recognizable achievements with the board by providing student organizations with more fair policies and increasing the visibility of its decisions. I have also worked extensively within AS, volunteering for issues and activities including distributing finals kits, facilitating AS-involvement workshops, and helping organize a break-out session in response to the 15-unit increase requirement.

Working with committees such as the Investment Advisory Committee and Legislative Council, as well as various student organizations and campus departments, has given me a passion for involvement with campus issues. Through my work I've gained a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of both AS itself, and its potential.

The position of IVP needs someone with this level of proven leadership experience and a commitment to the needs of the student body. I would love to continue my work and serve you as your Internal Vice President.

Alex Forster - Independent

Hi, my name is Alex Forster and I want to represent YOU! I'm currently running for Internal Vice President of Associated Students as an INDEPENDENT - that means I don't care for party politics and just want to CREATE CHANGE within A.S. and I am going to do it with Gaucho spirit! Since becoming involved in A.S. I have served as the Undergraduate Representative on the Vice Chancellors Income and Recharge Committee and have been a member of the A.S. Investment Advisory Committee for the past two years.

I believe:

That raising A.S. fees through students' initiatives is hypocritical and WRONG if A.S. is trying to lower student fees and will do everything possible to prevent future increases.

That A.S. should be an organization for EVERYONE not just for those involved in campus groups.

That the best way to combat fee increases and wasteful spending is to get students involved. As an INDEPENDENT seeking REAL CHANGE and FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY I ask for the opportunity to represent YOU!


External Vice President, Local Affairs

Reagan "Zekee" Silos - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

What's up UCSB? My name is Reagan “Zekee” Silos, and I am a 4th year Global Studies major with a minor in Education. I've worked for and with a number of entities on campus, from Residential Life to Summer Sessions, from Student Affairs to various campus departments. I want to finish my time here at UCSB continuing to work for you on issues that matter to you.

Although I have a few things that I personally want to accomplish, such as

I ultimately want to work on the issues where you, the students, have the most concern. I want to implement more ways for you all to have a say in what's going on. UCSB is an amazing place already, and if elected, I will need your ideas, your opinions, and most importantly, your help to make UCSB even better.

I know how to manage a team. I know how to lead. I know how to be a team player while leading. I could try and convince you of all this, but I'd rather meet you and talk to you. Feel free to send me a Facebook message, find me at Student Health or the Computer Science Instructional Lab (where I work), or look out for me in the Arbor.

Elect Zek for EVPLA! You down with OPP and me?

Liz Buda - Student Voice!

Hi! My name is Liz Buda and I'm YOUR candidate for the External V.P. of Local Affairs. We know that students are the majority of the Isla Vista population, yet they're taken advantage of by landlords, elected officials and the Foot Patrol. We need someone with the EXPERIENCE to advocate for I.V. and effectively represent students on a local level.

Since my first year, I've been dedicated to improving I.V. as:

If elected, I plan to:

U.C.S.B. needs someone with the EXPERIENCE and PASSION to make a difference in our local community. I am that candidate. Vote Liz Buda for E.V.P.L.A! Vote Student VOICE!

External Vice President, Statewide Affairs

Justin Reyes - Student Voice!

Hey everyone! My name is Justin Reyes and I am your Student Voice! candidate for External VP of Statewide Affairs (EVPSA)!

I am currently involved in Associated Students as the Co-Chair of the Student Commission On Racial Equality (SCORE). Through SCORE, I have worked extensively to increase awareness around issues that affect our communities. In the fall, I led a delegation of over 100 UCSB students to the UC Student of Color Conference. And, I collaborated with student organizations to establish the AS Student Initiated Outreach Committee.

With the dangerous trend of skyrocketing student fees, cuts to academic preparation and financial aid, we need an EVPSA who has fought for YOUR education every step of the way. I have spoken at UC Regents meetings to make students a priority. I have lobbied state legislators and Congress to advocate for access and affordability. I also helped to register over 5000 UCSB voters this year (the most in the nation!).

As EVPSA, I will focus my work on:


Corey Huber - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

What's going on, UCSB? My name is Corey Huber and I want to be your next External Vice President for Statewide Affairs!

Understanding the issues that greatly affect UCSB students is essential to being a successful EVPSA. With Governor Schwarzenegger placing California in the midst of a $331 million budget cut, UC students will soon possibly face the sixth rise in student fees in seven years. This correlates to academic programs and majors disappearing, less new-student enrollment, reduced university research, and a possible 10% rise in the fees you pay to the UC Regents. This campus needs a candidate willing to prioritize freezing student fees, advocating for increased financial aid, increasing academic preparation funding, and improving the diversity of our student body.

Currently serving as this year's Residence Halls Association President, I will use the networking and relationships already established with University administration to ensure that my office's goals will be met with support. I will use my experience and knowledge of both the EVPSA position and Associated Students to passionately represent our student body.

Having already served as staff in the EVPSA office, working on both statewide UCSA and national USSA campaigns, I have a firm grasp on what the position entails. I have lobbied with the EVPSA office and Student Lobby in Sacramento and Washington D.C. to ensure student's needs are being met and our elected officials kept accountable.

My knowledge of the UC system pertaining to the UC Office of the President and UC Regents is also extensive, having served as the undergraduate representative from our university to select the new UC Student Regent.

My understanding of Associated Students' resources through my positions with Finance Board, Investments Advisory Committee, and serving as a proxy on Legislative Council, will allow me to hit the ground running and utilize every asset at this organization's disposal.

This is how we do it, its OPP, and our door is always open.

Student Advocate General

Scott McDonald

Howdy yall, my name is Scott McDonald and I am running for the position of Student Advocate General. The Advocate General is a relatively new executive position here at UCSB, and was created by a Constitutional Amendment passed in a campus wide election back in 2006. The position is designed to protect the rights of students on campus, whether it is the University, Residence halls, or even friggin' Transportation and Parking Services that is challenging them. I started off in the Office of the Student Advocate, which is run by the Advocate General, as a caseworker two years ago. I have since been promoted twice and have seen a whole mess of students steamrolled by the different judicial processes on campus. I have seen students getting C.A.S.E who have never had any alcohol in their life. That's crap. I have seen people getting accused of cheating for things that nobody even knows are against policy. That's a load of horse crap. Hell, there have even been whole halls evicted during finals week basically because of a couple people who maybe smoked a little too much pot. What bull crap. For the past couple of years, I have had the opportunity to help students in these situations as well as many others, and if you elect me I will not only continue to do so, I will make sure that the OSA expands its services to help even more UCSB students. Oh, and America, #*&% yeah!


Faris "Bueller" Shalan - Student Voice!


