2006 Spring General
Election Supplement

2006 A.S. New Constitution

New Associated Students Constitution

Please CLICK HERE to review the entire document (336KB PDF).

Do you approve the passage of the new Associated Students Constitution? If approved the new Constitution takes effect upon the installment of the 2006-2007 Legislative Council.

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Presidential Candidates

Jacob "Jake" Lehman - Chillavista

Hello UCSB! I am a third year Global Studies Major, Chinese Minor, and am running for president in the newly formed ChillaVista Party. On one hand, ChillaVista is a sustainable music/arts/educational street festival that will occur in June 2006. One the other hand, Chillavista is a subjective experience, in which each student will define his/her own definition of Chillin' in the (Isla) Vista. It is the ChillaVista party's goal to create an environment where each student can pursue his/her own passions and individual vision of Chillin'.

Background: Since fall of my sophomore year, I have received a 3.8 GPA taking between 19-26 units each quarter. This rapid pursuit of academic accomplishment has enabled me to graduate my third year...this June. However, I recently decided to run for AS President, because I wanted to stay and continue the work I am doing on and off campus.

I currently hold many leadership positions at UCSB. I am the Vice-Chair of the Isla Vista Community Relations Committee, Co-Chair of the Education for Sustainable Living Program, Co-Founder/Chair of Santa Barbara Education Embracing Democracy, Co-Coordinator of Students for Impeachment, Co-Coordinator of Students Teaching Alcohol and other drug responsibility, and facilitator of the Sociology group studies project Soc 194: ChillaVista.

As you can see, I live and breathe UCSB. I ask for your vote, which will enable me to continue my passionate work, helping make UCSB the most progressive campus in the nation. Together, we can teach the whole world the art of Chillin' in IV!

Jared Goldschen - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hello, my name is Jared Goldschen and I am ready to be your next A.S. President. Having been President of the Residence Halls Association for the past two years, I have developed a thorough understanding of the university system and its functions. I have a passion for UCSB and for making it a better place for all students who attend. As a leader of this school, I am prepared to steer our students towards a brighter and more rewarding future. I strongly believe in the practice of tactful, open, and respectful communication.

I am a proactive leader and I always put my constituents first. The A.S. President should be there to serve and represent the undergraduates at UCSB and take on the issues that the students feel are most important. My sole motive is to use the skills that I have developed as a leader and my understanding of A.S. to enhance the quality of life at UCSB for all students before it is time for them to graduate.

I am very well connected with the UCSB administration and feel that I can use my established relationships to the advantage of all students. Our school needs an active, selfless, and responsible leader, one who will put the students and their rights first. I ask that when you vote, you consider your ethics and morals and vote for the candidate you feel will lead this campus the strongest. My name is Jared Goldschen, and my door is always open.

Romy Lea Frazier - Students' Party

Howdy again! I'm Romy Lea Frazier aka "Romy the Homie." :o) I would love to be your next AS president because I know I have the EXPERIENCE, CAPABILITY and DESIRE to fulfill the position. Currently I am serving my second term as a Representative at Large on Legislative Council, which gives me the internal experience that makes me the best candidate for the job. I have a long history of student leadership, including my involvement in the Residence Halls Association for over two years, AS Program Board, AS Student Commission on Racial Equality, AS Commission on Public Safety, and the Isla Vista Project Area Committee among others.

I am VERY DETERMINED to continue working on issues that students brought to AS and Students' Party over the last few years such as: working to lower student fees, maintaining fiscal transparency, a reasonable noise ordinance in IV, and an accountable local law enforcement while increasing communication with you, yes you, to keep me and Students' Party on track. We have already succeeded in saving you $492 in student fees for next year, and more can be done. STUDENTS' PARTY represents the voice of every single student, and as President, I personally seek your input and welcome you to e-mail me at romylea@hotmail.com to assure your voice is heard.
When it comes to AS, I am the most qualified and I will not let you down. If you want experience, accountability, and more good times, Be a Homie, and VOTE FOR ROMY!!

Internal Vice President

Felix Hu - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

When someone mentions Associated Students to you, what image comes to mind? Unfortunately, during my two years as a Legislative Council Representative all too often the response to that question has not been positive. The current Internal Vice-President has compared A.S. to an antiquated ship badly in need of repair. As the current First Representative Pro-Tempore and chair of the Constitution and By-Laws Committee, I've spent the majority of this year (writing over a dozen bills) making changes to the structure of A.S. to make it more efficient. Some examples include restructuring the Committee on Committees, and ensuring more efficient use of A.S. resources by getting rid of defunct committees (Increase the Peace Alliance) and dissolving or combining committees with similar charges to prevent them from competing for highly limited resources (A.S.'s three committees on safety). Another major project I've worked on all year is drafting a new A.S. Constitution that will meet the current needs of students and which all parties can agree on.

However, although many of the holes on this ship have been patched, the job is not finished. A.S. is far from being the modern seaworthy vessel we would all like it to become. That's why I'm running for Internal Vice-President with Open Peoples Party (OPP). I ask you, the students, for the opportunity to continue fixing the financial and institutional problems in A.S., as well as ensuring that the new policies created this year are implemented. Please vote for me, Felix Hu, for Internal Vice-President.

Raymond Meza - Students' Party

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Everybody loves Raymond?"... Let me tell you why.

I'm Raymond Meza, I'm running for Internal Vice President with Students' Party, and I have a plan. As your IVP I want to make Associated Students accessible to you. First, let's begin with our financial matters. It's one thing to throw an immense budget or auditors report online but no one should have to be a Bus. Econ major or an accountant to understand where money is going. I will make A.S. fiscally transparent to the everyday student by ensuring that our financial statements are easily understandable.

UCSB is home to students from diverse backgrounds with diverse opinions and every student should have the opportunity to work hard on issues they care about. As IVP I will foster an atmosphere of creativity and innovation. I will work hard to ensure that Associated Students will never become an organization with an unmanageable bureaucracy like our University.

My experience for this position is unparalleled. Over my three years of Legislative Council experience I have authored resolutions condemning any proposed fee increase. Furthermore, I have substantiated those words through my actions by bringing awareness to you. If I'm not in the office you can see me doing class raps, passing out flyers in the arbor, or making presentation at campus organizations. It doesn't stop there, not only have I forged relationships with student leaders but also campus administrators to make sure that they're representing your voice. VOTE STUDENTS' PARTY!

External Vice President, Local Affairs

Rame Hanna - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

My name is Rame Hanna, and I currently serve as your A.S. Attorney General and legal observer. I have taken an active role in addressing police and community rights in IV. This year I had the opportunity to teach a course in the Law and Society Department achieved a number of objectives including; discussion of problems and solutions regarding IVFP misconduct towards IV residents, legal observation of local officials, and the creation of policy recommendations to better our living environment. Isla Vista is a unique community with unique problems, and it takes strong sense of responsibility and mutual understanding for us to succeed as a community. It is important that we are not treated with less respect than other Santa Barbara residents because we are students, and I will continue my work to ensure that you feel comfortable in your own neighborhood. Students need to feel comfortable with calling for emergency services without the fear of finding themselves in a unfortunate legal situation. In continuing to fight for students against IV park permit proposals, drastic changes to the substandard housing situations we are forced into by opportunistic landlords and lack of other option, and more ESLP and Environmental initiatives, my goal is to spread awareness of all local issues that affect our community and make a change according to your input. With no student vote and minimal input in all local affairs, our community continues to be shaped by outside forces. We need to raise our voices and be heard!

Joel Rodriguez-Flores - Students' Party

Dear UCSB students,

Have you ever been ripped off trying to get your deposit back, experienced needlessly heavy-handed treatment from the I.V. Foot Patrol, or flown off your skateboard because there was not adequate lighting to let you see a crack in the sidewalk? So have I. Ever wished that any of these situations were different? Well, I have also spent some time searching for solutions to all of them. Here's what I have to offer.

