2007 Spring General
Election Supplement

Presidential Candidates

Tuyen Nguyen - Students' Party

Hello Gauchos!

My name is Tuyen Nguyen and I would be honored to be your '07-'08 AS President! A Vote for me is a vote for more experience, more dedication, and more good times!

I have been actively involved in Associated Students, serving as Off-campus Legislative Council Representative in '05-'06 and have worked with Isla Vista Tenants' Union, Isla Vista Community Relations Committee, Student Lobby, Student Commission on Racial Equality, and other AS entities. I rallied for tenants' rights, informed students about IVFP, and fought to keep education affordable and accessible. For the past year, I have developed a network of Student Initiated Outreach Programs with various campus organizations while serving as the Internal Vice President of the Vietnamese Students Association to create more cultural diversity and awareness. Through working with these various organizations, I have gained great knowledge about Associated Students and UCSB and have forged relationships with administrators and campus organizations to effectively advocate in the interests of students.

My commitment and leadership within both AS and other campus organizations will provide a catalyst to create better relationships and communication with student government and students! I am committed to serving ALL students and believe in the power of students. Thus, I will continue work to keep Associated Students and Administrators accountable to the needs of ALL students! Vote for experience, dedication and more good times! Vote Tuyen Nguyen for President and vote Students' Party!

Darren Reid Frawley - Freedom Federation

One problem is that a majority of our student body seems detached from Associated Students; we A.S. need to represent the greater good of the entire student body. As president, I want to ensure that the decisions of A.S. more accurately reflect the ideas of the student body and that these decisions affect positive changes within our campus community. An IDEAL A.S. PRESIDENT needs to be a strong leader; throughout my life's journey, I have demonstrated solid leadership in an array of arenas including academics, athletics, the professional working environment. As a fellow Gaucho, I'm an active student leader, and have recently taken leadership roles within both AS Recycling Program and the Disabled Students Program here on campus while interning for the NCAA NATIONAL CHAMPIONS MENS SOCCER TEAM.

  1. expand our WIRELESS INTERNET coverage
  2. seek adequate textbook prices
  3. extend our SUSTAINABILITY programs
  4. fight tooth and nail for the rights of IV's tenants.

VOTE for FRAWLEY is a vote for the betterment of each and every Gaucho.

I Darren Frawley, can offer UCSB cheaper insurance than Geico, more progressive insurance than Progressive, wider coverage than All State. I can offer UCSB insurance in me, that I will go above and beyond the call of duty to represent the entire UCSB student body. That is why I'm not part of an elitist political party.

From 1 student seeking leadership to another...vote for me AS President <3 D

Stephanie Brower - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey UCSB! My name is Stephanie Brower and I am ready to be your next A.S. President.

Having served as President of the Residence Halls Association this year, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of the University structure and how it really functions. I will use the strong relationships I've already established with the UCSB administration to the benefit of all students. My goal, as an established leader of this school, is to take my organizational skills and experience and use them to influence the issues that affect the students at UCSB.

I believe that the purpose of A.S. is to enhance the quality of life for all UCSB students before they graduate. I believe strongly in the importance of open communication and the transparent functioning of A.S. so that students have the opportunity to get real representation. My sole intent is to combine my leadership skills with my knowledge of A.S. to bring this to fruition.

Our university needs a dedicated, fiscally responsible president who is willing to stand up and defend student welfare. I have a passion for UCSB and want to see all the students who attend our school well served. When you vote, please consider who you think will be the strongest, most successful leader for this campus and for all of the students.

My name is Stephanie Brower, and Welcome to The Party.

Internal Vice President

Ian Taylor - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)
Gauchos, a question for you:

Where do you think that your Associated Students Representation is headed?


Where do you want it to go?

Now find me or any other A.S. Representative and feel absolutely free to let us know, please remember, this is our job.

In my job as your Associated Students' First Representative Pro-Tempore ('vice' Vice-President) and Chair of your Constitution and By-Laws Committee I've objectively monitored and edited every piece of legislation that has come across that table and affected our lives as students, respecting that democracy.

I've also worked as your Student-Sponsored Bill Liaison, pushing that maze of paperwork aside and making the mechanism of A.S. available to each and every student who so desires.

My job is also to work with the council itself, having stepped in for our current I.V.P and successfully chaired the A.S. Meeting on several occasions; respecting each voice, valuing each voice.

I feel this respect is imperative for the role of Internal Vice-President.

People have called A.S. many things, but it is ultimately ours. This is my belief, and that's why I'm running for Internal Vice-President with the Open People's Party. I ask you, Gauchos, for the opportunity to protect your voice in the organization I'm working to bring to you.

Welcome to the party.

Mathew "Matt" Jackson - Students' Party

What's up, Matt Jackson's my name and I'm here to REPRESENT! I'm currently running for Internal Vice President of Associated Students with STUDENTS' PARTY and am doing so with much pride. The past two years here at UCSB have provided me with a vast amount of experience and knowledge about the campus, its organizations, and its people. During my tenure, I've been very involved with organizations like the Residence Halls Association, Program Board, and KCSB. Also, for the past year I've been working as an Off-Campus representative to the Legislative Council where I've been actively writing legislation and helping in many issues including communications between organizations, visibility of Legislative Council members through the creation of the first ever A.S. public affairs show on KCSB (91.9FM) and additions to council member's duties, and various rights issues.

As Internal Vice President, I would like to enhance communications between campus groups and organizations, staff and the general student body, increase Legislative Council member's visibility, promote fiscal responsibility, and endorse diversity on campus, all the while making myself available to the voices and concerns of all the students here at UCSB. I plan on being innovative with my position and trying to go above and beyond what's required of me to provide only the best for students.

External Vice President, Local Affairs

Lindsey Quock - Students' Party
Hello UCSB!

I'm a 2nd year global studies major passionate about our local community. In addition to long walks on the (Isla Vista) beach, my interests include:

As your current A.S. Local Affairs Organizing Director, I already have experience in the External VP of Local Affairs Office and decent exposure to these issues. I'm chair of the I.V. Community Relations Committee and an active member of the I.V. Tenants' Union. I co-founded the Student Labor Action Project on campus last year and ran a successful campaign that pressured the UC to adopt unprecedented anti-sweatshop policy for its apparel production. In following through with those efforts, I now sit on the UC system-wide committee that oversees the implementation of this new policy.

Next year, I hope to pursue -among other things- the passing of a Just Cause Eviction Ordinance, a Know Your Rights campaign, events that bridge long-term residents with students, and efforts to minimize harmful environmental impact. I am wholly dedicated to this work.

Please vote for me, and VOTE STUDENTS' PARTY!

External Vice President, Statewide Affairs

Christine Byon - Students' Party

How's it going UCSB! My name is Christine Byon and I'm running for External Vice President of Statewide Affairs (EVPSA) with Students' Party.

For the past year, I have been extensively involved in the current EVPSA office as the Statewide Affairs Organizing Director. Through this, I have gained comprehensive knowledge about issues that impact students across all UC campuses. I have been lobbying elected officials, collecting compelling testimonials from students, rallying, and holding press events against fee hikes, for more financial aid, and to have our voices heard at state and national levels. Even with this effort, influential policy-makers are still prematurely burdening students by unjustly raising tuition fees while enacting detrimental funding cuts to Financial Aid. The fight is not over: students must still be informed and mobilized for the right to an affordable and accessible education, ensuring that legislators and the UC Regents meet our demands.

In addition to working on higher education issues, I have also been involved with Hurricane Katrina Efforts by doing relief work in New Orleans for the past two Christmas breaks. I also feel strongly about instilling diversity on all levels. I have also worked to lower textbook prices and improve UCSB's sustainability efforts. As a concerned and active human being, I realize that there are extremely pressing issues that happen beyond the confines of the UCSB campus that directly impact students here.

If elected, I will continue to fight for justice and the rights of students! Vote for more experience, more dedication, and more good times! Vote Christine Byon for External Vice President of Statewide Affairs and vote Students' Party!