I'm Faris, pronounced like Beuller, and I am your Student VOICE!

I'm running for rep-at-large and here's why you should elect me.

I am already highly involved in several AS entities mainly

I am also involved with multiple student groups outside AS like

I have proxied multiple times on Leg Council, I know how to work it.

I party on the weekends, Thursday included.

I love IV and UCSB.

I have awesome plans for you, IV and our beloved campus.

I am your Student VOICE! Amplify it!

I will rock your world. End of story.

UC Santa Barbara!

Elias Makhoul - Student Voice!

It's Your Choice so make it Student's Voice. Vote Elias for Rep-at-Large so that students in I.V. and on campus will be in charge. So don't be a fool and vote Elias Makhoul.

Rachael Helschein - Student Voice!

Hi there fellow Gauchos! First of all, thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to vote. My name is Rachael Helschein and I am currently a second year Environmental Studies major. I come to you today as a member of Student Voice!, to be one of your next Representatives-At-Large.

I am committed to UCSB, to our diverse and unique student body, and to Isla Vista. I am an extremely outgoing and hard working individual. I am currently involved in the Greek system, and I guess you could say I am just like your average student. I love the beach. I love to go out and party. I love Isla Vista. And most importantly, I love UCSB.

My concerns are YOUR concerns and my goal is to create real positive change within Associated Students and across our beautiful campus. Every student has a voice, and YOUR voice can be heard by voting me into office.

My goals as your future representative are:

Feel free to facebook me or email me at rhelschein@umail.ucsb.edu. And don't forget... vote Student Voice!

Christopher "Chris" Martin - Student Voice!

Hello, my name is Chris Martin, and I am running for Rep at Large with Student VOICE! I am one the few candidates with experience in running in AS elections.

I stand for diversity and equal representation. Last year, I felt that the council did not do all that it could to make sure that the voices of ALL students were being heard. I intend to put funding in Student Outreach programs because it is especially important that prospective college students from underrepresented communities learn that success is attainable regardless of the plights one faces in life. Once those students are accepted, it is also important that we work on retention programs for students whose preparatory experiences may have hindered them from truly learning what it means to be a college student.

Finally, increased student tuition along with the increase mandatory units from 12 to 15 is unfair and inconsiderate. How are many students going to be able to pay for the increased tuition when they are too busy to get a job because they have to take more classes? If we are to pay for this tuition, then we need an increase in financial aid. I will actively pursue and ensure that the voice of the people is heard and evaluated during the decision making process. The university needs someone to step up and say that this is wrong. In order for that to happen, we all need people from diverse backgrounds to listen to one another and collaborate to find a solution.

I encourage you to vote for me, Chris Martin, and Student VOICE! because recognizing what each individual group brings to the table, and how they can affect change on this campus as individuals and as a collective whole is what we're all about.

Christina "Tina" Samson - Student Voice!

HELLO GAUCHOS! Thank you for taking the time to get your student voice heard!

I'm Tina Samson, junior Political Science/Communication major, proudly running for Representative-at-Large with Student Voice! We strive for equal representation of all students.

I've taken it upon myself to play an active role on campus. I am Outreach Coordinator for A.S. Recycling, I've lobbied in Sacramento and Washington DC for higher education, and I am Vice President of the Co-Ed Professional Business Fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi. My committed involvement at UCSB has given me the insight and experience to run for Legislative Council.

Here are some of my goals, I will continue to:

We inspire other campuses. Having talked to other student leaders, we have services and programs they don't have. It is because we have dedicated, motivated, and passionate students. I will work to continue making UCSB the best place for students.

I want to fully dedicate my last year to amplifying the student voice and putting the students FIRST! I may be tiny, but I'm definitely ready to be your Rep-at-Large!

Get in touch! TinaSamson@gmail.com


Paulina Abustan - Student Voice!

My name is Paulina Abustan and I am running for Student VOICE!
Representative at Large! I have been involved with Associated Students since my first year here at UC Santa Barbara. I do a lot of work with Voter Registration to build our student power to raise financial aid and decrease student fees. I serve on the SCORE Student Commission on Racial Equality and I hope to bring awareness of student of color issues. I am a work study student for the Multi Cultural Center and A.S. Arts and Lectures so I am aware of all campus events. As an RA Resident Assistant for FSSP Freshman Summer Start Program, I understand the importance of creating relationships with all students. As an On Campus Representative, I realized the significance of recruiting more students to become involved with the help of RHA Residence Halls Association. I hope to bring even more students to realize their power through their involvement with Associated Students.

This year on Legislative Council, I have been supporting and advocating many causes to empower the students of UC Santa Barbara. I am very passionate about social justice issues of fair treatment and equality. I am concerned about womyn empowerment, student of color empowerment, environmental activism and worker's rights. Regardless of the situation, I am here to empower all students regardless of race, gender, sexuality, socio-economic standing, religion, political affiliation, etc. I am here to support all students to only empower you and amplify your Student VOICE!

Husayn Hasan - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey UCSB how's it going!? My name is Husayn Hasan and I am asking you to RE-ELECT me to Legislative Council. I am a second year Business Economics and Political Science, Public Service emphasis double major who is interested in fighting to make UCSB a better place and representing students in the large complex university system.

I would like to thank you for electing me last year because I have learned so much as an A.S. Leg Rep. I have sat on A.S. Recycling, the Rec Cen Governance Board, and Finance Board. I have worked on the Rec Cen Campus pool issue, finance board's policies, and ensuring accountability and responsibility through legislation.

When I represent you, the student, I believe that representatives should be fiscally responsible (especially when distributing money to student groups), focusing on goals that can be completed and are beneficial to the students in their stay here, and focusing on the community and the students, which are the most important things.

In the past year as your representative, I have shown myself to be a man of my word and a man of action. RE-ELECT me and I will continue bringing change and progress to our campus.

Paula Reever - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey Gauchos! My name is Paula Reever and I currently sit on Legislative Council as an off-campus representative, and I want to be your Rep-at-Large next year. I am a second year Political Science and Business Economics major, and I am running with the Open People's Party (O.P.P.).

I'm here to let you know that I understand that students are under a lot of pressure with school, jobs, and other responsibilities. As a result, I think your student government should run as efficiently as possible to make sure that you can take advantage of all the university has to offer.

Therefore, I believe that student's money should be spent on improving student's lives on and off campus. This includes a wide range of things from better bike paths, to more accessible parking, as well as a more convenient meal plans for res hall and off-campus residents. Also, the Minimum Cumulative Progress (MCP) situation needs to be addressed to ensure that students are not under too much pressure from an increased unit load.