My involvement with local affairs began shortly after I moved to Isla Vista, when I started campaigning for the development of the I.V. community center with El Congreso. A year and a half later, I am still devoted to this issue. Since fall quarter, I have represented students on A.S. legislative council and the county's Project Area Committee for I.V. As the local coordinator for UCSB's Student Lobby, I have worked to prevent police abuse on Halloween and to increase the use of organic food in the dining commons and the UCen, and as a member of the I.V. Tenants' Union I have committed myself to inform students about their rights as tenants.

I am ready to increase my commitment to UCSB students, and this is why I am asking for your vote as External Vice President of Local Affairs. In return, I will dedicate myself tirelessly to attain tangible gains in our quality of life over the next year. Vote for me and Students' Party: more experience, more integrity, and more good times!

External Vice President, Statewide Affairs

William "Bill" Shiebler - Students' Party

What's up SB! My name is Bill Shiebler and I am running for Vice President of Statewide Affairs with the Students' Party.

I want to start with why I am running but first, let's take a look at where our UCSB community is at. First, we recently won a campaign to lower student fees for all UCSB students, a campaign I coordinated. We are working on creative fundraising to make sure students have more resources on campus in light of budget cuts. There is slowly more financial aid coming in and the fight will continue. However these great accomplishments are still weighed down by continuing problems facing our university. Students remain disconnected from A.S. and our effort to represent accurately needs to be revamped. The state and federal government continue to make record breaking cuts to education and we the students suffer. There is plenty left to fight for.

I am the current External VP for Statewide Affairs, after being involved in the office for over two years; I have lobbied UC Regents, state legislators, and congress on behalf of students and am deeply familiar with the issues affecting students on a system wide and national level.

We need a VP who will be able to hear all students and voice their concerns to our representatives abroad and most importantly, to make those concerns a reality. I'm asking for your vote. A vote for commitment, experience, and success! Vote Bill Shiebler for VP of Statewide Affairs and vote Students' Party!

Nazgool "Naz" Hassan Zadeh-Kiabi - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

My name is Naz, and I am a fourth-year undergraduate disabled student at UCSB. I have been involved with several different organizations on campus such as Commission On Disability Access, Community Affairs Board, RHA, and the AS Program Board. When I arrived in 2002, I dealt with the lack of accessibility on this campus. All that the Disabled Students Program office offered me was a note taker. Being a disabled student, I can appreciate the lack of access in this ever more costly system that potential students face because of cuts to outreach and constantly rising fees. As EVPSA, I will be dealing with Congress's recently approved $12 billion cut to student loan programs. In the 1999-2000 academic year, the educational fees per quarter were $906. This year's educational fees have increased to $1802. If elected as EVPSA, I will be the sanctioned spokesperson for the UCSB students at the state level. My main goal is to work with the UC Student Association to confront these issues by making the Regents and UC office of the President answerable. In order to lower student fees, we must persist in rallying, lobbying, and investigating different solutions to tackle these problems. I will research and help facilitate beneficial relationships with various loan companies and banks in order to allow students the option of private loans with lower rates. As the O.P.P. mission statement says, "Our doors are always open," so please feel free to approach me with any questions, concerns, or dilemmas.


Jason Parnell - Students' Party

Hello UCSB community and Thank you for voting. My name is Jason Parnell and I am running for Representative at Large because I want to take an active role in helping UCSB cater to the needs of its diverse student population. I am currently a Junior Political Science major and a Resident Assistant (RA) at Francisco Torres. I am heavily involved in many on-campus organizations that represent the student body of UCSB. I am the spokesperson for the NAACP chapter here at UCSB, a member of both the Black Student Union (BSU) and the Black Pioneers Renaissance Organization (BPRO), and a recruiting officer for AS Student Lobby.

My involvements on campus have helped me to stay in touch with the many communities within UCSB and the following represents my goals as Representative:
  1. I want to ensure that ALL races and ethnic groups are fairly represented at UCSB.
  2. I will continue the fight to LOWER student fees for higher education
  3. I will work with parking services to lower meter fees, parking citations, and daily parking costs.
  4. I support the fight to help Isla Vista residents to stay aware of their legal rights as tenants and students.
  5. I will also work to help UCSB use its funding to expand UCSB so that the quality of education will match the quality of resources and buildings on campus.
I have enjoyed my time here at UCSB and I love this campus. Contact me at jparnell@umail.ucsb.edu. VOTE STUDENTS' PARTY!

David "Dave" Gate - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

In my three years at UCSB, I have enjoyed the numerous advantages that a member of the university community has at their disposal. I have also faced the challenges that come with being a student at this university, as well as those associated with being a member of the Isla Vista community. In my time here, I have found that the best student government is one that is open to the students and capable of addressing current issues, then acting on them in a timely manner. My decision to run for Representative at Large is based solely on my desire to become part of a government that represents the entire student body. I believe that the purpose of A.S. is to make every student's experience at UCSB as rewarding as possible; whether it means defending students' rights or providing students with enjoyable extracurricular activities. The greatest responsibility of A.S. members is to understand the struggles, as well as the advantages of being a student at such a diverse university. An emphasis needs to be placed on balancing the pros and cons of the student experience through governmental procedures that result in an overall pleasurable tenure for every student at UCSB. I will use my knowledge of the issues that affect the UCSB student body to contribute to a government that best represents you, the student. I am a member of the Open People's Party, and I can assure you that every dime of your money will be spent on you.

Sydney Heacox - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

I am a second year history and anthropology major, and I am very active in campus organizations. As a member of Club Sports, I have become very aware of the under representation of many campus groups within our student government and the under utilization of many campus organizations of our student government. I am running for Representative at Large because I want to help students understand and further utilize all the resources available to them through Associated Students. A good student government not only represents ALL organizations on campus, but works at promoting and supporting them as well. In order for a government to effectively represent its' constituency, first must it not only be aware of all the organizations, but must also be aware of the goals and obstacles facing EACH and EVERY individual group. As a member of Associated Students, I will work to ensure the representation and promotion of each group not only within A.S., but within the larger UCSB community as well. As a member of Open People's Party, I will work to guarantee that A.S. accurately represents the diverse UCSB community and effectively uses all resources for the betterment of student life. Our government cannot be effective without the input of the students, let me know what you want or need, because as a member of Open People's Party, my door is always open.

John Paul "J.P." Primeau - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Poet John Ciardi once said that "A University is what a college becomes when the faculty looses interest in its students". The faculty hasn't lost interest; it's the administration that has. We attend a university were the focus has shifted from the student to the all mighty dollar. We have bookstores that gouge us. We have dinning commons that fail to let us keep the meals we've paid for from week to week. We have a community were the local foot patrol deals $3000 fines when $200 fines will send the same message. We have hundreds of under-funded club sports and student groups, yet as university fees rise, these organizations campus funds are cut. As an A.S. Rep-At-Large, I vow to address these issues and many more. I have the leadership skills, dedication, and experience to make these goals a reality. As the RHA Rep-at-Large for Anacapa, I worked tirelessly to represent the residents and allocate RHA's funds to the best possible sources. For my Rep Program, I organized the largest All Hall Talent Show in RHA's history. During the summer session I presided as treasurer over San Nicholas Hall. Currently in Associated Students I serve on the Finance Committee and the Academic Affairs Board, all while perusing double major in Business Economics and Pharmacology. I pride myself as being approachable and hard working. If elected to the Office of Rep-at-Large I promise to do all that I can to make UCSB a more student oriented campus. I love UCSB, and am excited for the possibilities next year holds.