Student Advocate General

Mark Regus

While I am running unopposed, I would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know how much I look forward to serving UCSB students for another year. The Student Advocate General has two equally important duties. The first is to oversee and guide the operations of the Office of the Student Advocate (OSA). The OSA is a student organization that provides free and confidential assistance to students involved in any dispute with the university. The second duty is to act as an advocate for students' rights and a watchdog for any violations of these rights. If anyone feels they have been wrongly treated, their rights violated, or have found themselves in the unfortunate position of facing university sanctions for any type of misconduct, please feel free to contact me at mregus@gmail.com or call me at 805-893-2566. Thank you Neil and Chris for making this position a reality. I love you mom, dad, and SarBear.


Deirdre J. Mathis - Students' Party

Hey UCSB community!!! My name is Deirdre Mathis. First I want to say Thank You for taking the time out of your schedule to vote and realizing that your voice on this campus is a very important and powerful one that can change our campus for the better. I come to you as your Off-Campus representative this year hoping for the honor of being your Representative at Large for the up-coming school year. I am currently very involved with organizations such as: the Isla Vista Tenants' Union (IVTU), the Student Commission On Racial Equality (SCORE), and the Black Student Union (BSU). It is not only my experience that makes me a prime candidate for this position, but also my passion for UCSB and my vision, which centers around 4 key components:

  1. I want all students to be fairly represented at UCSB, regardless of race, gender, ethnic group, or religion. I want UCSB to be a safe place for all to express their own ideas.
  2. I will continue to fight for tenants' rights, making sure that we all know our rights and will be fairly represented if any situation may arise with landlords.
  3. I will continue the battle of lowering student fees for higher education.
  4. I want to act as an advocate, making sure that the vision that students have for our future will be incorporated with the decisions of Associated Students.

I love UCSB in all aspects, and I feel that ALL of these things can be accomplished with YOU. Remember, I am here to serve YOU; a vote for ME is a vote for YOU. Contact me anytime at djmathis@umail.ucsb.edu. VOTE STUDENTS' PARTY!

Alexandra "Lex" Hamilton- Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

G'day Gauchos! Thank you for taking the time to vote. I am Lex Hamilton, a third year Political Science major with a History minor, and I am running with the Open People's Party. To make this sweet and simple, I want to represent you, the students, as your Representative at Large. I know that as students you are under constant pressure from academics, jobs, and a variety of other obligations. I hope to assist you by connecting you to the many opportunities and aspects of our great university that can smooth and enhance your limited time at UCSB.

As a member of Associated Students Student Lobby and the Chair of the Associated Students Academic Affairs Board, I currently work to better students' lives through activities such as lobbying California State Representatives to halt tuition increase and passing out free finals kits. Involvement in these committees has demonstrated to me the power that students have and the need to address problems within our student government. Associated Students must unify our campus while celebrating the diversity that is so necessary for a dynamic university, and I believe that AS can successfully fulfill this goal.

In order to continue to serve you and improve our wonderful UCSB campus, I ask you to vote for me so that I can represent each and every one of you. A vote for Open People's Party is a vote for a more student oriented AS.

Welcome to the Party.

Hassan Naveed - Students' Party

I am Hassan Naveed and I am running for Representative at Large for Students' Party. Since arriving at UCSB as a freshman in 2004 I have taken it upon myself to play an active role on campus and our community in Isla Vista as well as the county of Santa Barbara. My involvement as a reporter and later Associate News Director at the KCSB News department has provided me with the extensive familiarity on a variety of campus and community issues facing students. I have covered a variety of issues such as housing problems in Isla Vista, IV noise ordinance, environmental issues facing our beaches, fiscal accountability, fee hikes and cuts in state and federal financial aid. My past experience as a Residential Life employee and an RA for FSSP provided me with one on one relationships with students from diverse backgrounds to understand the different issues students face on campus and in our community.

My passionate involvement at UCSB gives me the experience and ability to run for Legislative Council. Here are some of my goals as your future Representative, I will:

  1. Ensure fiscal accountability and transparency of Associated Students.
  2. Fight to protect the rights of Isla Vista tenants and students.
  3. Fight to prevent fee hikes on higher education.
  4. Ensure students of all backgrounds can express their freedom of speech and expression on campus and in our community.
  5. Ensure student involvement in city, county and state issues that directly effect UCSB students.
Thank you for your time. I urge you to support Student's party and myself in this important election.

Alexander "Alex" Van Wagner - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

What's up Gauchos?!?! I'm ALEX VAN WAGNER and I am asking you to RE-ELECT me to the Legislative Council as a Representative-At-Large.

I'm a third year History of Public Policy and Political Science, Public Service emphasis double major and have seen some of the incredible opportunities that UCSB has to offer. During my tenure here I have been involved in a wide array of campus organizations including, among others, the AS Academic Affairs Board, working to improve the quality of our education, and the AS Recycling Committee, seeking to make our campus more environmentally friendly.

I'm asking you to RE-ELECT me because I have a proven record of fighting for students. As your Off-Campus Representative to the Legislative Council this year, I voted AGAINST the measure that would have eliminated AS funding for the Daily Nexus because I recognize the importance of providing an outlet for student voices.

Like our free night and weekend parking? I do to, which is why I continue to fight for student services that make your life here a little easier. Tired of increasing student fees? I have loans out just like many of you, so I've lobbied legislators in Sacramento to stop increasing the cost of our education.

If you RE-ELECT me, I will continue to keep my promise of fighting for every single UCSB student. If you want someone with the experience and dedication necessary for getting the job done, then vote for me, ALEX VAN WAGNER for Rep-At-Large.

Gloria "Glo" Schindler - Students' Party

HEY GAUCHOS! My name is Gloria Schindler and I am running for the position of Representative at Large with Students' Party. I am a second year Law and Society and Women's Studies double major and I'm originally from the Bay Area.

First, let me congratulate you on realizing the power that students have on the UCSB campus and taking the time out of your busy day to inform yourself of the possible candidates. If elected, these people will be making decisions about where YOUR money goes and hopefully providing you with the resources and programs that you desire. This is an extremely important decision!

I strongly believe in the idea that every person should have access to higher education. Fee increases have happened almost every year and with each increase, more students are unable to afford college. I find this unacceptable and will do everything in my power to freeze fee increases.

I believe in having a diverse student body as well as a diverse student government to represent that student body. Also, the ability to feel safe on campus as well as in Isla Vista no matter your race, class, gender, sexuality, or ability is something I will work hard to accomplish.

I am currently an intern at the Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, am involved in QSU, SCORE, and other organizations and helped our Women's Rugby team place 8th in the Nation last year.

Facebook me with any questions or clarifications and don't forget to vote for Gloria Schindler on Election Day along with the rest of the Students' Party!

Jose Raygoza - Students' Party

Hey UCSB students! My name is Jose Raygoza and I am a 3rd year Soc and Spanish double major with a couple of minors. I'm asking for your vote to be given to all the Students' Party candidates. I would be wholly grateful if I were elected as your Representative-at-Large for our next school year. I'm running with Students' Party because we share many similar progressive standpoints on what UCSB students are up against these days.

I believe that student government should provide a fun and enjoyable learning experience for all students, and also go beyond this campus to local, statewide, and national stages to tackle issues that affect us here. As a current member on Finance Board, I know we're working rigorously to distribute the wealth among a great deal of student groups and services so that our campus flourishes for all of us. I'm also committed to expanding educational programming and events that specifically focuses on race, class, gender, sexuality, and abilities. I believe that welcoming people with all sorts of different backgrounds and lifestyles will make UCSB/IV safe and enjoyable for everyone. I also know that in order for students to have an enjoyable time here, higher education needs to be accessible and affordable. I have lobbied to maintain and boost the funds for higher education that come from the federal government, and will continue to be involved and follow through with necessary steps to keep higher education within reach.

Your voice will be heard through Students' Party!