In order to continue to work on these issues, I ask you to vote for me so that I can represent ALL of you. A vote for OPP is a vote for an AS that is more capable and ready to deliver what the students want. Welcome to the Party.

Christopher "Chris" Wendle - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

What's up UCSB! My name is CHRIS WENDLE and I'm hoping to continue to serve you as a REPRESENTATIVE-AT-LARGE next year. I am a second-year Business Economics major and involved in various organizations on campus like this years Legislative Council, RHA, A.S. BIKES, and the Gaucho Tour Association, giving tours of our awesome campus.

After two years, I have learned so many valuable things about our university. By being an On-Campus Rep I have seen the importance of your first year and how it can affect the rest of your college experience. I have learned the purpose of student government and what needs to be done. But most of all, I have learned the most just by listening to the students of UCSB.

If RE-ELECTED I hope to:

  1. Continue to fight for ACCESSIBILITY for all students
  2. Find positive solutions to PARKING both on and off campus
  3. Look into alternative TRANSPORTATION methods for Isla Vista and our campus
  4. Develop more PRIDE in being students at UCSB

If RE-ELECTED, my priority as a rep-at-large would be to listen to you, the students. I will continue to find ways to improve our university and community. I would actively work as a member of your A.S. Legislative Council, working on student issues and concerns in order to make UCSB the BEST place to be.

Radhika Khosharay - Open People's Party (O.P.P)

What's up UCSB?

Thank you for taking the time to vote! Hope you are having a good time and classes are not too stressful. I am Radhika and I am running with O.P.P. to be YOUR Representative at Large. There are many things I would like to change and getting RE-ELECTED by YOU would allow me to do so.

  1. Ensure fiscal accountability and transparency, where does all the money you pay go? We need to ensure that it always comes back to benefit the students.
  2. Fight current fee hikes and prevent future ones, by raising fees the opportunity of an education is being closed to many people and it also increases the financial burden of many students. I have gone with UCSB Lobby to Sacramento and Washington D.C. to lobby for this cause to lobby on your behalf! By making it more affordable to get an education we will be able to maintain and increase the diversity of our campus.
  3. Textbooks are becoming far to expensive, and re-selling them most of the time we get only a mere fraction of the price back. I have been working on creating a Textbook exchange, where students can sell/buy their books with the prices set by students!
  4. This is a simple one make this Campus more Environmentally friendly!

I want to represent YOU so if you have any questions, suggestions or just want to say hi, email me at radhika.kh@gmail.com or Facebook me! VOTE Open Peoples Party!

Amy Elvidge - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

HEY UCSB! My name is AMY ELVIDGE and I am asking you to elect me as an Associated Students Rep-at-Large. I'm a second year Environmental Law and Policy major and Spanish minor with hopes of representing and serving your needs as a student here at UCSB.

Are you ready for lower student fees?
Are you ready to have your rights protected as IV tenants and students?
Are you ready for a more environmentally sustainable campus?
Are you ready for fair representation for all UCSB students?

If you are ready for these changes, I am ready to fight to make them a reality.

If elected, I will dedicate myself to ensuring that YOUR money goes directly to the programs and resources that benefit YOU. UCSB has so many incredible opportunities to offer and I will work hard to bring those opportunities to you. As students, we are under constant pressure from academics, jobs, student organizations and clubs and the Santa Barbara lifestyle. We only get four years here and I will make sure that these years are your best.

This is a very important decision and voting for me, AMY ELVIDGE, as your Rep-at-Large will guarantee a fight for every single UCSB student's interests. Questions? Contact me anytime at aelvidge@umail.ucsb.edu. Vote OPP!

Gregory Handley - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey there! My name is GREG HANDLEY and I am running for the position of REPRESENTATIVE AT LARGE for the upcoming school year. I am a second year student with a wide range of interests and beliefs.
I am a FSSP Alumni as well as being a Residence Hall President of Francisco Torres South my first year. We worked on events for residents such as TX2 (carnival) and a Super Bowl event with halftime competitions. I was also an Orientation Staff Member this past summer. One of my main goals is to assist the student population in shaping UCSB the way that the students want it. You have a limited amount of time at UCSB and it should be one of the best experiences of your life.

I want to ensure that the money paid by the students is spent on the students, for the student's and in the interest of the students.
I want to make sure that no one is left out and that issues are taken care of, not just discussed in meetings somewhere.
I want to make the actions of A.S. known to the students so that they can decide what areas and issues need more attention.

I am an outgoing person who is not afraid to voice the opinions of the students. If elected I would act in a clear representation of the students. A vote for GREG HANDLEY is a vote for a better time at UCSB for you. Welcome to the Party.

Off-Campus Representatives

Jessica Hurd - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hello UCSB! My name is Jessi Hurd and I want you to RE-ELECT me to be one of your Off-Campus Representatives. Many of you may have seen me, but have not yet gotten the chance to get to know me. I am currently 3rd year, deeply involved in AS and club activities. I do volunteer work as well as hold a job downtown.

During my tenure as an Off-Campus Representative this year I have consistently fought for the protection student rights to an education. I have worked alongside other students and administrators on the recently passed minimum unit requirements. I have worked on various issues in Isla Vista as well as on-campus in an effort to improve every student's experience.

I originally chose to run for this position because I believe that I represent many student viewpoints. I am open to values which I may disagree with. I will gladly and willingly discuss my stance on any issue with anyone. I believe that both our campus and Isla Vista communities are a wonderful place to live and to learn, but I do recognize that there are problems within which must be addressed. I feel that I am the type of person you will want fighting for you and alongside you for your rights and to make UCSB a better place for every student.

If you have any questions feel free to message me on Facebook or send me an email atjp_87@umail.ucsb.edu.

Be sure to Rock the Vote!

Josue Aparicio - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey UCSB! My name is Josue Aparicio and I want to be your Off Campus Representative. As a first year Political Science major, my involvement at UCSB has mainly consisted of being a part of RHA, as the President of FT North (that's right FT, NOT Santa Catalina). I am an average UCSB student, I love to have fun, go to parties, play intramurals, and chill by the beach. Therefore I know the changes that off campus residents really need.
If I am elected:


Eric Manela - Student Voice!

Hello UCSB! My name is Eric Manela and I am running for Off Campus Rep with Student Voice. At AS, we are all students just like you, and share some similar passions and concerns. For example, I'm involved in Intramural basketball and softball, I'm a photographer for the La Cumbre Yearbook, and I'm a member of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Besides being a full time student and an active community member, I want to dedicate my time to serving this university and making lasting changes.