Jason "J.P." Slauenwhite - Students' Party

What's up my fellow Gauchos?!?! I am J.P. Slauenwhite, a senior Political Science major running for Rep. at Large with Students Party. I am currently serving as the Committee on Committees Co-Coordinator as well as interning for Planned Parenthood Public Affairs. I love UCSB and the amazing network of communities that have made this home to both you and me! Although I am relative newcomer to the Associated Student, I am eager to help enhance our world class educational experience by supporting programs that will bring us closer together, as well as protect our interests as students. I believe it is imperative that we bring to fruition the development and construction of the Isla Vista Community Center, which could serve as an axis of interaction, public information, and involvement for all. As our education is the primary objective for attending UCSB, I feel that eliminating peripheral obstacles should be ultimate goal of your student representatives. This ambition can be best achieved by preventing increases in student fees and by creating a Tenant's Bill of Rights to protect students from the rampant abuses by local property managers. These initiatives will help nurture a more stable and productive learning environment while preserving the unique and exciting atmosphere that we currently enjoy. VOTE STUDENTS' PARTY!

Daryl Lambert - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

My name is Daryl Lambert and I am a second-year Communications major. I am from Carmel Valley California and am currently running for the position of Representative at Large for Associated Students. I am a member of the UCSB lacrosse team as well as a member of the Greek System. In my two years at UCSB I have served on the recreational sports club council as a representative for the men's lacrosse team as well as held several chair positions for my fraternity. I am proud to have the opportunity to represent these groups which lack representation in AS, despite the large number of students involved in them. I am adamant about protecting this campus's “green space,” as I believe this is one of the main reasons UCSB is such a great place to live and work. I pride myself on being honest, hardworking, and open-minded in all aspects of my life. I am willing to listen to the opinions and issues of every person on this campus and do my best to help any one in any way that I can. I respect all people's opinions for what they are and will listen to both sides of any argument in order to foster a reasonable compromise. Essentially, I am passionate about doing everything in my power to make this campus a better place while representing the student body to the best of my abilities.

Ajay Deshpande - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Fellow students, I want to commend you on the responsibility you have demonstrated by taking part in campus elections. This University strives to create students like you, those who care about and contribute to the wonderful community we have established here in Santa Barbara.

In my three years here at UCSB, I have had the privilege of participating in a number of different campus organizations. Although these organizations vary a great deal in size, each has a common goal in that they all hope to better the overall experience their students have while attending UCSB. I have learned a great deal about community involvement, student issues, and most importantly problem solving in my experience here at Santa Barbara.

As a third year Business Economics major and an Accounting Association member, my goal for next year will be to return financial accountability to AS. The AS budget should be focused on issues directly affecting those of us who attend UCSB. In recent years there has been a great deal of outrage specifically directed towards the misappropriation of funds. I intend to alleviate the frustration that currently plagues our student body.

As a member of the Open People's Party, I believe that AS should be kept wide open. As students, we should know where our money is going and average students should be able to voice their discontent and get involved in the decision making process. I will keep my door open and AS will be accessible to you.
Are You Down?

Sam Marks - Students' Party

Hi, my name is Sam Marks, and I'm running to serve you, the students of UCSB, for a second year on Legislative Council, as a Representative at Large. In the past year on Leg. Council, I have learned a great deal about the power of student government, and the responsibilities I believe the council has. In the past year, under management of Students Party, Associated Students has fought ceaselessly for students' rights. We've organized campaigns to hold both landlords and the local police accountable. We've adamantly opposed parking fee increases, on- and off-campus. We've actively involved students in Associated Students through events such as AS Congress and the first-ever AS Constitutional Convention. Students Party also realizes that fighting for students doesn't stop at the edge of campus. In November, we took the largest delegation of any UC to the Regents meeting in Berkeley, and our protest resulted in the governor buying back the fee increases imposed by the Regents who control our university. We have taken our fight to Sacramento and Washington DC, to make sure that no student is at a disadvantage due to rising fees. While fighting to keep fees down, Students Party has made sure that student fees supporting AS are spent in a responsible manner. A vote for Students Party is a vote for more progress, more integrity, more experience, and more good times. VOTE STUDENTS' PARTY

Sam "The Man" Giles

I have a great deal of experience in Associated Students and have been an active member of the UCSB campus for 3 years. I currently am a junior majoring in political science, international emphasis, and am adding the double major of Economics. Recently, I was the first write-in candidate in UCSB history to be elected as a Resident Hall President, where I worked with RHA, my Executive Board, and my San Nicholas Hall Council to promote a healthy and fun college experience for students living in the Residence Halls and all students in general. I am looking forward to holding the position of Rep at Large in order to promote these benefits for all of my fellow on and off-campus students. I already have one quarter of experience as Rep-At-Large from when I was appointed for the last quarter of the 04/05 school year and I have also served as chairman of Media Relations where my committee worked as a liaison between all boards and committees of A.S. and media output. Having observed other parties in the past and present, I feel that running independently I can bypass traditional party organization and make more efficient use of resources in order to promote cooperation and coordination among students and the campus community. Without adhering to party commitments, I feel I can better represent students. Don't vote party lines, vote the individual.

Hang Tran - Students' Party

Aloha, UCSB! My name is Hang Tran and I am running for the position of Rep at Large with Students' Party. While most candidates have specific agendas and aims they wish to accomplish, I run on the premise of creating a campus that will benefit all students and our UCSB as a whole. As a member of Student Lobby, and an active in the Greek system, my diverse interests compel me to strive for a unified student body with an increasing awareness of the power that lies in their hands. As a member of Student Lobby I have acquired the skill and organization imperative in taking action against it. As a part of the Greek community, I yearn to see a greater role of activism from such a large body of students. But most of all, I yearn for a UCSB where our vision for a better community undergoes a transformation into actual action. Feel the passion that fuels the action. I vow to do my best to serve as your representative. So vote for me, Hang Tran, for Rep at Large. VOTE STUDENTS' PARTY

Claudia "Clauj" Garcia - Students' Party

Hey hey! I'm sure you're asking yourself "why should I vote for this Claudia Garcia person?", or maybe "why am I even bothering to vote at all?" Well, the reasons are quite clear. As a third year student, I have been involved with our student government all three years working on successful campaigns to secure outreach on our campus, as well as lobbying and fighting for quality, accessible education and safety on our campus. Through this work, I have gained the experience that is necessary for our student government. As a current Legislative Council member I have had the privilege to be part of a group that has led us to be nationally recognized by the United States Student Association as the best campus in the nation. I ask that you once again allow me to serve on such a hard working and dedicated council, a council that wants to work for you. You deserve experience, so vote STUDENT'S PARTY and vote for more good times!

Gina Marie Fischer - Students' Party

It is true, they do save the best for last. My name is Gina Fischer and I am currently an Off-Campus Rep. for Students' Party. I am also affiliated with EAB (vote 'Yes' for TGIF!), Campus Dems, WETT, and KCSB.

A while ago, I decided that I was not going to seek re-election because A.S. is a huge commitment and I wanted to focus on academics my senior year. However, I recently went to Washington, D.C. with 25 other UCSB students, which sent the largest and most vocal delegation, and watched my good friend Bill Shiebler accept a "Campus of the Year Award" from USSA for our great efforts for fighting for students. Receiving that award was an enormously poignant moment, because I have personally invested much of my time and energy into various student causes; therefore, I was inspired to seek re-election.

I think that students are more bogged down with work, classes, and debt than ever before, because of constant fee increases and program cuts. This means that most students plainly do not have the time or energy to give a fuck about decisions that are made regarding their education. But, I really do give a fuck. I have fought many battles this year on behalf of all students, and in the wake of some amazing victories, and the strength, dedication, and solidarity of Students' Party, I am seeking re-election. VOTE GINA FISCHER, REP. AT LARGE, because it is not about my resume. VOTE STUDENTS' PARTY!