John Gil - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey U.C.S.B! How's it going? My name is John Gil and I am running to be one of your next Representatives at Large. Now you may ask yourself, why vote for John Gil, (aside from that fact that John Gil is fo' real) well let me tell you.

As a second year student at this awesome campus I have had the ability to identify many issues that in some way shape or form impacts a majority of us students. A major concern of mine, and O.P.P., is fiscal accountability, I mean where do all the thousands of dollars that we pay to this campus each quarter end up? Good question, right? If elected as one of your next Reps at Large, I make sure that ALL of the money we in fees and tuitions come back to directly benefit us, the students.

Also, I feel that as time passes this university is leaving the hands of the students and landing in the hands of school officials who do not have a clear idea of a college students needs. So, my fellow scholars, it is time that we start taking initiative and addressing issues that affect our daily lives both as students and adults. It is time that we return the power to the student and not the officials.

My fellow Gauchos, I assure you that if you elect me, John Gil, as your next Rep at Large I will do my best in making sure that we the students become and remain this campus's number one priority.

Jaclyn Feldstein - Students' Party

Greetings and salutations UCSB! My name is Jaclyn Feldstein and I'm running for Representative-at-Large with Students' Party. If you vote for me, then you will be voting for someone with experience who has, and will continue to fight for student issues. This past year I have been an On-Campus Rep for Legislative Council. As such, I've worked to put the interests of on-campus residents' in the forefront by trying to increase lighting on campus as well as instill voter registration in the halls. As your Rep-at-Large, I will continue these efforts, as all students will benefit from them.

Not only have I fulfilled my duties as a Leggie, but I have gone above and beyond. As the Chair of Student Lobby, I've worked tirelessly to lower student fees and fund academic preparation programs. Earlier this year, I organized a testimonial drive from students affected by Early Academic Outreach programs and then sent them to our Assemblyman Pedro Nava and Congresswoman Lois Capps.

Furthermore, this past year I've served as the Legislative Liaison to UCSA, a coalition that works with UC students. One issue was voter registration and education on the issues. We registered over 6000 students! As well, I along with Amanda Burlingame and Christine Byon organized the Student Lobby Conference in Sacramento. Here, 35 UCSB students lobbied five legislators to increase the Cal Grant award (we won!) and higher fund academic preparation programs.

As your Representative-at-Large, making college affordable and accessible for all students will be my top concern.

Corey Joseph Christian Huber - Students' Party

GAUCHOS! My name is COREY HUBER and I am running with the STUDENTS' PARTY to become a REPRESENTATIVE AT LARGE for legislative council next year. I am a first year Business Economics with an emphasis in Accounting and Global Studies double major. Serving on several boards and committees this year within Associated Students has given me the experience and internal knowledge needed for this position. My experience includes representing all UCSB students locally and nationally having lobbied both in Sacramento and Washington D.C. for students' rights and lower fees. I have proudly served as a representative at large for both Finance Board and Investments Advisory Committee this year, making a commitment to student funds being spent in the most correct and professional manner. As the Media Coordinator Intern with the Associated Students External Vice President of Statewide and National Affairs office, I know exactly what it takes to make a difference on campus and how to effectively promote progress and change on a wide scale.

I have had tremendous leadership experience with many other organizations, including RHA as a representative at large, and Colleges Against Cancer as the Corporate Relations/Sponsorship Chair. My work with RHA has really networked me into the many layers that student government at UCSB has to offer. I feel that there should be a stronger coalition of all organizations on campus and that my relationship with several organizations will allow me to secure a more united UCSB student body. VOTE STUDENTS' PARTY AND GO GREEN!

John Paul "J.P." Primeau - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hi, my name is J.P. Primeau and I want to continue serving UCSB's diverse student population by running for a second term as an Associated Students Rep-at-Large. Currently I am a second year double major in Business Economics and Pharmacology and I live and breath A.S..

In the past year I met with members of the state assembly and lobbied in Sacramento to lower student fees. I served on finance board, academic affairs board, the A.S. investment advisory committee and the A.S. honoraria committee. On AS Legislative Council I have worked tirelessly to promote transparency and fiscal accountability- I was one of the few board members to strongly oppose the measure to remove the Nexus's student funds. I believe the focus of A.S. should be on the students of this campus and their fees, not far away political issues. My goals as a Rep-At-Large next year are as follows:

  1. Continue the fight in Sacramento to LOWER student fees, INCREASE financial aid and INCREASE academic prep.
  2. Work with the parking rate payers board to LOWER parking fees/ fines
  3. Pass legislation to lower campus energy use, water use and pollution creating a more ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND campus.
  4. Work with the office of the chancellor to see that some donor money goes to CAMPUS WIDE WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS
  5. Ensure that student funds in A.S. are spent RESPONSIBLY and go to benefit the most possible students

I pride myself as being approachable and hard working. If elected to the Office of Rep-at-Large I promise to do all that I can to make UCSB a more student oriented campus. I love UCSB, and am excited for the possibilities next year holds.

Bay Grabowski - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hello! I am Bay Grabowski, running for rep-at-large with OPP.

I am not here to tell you of my long history of leadership.

I am not here to dazzle you with obscure committees I'm on.

I am not here to give vague promises I cannot help but keep.

I am here to help you, a student of UCSB. Associated Students is a organization designed from the ground up to help and encourage students at UCSB, but many have lost sight of that goal. When I am elected I plan to aggressively bring the focus and resources of Associated Students back to the students. Many in the student body deride AS, saying they do little more than hear themselves argue and pad their resumes, but I will prove them wrong. There is more to AS than the rumors tell, and more that it still can do.

As I stated above, I will not give you a vague promise; I will give you a concrete promise. I promise to you, the students of UCSB, to bring the full resources of Associated Students to bear on the problems that a student faces. I will help fix the lack of appropriate technology at UCSB. I will make sure every cent of the student's money is spend fairly and with as much scrutiny as is necessary. I will ensure that every student feels safe at our campus, any time, anywhere. I will help you.

Vote, not for me, not for my party, vote for who you think will represent you the best.

Meri Telalyan - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

HELLO GAUCHOS!!! I am MERI TELALYAN a senior Global Studies major. I am running for the position of REP-AT-LARGRE with OPEN PEOPLE'S PARTY (OPP). I am currently on legislative council advocating the vocies of on-campus students. I also take part in RHA and Media Relations committee as well as numerous on campus students organizations. I have choosen to run Rep-at-large in order to have the chance to REPRESENT and help ENHANCE the EXPERIENCE of STUDENTS living both on and off campus. Being apart of the amazing UCSB community I have learned a great deal. I have developed a THOROUGH UNDERSTANDING of the university system and its functions. My past experiences at Santa Barbara have aided me to become aware of the UCSB community. I am positive I will able to exericse my ESTABLISHED RELATIONSHIPS to the BENEFIT of the entire UCSB community. Also, I understand the importance of community involvement at the universtiy or in our beloved Isla Vista. Most importantly, I am well aware of STUDENT ISSUES. These issues can be in regards to academics, living conditions, even social situations, just to name a few. Therefore, I will like to ENTRUST you, FELLOW GAUCHOS with the reliability of CASTING your VOTES and making your VOICES HEARD LOUD and CLEAR! VOTE OPEN PEOPLE'S PARTY and rest assure that ASSOCIATED STUDENTS will keep its DOOR OPEN to you ALWAYS!

Off-Campus Representatives

Molly-Kate Lenahan - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey UCSB! I'm Molly-Kate Lenahan and I'm running for the position of Off-Campus Representative. As a 2nd year Communications major & Sports Management minor, my involvement in UCSB has mostly consisted of intramurals, NORML, Gaucho Locos (support of Club and UCSB sports), and the Greek system as the External Vice President of my Sorority. I could sit here and list off a million other things I've done on and off campus, but this is what you as a voter needs to know about me:

  1. I'm doing this because my heart is in it (not to build my college resume)
  2. I'm a normal UCSB student just LIKE YOU-I love the beach, going out & partying, & I absolutely love our Isla Vista lifestyle.
  3. My main goal is for UCSB students to benefit from Associated Students (AS) funding NOW by giving a majority of the money to clubs, associations and events that students can enjoy here on campus (instead of spending money at the national level)

What you need to realize is how powerful student's opinions are and how big of an impact AS has at UCSB. Those elected are going to make BIG changes & it's important to make sure that they really care about, listen, understand & represent the thoughts of the students. Ultimately, I want to make sure that UCSB remains ridiculously fun yet socially aware. If you'd like to contact me, facebook me or email me at mollyleno7@umail.ucsb.edu. WELCOME TO THE PARTY UCSB!!