- I look around this campus and see all our vibrant and diverse communities. I believe it is important to bring these groups together to create mutual understanding and acceptance between all students. I believe that by providing opportunities for groups to get together and interact, such as getting involved with any of the AS boards, committees, and commissions, our community will strengthen.

- I'm also very passionate about preserving the place in which we live, Isla Vista, Santa Barbara, California, etc. This place is our home, and I want to keep it as alive and beautiful as it is today for years to come. I aim to make Isla Vista a green community, with more sustainable energy use and coastline stewardship.

I must emphasize again that we with Student Voice! are here to fight for your rights, your concerns, and your issues. We want to make your UCSB experience as great as possible. So vote for me, Eric Manela, and Student Voice!

David Preciado - Student Voice!

Hey, hey, hey GAUCHOS! My name is David Preciado and I am running for Off-Campus Representative with [what voice?] Student VOICE! I am a first year Chican@ Studies and Political Science Double Major. My involvement with student government stems back to Freshmen Summer Start Program (FSSP) where I was elected an executive officer for my Residential Hall Council. Since then, I have been actively involved with many A.S entities as well as, OSL organizations such as:

I have invested a lot of my organizing in access and affordability for higher education and community development within the Isla Vista Tenants as well as, underrepresented communities. If I were to get elected, I hope to expand the knowledge of A.S and the many resources it offers to the students. Along with resources, it's a great place to gain experience on issues that personally affect YOU like: lobbying legislatures for a fee decrease, taking action in wrongly evicted tenants in I.V, tenants rights, and outreach programs for disadvantaged communities to increase diversity in our campus. Voice it, Work it, Vote it! David Preciado for Off-Campus Representative, Student VOICE! (vote GREEN on GOLD April 21-24)

Erika Scott - Student Voice!

Hello students!

My name is Erika Scott and I'm running for Off- Campus representative for Student Voice. I am hoping to make a difference in the UCSB and Isla Vista community. My main issue is student safety. It should be a priority and something students shouldn't have to worry about.

I have noticed that not many streetlights regularly work in Isla Vista and into Goleta. Last year I rode my bike down Abrego and it was so dark that I couldn't see in front of me and I crashed straight into another cyclist. We both fell off our bikes and I ended up taking her to the hospital where she received stitches on her chin. I am sure that others have had similar experiences too. I want to have streetlights actively maintained so that everyone can feel safe while out during the night. Being your elected representative will provide me a great opportunity to make this happen.

I am so grateful to be at UCSB and I love the unique community of Isla Vista, which is why I care so much to improve it and make it safer. Your voice is our voice! Tell me your concerns and we can work together to make our UCSB experience even better! Email me anytime at erikaxchan@umail.ucsb.edu and vote for Student Voice!

Samuel "Sam" Cisneros - Student Voice!

Hello fellow UCSB students!!!

I am Sam Cisneros, a current second year majoring in Sociology and Anthropology, and I am running for Off-Campus Representative with Student VOICE!. I am passionate about working for students' rights and any concerns from UCSB students.

Top 5 Reasons to VOTE for ME...SAM Cisneros!

  1. I am ready to work, and SOLVE your ISSUES.
  2. I have extensive experience being the leader and member from different orgs on campus and Associated Students.
  3. Fighting to lower tuition is something I want to work on.
  4. I want to enhance the student experience at UCSB.
  5. I fully understand how Associated Students works and can therefore work to my best capabilities.

The past year I have invested my time by being a member of A.S. Finance Board granting funding to the many student orgs of UCSB and lobbying the UC Regents to lower tuition for all UC students. I am the current Co-chair of the Queer Student Union and external-coordinator of A.S. Queer Commission. I am intelligent, ambitious, humble, and prepared. I look forward to representing YOU next year as a part of Associated Students Legislative Council

Remember to Vote for Student Voice and SAM CISNEROS for Off-Campus Rep.

Go Green on GOLD, April 21-24

"The right choice, the perfect fit…Your Voice, Student VOICE!"

Moonie Shin - Student Voice!


My name is Moonie Shin and I would be honored to serve you as your Off Campus Representative. I am a political science and sociology double major and I absolutely LOVE meeting new people and hearing new ideas.

Even as a first year, I have had experience representing YOU. For example, increasing the STUDENT vote and working on making education affordable is what I worked on for you.

What are some of my goals?

I believe that my purpose within Associated Students is to service you and your needs. I would love to listen to your thoughts and opinions and if you would like to contact me, I am a facebook fanatic or you can email me at moonieshin@gmail.com. VOTE Student Voice!

If you forget everything else, remember this: MORE MOONIE, NO PROBLEMS.

Moonie Shin for Off Campus Rep!

Joe Cole - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Howdy Gauchos. My name is Joe Cole, and yes, I'm going to be here for a fifth year. I love it here, and for my (probably) final year here, I will be honored to give back to UCSB, which has given me so much. I am running for the position of Off-Campus Representative with the Open People's Party in order to do my small part to preserve the UCSB we know and love.

I'm a working student, giving tours of the campus and making sandwiches at Mr. Pickles. Whether or not you're paying for school, I know you don't like our school fees going up every year. When elected, I will work to make UCSB more affordable.

Isla Vista's a small place, ain't it? You can't go anywhere without running into someone you know. We love this town. However, we got landlords keeping our deposits, police busting our parties and our houses practically falling off the cliffs. I want to work towards making every aspect of Isla Vista enjoyable by fighting for issues that you care about.

I have what it takes to be a leader. I was President of Santa Rosa freshman year, I've been Social Chair twice for my fraternity, Beta Theta Pi and I am currently serving as the Interfraternity Council Recruitment Chair, just to name a few. With my experience, I am more than capable of representing smaller groups while being able to keep in mind the general good of the whole student body.

Alexandra "Alex" Stubbs - Student Voice!

Hey UCSB! My name is Alex Stubbs and I want to be your off-campus representative with Student Voice! I have served in Anacapa Hall Council as a hall representative. I currently work in the Associated Students administrative office and as an administrative assistant for Finance Board, where I attend all Finance Board meetings. I am very familiar with the financial needs of student organizations on campus and how student government functions. With this experience I am excited to expand communication between the UCSB population and A.S.

I am devoted to stopping the fee increases that are already a major strain on many UCSB students. These increases make higher education less accessible, and I am going to make sure that the interests of the individual student are not forgotten.

As your voice, I am determined to prevent policies from being passed without the student's consent. The Minimum Cumulative Progress (MCP) policy, which requires students to take an average of 15 units per quarter, makes it more difficult for students who work or have extracurricular commitments to be considered full time. I plan to improve student representation in academic policy-making by demanding accountability from legislators.