Off-Campus Representatives

Ashley Weiss - Students' Party

Hey UCSB! My name is Ashley Weiss and I want to be an Off-Campus Rep., working on the issues that you believe are important. I've been involved with RHA this year, but feel that being a part of Associated Students would allow me a much better chance to make a difference on campus. As an Environmental Studies major, I back The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) and know making this campus sustainable will save money and prove that it's possible to make a large-scale change through a student movement. I believe UCSB has the potential to be a leader towards UC-wide sustainability. Though I'm only a first year, I'm one of those people who is really excited about life and ready to work hard. Whether or not I get elected, I'm going to be involved, so I'd really appreciate it if you'd just check my box in order for me to represent you as Off-Campus Rep with Students' Party. I care and want to be part of what's going on around this amazing campus and community. VOTE STUDENTS' PARTY!

Daniel "Dank" Komins - Cannabis Coalition

Hi my name is Dan K. but many people like to call my Danky McPots. If elected I plan to create a committee for A.S. that prioritizes lobby efforts to lower tuition via taxing and regulating cannabis. This is a sensible plan aimed to benefit the educational system, law enforcement and treatment programs.

Shahan "I need this for a job" Ahmed - Students' Party

You all tucked in? Alright, herrrre we go. I am running for off-campus rep @ large, and, basically, I am going to be a senior and I want to represent you. I was quite active in high school, in fact I even became student body president, and I decided that before I graduated college, I would give back by giving forth my time and effort because I know I can make a positive difference. So, towards the conclusion of my junior year, I am offering my experience and putting forth my name, with the hope that you give me a chance to do my duty. Please, allow me to do what I can. Vote for me. Also, if I am to be elected, ICE CREAM FOR EVERYONE? COOKIES AND CREAM!

As for the high school qualifications: Associated Student Body President, Head of the Executive committee, Head of Student Life and Concerns, three years as senator, etc.

Oh, and if you vote for me, I'll make your wildest dreams come true. yes, Even those ones! No, not those ones, get your mind out of the gutter.

Deirdre J. Mathis - Students' Party

Hey everyone! My name is Deirdre Mathis and I am a first year student majoring in Communication with a minor in Black Studies. During my first year at UCSB I have been actively involved in several organizations including the UCSB Gospel Choir, Associated Students, Hall Council, and the Black Student Union. It is my participation in these last three organizations that will prove to be an invaluable asset as I seek to be your Off Campus Representative with Students' Party. As you're off campus representative I pledge to be an active and passionate voice for the ideas and concerns we share as off campus students. I pledge to make myself available and open to you by holding regularly scheduled office hours in the AS main office in addition to strategic locations on campus designed to increase my accessibility to you. I am firmly committed to our parties' platform which includes combating rising education expenses such as tuition, books, and off campus housing. I am also a strong proponent for holding the University fiscally accountable for its decisions. Our monies should be spent on programs and services that the students need, and not just what the University wants.

I urge each of you to support my fellow candidates and me in this important election. A vote for us is a vote for YOU! VOTE STUDENTS' PARTY!

Mathew "Matt" Jackson - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)
What's up yo, Matt Jackson is the name,
And I'm here to show you my game.
I come from the California streets of Corona,
But I'm originally from the heat of Arizona.
I'm a first year student with plenty of ambition,
Majors in Philosophy, Law and Society, and a minor in Math is my mission.
Currently I'm a Rep at large for RHA,
Representing the Santa Rosa Res. Hall is how I play.
Programming on KCSB is what I enjoy,
"Socially Unacceptable" is the show I deploy.
The Open People's Party is the group I claim,
And Off Campus Rep is the position I wish to tame.
Two of my main goals in A.S. are representation and progress,
Two definite ways to relieve community stress.
I order to have a functional student government we must have representation,
Colors, genders, beliefs, and cultures; this requires a community donation.
Communication and friendships are what will help us progress,
Making a difference is an ideal I caress.
Tenant's rights is why we must fight,
Affordable housing should be a right.
Text books should be cheaper,
Let's make the students their own money keeper.
Now this is how we roll:
Open Doors will allow us to represent the whole,
Open Hearts let us function in our role,
Open Minds allow for community control.
So... you down with OPP?
Matt Jackson for Off Campus Rep is who I be!

Christina Escobar - Students' Party

Hi, my name is Christy Escobar and I'm a first year Global Studies and Dramatic Arts major. I'm running for Off-campus Representative with Students' Party because I want to fight for student rights and proactively seek change not only UCSB, but in the greater UC system and (to sound ridiculously cheesy) the world!

I have already started to do so by getting involved in student organizations that I feel are both important and relevant to current issues, such as Solidarity Against War, Amnesty International and Students for Impeachment, which advocate peace, civil liberties, and human rights. I also feel strongly about women's issues and am an active member of the Women's Ensemble Theatre Troupe, which annually puts on the Vagina Monologues. I'm also a part of the Salsa and Tango clubs on campus, which, trust me, help immensely in understanding the socioeconomic policies currently instituted at UCSB.

If elected, I plan to advocate and lobby for policies that will contribute to an entirely Green Campus by 2015, that will keep the cost of a public education affordable for all students (from student fees to textbooks), create a safer community by vying for the installation of more streetlights and sidewalks in Isla Vista, and change the current parking permit policies to accommodate students' budgets. I also wish to protest the UC management of the Los Alamos and Livermore nuclear weapons labs and to lobby for UC divestment from Sudan. VOTE STUDENTS' PARTY!

Samantha Nevels - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

If ask any friend of mine, they will all say the same thing: AS is my life. It is my job, my duty, and my pleasure. I spend any free time in the AS office working, hanging out, and getting work done. I am currently a Rep at Large on Legislative council, Committee on Committees Co-Coordinator, and on AS Finance Board. I take all of my AS roles very seriously, and work to improve AS any way possible. Since the beginning of my term as Committee on Committees Co-Coordinator, I have turned several defunct committees in to full, functioning committees, created a successful and functioning committee on committees team and system, and I have gotten many new students involved with AS.

Besides AS, I am a Business Economics and Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations. I work at local elementary school programs part time and also sing in the SBCC Concert Choir. I have extreme determination and ambition and succeed where I try, even though it may take several tries. A fine example of this was the last year's election. I lost last year by only 16 votes, but worked hard in AS and was appointed to an even better position on the council during Winter quarter because of my determination and hard work.

I work hard and make AS my priority. Failure is not my forte and will always do my best to succeed and help my peers. Vote for me and O.P.P.: Open Peoples Party. Woot!

Joshua "Josh" Freeman - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

My name is Joshua Freeman, I am a second year Biology major running for Off Campus Representative with OPP. I currently sit on IVCRC (Isla Vista Community Relations Committee) and also I am also entering in IVTU (Isla Vista Tenants Union). These experiences, along with many others, have provided me with valuable insight into our diverse communities surrounding UCSB. It is with these insights that I plan to serve as a liaison to the student population outside of UCSB. We all come from different walks of life. Because of this we form a mosaic, a mosaic that is cemented in our community of Isla Vista/ Goleta. However, issues concerning IVFP, housing, parking, and others are tarnishing this mosaic. I would like to contribute my perspective of the off campus experience to help solve some of these issues. Students pay for the AS services. Unfortunately, much of what is paid for is unknown to a large percentage of the student population. It is my intention to promote organizations such as IVTU and IVCRC to show the improvements that are occurring. Paradise is not heaven, in my opinion. Paradise is where we live in the Isla Vista/Goleta region. Let's work together to make paradise even better.

Jenna Galoob - Students' Party

What's up UCSB, how's it going? My name is Jenna Galoob and I am running for off campus representative with Students' Party. This is my fourth wonderful year at UCSB and I will be a super senior in the fall majoring in sociology and minoring in education. I love this place so much that I'm staying here for a whole extra year! If I'm not sitting in class, working, or doing mass amounts of reading, I'm hanging out with my friends being goofy and having a great time. I work hard and play hard. Some of the issues I have been involved with and are interested in are legal rights (monitoring police and student relationships so that students are not being taken advantage of), the Women's Center (students stopping rape), disabled students rights, the right for equal education and tenants rights (we all know that landlords take you for every penny you have). If elected not only will I continue to work on issues that are important to me, but more importantly, I will fight for issues that are important to you! I care about our school, I care about IV, and I care about your individual needs. VOTE STUDENTS' PARTY!