Paula Reever - Students' Party

Hey UCSB! My name is Paula Reever and I want to be your Off-Campus Representative next year. I am here to address your concerns with life on and off campus and to have A.S. support you in everything you do!

I have experience on Hall Council, planning and executing activities for students. In addition, I am involved in my sorority, which has allowed me to see how valuable community service is with community relations in Isla Vista. With the efforts of all student groups on campus we can create a coalition of student organizations that will help unite the campus and improve life for everyone!

I want UCSB to retain the fun and social atmosphere it has but also expand the best things that this amazing school has to offer so that more students know about them and can access them. The Students' Party is here to represent the student population and to get your ideas heard!

I want to serve you as an Off-Campus Representative to improve the quality of life for everyone and to create a more inviting community for students! VOTE STUDENTS PARTY!

Rachel Lorencz

I love UCSB. I am pretty sure it is one of the happiest places on earth. There is something about this place that is special, whether it is riding your cruiser to campus, walking to campus point, or just talking with friends on campus. This place exudes smiles and happy faces in a way I have never seen anywhere else. And that is what makes this place so special to me. I never want UCSB to lose its unique feel that drew me here in the first place. I want to keep this place happy, which means keep the students happy. I want to represent you because I know what it is like to be frustrated about paying for rent, tuition, and books—and not having the money for it. Fee increases exasperate me and I truly want to do everything I can to try and get them lowered, not just for UCSB but for all the UC students. I care about this community, this school, and most of all, you guys. But I also know that what happens around the world affects us here, and as college students, we can change things. It only takes a few people to make some big changes. Will you give me the chance to be one of those few?

Matthew Selle - Squirrel Party

The one thing I have come to appreciate over my time at UCSB is the friendships I've made and the interactions I've had with my fellow students and our community. This is the one thing we will take with us wherever we go in life. College is a time to discover who we really are and what we really enjoy in life. We can achieve this by not only getting involved with the activities on campus, but also branching out to what the community has to offer. As a third year, I hope to provide opportunities for all students to become involved with communities and organizations in the area, but I will also work to bring our surroundings to us. I'm running for Off-Campus Representative with the Squirrel Party; a party that aims to represent every student's need. It's time to give our council that extra umph it needs to be great. Let's have an awesome year and vote Selle.

Sinead Kennedy - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

What's up Gauchos. I understand that no one wants to read a whole paragraph, so let me just sum up a few things for you:

Teresa Vargas - Students' Party

Hello to all! Saludos! So my name is Teresa Vargas and I am eager to be next year's Off- Campus Representative for the happy community of Isla Vista. As a humble and open minded person that I am, I want to be at the disposal of the community for any concerns it may have. And as a happy resident of Isla Vista I will gladly listen to you all and take your words into action!

Are you tired of being harassed? Tired paying high tuition fees? Tired of paying and insane amount of rent? Tired of divisions among organizations? Anybody want to see change? Well if you are tired and want to see change you should definitely vote for me, because

Keep in mind that as a UCSB student and resident of I.V your concerns are my concerns, so let's work together for the prosperity of our community and our education. Vote for Teresa Vargas, Students Party Off-Campus Rep.

Remember "Your Choice...Your Voice"... "Tu voz es tu voto"

Jennifer "Jennie" Beeson - Students' Party

Hey UCSB! My name is Jennifer "Jennie" Beeson and I would be honored to be your Off-Campus Representative next year. I am a third year Political Science and Women's Studies double major, committed to making our campus truly "a place for everyone". I would love to have the opportunity to represent our student body through Associated Students and be part of making our student government more accessible and diverse to the entire student body.

I feel very passionate about working to make UCSB a more diverse campus. As your Off-Campus Representative, I want to work on lowering student fees to make our campus more accessible and affordable. I also want to work on reaching out to more diverse communities through Student Initiated Outreach, while also working on the issues that are affecting the multiple communities of different races, classes, genders, sexualities, and abilities on our campus.

For the last year I have served as the Anti-Racism Community Intern at the Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity and a Co-Chair to the Associated Students' Queer Commission. I have also worked with the Multi Cultural Center and The Student Commission on Racial Equality focusing on issues of diversity. With all the work I've already been a part of, I am ready to commit to representing the student voice and put all my efforts into following through to make some positive improvements on this campus that I love and appreciate whole-heartedly. To make your student government work for you, vote for me and Students' Party!

Ana Contreras - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey UCSB! I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to vote in this years A.S. Elections. My name is Ana Contreras and I am running for off-campus representative with the Open People's Party. As a first year I was shocked to see many issues that were affecting you, the students. I feel that the following two issues are among the most important. They are:

I am currently involved in hall council as the Health Advocate Chair and the PPSA club. I feel that these two involvements have prepared me for my roll of representing you in the upcoming school year. If elected I promise to fight for the rights that you as the students of UCSB deserve. I will not sit back and relax; instead I will take action on issues that will benefit each and every one of you. With three more years at this wonderful and beautiful institution I want to make sure that things flow smoothly and progress in the positive direction. Therefore, a vote for me is a vote for a better tomorrow. OPP and I are here for you. "Welcome to the Party UCSB!"

Christopher "Chris" Meltzer- Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

What's up UCSB? My name is Chris Meltzer and I am hoping to be one of your off-campus representatives for next year's Legislative Council. Why should you vote for me?

As a first-year student at UCSB, I am taking full advantage of everything that it has to offer: the academics, the campus, and of course, Isla Vista. I know what it is like to come to this campus and feel the urge to have a lot of fun and connect with the community on a daily basis. During the summer I did the Freshman Summer Start Program (FSSP) where I got involved with my hall council and helped put on the "Isla Vista Block Party", which was a community outreach program that primarily benefited students at the Isla Vista Elementary. Taking the next step at the beginning of the academic year, I got involved with the Residence Halls Association, where I was appointed the position of Programming Vice President, where I get to DJ and organize events.

So you have heard all about me, but what about you? You want to hear what I will do for you, right? As an off-campus representative, I will make sure that your opinion counts, that your voice will be heard, and that you feel like you can come to OPP with anything because our door is always open. I will represent you to my fullest ability and make sure that you have the greatest time of your life during your stay at UCSB.


Nina Salvador - Students' Party

Hello, my name is Nina Salvador, and I'd like to be your off-campus representative.

Let me tell you why. I'm an Environmental Studies major, and I got my start in the AS Environmental Affairs Board (EAB). While I'm an environmentalist, I'm not a hopeless idealist, and I understand that in the real world, compromises have to be made, and all sorts of people have to work together to get things done.

I have a lot of experience in leadership roles. I'm currently the publicity chair for EAB, and the chair of the decision-making committee for The Green Initiative Fund. I've got a lot of practical experience with logistics and getting concerned people all together in a room and talking - which is harder to do than it sounds!

I'm also concerned with fiscal responsibility. I've been a working student throughout my three years at UCSB, and I know how it feels to scrape and save to pay for textbooks, or to eat instant ramen all week to save money for that special date. If you elect me, I will make sure we consider as many alternative sources of funding as possible before asking the student body for money, and will vote for funds to only be given to groups and causes that will use them well, and for the greatest benefit of the student body at large.

I live in the Student Housing Co-operative. (Go Newman Co-op!) If I'm elected, my door will be open to any student who wants to talk to me about anything in AS. If you want to talk to me today about what I will do for you if elected, contact me at nina_salvador@umail.ucsb.edu or at (925) 413-3327. I'd be glad to listen.