Together we hold the power to make the most of our UCSB experience and inspire positive change in our community. I along with Student Voice! am not afraid to represent your needs; Help us "Amplify your Student Voice!"

Roscoe "Darshan" Grover - Student Voice!

G'day Gauchos!

My name is Darshan Grover, and I'm a third year Political Science Major. In three years I have found out what makes this campus work and how it can better serve you!

This is who I am:

This is what I want to do for YOU:

I want to represent YOU, work with YOU, fight for YOU, make changes for YOU, and have a drink with YOU when it's all over!

Invest in your future, take a shot with Darshan!

VOTE for Darshan for off-campus rep!


Matthew "Matt" Cullinen - Student Voice!

Hello Fellow UCSB students! I am Matthew Cullinen and running for Off-Campus Representative with Student VOICE! I am a 3rd year transfer student majoring in Political Science.

I am here to make the voices of students heard in Isla Vista and at UCSB. I will work on issues that concern UCSB students in Isla Vista such as tenant's rights, student involvement in the Isla Vista Master Plan, accountability of the Isla Vista Foot Patrol and make IV safe for ALL residents. I hope to make the best of our community and address issues to allow for a safe and fun environment.

Vote Matthew Cullinen for Off-Campus Rep! Vote Student VOICE!

Armando Carmona - Student Voice!

Hello everyone my name is Armando Carmona I am a first year Political Science major, and am looking forward to being elected as your Off-Campus Representative. I've been involved with sports, as well as volunteer work for the community. I have been placed in leadership positions which have helped me create a strong foundation for what I aim to build here at UCSB. I will work on issues concerning all UCSB students especially ones in I.V. and other communities off campus.

I want to protect the rights of tenants in I.V. which include the rising cost of rent, safety, and issues with your landlord. I want to not only empower students by giving information about what is going on, but also by facing the people in charge and letting them know what we stand for as students.

Outreach and Retention are also very important to me; I was brought up to the university because of outreach programs and firmly believe that strengthening these will enrich your UCSB experience by creating more diversity and allowing students to learn more about different cultures and points of view, while still focusing on our academics and towards graduation.

By creating unity among all UCSB students we can stand together and actually make a difference about the issues that affect us. It is important to have strong representation, and to elect someone who is always open to all students. I am ready to be your Off-Campus Rep. Vote Armando Carmona. Vote Student Voice.

Christina Baggao - Student Voice!

Hey Gauchos! My name is CHRISTINA BAGGAO and I would like to represent YOU as your OFF-CAMPUS REP next year.

I am a Sophomore Political Science major who is already familiar with the legislative workings of Associated Students. I have several interests I hope to address in order to improve the quality and experience of UC Santa Barbara students this upcoming year...

As a member of A.S. Take Back the Night, Kapatirang Pilipino, and Delta Delta Delta I realize the worth of taking initiative to keep students empowered through funding, protecting, and strengthening our student resources and organizations.

In order to achieve continual redress of student concerns and interests I highly encourage YOU to support the STUDENT VOICE! Coalition and me, Christina Baggao your next Off-Campus Representative.

Kenisha "K-day" Day - Student Voice!

Hello Gauchos! My name is Kenisha Day and I am running for you're off-campus representative with Student Voice! I am a second year English and Sociology double major and I am fully dedicated to making our campus and local community an even more amazing place! I am a Resident Assistant in FT and also a member of the Black Student Union (BSU), Born Again Ministries (BAM), and Akanke, a women's support group.

I am someone you can count on to represent all of you no matter what you identify as. I will be your voice and will make sure that your thoughts and ideas are respected and taken into consideration regardless of your background. My vision for the upcoming year rests in these 4 key components:

  1. Fighting to make our community better, while rejoicing in the truly amazing aspects of Isla Vista.
  2. Representing all students regardless of race, gender, ethnic group, or religion.
  3. Fighting for tenants' rights, making sure that we all know our rights, and holding landlords accountable.
  4. Combating all policies implemented without student input.

I am here to fight for student rights. I am here to represent YOU! A vote for K-Day is a vote for YOU! Feel free to contact me at kday01@umail.ucsb.edu. Student Voice! Is the absolute BEST choice!

Topher Kindell - Student Voice!

Hello fellow students of UCSB! I'm Topher Kindell and I would be honored to serve you as an Off-Campus Representative. As a third year UCSB student I am very well informed of the workings of AS. Should I be elected, I will advocate for the following:

  1. Increasing student involvement in campus and IV activities.
  2. Retaining the amazing quality of life and education UCSB has to offer.
  3. Establishing and improving access to specific resources/services, such as mental health services, research opportunities, and student organizing.
  4. Equally representing all students within the scope of AS.

A portion of your fees goes directly to Associated Students. For this reason, you must vote responsibly. Vote on behalf of YOUR STUDENT VOICE! Vote Topher Kindell for Off-Campus Representative!

Sinead Kennedy - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

What's up Gauchos. I understand that no one wants to read a whole paragraph, so let me just sum up a few things for you:

Vote wisely. Vote Kennedy.

Narain Kumar - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)


First the who: My name is Narain Kumar. I'm a third year political science and global studies double major. Freshman year I was on San Miguel Hall Council. Sophomore year I was an RHA Rep at Large, and on AS Program Board. This year I am an On-Campus Rep, as well as still in Program Board, as Deputy Commissioner.

Now the what: I want to be an Off-Campus Rep for next year. I care about issues that affect students, and I want to try make your time here at UCSB at least a little bit more comfortable and enjoyable. Issues that I plan on working with next year are making sure that the UCen is open as much as possible, getting students a vote in the Academic Senate so we can finally have a say in the rules, and trying to make sure that all new buildings on campus are as student friendly as possible (hello SRB with almost no bike parking?!)

Finally, the why, why should you vote for me? Because this year I have done my job, and next year, with the experience I have gained, I can do an even better job. I am always the person bringing up the rules, making objections when we aren't following procedure, and pointing out whenever something doesn't seem right. Sure, it gets annoying, I'm the first to admit it, but Associated Students needs someone who is going to hold it constantly accountable. Whether the issue is about funding for an event, the creation of a committee, or a new position paper, AS needs someone who isn't going to back down and is going to stand on their principles and make sure everyone else is too.

Vote For Narain!

Elizabeth "Liz" Usedom - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey Gauchos, you down? My name is Liz Usedom and I am running for the position of Off-Campus Representative for next year. As a voter, you care about why I am running and what I can do for you.

Isla Vista is run by students. We eat, sleep, and breath in Isla Vista about 24 hours a day, 7 days a week give or take. If there's a problem, we should fix it. This is our community. In addition, UCSB is our school, our next four/five years, the best years of our lives. Take pride in that, and whatever you can't take pride in, you change. As an off-campus representative that's where I come in. You tell me what you want and I do what it takes to get it done.