Margaret "Maggie" Pike - Students' Party

Hey Everybody! My name is Maggie Pike and I want to be your Off Campus Representative. I'm running for office because I want to represent the opinions of students. I don't think students realize how powerful their opinions are. Associated Students has many specialized boards and committees that have the power to get the administration's attention on issues that matter to you, so it is very important that those who lead our school really listen and represent your thoughts. I want to help improve the communication between students and their representatives, so I promise hold my office hours regularly through out the week, in various place on and off campus. I also want to encourage people to get in contact with me, I really want to hear what you want from this school and A.S. Send me an email, look me up on facebook, stop me in the Ucen! Whatever is easiest for you, I'm very accommodating! And besides students teaching A.S. what is important to them, A.S. should play an active role in informing students on issues that affect them too. I'm running with STUDENT'S PARTY because everyone on this slate loves UCSB as much as I do. This party is comprised of students with a ton of different backgrounds and opinions, and what unites us is our genuine desire to help make our school better! VOTE FOR MAGGIE! VOTE STUDENTS' PARTY!

Lauren "Coop" Cooper - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

"To accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualize, then plan...believe...ACT!"

Hello UCSB students! My name is Lauren Cooper and I am running for Off Campus Representative with the Open People's Party. I am currently serving as Representative at Large in the Resident's Halls Association, representing on-campus residents. I would like to move beyond that and represent the voices of students from all areas of campus. My goal is to make sure that Associated Students is easily accessible to everyone on campus. It is important that this organization encompasses every aspect of the UCSB student population while representing the issues that are most important to students. I will focus on ensuring that student's money is appropriately spent, promoting and addressing campus and community environmental issues, combating Isla Vista landlords taking advantage of renters, and working to find equitable solutions to the problems of ridiculously high text book prices. I want to serve my campus and community, and I will be able to represent the student body in order to create change both on campus and locally. Make your opinions heard and vote OPEN PEOPLE'S PARTY...our door is always open!!

Heather Fielder - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

For the past two years I have been serving the on campus residents at UCSB with my participation in the Residence Halls Association. Last year I was the Hall Council President for FT North and I am now serving as a Programming Vice President. Now I would like the chance to serve the entire population of UCSB students by being a part of A.S. as an Off Campus Representative.

It is very important to me to make sure that Associated Students encompasses every aspect of the UCSB student population while dealing with crucial issues that are important to you. The way to ensure that A.S. is dealing with the issues that you care about is by making sure that A.S. is open to everyone here at UCSB. I want to make A.S. a place where people feel comfortable to come and voice their concerns and know that an effort will be made to deal with those problems. I would like to focus on making sure that students' money is being spent on what is really important to all of you.

For the Off Campus population in particular I would like to focus on landlords taking advantage of renters, not only with the cost of rent but the quality of housing and maintenance. I want to serve this campus and community and be able to be the voice of the students in order to create change that will benefit us all.

Tiffany Pascual - Students' Party

Hello UCSB Students! My name is Tiffany Pascual. I am running for off-campus representative with Students Party.

I actually auditioned into this school as a music major when I was a seventeen year old high school senior. I had planned on graduating with an emphasis in piano, but after two years I switched majors, when I met the passionate people in student government and student organizations.

I am now in my third year here, and I know I've learned a lot of things from people who are quite passionate about a many number of issues like the environment, or activities like community service that we can all partake in while having fun here at this beautiful beach campus. These different leaders started talking to me, and really were interested in what I have to say!

I know when I get elected into office, I want to voice and support many of the organizations and student leaders that I have come across and encountered here in my experiences at UCSB. In fact, if you want to reach me, or would like me to know about your particular needs or interests, please email me at tifunny85@yahoo.com . I would love to hear from to you.

Just remember to vote Students Party! We all have fun, and we all really care about investing in YOU here at UCSB. VOTE STUDENTS' PARTY!

Jeronimo Saldana - Students' Party

My name is Jeronimo Saldana and I believe student empowerment can only happen through student activism. I am a third year transfer student from Santa Monica College majoring in Chicano Studies dedicated to ensuring a student's access to an affordable and quality education. My past experience as the A.S. President of Santa Monica College and Campus Organizer for the United States Student Association Electoral Action Project along with my current involvement in El Congresso , the Student Commission on Racial Equality, and Hurricane Katrina Relief group exemplify my commitment to campus and community solidarity. As a student activist at UCSB, I have traveled to Sacramento to lobby for students rights, I have worked with Shoreline Preservation and I have volunteered in the most devastated regions of post-Katrina New Orleans during Christmas and Spring break as a proud Gaucho.

Vote for Jeronimo if you agree that your representative should already be a highly experienced and active member of the Gaucho and I.V. community.
Vote for Jeronimo if you agree that students have the right to a quality and affordable education.
Vote for Jeronimo if you believe students should be able to walk through I.V. without being harassed by police, discriminated against by landlords, and subjected to substandard living conditions.

Vote for Jeronimo if you like beer or know someone who does. Jeronimo likes beer. Jeronimo believes in student activism but also understands the importance of students partying.
Vote for Jeronimo. Vote for student activism. Vote for students partying. VOTE STUDENTS' PARTY!

Alexander "Alex" Van Wagner - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Holla Back UCSB! My name is Alex Van Wagner and I want to be your Off-Campus Representative with OPP. I am a second year Political Science major with an emphasis in Public Service and a minor in History. I have served in a number of leadership roles including the Chairman of an annual fundraiser for The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Now I want to focus my energies on A.S. In doing so, I want to represent the diverse backgrounds, interests, and opinions of the student body while fighting to protect your rights, privileges and bank accounts. I know I am sick and tired of paying outrageous prices for textbooks, student-loans and dilapidated apartments while the police hand out tickets like candy on Halloween. I will work to; improve relations between the IVFP and the community, block any efforts to charge for parking in IV, provide campus-wide wireless internet access, ensure adequate funding for all student groups, and promote the strengthening of renter's rights in IV. If you like what you hear, get down with me and get down with O.P.P.

Julia Stephanides - Students' Party

What's up UCSB! My name is Julia Stephanides and I would love to be your Off-Campus Representative next year. I'm running because I truly want to address your concerns, whatever they may be, and ensure the accessibility of A.S. to the student body at large. Here are the top five reasons you MUST vote for me in the upcoming election:

  1. My involvement with Hall Council this year, planning both student events and leading a Relay for Life team, has shown me how passionate I am about serving students.
  2. I will work to stop student fees from rising with the belief that all students deserve an affordable college education.
  3. I will push for an affordable organic food policy in the dining halls.
  4. I will strongly support efforts to de-emphasize drug investigations, especially marijuana, and get the IVPD to focus on real criminal activity.
  5. I am dedicated to lowering the high prices of textbooks and creating channels for students to exchange and buy from each other.

UCSB is an incredible school that requires equally passionate and talented leaders, and I know that I have what it takes to represent students' needs. Ultimately, I'll make sure that UCSB remains a ridiculously fun yet socially conscious campus. If you'd like to contact me for any reason, email me at jules86@earthlink.net. Make sure to GO GREEN and VOTE STUDENTS' PARTY!

Evan Ingardia - Students' Party

Hello UCSB, my name is Evan Ingardia with Student's Party and I want to be your Representative-At-Large in A.S. As a second year student majoring in the History of Public Policy, I've really learned about the formation of policy, and now I want to apply this knowledge in the hopes of further improving UCSB and Isla Vista.