Vote Students' Party!

Jessica Hurd - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hello UCSB! I am Jessi Hurd and I would like to be one of your off-campus representatives. Many of you may have seen me, but have not yet gotten the chance to get to know me. I am currently involved with both AS and RHA. I do volunteer work and community service activities.

I chose to run for this position because I believe that I represent many student viewpoints. I am open to values which I may disagree with. I will gladly and willingly discuss my stance on any issue with anyone. I believe that both our campus and Isla Vista communities are a wonderful place to live and to learn, but I do recognize that there are problems within which must be addressed. I am completely opposed to using either Facebook or MySpace as a method of rooting out policy violations within residence halls. I am against parental notification of student violations. In IV, I think that housing conditions need to be improved and that our landlords need to be kept from perpetual rent-hikes. I believe that IV is generally a safe space and that that safety is created in part by IVFP, however the patrol must also be accountable for their actions, and at times I believe that their focus is on the wrong problems. I want better and easier parking for all students.

If you have any questions feel free to message me on Facebook or to send me an email.

Be sure to Rock the Vote!

Liz Buda - Students' Party

Hey UCSB! I'm Liz Buda and I'm running to be your Off Campus Rep for next year. I'm a second year film studies major and I am fully dedicated to making our campus and local community an even more amazing place. I'm all about IV. I'm a true Isla Vistan at heart and I plan to fight to make our community better (Tenants' Rights, Recycling, etc…), while at the same time celebrating the truly amazing aspects of Isla Vista through more community based events. Also, I'm here to fight for our student rights. The administration needs to know that the student body does not support fee hikes or decisions made without consulting the students themselves.

Through my involvement in groups that better UCSB and Isla Vista, I have shown how important the community is to me. I'm very involved in Chilla Vista, the group that puts on those interactive, sustainable (and awesome) festivals. I'm also the external coordinator for STAR (Students Teaching Alcohol and Other Drug Responsibility) and a voting member of IVCRC (Isla Vista Community Relations Committee).

Most Importantly, I'm here to represent you. Feel free to email me at Thelizbuda@gmail.com. Let's bring out the best in UCSB, so vote Students' Party and make change happen!

Patrick "Good Guy" Cahill - Students' Party
Where are all the "good guys" you may say,
Well my name is Pat Cahill and, if I may,
Re-Introduce myself as "the good guy" at UCSB,
I have some plans, and here's what they be:

If elected as Off-Campus Representative I will: So, in a nutshell I want UCSB be to a fair, safe, clean, and cheap place for students to enjoy their prime years. VOTE STUDENTS' PARTY!

Jhovany "Vote for me because I'm cool, and I'll try hard, and some of you know me" Corona

Gabriela Murillo - Students' Party

Hey UCSB! My name is Gabriela Murillo and I am running for off-campus rep. Why vote for me? Well, I'll go straight to the point and hopefully you will be able to see the great integrity and commitment I have to make sure that your opinions and thoughts are represented in the legislative council.

I am a first year pursuing a degree in political science and communications. This past year I have focused my involvement on our A.S. Student Lobby. I have also gained experience by working with the A.S. External Statewide Affairs staff to aim for a higher education access and affordability for students. Working and being in the environment of this past year's Associated Students has really inspired me to go deeper into student government, to me this means MAKING A DIFFERENCE in your lives right here at the university!

As a prepared individual and future resident in I.V. next year, I already have visions of personal commitment to improve off-campus life (tenants rights and relations with the IV patrol), enhancing the transportation pathways on and off campus (especially lighting for security), and decreasing student fees (tuition and other on-campus fees).

Next year, I going to continue my involvement in statewide affairs, but also be here for you. So please vote for me and in return I will be here to hear you out and make decisions at council that will favor and better your lives while going to school here at S.B. VOTE STUDENTS PARTY!

Lucia Diaz - Students' Party

Dear UCSB students,

My name is Lucia Diaz and I am running for one of the off-campus representative postions for the 2007-2008 school year. I'm sure you are wondering why you should vote for me and to help answer this question I would like to let you know why I wish to run for an Associated Student's position as well as what I consider to be criticial issues that the students face in UCSB. I feel that AS has a great deal of potential and strength to address many of the concerns of the students and improve several isues facing the student body. I feel I can bring up your concerns to the platform and will put up a fight to ensure that those concerns are heard. Some of the issues I feel strognly about are the following

  1. Increasing the student of color admissions and retention rate
  2. Wokring towards stopping the UC fee increases
  3. Working on putting up lighting on campus to ensure the safety of our students
  4. As well as working to make Isla Vista a fun and safe community

If you feel that any of the above are important issues that must be worked on, remember to vote for me, Lucia Diaz and Student's Party!

Catherine "Cici" Uy - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hello Gauchos! My name is Cici Uy and I would love to be your Off-Campus Rep. next year. I am a third year Biology major who lives in IV and loves UCSB for all it has to offer.

During my freshman year at UCSB, I was an active member of RHA serving on both Manzanita's Hall Council and the Residence Hall Review Board. I concentrated more on school my sophomore year, thinking I wanted to go to Medical School (but that idea ended quickly). Now I am in my third year and finally realized my passion lies in student government and leadership, which is why I am running for A.S.

Although I have not held a position on A.S. yet, I have already dedicated myself to the position from the minute I decided to run. I've been researching what Associated Students is all about and have even attended some of their Legislative Council meetings on my free time. I want someone on that council to represent your wants, your needs, and your priorities because it is YOUR money.

Those that know me would tell you in a heart beat that I am self-motivated, dedicated, and hard working. I promise you that whether or not I am elected, I will be involved with A.S. next year because I genuinely care about the success and future of UCSB and its students.

Let's make the changes UCSB needs together. Feel free to e-mail me at ciciuy@umail.ucsb.edu with your thoughts! Welcome to The Party!

Kathleen Miner - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey Gauchos! My name is Kathleen Miner and I am running for Off- Campus Representative with the Open People's Party. I am a transfer student majoring in Sociology with a minor is Sports Management. Although I haven't had the opportunity to work in student government yet, I bring an intense desire to represent each student's voice. As a fellow student, I am aware of the challenges we all face. From figuring out how to pay for college, finding a place to live and trying to add classes, college can be a confusing yet fun time. I want to take care of the issues that affect us all and help make U.C.S.B. the very best that it can be.

You might be wondering why you should vote for me as an Off- Campus representative. As a member of the A.S. Academic Affairs Board, I helped bring you all those awesome finals kits last quarter. I am also passionate about the need for diversity in the student population. A diverse opinion allows for better solutions. Also, the need for financial accountability is essential for our student government. I will work to make certain that the money that students entrust to the Associated Students will be spent on student issues and beliefs. I am for the students and will fight for issues that relate to you. Remember, our door is always open to any questions and concerns you might have.

Are YOU down with O.P.P? VOTE O.P.P. April 23rd -the 26th!

Iris Hanu - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hello fellow UCSB students! My name is Iris Hanu and I'm running for Off-campus Representative. You're probably wondering why you should vote for me so I'll list some reasons:

Husayn Hasan - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey UCSB how's it going!? My name is Husayn Hasan and I am running with the Open People's party for the position of Off Campus Representative. I'm a first year Business Economics major who is interested in fighting to make UCSB a better place and representing student voices in the large complex university system.

From playing on the Black Tide Ultimate Frisbee Team to having worked in RHA for the past year, I have observed the student body however it was only a brief look since I only dealt with students living in the Residence Halls and intercollegiate athletes. I want to not only represent them but also in addition represent more of the student body and becoming an Off Campus Representative would allow me to do just that.

When I represent you, the student, I believe that representatives should be accountable for their actions, fiscal responsibility, lowering tuition, acquiring campus wide wireless internet access, and focusing on the community and the students, which are the most important things. I believe that our money should be spent on what we, the students, want and not what the government or university wants.

All I need is a simple checkmark by you on your computer to fulfill all of our goals and wishes in making UCSB a better place.

Zachary Skigen - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey there UCSB! My name is Zach Skigen, and I am a junior Middle Eastern Studies major running to be your off campus representative with the Open People's Party. I've lived in IV since my first year at UCSB and I want to represent the students living in our community.

I have strong bipartisan support from many members of AS and the campus; last year I was the Chief of Staff to AS President Chaz Whatley, of Student's Party. I also served as the chairman of the AS Technology Committee. As a two time member of the UCSB Model Arab League team, I am extremely familiar with parliamentary procedure, which will help me serve you better on the AS Legislative Council. I've also been a member of the UCSB Campus Democrats since my first quarter at UCSB and am dedicated to progressive issues like reducing student fees, increasing financial aid and lowering textbook costs.

In addition to improving the fiscal situation on the Leg Council and the Campus, I am dedicated to improving the IV community by expanding community oversight and communications with the Foot Patrol, expanding the number of sidewalks and streetlights, and improving the parking situation on and off campus.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to have your support!

Welcome to the Party.

Sara Giardina - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hello! My name is Sara Giardina and I'm running as an off-campus representative with Open People's Party.

As a soon-to-be senior, I have had three amazing years here at UCSB to learn how the school runs and to become involved in both my university and community. I have participated in running several organizations, including hall council, Phi Alpha Delta pre-law fraternity, and some community service projects. My time spent here has been incredibly rewarding, and I feel that it is important to give back to this unique, diverse institution and my peers, who have made such an impact in my life.

If elected, I will focus all my energy to make sure that YOUR student funds are spent responsibly, work to keep Isla Vista a safe and fun place for ALL people that live here, and improve campus communication to make sure that EVERY voice is heard. My fellow members of OPP and I are unequivocally committed to hearing your voice and working on the issues that matter to you.

So vote for me, and vote OPP!

Ingrid Avison - Students' Party

As I hope all of you have come to notice, our campus and IV community (and hopefully the entire universe!!!!) have started to address and realize the importance of the sustainability of our environment. As an off-campus representative, I will be a part of UCSB's contribution to this awesome progression. Through my involvement in the Environmental Affairs Board (EAB), I will serve as a liaison between Associated Students and EAB in order to keep environmentalism roaring at an increasingly remarkable pace.

Did somebody say tuition fee increases? Yup, that's what I thought. Enough is enough.

Our country is at war and my involvement with the Peace Out movement has given me the passion to no longer simply point an apathetic finger at the government but rather get up and help facilitate the step toward peace. I will support and help advance this progression toward peace.

My involvement in hurricane relief work has exposed me to issues such as racial, queer, and gender segregation. Our world is not a perfect place, but every new moment is our chance to turn it all around. Give me the opportunity to help facilitate the changes that you all want-vote Ingrid Avison for off-campus representative. Oh, and don't forget about the rest of my amaaaazing slate...STUDENTS' PARTAAY! woot woot!

Daniel "Dan" Plotkin - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hello Gauchos, my name is Daniel Plotkin. I am a second year Middle Eastern Studies major here at UCSB. Please take a moment to glance at the extracurricular activities I have participated in giving me unique leadership skills and an education on diversity that my opponents cannot match:

Being a Middle East Studies major I have immersed myself in knowledge of one of the most conflicted regions of our world. It has given me an understanding and respect for the democratic system our country has successfully employed, that most take for granted. It gives me the drive and passion to serve as your off campus representative, emphasizing fiscal responsibility with a disdain for party politics that may have hindered AS's ability to operate this past year. It is my guarantee that I will work for the money AS has acquired to directly improve the life of the students on this campus today. I hope to one-day make a difference in the Middle East, I know I will make a difference here at UCSB.

Michael Ibbetson

Hey everyone I am Michael Ibbetson. This is my second year at UCSB; I am a Mechanical Engineering major.

When reading about the Legislative Council's actions I tend to become frustrated. That is why I am running for Associated Students; I want to be a voice for everyone who wants to be heard, and be a different voice on the council. If elected I plan to stand up against extra fees and wasteful spending, as well as stand up for skateboarding around campus and any other issues you as a voter want me to stand up for.

I want to be a voice for the average student, the student who is here to learn, have fun, and enjoy their college years. So I think you should vote for me and then after you do, tell me what you want and tell me the ideas you have for our school. I will pass them on to the council and do everything I can to get your ideas the most attention possible.

I want to be here for you so...ya, VOTE FOR ME. Thanks

Pratish Patel - Students' Party

Hey all you Gauchos. My name is Pratish Patel and I would be honored to represent you as you're Off Campus Representative. I am a first year Business-Economics major running with Students' Party. I am currently the Multicultural Awareness Chair for the Santa Rosa Residence Hall, and have been involved with leadership my entire life. I am someone who you can count on to represent all of you no matter who you are. I will be your voice and will make sure that your thoughts and ideas are respected and taken into consideration regardless of your background.

UCSB is an outstanding university with a great academic program, a wonderful location, and beautiful people (aka you). The only thing we need is someone to represent the community equally and really bring out what this campus has to offer. I have an immense passion for what I do and think that I would be a great person to represent everyone. Win or loose I plan on getting involved to ensure that you can make the best out of the time you spend here at UCSB. So just remember the only way to predict the future, is to create it. Vote Pratish Patel for Off Campus Representative and vote for Students' Party!

Matthew Weisner - Students' Party

Hey everyone, my name is Matt Weisner and I'm looking foreword to representing our Isla Vista community as an off-campus representative next year. As a 2nd year student pursuing degrees in political science and Spanish, I have been involved in improving social awareness and the well-being of the community in several ways over the past two years.

As a staff writer for the Daily Nexus, I brought you the latest on the Conquest evictions as well as many other local stories that have helped keep the student body informed.

As an officer of the UCSB Campus Democrats, I worked as a part of the 2006 non-partisan voter registration drive to get students registered to vote throughout Isla Vista and UCSB.

I also served on Hall Council, where I planned and executed several events, teaching me that programming success depends on the input of my peers and fellow students. A few issues I will tackle when elected:

  1. I believe in the right to an affordable education and will do everything possible to stop the most recent fee hikes, which worsen the burden on students and families.
  2. I will fight for a Just Cause Ordinance in Isla Vista to prevent arbitrary evictions by landlords who are willing to kick families or students out of their long time homes only to make another dime.
  3. The safety of our community is a priority, and I will work on projects like improving lighting on campus and installing public bathroom facilities on D.P.

On-Campus Representatives

Christopher Wendle - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

What's up UCSB! My name is Chris Wendle and I'm hoping to serve you as an A.S. On-Campus Representative next year. I am a first-year Computer Science major and involved in various organizations on campus like FT North Hall Council as the treasurer, A.S. BIKES, and the Gaucho Tour Association, giving tours of our awesome campus.

In just one year, I have learned so many valuable things about our university. By being on my hall council I have seen how living in the dorms can affect the rest of your college experience. I have learned the purpose of student government and what needs to be done. But most of all, I have learned the most just by listening to the students of UCSB. I believe having a connection between A.S. and RHA is crucial in order to make the most out of both organizations and better serve the students. I have developed a clear understanding of the On-Campus Representative position and feel that I have what it takes to climb the ladder of leadership.

If elected, my priority as a representative would be to listen to you, the students. I will always find ways to improve our university and community. I would actively work as a member of your A.S. Legislative Council, working on student issues and concerns in order to make UCSB the BEST place to be.

Radhika Khosharay - Students' Party

To all you UCSB students out there!

Hope you are having a good time and classes are not too stressful! I am Radhika and I am running with Students' Party to be your On-Campus Representative. There are many things I would like to change and getting elected by YOU would allow me to do so. For example:

I want to change the current Meal Plan Policies. Wouldn't it be nice if we could swipe for friends, go in as often as we wanted and left over meals would roll over? Student fees have been skyrocketing and this comes at the cost of many programs we all love and frequently use; this is why I am working on lowering fees. I am involved with UCSB Student Lobby and we went to Sacramento and Washington D.C. to lobby on your behalf for more financial aid and lower tuition but we CAN lower the price even more! By making it more affordable to get an education we will be able to maintain and increase the diversity of our campus. Textbooks are also becoming too expensive! There need to be ways to resell books and get more than a mere fraction of the price back! A better forum for buying and re-selling textbook is something that I would like to create. Last but not least I want to create new and improve already existent Bike Paths, and add more bike racks.

I want to represent YOU so if you have any questions, suggestions or just want to say hi, email me at radhika.kh@gmail.com or Facebook me! VOTE STUDENTS' PARTY!

Narain Kumar - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hello fellow Gauchos! My name is Narain Kumar, and I am a second year Political Science and Global Studies major. I want to be one of your On-Campus Reps for next year! I believe I have the experience, ability, and motivation to represent you in Associated Students.

Last year I served on the San Miguel Hall Council as a floor rep, where I attended weekly Hall Council meetings. This year, I went back to San Miguel to serve as its Rep-at-Large, advising the very same Hall Council and advocating San Miguel's issues at RHA. I will advocate making meal plans more flexible to students needs, and I will work to make sure that students' voices, especially freshmen, are heard in issues that affect where they live.

I have also served on Program Board since October, making sure that students were aware of the programs that they were paying for. I was in favor of the After-Hours programs in the Hub, and if elected, will do my best to make sure that there will continue to be inexpensive weekend concerts and entertainment provided by Program Board for students.

I want to be the voice for all of those who do not feel represented by AS. I will not censor anybody, no matter how much I may disagree with the content of their message. I will encourage the free exchange and expression of ideas between Leg Council members, the media, and the student body. Vote OPP! Vote Narain Kumar for On-Campus Rep!

Paulina Abustan - Students' Party

Hello UC Santa Barbara!!!

My name is Paulina Abustan and I am running with the wonderful Students' Party to serve as your On-Campus Representative. I love meeting new people and I am open to lots of new ideas! I believe that the students have an extraordinary power and I will make sure that the uniqueness of your beautiful voice is heard. I believe that the students can unite together as a body to create an outstanding change for the better. We will be remembered in history books! I want to make the best of our education by getting everyone involved in such a movement of hope, diversity and love.

I am passionate about the students. I believe that we can all do our part to make things happen. We are all on the same side; we all want to make the best of what we've got.

By becoming involved with Associated Students, I've discovered not only my strengths as a leader, but our school's extraordinary power. UCSB is amazing! We are strong leaders in political activism. Our university collected the most post cards in our campaign to lower tuition fees. Our bright young minds and passionate hearts are influencing our government to get bills passed in Congress! A.S. Student Lobby has allowed me to travel to our state's capitol to experience the thrill of making a difference. I've discovered my strengths as an effective public speaker. There is a leader in you too! You can get involved! Fight for your rights! We can demand for these changes and they will happen. It is up to us: Yay for Students' Party!!!

Ashish Patel - Students' Party

My name is Ashish Patel and I am running for the position of On-Campus Representative. I'm a first year here at UCSB, and am currently involved with Hall Council at Francisco Torres, as a Floor Representative. I believe that through A.S. I can work with both RHA and Associated Students and help create change in our community. I am strongly opposed to the increase in tuition that is proposed for the coming years. The students at UCSB will pay an additional 7% in tuition, next year and we need to take a stand so that tuition does not continue to increase in the coming years.

As a part of A.S., I plan to be involved with the Finance Board, because the costs are continually rising at our school: books, tuition, and parking costs. Are you tired of having to crash classes? Do you wish you wouldn't have to go on GOLD various times throughout the week in hopes of getting into a section? Do you want to lower the costs of textbooks? I know I do, and I know that through A.S. we can create change and improve these conditions at our school.

Christopher "Chris" Martin - Students' Party

Hello, my name is Christopher Martin, and I am applying to be one of your On Campus Representatives. I am next year's president of the Black Pioneers' Renaissance Organization (B-PRO), and also helped to found a Men's Fellowship devoted to people who desire to increase their walk with Jesus Christ. In addition, I am a member of the UCSB Gospel Choir, the Wrestling Club, and Black Student Union.

I grew up in the impoverished community of South Central, Los Angeles, where it took nothing short of diligence, determination and an aspiration for excellence in order to succeed. I plan on utilizing that same work ethic to help to make UCSB a better place for all of its students. I can be so much more than a token Black male who is running for a political position. While I plan on making sure that minorities have a voice, I will not stop there. As an On Campus Representative, I will take heed to the genuine problems that affect everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, and ability.

We can make UCSB a brighter place through our actions. Together, we can prove that we are ready for a change, that we are tired of the way things are, and are demanding something different- something better. I can only do so much by merely running for this position- I need your help. If we are to make this campus an efficacious environment for all of the Students, then it has to start now. This is the first step toward that goal—vote for me and Students' Party!

Trevor "T-Mo" Lyon - Students' Party

What Up? My name is Trevor Lyon and I love UCSB. That why I am running to be an On Campus Representative on our Legislative council. I'm a 2nd year Sociology major because people are my passion. I got involved with Associated Students last year when I became a caseworker for the Office of the Student Advocate, helping student who are involved in disputes with the University. Over summer I was a Resident Assistant for the Freshman Summer Start Program and got to get my feet with Housing and Residential service. Currently I am working as a Stress Peer over at Counseling Services, that pink building by HSSB, so please feel free to stop by and check out the egg or massage chairs, or better yet come talk to me about what you envision for our campus. I feel that my experience in different facets of the University along with my experience this year living in Isla Vista has given me a better perspective on what issues are particularly of importance to students living on campus. But I encourage any and all students to come to with any ideas they might have or just meet me. My biggest aspiration for UCSB is to connect students to the resources, i.e. other students, staff, and services that will help them succeed. I sincerely want to serve the student body so I urge you to vote for me this Spring for On Campus Representative. My name is Trevor Lyon. You know me... and if you don't you should!

Alan Romero - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hello UCSB students! Let me start of by introducing myself. My name is Alan Romero and I will be running for your next A.S On-Campus Representative. Being a part of such a renowned institution with beautiful scenery, it is no wonder what makes UCSB the place to be. Having said that, I recognize that there are issues that I cannot, and will not sit on without a legitimate effort for change.

Let me tell it how it is:

These are few aspects of our university that can and should change. If you want to see a difference in our community, then vote for me, Alan Romero. Remember, its all about YOU, the students of UCSB. And as a student, I share your disgust with the problems in our campus. I am willing to hear your issues and act on them.

So, what's it gonna be? You down with me? You down with O.P.P?

Samantha Stinnett - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey UCSB! I'm Samantha Stinnett, a second year psych and history major, and I want to be one of your A.S. On-Campus Representatives for 2007-2008 school year.

I have already been very involved with the on-campus community and feel that I am capable of representing your needs. I was a part of FSSP before officially beginning my freshman year and since that time I have been in touch and working with residents to improve their experience while living in the residence halls. As a Representative-at-Large my first year and the current Administrative Vice President of the Residence Halls Association (RHA), I have had the opportunity to work very closely not only with other student leaders here at UCSB, but also directly with residents, staff, and organizations on campus. As a Representative-At-Large I have already had experience representing students and am ready to take on this responsibility in a larger capacity. This interaction and communication with students has allowed me to help their voices and ideas be heard on the student government level. By hearing student voices, I have seen how students' want their government to change and without their voices, government cannot truly represent what students want from their school.

If elected, I believe that I would be a great resource and representative of the students on this campus. If given this opportunity I will play an active roll on Legislative Council. I look forward to being able to better serve the wants and needs of students here at UCSB.

Ashley Day - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hola Gauchos,

I'm Ashley Day and I am running for On-Campus Rep. As a first year, undeclared major I have had the opportunity to experience many sides of UCSB including intramural sports, theater, and the diverse educational fields provided. Also growing up in Spain has given me an openness to be able to approach UCSB issues with a broader perspective.

This year I have been Vice-President and President of Las Encinas Quad in Manzanita Village. This has given me experience in representing a large number of students and catering to their needs. I also had the opportunity to proxy for the Legislative Council and was able to learn what it really means to be responsible to the students of UCSB. In June, I will also be representing RHA at a national conference, to help better the residence hall environment.

As a resident I feel strongly that communication with and awareness of AS has been greatly ignored. Communication is key to making change and therefore our voices must be heard. Also I believe that it is important that the fees you pay to AS should be used to benefit you.

As On-Campus Rep I will work hard to improve the resident-AS relationship and will operate with respect for you and your needs. Providing an open door for students to be heard will be an effective way of seeing visible change.

Vote for Ashley Day for On-Campus Rep


University-owned Off-Campus Housing

Konina Biswas - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Ello UCSB!

I'm running for the University Owned Campus Housing Rep because I feel that I have the energy and drive to ensure that students are heard. I want to be the one to make sure the wants and needs of the residents of Santa Ynez, El Dorado and Westgate are catered to.

I have had two years of experience with student leadership at UCSB through RHA as Los Robles Quad President, as well as, the RHA Media Coordinator. I hope to utilize the skills I have developed on a school-wide scale by being a part of AS.

I have been a part of many organizations on campus ranging from club sports such as Crew to cultural organizations such as Indus-so I am an active part of our student body and can relate to various kinds of people.

My goal is to actively pursue the hope that YOUR money is used to benefit YOU however YOU want. By electing me, I will make it my personal responsibility to be a strong voice on your behalf.

Vote for me!!!

Travis Breznak

My name is Travis Breznak I am a junior business economics/accounting major. I just transferred here this year from Mendocino junior college (and yes know one else knows where it is either). While at junior college I was a part of student government and very much enjoyed the experience. I liked being able to represent my fellow students interests and help make decisions that would benefit students and the school. I think that your school gives you so much its nice to give back. I am running for off campus representative because I want to represent the interests of the students and try to make a little difference. I feel that I am qualified, determined and I know I am willing to do the work. I would appreciate your vote and I look forward to representing you. Thank you for you time.

Amanda Burlingame - Students' Party

Hi, I am Amanda Burlingame, a second year political science major. I am currently on legislative council serving on the University Owned representative. I am very passionate about issues of financial aid, increasing fees, and academic outreach. I have participated in the campaigns for these issues and have organized many events also. I love to talk about these issues and I am always available to all students who have suggestions, complaints, or just want to talk. I love serving on legislative council, the University Owned position is very important because it represents students that sometimes get overlooked. I enjoy attending the Single Student Apartment Community Council meetings every week, and helping to organize events for the university owned students. I have worked really hard in my position and would like to continue in the university owned position because I feel there is a lot more still to be done in this community. Vote Student's Party.

Party Mission Statements

The Squirrel Party

The purpose of this party is to represent the views and beliefs' of each individual student. This party's goal is to not only take into account the views of the more key players on campus, but also those of the individuals that attribute to the essence of the university system. The squirrel symbolizes the student whose voice is not heard around our fair campus. These are the people who are overlooked when decisions are made. The squirrel party aims to bring out the ideas of these individuals in decisions that occur in the university system.

Party Liaison: Matthew Selle
Open People's Party

The ideals of the Open People's Party exist in the honest and absolute representation of each and every student of UC Santa Barbara.

The Open People's Party believes that Associated Students was created to act as a bridge between the students and the University itself; establishing a persistent contact with the often confusing bureaucratic operations of the University of California. Our goal is to use this influential pathway to involve each and every student in the operation and guidance of UCSB.

This is our community. This is our goal. You are the Open People's Party. It is ridiculous that the UC System has balanced its quickly-accumulating and often unclear finances on the backs of the very students it was designed to serve. We have been working tirelessly with concerned groups and organizations, both within and outside of Associated Students at UCSB, on the student's behalf; demanding a reassessment of the financial situation and fighting to protect the voice of the students in these influential decision-making processes.

The Open People's Party also believes in diligent work at home, in our Santa Barbara community. In Isla Vista we have worked towards a careful check of any abuse of authority; reminding our law enforcement of their role to protect and serve', not to belittle and aggravate. Tenants' rights and honest property management are concerns for a majority of UCSB students. We share these concerns, as students at UCSB, and have been working with our peers in Associated Students to attack these concerns on a legislative level here in Santa Barbara County.

Associated Students now works to manage a massive new budget. The Open People's Party has historically emphasized the use of that financial strength on the students themselves who have created it. Now, more than ever, does O.P.P. believe that the financial undertakings of the Associated Students should benefit the students themselves here at UCSB. We believe your money should work towards your interests.

Times and University operation are important and intense. O.P.P. wants you all involved. From bringing diversity and financial honesty back to our university, to managing that which is our local home; the Open Peoples Party works diligently and hopefully.

Welcome to The Party.
Students' Party

Students' Party is committed to being a catalyst for positive, effective and lasting change for the betterment of the UCSB community. We believe that student government should provide information and tools to help each individual have the greatest possible impact in their endeavors in this community and beyond. We are committed to being an advocate for student rights and needs, the shared governance of the University, and accessibility, accountability and sustainability on internal, local, statewide, and national levels. Student government should be accessible to all students, and Students' Party is the only party with a publicized, structured, and transparent selection process. To promote a fun and safe learning environment that amplifies student empowerment, we advocate for the integration of social and political aspects that make UCSB so unique.

Students' Party recognizes the diverse opinions and backgrounds of our University and the need for accurate representation of many voices. Collectively and deliberately, our slate is active in so many parts of the community, because this is what we hope for student government to be. With our broad-based experience, we respect and have knowledge of a myriad of student issues; we aspire, through student government, to address and tackle them.

We appreciate and promote the constantly evolving campus culture and recognize the value of adaptation to the challenges it poses. It is our duty to insure fiscal transparency and intelligently manage all student monies; to be dedicated to our belief that education, accessibility to all resources, and adequate housing is a right for all students; to ensure that the voices of under-represented communities are heard; to be devoted to environmental issues; and to promote a more sustainable future.

More Progress, More Involvement, More Integrity, and More Good Times.

2007 A.S. Reaffirmations

(These are reaffirmations of existing constitutional lock-ins. Voting "YES" will not increase your A.S. fees.)

Campus Media (Nexus and La Cumbre): Do you support continued funding of one dollar and sixty-nine cents ($1.69) per A.S. UCSB Membership per quarter for the Nexus?

Pro Statement

The Daily Nexus - and its predecessors - has provided the UCSB community with news, opinion and entertainment since the campus first opened. It offers this service five days of week and costs students only $0.85 per undergraduate student per quarter during the academic year, and $0.57 per undergraduate student for summer sessions. Since it received this lock-in fee in the 1970s, the Daily Nexus has never asked students for a fee increase, and promises to never do so.
Your campus newspaper asks that you continue to support it by voting in favor of its reaffirmation. Doing so ensures that the paper will be ready for you every morning, and be ready for generations of students to come.

The La Cumbre Yearbook for the past 85 years has documented the institutional and cultural evolution of UC Santa Barbara. Serving as a student mediated artifact of the changing landscapes associated with UCSB, every volume of La Cumbre fights to image the historical specificity of each year. In addition to illustrating each academic year as a unique unit, the entirety of the La Cumbre library acts as the school's only cumulative historical reference; proving its invaluable service for the students of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Keeping these archaeological and genealogical functions in mind, the future need for the La Cumbre yearbook is best summarized in the words of Katherine Bishop, the Editor of the 1929 La Cumbre: "If, in the years to come, La Cumbre can bring to mind the occurrences of the past year[s] so that none of the idealism and romance are lost then, indeed, the work of the staff will have been fruitful."

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

Undergraduate Night and Weekend Parking Fee: Do you support continued funding of three dollars and thirty-three cents ($3.33) per A.S. UCSB Membership per quarter for undergraduate night and weekend parking?