I represent you as a student at this university and as a member of the Isla Vista community. As your off-campus representative my goals are simple: they're your goals. Anything you say, as long as its legitimate, I'm down to make it happen. I am motivated, dedicated and the right person for the job. Student questions, student issues, YOUR concerns are the most important in this election, so vote for someone you can trust, someone that knows where your coming from, and someone that will get things done. Vote Liz Usedom because a vote for me is a vote for us.

To put it simply, vote OPP and vote Liz Usedom for off-campus rep. I know your down...

Welcome to the party!

No Image
Joel Katz - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

To all my fellow Gauchos,

My name is JOEL MICHAEL KATZ and I am running for Off-Campus Student Representative with the OPEN PEOPLE'S PARTY. As it seems blatantly obvious, it's election season and time for you to vote for next year's Associated Student Representatives.

Many of the Candidate statements you are going to read will be flooded with false hopes, big words, and lame slogans that make no sense. Doing this is not my style so I‘ll just get right to the point and waste none of your time.

A few more notes about me that may help out:

Without every Gaucho's voice, our campus can never reach its full potential. With your vote, I can help to cater to your needs and make UCSB all that it can be (calm down Uncle Sam).

VOTE for me and OPP for we will show you the real UCSB.

Stephanie Golden - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey UCSB! My name is Stephanie GOLDEN!
I would LOVE to be your Off-Campus Representative for next year.

I have leadership experience working on many projects on-campus and off-campus. The places you might've seen include:

I want to be your Off-Campus Representative because I BELIEVE IN OUR COMMUNITY. We are a diverse, inclusive, and energetic college community. We are full of many ideas. As your Representative, I would make it my responsibility to turn your IDEAS into ACTION.


VOTE Stephanie "GOLDEN" for Off-Campus Representative. Welcome to the Party.

Carla Perez - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey Gauchos, I am Carla Perez and I am running to be your Off Campus Representative.

I have been working to make students feel supported by UCSB through the Educational Oppurtunity Program and as the Capps Leadership Intern and would like to continue by working with Associated Students. I am running with the Open People's Party and we have great ideas on how to help you make your time at UCSB one of the most memorable times of your life.

My goal is to make sure that as many students as possible are supported by UCSB community academically, socially, and every other way possible. One example of this support is by working to increase the safety of your property in Isla Vista.

Have you ever had your bike or computer stolen?
Have you ever had to pay at least $300 to get you side view mirror back?
Ever wondered if your TV, microwave, or printer will be there when you get back from break?

Losing these items affects our ability to study, work, and feel safe in our community. This is just one example of factors that determine whether or not we are happy citizens.

As your Off Campus Representative, I would work to make sure that issues that affect our ability study, work, and feel safe in our community are addressed and acted upon.

I want to know what matters to you. Facebook me!

Steven Wolfson - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

What's up Gauchos?! My name is Steven Wolfson and I want to represent YOU as your Off-Campus Representative next year. Isla Vista is going through some big changes and I want to make sure that students like us don't get the short end of the stick.

I've been listening to student concerns for two years as an RA in the residence halls, while working with the administration to protect your wallets on the Student Fee Advisory Committee.

This election is about BIG CHANGES and I want to make sure that you don't get left out of them. As your representative, you can count on me to:

We're talking about our money, our university, and our community, and I want to be a representative for ALL students to make sure that your voice comes through loud and clear. A vote for O.P.P. is a vote for YOU, because our door is always open.

You down with O.P.P.? Yeah, you know me. And if you don't, feel free to facebook me.

Matthew "Matt" Berson - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

My name is Matt Berson, and I'm a UCSB Intramural Sports junkie. If only AA was this easy...

Most UCSB athletes don't wake up to train every morning at 6 am. Most UCSB athletes don't have practice. In fact, most of them really aren't your typical "athletes" at all.

However, the students that participate in UCSB Sport Clubs, Intramurals, and recreational activities at UCSB make up the majority of athletic participation on the campus. Whether it be playing an Indoor Soccer game with your best friends, showing up on a Sunday for Inner-tube Water Polo with your co-workers, or dropping by the Rec Cen pool for a quick workout after class, nearly every UCSB student has taken advantage of the unique programs that Recreational Sports has to offer.

Because of the University's unwillingness to financially support the over 17,000 people per year that participate in UCSB Recreational Sports per year, students have had to endure a brutal rise in participation fees while their available field space continues to wither away due to the University's Long Range Development Plans.

It's time for someone to step up in Associated Students to represent those who truly put the "student" in student-athlete.

It's time for the true UCSB athletes to have a voice.

I'll be that guy.

Raymond Collins - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey Gauchos!!! My name is RAY COLLINS and I'm running with the Open People's Party for your Off Campus Rep.

Here are a few things that I plan on improving:

Here are some of my past experiences that show my dedication to UCSB and the community:

I can be found at class or work during the day, at the rec cen or parties during the night, and at the library during midterms and finals. I'm a fun-loving, hardworking student just like all of you are and I would love to represent you on AS.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about my ideas and beliefs, feel free to facebook me.

Molly-Kate Lenahan - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey UCSB! My name is Molly-Kate Lenahan and I am asking you to RE-ELECT me to the Associated Students Legislative Council as an Off-Campus Representative.

I'm a 3rd year Communications major, Sports Management Minor, running with the OPEN PEOPLES PARTY (O.P.P.). During my tenure here I have been involved in a wide array of campus organizations including, among others, the Gaucho Locos, AS Media Relations Committee, AS Community Affairs Board, and the Greek System as President of my Sorority.

I'm asking you to RE-ELECT me because I believe that the focus of A.S. should be on the students of this campus. People on the council should represent YOUR wants, YOUR needs, and YOUR priorities because it is YOUR money. If elected as Off-Campus Representative I will:

Most importantly I am here to represent you so feel free to contact me at mlenahan7@gmail.com. Let's make UCSB the very best it can be TOGETHER. Vote Blue! VOTE O.P.P! Vote Molly-Kate Lenahan for Off-Campus Rep!

On-Campus Representatives

Evan Lee

No Statement Submitted

Brittni Tanenbaum - Student Voice!


I am Brittni Tanenbaum and I am running for On-Campus Representative with Student VOICE! I am a second year Psychology and Philosophy double major, as well as an LGBTQ Studies minor. This year I have been a Vice Co-Chair for the Queer Student Union, the Outreach Coordinator for the A.S. Queer Commission, and the Co-Chair of the UCLGBTIA. In addition to my leadership roles, I have worked at the Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity as a Programming Coordinator. Through these positions, I have been able to interact with many different types of people, both at UCSB and beyond.