Currently I hold an officer position as Greek Outreach Coordinator for the Community Affairs Board (CAB) and as Fundraising Chair for the UCSB Campus Democrats. Also, I've been involved with Calpirg and their cheaper textbook campaign. All of these groups have given me the chance to gain leadership experience and strengthen my ability to work in a group dynamic; both are qualities I feel are essential for this position.

I don't think I'm the only one who loves Isla Vista. However, I stare upon our quaint college-town, and I see the problems we face, like police misconduct, tenant exploitation, the homeless, and my happiness goes down a peg. Essentially, I recognize the problems we face in Isla Vista and I want to fix them. Please give me a chance eingardia@umail.ucsb.edu VOTE STUDENTS' PARTY!

Elizaveta "Lisa" Uvarova - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hello brilliant students of fabulous UCSB! My name is Elizaveta (Lisa for short) Uvarova and I am running for Off-Campus Legislative Council Representative! I am a first year student, living in Francisco Torres and majoring in Mathematical Sciences and Global Studies. I am having a blast in this amazing place! However, upon my arrival, a problem I faced was getting involved in the UCSB community. Coming here I could tell that there was endless stuff going on, but just felt overwhelmed by it all. I really wanted to get involved, but had no clue where to start. I became involved with AS, particularly the Constitution and By-Laws Committee, and it has been an awesome experience. I have learned so much about AS, its structure and laws, and what it is really about. I also had the opportunity of helping with the new Constitution as well as the recent Constitutional Convention. The reason I want to represent you and what I wish to accomplish is to make UCSB and all of its opportunities more accessible to students. I don't feel that students should dig, search and feel apathetic about being involved. Instead they should be comfortable with and interested in their community. It should serve their needs and desires. I believe that AS is not a separate program for the students but that AS are the students, and that everyone should truly be a part of it. Thus, vote Elizaveta Uvarova, vote OPP, and take control of your UCSB experience.

Gahl Shottan - Students' Party

Hello there UCSB! My name is Gahl Shottan and I am a first year Anthropology and Psychology major running for Off Campus Representative with the Student's Party. Since the start of the year I have become submerged under the weight of campus activism, organizing, and change. I have taken the effort to step my foot into the tide of several aspects of campus life, including Campus Democrats, KCSB, relief work, the Queer Student Union, and other more frivolous arenas. In the past, I have held several leadership positions including teaching Emergency Medical Response as well as being the ever-geeky Drum Major of my Marching Band. Currently, I am a reporter for KCSB News and helped form the Hurricane Katrina Relief Organization on Campus following a trip down to New Orleans over Winter Break.

Not only am I interested in making the student's voice heard on campus; I am also interested in providing diverse cultural and educational opportunities to UCSB. On top of that I'm running under a great party, a great platform, and have the perfect name for any campaign; Gahl has the Gall to stand Tall for UCSB!

With my rhyming skills, how can you say no? VOTE STUDENTS' PARTY!

Yeva "Eva" Kilamyan - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey everyone!!! My name is Eva Kilamyan and I'm running for reelection as an Off-Campus Rep with Open People's Party! College is supposed to be the best four (or five) years of our lives and I believe that Associated Students can do a lot to help make it so. I have been active in student government since freshman year, so I've learned a lot about your concerns and have been and will continue to address them to the best of my ability. This year, I have authored over a dozen bills that changed the structure of AS to help make the organization more transparent and effective. As a member of Finance Board, I also have a lot of knowledge about the financial condition of Associated Students. More importantly, I'm a student just like you. I pay over $200 for ridiculously priced books every quarter, I work and take out loans to pay for college, and I've also been harassed by cops on DP once or twice. One of my goals for next year is increasing involvement in Associated Students, including traditionally underrepresented groups like Greeks, athletes, arts, and other campus organizations. So, are you down with OPP? Then vote for me!

Molly Gilmore - Students' Party

UCSB is a pretty amazing school, but it is not perfect. While perfection is a goal that is probably unobtainable, some changes can be made to make life at UCSB better. If you elect me, Molly Gilmore, I will work hard to make some of these changes happen. As a member of Students Stopping Rape, and the International Convention on Human Rights, the issues of sexual assault and human rights are very important to me and I have spent a lot of my time working to address and educate others about these issues. My passion for these issues however, will not overshadow the issues that are important to you, the student I would be representing if elected as an off-campus representative. A more perfect UCSB can only be made possible with representatives that address the issues important to the students. What is important to you? Rising fees? Parking in Isla Vista? Tenets rights? I want to know and I want to help make your voice be heard. That is my plan: to listen to the students needs and concerns, and help effect changes that would make a more perfect UCSB. So speak into our microphone: VOTE STUDENTS' PARTY!

Daniel Smilansky - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Fellow Students of UCSB! My name is Daniel Smilansky and I am a second year Biology and Business Economics double major. I am running for the position of Off Campus Representative as a member of the Open People's Party. I have enjoyed my experience at this wonderful campus, although I have also observed that many issues need to be addressed for the betterment of the quality of life for all students. There has been a disconnect between student government and the students. It is my goal to create an environment in which the services available to students are easily accessible for anyone who wants them. I will work to better tenants' rights, achieve fair and just treatment from IVFP, and improve the disastrous state of parking, along with many other issues that are important to all of us. By adhering to the mission statement of the Open People's Party, I will reach out to the under represented groups including members of clubs, club sports, the Greek community, and many others. So let us stop complaining and start doing. I will work hard to achieve these objectives, and I can assure you that my door will always be open.

On-Campus Representatives

Cecilia Perez - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hello everyone! My name is Cecilia Perez and I am running to be one of your next A.S. On-Campus Representatives. I am a third-year History and Business Economics student currently holding leadership positions on campus as a Resident Assistant for Anacapa Hall and VP of Inductions for the UCSB Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary.

Over the last three years I have been actively involved in the residential community, holding several positions within the Residence Halls Association Coordinating Board. During my terms as Representative-at-Large and National Communications Coordinator, I got the opportunity to work with six former A.S. On-Campus Reps. By working with them on several issues within RHA and A.S., I have developed a clear understanding of the On-Campus Representative position and feel that I am ready to take on this role. In addition to this, I have also worked closely with the Office of Housing & Residential Services over the past two summers as an RHA Intern and now as a Resident Assistant, which has allowed me to gain a knowledge of the administrative aspects of the residential community that would help me to effectively advocate for on-campus students.

If given the opportunity, I believe that I would be a great representative of the UCSB residents and an active member of the A.S. Legislative Council. I look forward to getting the chance to work with the larger UCSB community and serve the students of this University in a different capacity.

Jaclyn Feldstein - Students' Party

Greetings and salutations UCSB! My name is Jaclyn Feldstein and I am running for On-Campus Representative with Students' Party. If you're interested in selecting someone who already has YOUR best interests at heart, then I am the candidate for you. This past year, as a member of Student Lobby, I have worked toward lowering fee increases by traveling to Berkeley to protest this matter to the regents (we won!) and by lobbying representatives in both Santa Barbara and in Washington D.C. As your On Campus Rep, I will dedicate myself in pursuing this goal as it affects the entire student population. I am very interested in this matter and will make it a top priority. As well, I will be the voice of all the students that live in the dorms and make their concerns heard. I hope to close the separation between residents and student government in order to create unity. So, I hope you will vote Students' Party. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at jaclynfeldstein@umail.ucsb.edu! VOTE STUDENTS' PARTY!