As your On-Campus Representative next year, I will:

  1. Ensure the voices of on-campus students are heard in Associated Students.
  2. Advocate for more accessible parking for students.
  3. Ensure all student experiences are respected, as well as valued, by our campus and community.
  4. Ensure student involvement in campus, local, state, and national decisions that directly impact UCSB students.
  5. Advocate for an increase in the amount of outreach programs that come out of UCSB.
  6. Work to prevent fee hikes on higher education.
  7. Ensure students are getting the most out of their college experience at UCSB.
I am committed to representing YOU as a student at this wonderful school. Contact me through Facebook; I would be happy to talk to you! Thank you for your vote!
Vote Green on GOLD!

Angelica Chavez - Student Voice!

Hello UCSB!

My name is Angelica Chavez and I am running with Student Voice! to be YOUR On-Campus Representative. As a first year student living in the residence halls, I have experienced first hand the issues that confront us and have the motivation and passion to work with you to solve them.

I have:

As On Campus Representative, I will continue to:

Make sure your voice is heard through Student Voice! and get involved. I will take on an active role in Legislative Council and ensure that your concerns are dealt with. We already know UCSB is the best school there is, so lets make it our own!

Vote Angelica Chavez for On Campus Rep! Vote Student Voice!

Michelle Petrossi - Student Voice!

Hi fellow students. My name is Michelle Petrossi and I am running for On-Campus Rep with Student Voice! I am a first year linguistics major. Even though it is only my first year at UCSB I have been getting pretty involved in the community. I am treasurer of Phi Alpha Delta the co-ed Pre-Law Fraternity on campus, involved in the Middle Eastern community, Habitat for Humanity, Model United Nations, Model Arab League and Residence Hall Review Board.

UCSB is a great school, and I am here to help to make it even better with the help of your voices. As a student myself I am a strong advocate for affordable education. As one of your On-Campus Reps I will work with students and student organizations, as well as with the administration, to increase the quality of life at UCSB—without having to break the bank! Creating safe spaces is extremely important, and I will actively work with Legislative Council and student organizations to take a stance in support of them.

Please feel free to contact me anytime at michellepetrossi@umail.ucsb.edu, and we can amplify your needs and your issues.



APRIL 21-24, 2008.

Bashir Hassan - Student Voice!

No Statement Submitted

Jose Magana - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hello Gauchos! I am JOSE MAGANA and I want to be your ON-CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVE! I am currently a Political Science major, President of FT South (not SC), and Vice President of Theta Nu Kappa Interest Fraternity, served on my local School Board, and I love playing sports and go out and have the usual fun in IV. As president of FT I have put on a Soda Pong Tournament, helped out with other numerous programs, performed my job as best as possible. If elected:


Alexandra "Ally" Olney - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey Gauchos! I'm ALEXANDRA OLNEY and I am running with O.P.P to be your next year's On-Campus Representative. I'm a second year Communication and Psychology double major with a minor in Italian.

I love UCSB and all the opportunities it has to offer students. In my time here, UCSB has given me the chance to continue my previous student leadership experience. I have been involved with my Floor Council while a resident in Francisco Torres. I also was a member of the Rec Sports Sales and Marketing Team and have the pleasure to be on this summer's Orientation Staff.

My experience in the Residence Halls and at the UCSB campus has been a once in a lifetime experience. The atmosphere, the relationships and the things I have learned while a UCSB student have changed my life forever.

I am running for ON CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVE because I want to be able to help make others time here at UCSB just as memorable as my own! Living this past year in Isla Vista has made me realize the importance of the Resident Halls and the experiences that are important to have as a student on campus. Once elected my main goal is to represent the student body to the fullest; to be able to find issues that are vital to students here at UCSB and deal with these issues in an efficient way.

So remember to vote Alexandra "Ally" Olney for On Campus Representative. Welcome to the Party!!!

Rebecca "Becca" Huebsch - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey there Gauchos!

My name is Becca Huebsch and I am a first year Chemical Engineering major who would be thrilled to serve you as an AS On-Campus Representative.

During this past summer, I lived in San Miguel and participated in hall council as the programming chair. Currently I am an RHA rep-at-large for Santa Catalina South (FT in our hearts!) and am enjoying serving the students in the residence halls. Although I serve FT, I live in Anacapa, which has allowed me to better understand a more extensive range of issues affecting on-campus students. I believe that my involvement with housing and familiarity with the campus would greatly help me serve you as an on-campus rep.

My top priority as your representative will be to bring about the change that you, the students, see necessary. A few goals I already have for the upcoming year are:

I have an open door policy and am interested in hearing your opinions and ideas. Thanks for your time- if you have any questions please feel free to email me at huebsch@umail.ucsb.edu or find me on facebook.

You down with OPP?!? Vote BECCA HUEBSCH for On-Campus Rep!

Stephanie Fitch - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey UC Santa Barbara! My name is Stephanie Fitch and I'm running with OPP for On-Campus Representative because I would love to serve you next year. I am a first year Biology major with a passion for student government and the determination to make this campus and your time here the BEST.

During the Freshman Summer Start Program (FSSP) I fell in love with UCSB and all the wonderful opportunities it has to offer even before my first year began. I am currently Hall Council President for San Miguel and an active member of RHA. These experiences have shown me the need to build a strong connection between RHA and AS as well as how important the Residence Halls are to this campus community.

I've seen first hand how important your opinions and suggestions are and I believe I can listen and work to give you what you want. I know I can provide you with the leadership and skills needed to improve our university and living community.

If elected, I will work my hardest to make sure everyone has the opportunity to express their interests, opinions, and concerns in A.S. My goal is to listen to you and improve your time here.

I have the enthusiasm, the drive, and the excitement to make next year your best one yet!

My name is Stephanie Fitch and WELCOME TO THE PARTY GAUCHOS.

Ashley Day - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)


I am Ashley Day and here is why YOU can be confident with ME as your On Campus Rep.

  1. I have held positions in the Residence Halls Association (RHA) for two years now as:
    • Las Encinas Quad Hall Council President and Vice President
    • UCSB National Communications Coordinator (aka. RHA External Vice President) representing YOU around the NATION!
  2. I interviewed candidates to give resident input in choosing the next Director of Dining.
  3. I gave student input into many of the current Resident Directors in the halls as well as the new Associate Director of Housing.
  4. I was a summer intern with RHA helping organize the Welcome Kits as well as the Ice-cream Social Welcome Back Dance at Week of Welcome.

So now that you know I CAN and WILL represent YOU, here is why you want me to represent you on the campus level.

  1. I want to come out, hear what YOU have to say, and then act on it.
  2. I want to work to get the issues of the first and second years acknowledged and to get more done that will affect YOUR concerns.
  3. I want to help residents get more involved so that residential issues will be in the limelight.
  4. I want to make sure that your money is responsibly spent on things that matter YOU as a resident.

So show your residential power and make sure to vote! Get educated, vote wise, and Vote Ashley Day.

University-owned Off-Campus Housing

Michael Lambright - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

What's up Gauchos?

My name is Michael Lambright, and I am a second year Philosophy major running for University Owned Housing Representative.

From my service in Legislative Council as a proxy, to my participation in Judicial Council proceedings, to my Nexus editorial, I have demonstrated a willingness to speak out when I believe that student rights, goals, or interests are being threatened.

In my nomination to A.S. Attorney General, I demonstrated extensive knowledge of how A.S. is supposed to function, from the broadest perspective to the smallest detail, and I will use this knowledge to promote student interest from my first day on the job.

I believe that we are ALL constituents of A.S., that we ALL pay into it, and that we ALL should reap the benefits of it. I believe that OUR money ought to be used to promote OUR interests first.

I believe that we benefit from a diversity of ideas in A.S., that no matter how controversial an opinion and no matter how small a voice, every student sentiment should have a safe home in A.S.

I believe that this is OUR student government, and between constantly increasing tuition, constantly decreasing financial aid, and progressively more difficult academic requirements, we need someone to stand up for US. Vote for me and OPP, and we'll do just that.

Donald Byers - Student Voice!

Hello, my name is Donald Byers, running for University Owned Housing representative with Student Voice!, and I'm a third year business economics major. I transferred here in Fall '07, and have been involved in the single student housing community. If you've lived in Santa Ynez, you've probably seen me putting up posters, passing out fliers, or knocking on your doors to tell you about events!

When elected, I will be in a better position to give back to the Santa Ynez/El Dorado/Westgate community. My experience has given me a strong understanding of the needs, wants, and diversity in the single student apartment complexes.

I will focus on:

Transfers. I'm a transfer, and the majority of my community is made of transfers. I found it difficult to adapt, socially, financially and scholastically. We hit the ground running, and I want to make transfer resources more accessible to those who need them.

Financial Aid. I am committed to fighting for a student vote on the Academic Senate to ensure that students are addressing unfair academic policies, such as the Minimum Cumulative Progress, which places even more financial and academic burdens on our backs.

People. I love everyone. I want everyone to be included and represented fairly. I will fight for every single voice to be heard. You should speak freely and openly, and you should be proud of who you are.

I really appreciate that you actually read this. Please vote for Donald Byers and Student Voice! You know you want to.

Daniel Plotkin - Independent

Are you as upset as Daniel Plotkin that the beautiful weather of spring is stained with the outlandish, bizarre, color-coated flyering of political parties? Are you tired of having your votes bought by sandwiches and hot dogs? I guess that part isn't so bad. But, I say take the hot dog and the sandwich, use their laptop, and don't vote for any of them.

Running with OPP last year and disenfranchised with the party system, Daniel Plotkin put forth legislation to ban political parties on this campus. Disappointed that only two legislative members, the brilliant Sinead Kennedy and Patrick Cahill, voted in favor of the bill, Plotkin will continue his tireless work to bring the party system to its knees.

Party Mission Statements

Open People's Party

The ideals of the Open People's Party exist in the honest and absolute representation of each and every student of UC Santa Barbara.

The Open People's Party believes that Associated Students was created to act as a bridge between the students and the University itself; establishing a persistent contact with the often confusing bureaucratic operations of the University of California. Our goal is to use this influential pathway to involve each and every student in the operation and guidance of UCSB.

The Open People's Party believes in diligent work at home, in our local community. In Isla Vista we have worked towards a careful check of any abuse of authority; reminding our law enforcement of their role to protect and serve, not to belittle and aggravate. Tenants' rights and honest property management are concerns for a majority of UCSB students. We share these concerns, as students at UCSB, and have been working here with our peers in Associated Students to address these concerns on a legislative level here in Santa Barbara County.

This is our community. This is our mutual goal. You are the Open People's Party. It is ridiculous that the UC System has balanced its quickly-accumulating and often unclear finances on the backs of the very students it was designed to serve. We have been working tirelessly with concerned groups and organizations, both within and outside of Associated Students at UCSB, on the student's behalf; demanding a reassessment of the financial situation and fighting to protect the voice of the student in these influential decision-making processes.

Open People's Party represents all students on and off campus. We pull student leaders from all aspects of our community to encourage the diversity of our opinion. We are a party that embraces the free exchange of different thoughts and ideas. And while we work to create and maintain a positive change, we do not do so at the expense of any other members of our community; we embrace the holistic student perspective.

O.P.P. wants you all to be involved. From bringing diversity and financial honesty back to our university, to managing that which is our local home; the Open People's Party works diligently and hopefully.

Welcome to The Party

Student Voice!

Increasing accountability, expanding accessibility, and empowering action by amplifying the Student Voice!

Student Voice! is a coalition seeking sustainable change within Associated Students and across campus, and is invested in ensuring the critical needs of all UCSB students are amplified and addressed. Student Voice! envisions an Associated Students that continually breaks down barriers by building new channels for student involvement and action.

Student Voice! recognizes the wide range of campus issues, and maintains a strong commitment to strengthening relationships with students, our local communities, and the administration to increase the quality of the UCSB experience. Student Voice! is tied to the ever-changing student needs, and is dedicated to retaining a relationship of mutual trust with the UCSB community.

Whether it is environmental sustainability, providing a safe space for underrepresented communities, or taking a stance against unfair academic policies, Student Voice! stands in solidarity with all students to create more progress for our campus.

Not only will Student Voice! actively advocate for all communities at UCSB, Student Voice! is deeply committed to developing future student leaders to carry out our current and long-term vision of diversity and strong collaborative organizing.

As a progressive coalition, Student Voice! finds its roots in student empowerment and collective work resulting in increased services and institutional change. Student Voice! is building community, promoting transparency, and providing access to resources and opportunities for all students!

The Power is ours: Amplify your Student Voice!

2008 A.S. Reaffirmations

(These are reaffirmations of existing constitutional lock-ins. Voting "YES" will not increase your A.S. fees.)

Educational Opportunity Program (E.O.P.):: Do you support continued funding of one dollar and twenty-five cents ($1.25) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter for E.O.P. (Educational Opportunity Program)?

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