Scarlet Chan - Students' Party
Why am I running for On-campus Representatives?
  1. I want to help change student government to make it accountable to the students. Every student pays to fund A.S., so every student should know where his/her money goes. Under Students' Party leadership, all A.S. fiscal reports will be posted online and available to everyone.
  2. I strongly oppose our rising student fees and ridiculous textbook prices and will continue to work with Student Lobby to make sure that the politicians in Sacramento and Washington D.C. make higher education a priority.
Why you should vote for me?
  1. As a queer woman of color, students, and member of your community, I want to ensure safety, diversity, and access for all students. This includes raising awareness and addressing the issues facing the under represented groups.
  2. I firmly believe that changes are necessary for progress. In order to achieve progress, better communication between student government and the community is essential for success. The creation of student coalitions is necessary to create a safe space for dialogue. The exchange of ideas between different personalities creates awareness and growth within the community.
  3. I am a product of such exchange of dialogue as I became more politically and socially aware. We all have different backgrounds, political views, and interests. But at the end of the day, we are all in the same boat. If we suffer, we suffer together. If we work together and voice our concerns, we will succeed together.


Ian Taylor - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

To the students of the University of California at Santa Barbara:

It's time to rediscover what it means to be a Gaucho!

Not only do we possess one of the most stunning campuses around, situated on the beach of the Pacific Ocean, but we have an impressive reputation - academic and otherwise - to match.

Most have already heard the many statistics placing UCSB amongst the best universities worldwide; describing us as some of the smartest and most fun loving.

The students here at Santa Barbara should be reminded of their greatness and the greatness of the university they attend.

In my involvement with the Residence Hall Association, the Quad Councils, the Farside Festival Planning Committee, the Student Health Advisory Committee, the Associated Students Program and Community Affairs Boards, I have found peers who also hope to bring out the best of UCSB. Attending this university is an exciting experience; and I hope to spread that excitement.

I hope to breathe new life into student government here at UCSB by bringing the students and their organizations together; by honestly listening to and involving each student and his or her diverse and valued opinion in order to better and more accurately represent the student body, creating a true and unified voice, advancing our university. This is our university, it's time to play a unified role in its operation and do it with a shared Gaucho Pride.

University-owned Off-Campus Housing

Amanda Burlingame - Students' Party

Hello I am Amanda Burlingame and I am running for University Owned Representative. I am a sophomore Political Science major with an emphasis in international relations. I chose to run for Associated Student Legislative Council because of what the council has accomplished. I want to be a part of the work they are doing to keep fees low, and financial aid high. I have worked on student fees and financial aid since the beginning of the year with Student Lobby. I am a very responsible person, and I love to help other people achieve their goals, or simply to answer their questions. I believe that everybody has a right to their own opinion, and express it even if it is controversial. College is a place to learn new things, form new opinions, or to strengthen old opinions. Nathaniel Howe said, "The way to be nothing, is to do nothing," and I believe that he was right. I am involved at UCSB, not only to help make student fees lower, and increase financial aid but because I care. Please vote Amanda Burlingame as University Owed Representative. VOTE STUDENT'S PARTY!

David TenBrook - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hello to all! My name is David TenBrook and I am running for University-Owned Housing Representative for the 2006-2007 school year. I am a Religious Studies and Communications double major, a Resident Assistant, a member of Improvability and a youth leader at my church in Santa Barbara. I will be frank and honest that I have had no previous experience with Associated Students in the past, but my experiences in the governing bodies of the Residence Halls Association should give me a firm foundation upon which I can build this new experience. Should I be elected, I will strive to bring my non-Associated Students experiences and viewpoints to the table. I will try to not simply replicate the motions of previous years but to recreate. I am not necessarily speaking in groundbreaking fashion (although that is not out of the realm of possibility if we all work together), but I simply do not foresee myself regurgitating that which is fed to me. I hope to take what my constituents deem desirable and see how to work that into a larger plan that incorporates as many people as possible. I see next year as chance for Associated Students to really take on new dynamics and a fresh direction, and as we say in the Open People's Party, our door is open.

Party Mission Statements

Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

The sole purpose of the Open People's Party is to accurately and effectively represent the entire UCSB Student Body. We believe that Associated Students was created in order to give students control over their educational experience and participate in the shared governance of our community. We will work to provide services that help students navigate the often confusing and bureaucratic University system. We are here to serve students: no matter what your opinion or desires, we will listen.

O.P.P. is committed to addressing student concerns first. A.S. money is student money, and must be spent on student issues. Our community is UCSB, and our community is our priority. We are tired of a University system that continues to balance its finances on the backs of students, and we will continue to push for lower textbook prices and an end to constant increases of our student fees.

There are also many issues that we need to address in our own backyard. In our own community, Landlords overcharge us for substandard housing that teeters over the edge of a rapidly eroding cliff. In our own community, the foot patrol routinely oversteps the boundaries of its authority. In our own community, permanent residents are attempting to charge us for parking in front of our own homes. In our own community, oil companies continue to push for offshore drilling in the Santa Barbara Channel. In our own community, the many groups and organizations that advocate and program for students do not receive the support necessary to effectively serve the UCSB student body. Our motto is as follows: O.P.P. will ensure that every dime of your money is spent on you.

We are the Open People's Party, and our door is always open.

Cannabis Coalition

The CC is a movement based on pragmatism. Our goal is to represent the students who support positive changes within our campus, community and state.

Tuition fees were $1,800 for in-state residents just 3 years ago. Now the fees have risen to $2,300 per quarter. Like most students, we comprehend that this trend is not acceptable. However, the State of California is in a major deficit. To combat this problem, the CC believes that lobbying the state to tax and regulate cannabis is of the highest priority. UCSB Economics finds benefits from taxing the drug outweigh the problems associated with keeping cannabis illicit.

Currently, our State spends roughly $150 million annually to police cannabis. Taxing cannabis in the State of California will raise an estimated $1.5 - $2.5 billion annually. We are a coalition of students that believe taxing and regulating cannabis is a key to getting our State out of debt.

The Cannabis Coalition supports:

S.P. - Student's Party
N.O.R.M.L. - National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
M.P.P. - Marijuana Policy Project
S.S.D.P - Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Sensi SB - Sensible Santa Barbara
A.S.A. - Americans for Safe Access
D.P.A. - Drug Policy Alliance
Christians for Cannabis
Patients out of Time
Students' Party

Students' Party is committed to being a catalyst for positive, effective and lasting change. We believe that student government should provide information and tools to help each individual have the greatest possible impact in their endeavors. We are committed to being an advocate for student rights and needs, the shared governance of the University, and accessibility, accountability and sustainability on internal, local, statewide, and national levels. Student government should be accessible to all students and Students' Party is the only party with a publicized, structured, and transparent selection process. To promote a fun, safe learning environment that amplifies student empowerment we advocate for the integration of social and political aspects that make UCSB so unique.

Students' Party recognizes the diverse opinions and backgrounds of our University and the need for accurate representation of many voices. Our student government tackles a myriad of student issues that must be respected and addressed by people who have knowledge of these matters; as such we recognize the importance of broad-based experience.

We recognize that constant change is the only consistency to be found in today's dynamic environment, and therefore we promote appreciation of the current campus culture and recognize the value of adaptation to the challenges it poses. It is our duty to insure fiscal transparency and intelligent fiscal management of all student monies, to be dedicated to our belief that education and accessibility to all resources is a right for all students, to be devoted to environmental issues, and to promote a more sustainable future. More Progress, More Involvement, More Integrity, and More Good Times


The mission of the ChillaVista party is to empower students, and ensure the existence of a healthy and progressive environment in which students can fulfill their goals and aspirations. As the ChillaVista party is only running a presidential candidate this term, we are committed to working with members of both party's slates in order to accomplish our task. We are a party of progressive politics, and will continue to engage existing campaigns for lower textbook prices, against tuition fee increases, and fighting for environmental and social justice concerns. Furthermore the ChillaVista party will seek to improve the quality of life and image of UCSB, instituting new initiatives on campus, in Isla Vista, and globally.

On campus, the ChillaVista Party is already working with two programs on campus that sponsor academically accredited student led group studies projects, which enable students to fuse their individual goals and passions with legitimate academic inquiry. Our presidential candidate is currently co-chair of both of these programs, and will continue to expand them, empowering more and more students to lead courses in areas their own interest. In addition to this progressive model of education, the ChillaVista party is committed to improving the environmental sustainability of our campus; we adamantly support TGIF (The Green Initiative Fund), and will continue to push for green initiatives that will continue to make UCSB one of the world's most environmentally conscious campuses.

In Isla Vista, the plans are already underway for the first annual ChillaVista street festival, which will occur June 4, 2006 on the 6700 block of DP. This festival will utilize sustainable methods to the celebrate music, arts, and food of the Isla Vista culture. The winter quarter group studies project, Soc 194: ChillaVista, has already outlined the festival, which will be run entirely off renewable energy sources, and will be using the zero-waste model, as we recycle, compost, and re-use nearly 100% of our materials. We will also be hosting a farmers market, a skate competition, and various other educational, recreational, and artistic endeavors at the festival. In addition to the ChillaVista festival, the ChillaVista party is already fighting to extend the 12 am noise ordinance in Isla Vista for live music, and contesting the unreasonable fines that are levied upon students as a result of violating this unjust zero tolerance policy.

Globally, the ChillaVista party is committed to showcasing UCSB's progressive achievements across the world. We are already in discussions with universities in China to help them set up a sustainable campus program based on the progressive visioning of UCSB's students. This partnership is extremely important, as China becomes a powerful force in global affairs. We will also continue to spread the progressive leadership of UCSB across the state as well as the country.

Please join us in creating the ChillaVista experience; we embrace diversity and would love to hear further ideas from the student body. Email ChillaVista@gmail.com, and together we can make UCSB the global leader in progressive visioning, and student empowerment!

2006 A.S. Reaffirmations

(These are reaffirmations of existing constitutional lock-ins. Voting "YES" will not increase your A.S. fees.)

A.S. Student Commission On Racial Equality (S.C.O.R.E): Do you support continued funding of twenty-six cents ($0.26) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter for A.S. Student Commission On Racial Equality?

A.S. Bike Shop: Do you support continued funding of seventy-five cents ($0.75) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter for the A.S. Bike Shop?

A.S. Recycling Program: Do you support continued funding of seventy-five cents ($0.75) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter for the Recycling Program?

A.S. Bicycle Systems Improvements: Do you support continued funding of seventy-five cents ($0.75) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter for A.S. Bicycle Systems Improvements?

A.S. Isla Vista Tenants' Union: Do you support continued funding of one dollar and no cents ($1.00) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter for the Isla Vista Tenants' Union?

A.S. Child Care Grant: Do you support continued funding of twenty-five cents ($0.25) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter for the Child Care Grant?

A.S. Environmental Affairs Board: Do you support continued funding of twenty-five cents ($0.25) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter for the Environmental Affairs Board?

A.S. Program Board: Do you support continued funding of five dollars and fifty cents ($5.50) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter for A.S. Program Board?

Educational Opportunity Program (E.O.P.): Do you support continued funding of one dollar and twenty-five cents ($1.25) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter for E.O.P. (Educational Opportunity Program)?

Intramural Sports Programs: Do you support continued funding of two dollars and fifty-cents ($2.50) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter for the Intramural Sports Program?

2006 A.S. Fee Initiatives

(These are new funding initiatives and would increase your current A.S. fee for Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer quarters.)

"The Student Voice" lock-in fee Increase

The UC Student Association (UCSA) is the official voice of all UC students to the UC Regents, UC Office of the President, the California Governor, and the California State Legislature. Every UC student is a member of UCSA, whose mission is to "advance higher education by empowering current and future students to advocate on their own behalf for the accessibility, affordability, and quality of the University of California system". UCSA has historically advocated for lowering student fees, increasing financial aid and funding outreach for UC students. In addition to advocacy, UCSA also provides leadership development, workshops, statewide conferences, internships, and trainings. The lock-in fee will go towards increasing the quality and opportunities for students to participate in these activities. The current quarterly fee that undergraduates pay is thirty-five cents ($.35).

Do you approve of a $2.00 per student per quarter lock-in fee increase, bringing the total amount to two dollars and thirty-five cents ($2.35), to support the UC Student Association to increase the quantity and quality of advocacy for UCSB students at the local and statewide level? The fee would begin fall 2006 and be subject to reaffirmation in spring 2008. There will be a return to aid surcharge added to the fee based on the RTA percentage receiving the most votes.

Pro Statement

No Statement Submitted

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

A.S. Program Board Fee Increase

A.S. Program Board coordinates concerts and film viewings among many other special events. This year, A.S. Program Board brought Damian Marley, Panic! At the Disco, Sugarcult, Charlie Murphy, Pinback and Blackalicious as well as the annual free Extravaganza. A.S. Program Board has provided financial and/or logistical support to Community Affairs Board, various Greek organizations, NORML, Residence Halls Association, NAACP, Earth Day, Take Back the Night, and many other student organizations and events, saving students thousands of dollars on the cost of their events. Increased funding is needed to attract better bands, quality comedians, entertaining events, and more funding to student groups.

Do you support a four dollar and fifty cents ($4.50) per undergraduate student per quarter lock-in increase to support A.S. Program Board to improve services provided, bringing the total amount to ten dollars ($10.00)? The fee would begin fall 2006 and be subject to reaffirmation in spring 2008. There will be a return to aid surcharge added to the fee based on the RTA percentage receiving the most votes.

Pro Statement

Dear Students,
Associated Students Program Board is a body on campus responsible for the planning and organizing of alternative student events. They put on Extravaganza, Tuesday night movies in Isla Vista Theatre, comedy performances such as Charlie Murphy and Dave Chappelle, and many other events. I wholeheartedly support the fee initiative and if passed it will provide another $17,000 per quarter for alternative social programming for students. This means bigger and better programs for students.
Chaz Whatley
AS President 2005-2006

Program Board currently has one of the lowest lock-in fees for programming in the UC system and it hinders the availability of more free events for students. An increase could contribute to improved quality and an increased number of events.
Romy Lea Frazier
Associated Students
Representative at Large

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

Multicultural Center Fee Increase

The UCSB MultiCultural Center provides over 100 free events per year, funding for student groups, free room rental and audio/visual support for all UCSB student groups to present their events, a study space, and a meeting space.

Do you approve of a $3.00 lock-in fee increase per student per quarter to the existing A.S. locking fee of $0.75 per student per quarter ($0.50 summer) to support the MCC's operating and programming costs? This increase to the existing A.S. MCC lock-in fee is in addition to the $1.75 quarterly ($1.00 summer) Campus Elections fee. This new fee will raise the total MCC per student quarterly fee to $5.50 (fall, winter and spring) and $4.50 for summer. If approved, the fee will take affect as of fall 2006 and would be subject for reaffirmation in spring 2008. There will be a return to aid surcharge added to the fee based on the RTA percentage receiving the most votes.

Pro Statement

No Statement Submitted

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

2006 A.S. Constitutional Amendment

Constitutional Amendment

Do you approve of a Constitutional Amendment that would allow students to elect an executive officer to advocate for student's rights within the university? The new position would be titled Student Advocate General and would not result in any fee increases for students. The amendment would appear at the end of Article VI, Section 2, would take effect on January 1st, 2007, and would read as follows:

The Student Advocate General Shall:

A) Provide oversight and direction to the Office of the Student Advocate.
B) Educate the student body about student's rights, University and Associated Students policies, laws, regulations, procedures, and promote awareness of the availability of advice and representation services offered by the Office of the Student Advocate.
C) Be available to provide assistance and support to any undergraduate student and student group involved in disciplinary actions with the University of California, Santa Barbara and be empowered to challenge University policies on their behalf.
D) Present the position of the Associated Students to the University's administration concerning student rights, campus rules, and other areas of student conduct.
E) Be a non-partisan representative of all undergraduate students at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Pro Statement

This amendment would:

Christopher Karlin

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted