2005 Spring General
Election Supplement

Presidential Candidates

William "Bill" Shiebler - Student Action Coalition

What's up UCSB! My name's Bill Shiebler and I'm running with the Student Action Coalition to be your next A.S. President. As a second year Sociology and Business Economics double major I have dedicated every ounce of my time to fight and organize around issues affecting students on this campus. I currently serve as the A.S. Finance Board Chair and the State Affairs Organizing Director for our UCSB campus. I am also a member of the Student Commission On Racial Equality, Student Lobby, the Queer Student Union, and the Campus Action Committee Chair for the University of California Student Association.

Through my involvement I have gained the experience and developed the skills necessary to represent UCSB as a strong and diverse campus. I am dedicated to using student government as a tool for students to voice their concerns and priorities.

I think the student fee situation is ridiculous and as President I will continue 1.) Lobbying to freeze the fee increases and cuts to financial aid 2.) Hold administrators and student government officials accountable to working for and on behalf of students 3.) Secure more money for Associated Students through grants, re-structuring for fiscal efficiency, and prioritizing spending for student issues.

So remember, if you want experience and accountability, vote Bill Shiebler 4 President! Vote Student Action Coalition (S.A.C.). Taking Action, Attaining Access. www.voteSAC.com

Chaz Whatley - Students' Party
Dear UCSB Students,
My name is Chaz Whatley and I seek your vote for A.S. President.

My vision for the future of Associated Students begins internally and extends outward. I believe the future of any organization depends on its ability to change and grow in its representation and stability.

The image of Associated Students right now is not a very good one. Students are still suspicious of our operations, our priorities, and our motives. We need to be more transparent as an organization. We need to show the students that we want to represent them and that we are dedicated to making UCSB a better place. We need to make AS more cost effective. Instead of A.S. as a resource to fund student groups, student government should be a catalyst for effective and lasting change. While we need to be mindful of the affairs of the state, we also need to realize we cannot affect positive change in the world, until we first do so on our campus. I am dedicated to working on campaigns such as accessibility for people with disabilities, the Isla Vista Foot Patrol Campaign, parental notification, tenants rights issues, cheaper textbooks, student fee hikes, and prioritization of education.

I live and breath A.S. and I believe with every fiber of my being that I can do this job and do it well. I will work in the best interest of the students and make sure that every student voice is heard. Vote Students' Party!

Torrin A. Brooks

I view the president of AS as a link between student government and students in general. We need a president who will work hard for the good of the campus, one who will make the best decisions and lead us into the future. I will not make any crazy promises that I cannot keep, but I will tell you that if elected I will do my best to serve our campus, root out terrorists who may have already infiltrated AS, and serve as a representative for the entire student body.

My main goals as president are to spend our money better and allow more students to be actively involved. I will set up a decent webpage so that all information from and about AS is easily accessible. I will make myself available to the student body through phone, email, and by being around campus when possible.

As an independent candidate, I will be able to work will all students and elected representatives. I will not be tied down to bogus party claims or forced to answer to anyone but the students. There will be no ten-year plan. I will focus on what needs to be done now. I will bridge the differences between all people and the different parties.

I'm just a regular student. I enjoy going out with friends and playing poker like most people. I have never run before, but I am the best candidate. Vote for me, the regular guy, and I will make UCSB a better place!

Internal Vice President

Adam Graff - Students' Party

Picture a boat...a big boat. A Santa Barbarian galleon with the letters "A.S." spattered on the hull in faded paint. The boat has seen better days...in the past, it was full of treasure, enough to dole out to every group that wanted a piece. Now the crew scrapes the bottom of every barrel. The hull has a hole in it, and the crew is pulling in different directions and bickering about how to fix it. One thing is certain; the boat is not going to survive another outing on the high seas, for the county whirlpools, landlord reefs, and tuition hike gales will surely rip it to shreds. If the only the crew would sit down, work out their differences, and combine their efforts to fix the hole, the ship could be restored to its former glory. My name is Adam Graff, and this is my vision.

I want to get all of the factions of A.S. working on the same page. Over my two years of council experience, I have come across many situations where groups aimed to accomplish the same feat, but didn't collaborate and subsequently failed. I want to restore the trust between A.S, the students, and the nexus, because without it, we lose our authority to speak as the official student voice. I will hold our appointment committee accountable, so that our vacancies are summarily filled. Our image has been tarnished. I ask you, the students, for the opportunity to polish it back to a shine.

Joanna Thomas - Student Action Coalition

Can you imagine a student government so efficient that all students were represented and projects ranged from campus, to state, to even nation wide? Well I can. I am Joanna Thomas and I am running for the position of Internal Vice President. I have been an active student of UCSB for the past two years and during this time I have worked within several student groups. Some of which include Akanke (a women's support group), Black Student Union, Women's Commission and the Women of Color Conference collective. A unifying strand that connects these organizations is the goal to both educate and empower all students.

Being a Legislative Council member this year has inspired me to run for office. I feel obliged to challenge Associated Student's inability to fully represent the needs of all students. As the Vice President of Akanke I have personally felt the financial burdens that the lack of funding available to organizations has imposed on the students. It is impossible for AS to promote and support the students when we cannot aid their efforts financially.

My three priorities when elected will be: 1.) Establishing a Finance Board lock-in that will guarantee funds for students organizations 2.) Prioritize and institutionalize student initiated outreach programs by developing an Outreach Board within AS, and 3.) Hold administrators fiscally accountable to ensure that student monies are being used responsibly and for student issues.
A vote for me, Joanna Thomas, is a vote for experience, accountability and accessibility. Vote SAC, Taking Action, Attaining Access. Visit www.votesac.com

External Vice President, Local Affairs

Kelly Burns - Students' Party

Isla Vista is a place unique to all others. Separated from the rest of the world by the Pacific Ocean, the mountains, and our fine University, 17,000 people live in one densely packed square mile. UCSB students make up over 60% of Isla Vista's population and therefore truly have the opportunity and ability to make an impact, and express creativity. As Vice President of Local Affairs I will embrace our special community and work to take it to its full potential. I am currently a director on the IVRPD, so have been given the resources to further understand and effect Isla Vista. I am active in the Environmental Affairs Board and am passionate about environmental practices and creating an equal, sustainable and healthy community. I have gotten the chance to work on this vision from many different angles. I am a Green Campus Council intern and am on the Community Center Task Force. I also have experience working on many local political campaigns with Campus Democrats. I believe that students should be celebrated, not taken advantage of through unsuitable living conditions, exuberant rent, and rising parking fees. I am currently working on this as Vice Chair of Student Lobby, where I sit on the IVFP accountability committee. I also propose a plan to expand the Tenants Union. Overall, I hold very strongly that all people in IV should should be seen as vibrant, contributing, and valuable members of society. I am passionate, open, experienced and ready to hold this position. A vote for me is a vote for IV!

Gerardo Zepeda - Student Action Coalition

Hello, my name is Gerardo Zepeda and I am running for External Vice President of Local Affairs; I am a third year, double major in Chicana/Chicano Studies and Dramatic Art. In the last three years, my involvement in the community as well as various other groups, such as the Student Commission on Racial Equality (SCORE), the Queer Student Union (QSU), Queer People of Color (QPOC), and the Tenants Council for Francisco Torres, have shaped my political understanding as well as developed my leadership. These valuable organizational skills have allowed me to foster and develop the leadership necessary to bring about real change and effectiveness to legislative council, the UCSB community, and our community at large. Through my involvement, I am reminded everyday to think critically about how to progressively change and develop my political surroundings. As EVPLA, I will work to represent and attain access for all students by fighting to stop student fee hikes, obtaining affordable student housing, and building coalitions with local organizations, institutions of higher education, and legislative representatives to create a more sustainable and diverse campus. Nelson Mandela once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world;" too often do people lose sight of the value of education.
Education should be accessible and affordable for everyone. Through organizing and coalition building UCSB can work to create a community that values education for all in order to build a sustainable social, economic, political, and environmental movement.
So Take Action today and VOTE SAC to Attain Access for everyone!

External Vice President, Statewide

Janett Cardiel - Students Action Coalition

Hi Everyone! My name is Janett Cardiel and I am running for External Vice President of State Wide Affairs with the Student Action Coalition. I'm running with SAC because all students deserve a quality educational experience regardless of their background or condition. As your EVPSA, I promise to be an outspoken voice at the statewide and national level for lower student fees, increased financial aid and whatever issues you bring to the table. For the past two years I have served as the co-chair of Associated Students Women's Commission working on issues such as sexual assault, gender and sexual orientation discrimination, campus safety and other miscellaneous issues affecting women worldwide. I am currently helping to organize the UC-wide women of color conference, increasing my relationships and contacts statewide and therefore allowing me to greater serve you in this position. I have also been an active member of A.S. Student Commission on Racial Equality, working on race related issues on campus and in the community. I'm running with SAC because I truly care about our campus community, and I know you do too. Our administration will bring greater accessibility, accountability and diversity to student government. Janett Cardiel for EVPSA; Vote S.A.C.- Taking Action, Attaining Access.

Felicia Cruz - Students' Party

Rising students fees, cuts to financial aid, return to aid reduction, excess fee unit policy, cuts to outreach and admission, cuts to students services and accountability of UC Regents and UC office of the President, that is just a mere glimpse into what issues my current job of EVPSA work on and will continue to be if re-elected. My name is Felicia Cruz and I am STUDENTS' PARTY candidate for External Vice President of Statewide Affairs (EVPSA). If re- elected, I will ensure that our voice is heard at a statewide and national level. Through my past years involvement in Associated Students I have been involved in the University of California Student Association, Student Commission on Racial Equality, Student Lobby and the United States Students Association. I believe that our student voice is essential at a statewide level but in order to do this we must coordinate all students dissatisfied with the status quo. Furthermore, we must continue to pursue and ensure that our demands are met on our campus by the UC Regents. We must continue to hold rallies and lobby our Regents to lower student fees but at the same time develop plans that offer an alternative solution to the problems we are addressing. What is ultimately needed to win victories are sustainable, accountable and accessible organizations, That is what Students' Party and I will be bringing to UCSB and statewide. Felicia Cruz for External Vice President of Statewide Affairs. Vote Students' Party. Contact me at fcruz@umail.ucsb.edu


Jason Everitt - Students' Party

My name is Jason Everitt and I am running for Representative at Large with Students' Party. I'm running for a second term as a representative in Associated Students. In the past year I've authored bills that have supported increasing disability access, created a Liaison to the Greek Community and organized a ‘Perfect Party' where students and police can come together and have questions answered in a party atmosphere. Outside of legislative council, I have served as Inter-Fraternity Council President, Constitution and Bylaws Chair, and Finance Board member. I was also chosen as First Pro Tempore, the right hand of the Internal Vice-President. This year I would like to continue the trend of fiscal responsibility that we have started in the Students' Party era. A.S. has to ask students for money in large part because they have over-funded inactive and ineffective organizations. Students' Party serves every student. We have worked all year for the average student and particularly marginalized communities. Every student doesn't want to have higher fees, expensive textbooks, and a confrontational relationship with police. Students' Party has championed all of these causes. We don't wait all year and then start kissing up to students we haven't worked for. We work for the average student all year long. Vote Jason Everitt and vote Students' Party.

Moiz Ali - Students' Party

Hey there students my name is Moiz Ali, but you can call me Ali. I am running this year for Rep-@-Large with students party. I am currently involved with the Residence Hall Association, being a floater rep for FT. I also am a memeber of Zeta Phi Rho a multicultural fraternity. These activities have inspired me to run for election this year, and I feel that being involved in these organizations have given me enough experince to greatly impact the way students are represented. Students need a voice, it is hard to be heard and to create change, especially when students do not have the proper representation. But, being involved with Residence Hall Association for two years I know that I am not afraid to give my opinions. It consists of me representing FT in RHA meetings and creating programs for them, pretty much if I win this election I will represent a lot more people. If you vote for me during this election, you will not go wrong. Vote Ali! Your voice will be heard. Don't forget to vote for Student's Party. Student's Party consists of a diverse group of people that come from all different backgrounds and will represent you, the student, better than any other party. Just remember what is a fist without a mic? Vote Moiz Ali, Students Party, Rep- At- Large!

Sam " The Man" Giles - Students' Party

I have a great deal of experience in student government, having been an active member of ASB for the past seven years. A few of the positions I have held are Treasurer, Historian, Rally Commissioner and President. I also have received other leadership accolades including Student Mentor of the Year, the Student-Athlete Award, and various leadership awards. I currently am a junior majoring in political science, international emphasis, and might add the double major of Global Studies or German. Recently, I was the first write-in candidate in UCSB history to be elected as a Resident Hall President, where I worked with RHA, my Executive Board, and my San Nicholas Hall Council to promote a healthy and fun college experience for students living in the Residence Halls and all students in general. I am looking forward to holding the position of Rep at Large in order to promote these benefits for all of my fellow on and off-campus students. Currently, I am chairman of Media Relations where my committee works as a liaison between all boards and committees of A.S. and media output. Having observed other parties in the past and present, I feel the Students' Party can bypass traditional organization and make more efficient use of resources in order to promote cooperation and coordination among students and the campus community. As an alternative to standard party commitments, I feel we can better represent students. Vote for the individual or the party in this election, and you'll reach the same result.

Randi "Delaina" Contreras - Student Action Coalition

Hi everyone, my name is Randi Delaina Contreras and I'm running for A.S. legislative council Representative-at-large with the Student Action Coalition. I'm running with S.A.C. because I believe all UCSB students deserve equal representation in student government and a quality education experience. For the past year I have served as A.S. Student Lobby issues coordinator for education, working on issues such as outreach, student fees and financial aid. I have lobbied our legislators in Sacramento to increase higher educations opportunities for students of color, students of low-income backgrounds, lower students fees and appose the governor's proposed budget cuts to education. I'm also running with S.A.C. because I believe their leadership in student government has proven to be most effective in demanding accountability from our administration. Furthermore, I believe that every all students have a right to make a difference by having their voices heard and represented. I will be proud to serve as your representative-at-large and continue the work I feel so passionately about: Fighting for the rights of students. Vote S.A.C. Taking Action, Attaining Access. www.votesac.com

Nathalie Pozon Grun - Student Action Coalition

No statement submitted.

Jennifer Greeley - Students' Party
Dear Students of UCSB,

My name is Jennifer Greeley and I am running as a Representative at Large with Student's Party. As a member of the 2004-2005 Legislative Council, I have first-hand experience with Associated Student staff and motivated students. I take advantage of the vast opportunity created by Associated Students as an active member of Shoreline Preservation Fund, as Publicity Chair of AS Bikes, and as a participant of the Family Literacy Program maintained by the Community Affairs Board. The Education for Sustainable Living Program has allowed me to work with children of local schools on issues pertaining to the environment and I have utilized the knowledge I have gained from various conferences I have attended. Over the past months I have experienced students' involvement with the environment (CSSC Convergence), with the Government of California (Student Leadership Conference), and with funders and non-profits (Partnership for Excellence Conference). With my committees I have worked for bike path improvement, environmental education, conservation, and research, and for students representation on financial aid increases and tuition decreases. As a student privileged with a position in Associated Students, I am fortunate to be informed about campus-wide and nation-wide issues that affect other students as well as issues that affect the Isla Vista community. I am passionate for our wealth of knowledge here at the University and for the environment here in Santa Barbara, and I aim to enhance each.

Tanya Paperny - Student Action Coalition

"Hey folks! My name is Tanya Paperny and I'm running for Rep-At-Large with the Student Action Coalition. I'm a second year Women's Studies major, studying History, Political Science, Ethnic Studies, Art, and Creative Writing with the goal of working towards social justice in the future. I am the co-chair of the Queer Student Union this year with Raymond Meza. Together we work to increase visibility for queer students on our campus and raise awareness about the issues specific to that community. I've worked with student leaders on our campus to organize fundraisers, social events, educational workshops, and even the student-initiated walkout. With S.A.C., I hope to make all the opportunities that come with higher education available to more people and more accessible through budget campaigns, outreach programs, and student-led education and leadership opportunities. I also hope to create coalitions between campus organizations representing the many facets of our student body so that we can better represent the interests of underrepresented groups and the voices within our campus community. I will listen to your needs with an open mind, and since I am familiar with the inner-workings of this university, it's administration, and it's policies, I can get you the resources you need. VOTE SAC ~ Taking Action, Attaining Access!"

Raymond Meza - Student Action Coalition

My name is Raymond Meza and I'm running for a representative at large.
I am a 2nd year Political Science major and a current Legislative Council member. While on the council I have focused my efforts on building coalitions with student organizations, faculty, and staff on statewide issues that affect all students. Through my position on the Academic Senate's Undergraduate Council I have written position papers with the faculty that have opposed numerous UC policies that are detrimental to the quality of our education. First, the faculty of this campus due to the lobbying of S.A.C. members oppose an Excess Unit Fee Policy that would penalize students who take too many units outside of their major. Second, we have consistently opposed the Compact of Higher Education that annually raises student fees, reduces financial aid, and places limit on enrollment growth. Simply put, S.A.C and it's representatives have constantly opposed policies that would increase student fees and limit access to the UC. I am also a co-chair of the Queer Student Union I've witnessed the crunch that campus organizations are facing when seeking A.S. funds. In the wake of the current administrations failure to pass the "A.S. Intiative" S.A.C. will work hard to prioritze student resources and programming by establishing a Finance Board lock-in.

Romy Lea Frazier - Students' Party

What up y'all, I'm Romy Lea Frazier and I am running with Students Party to be your Representative at Large for Legislative Council next year. I am a sophomore Global Studies major and I am currently serving as your Rep at Large, I just love it so much that I want to be a part of it all again! As the hall council president of La Patera Quad in Manzanita this year, I've learned that the most successful programs happen with the input of the students. I have and will continue to translate this to a larger scale by representing you and being your voice at the legislative council meetings.

My extensive involvement with numerous other organizations, for example Program Board, RHA and Commission On Public Safety have helped me realize my passion for serving students' interests. I work to solve pertinent issues surrounding our campus (IVFP using tasers, textbook prices, trust amongst AS- that includes you!) through student interaction and working with others. This year, it was brought to all of our attention that there's a lack of funding within AS. I want for the numerous boards and committees of AS to continue to exist and improve our community as they have. I will work to secure funds for the future so that positive programming can continue.

I'm here to learn; I'm here to listen, but most importantly help to make some of the most significant decisions on our campus with your input. Vote Students Party!!

Michaun Barner - Student Action Coalition

Hello, my name is Michaun Barner. I am a first year English major. I am running for Representative at Large with Student Action Coalition. In attending UCSB I have strived to become more involved in my community. Although I am new to this campus, my fellow peers have pointed me in the right direction, which has encouraged me to have a lasting impact in the lives of other students at UCSB. In attending numerous conferences and meetings I have come to realize many of the issues that all students face. There needs to be immense social change, economic stability, and political equality. Every organization on this campus deserves a voice and my goal is to let them be heard. Student Action Coalition will accomplish this by working closely with the people who matter the most, the students. The students on this campus need to be empowered and realize that they have support. The students have people behind them battling everyday for their best interest. Networking between different organizations on campus will help in the improvement of UCSB. Finding resolutions to the issues of today's generation is, and has always been, a long journey. While we are on this quest for equality there can only be one path to take: the road where optimistic communities, progressive change, and fighting for victory is waiting at the end. Also at the end of that road there might be a sign that says, "Vote SAC: Taking Action, Attaining Access".

Christina Leets - Students' Party

What is important to YOU? What needs do you have? Have you ever felt passionate about an issue at UCSB, but felt no one cared to listen? My name is Christina Leets, and I am running for Rep-at-Large with Students' Party because I care about your needs and want to represent those needs! I am currently Vice-Chair of AS Community Affairs Board and have been helping UCSB students find volunteer work for the past two years. Through working in CAB, I have had the privilege of interacting with many on-campus groups and students to further community service opportunities. I also am a member of the Greek community and most recently held the position of New Member Educator. This position allowed me to understand the needs and concerns of members of the freshmen class. Aside from representing students' needs to the best of my ability, I hope to strengthen ties between the arrays of student groups on campus. I hope to create more opportunities for organizations to network their strengths through fairs, socials, and activities. I also realize funding is a major issue for many student groups at this time. To help alleviate this problem, while also strengthening ties between student groups, I plan to orchestrate fundraisers for all on-campus groups. This would advance networking opportunities within groups while addressing a major problem for student groups. Please give me the opportunity to represent you! The ideals of Students' Party, as well as my personal goals, will give you an amazing 2005-2006 school year. Rock on UCSB!

Off-Campus Representatives

Tuyen Nguyen - Student Action Coalition

My name is Tuyen Nguyen and I am a first year. In the past two quarters I have been actively involved in the community working with the Asian Resource Center and Student for a Progressive Asian American Movement (SPAAM). As an Asian Pacific Islander, woman, students, and member of your community, I want to ensure safety, diversity, and access for all students. This includes raising awareness and addressing the issues facing the under represented groups. I firmly believe that change is necessary for progress. In order to achieve progress, better communication between student government and the community is essential for success. The creation of student coalitions is necessary to create a safe space for dialogue. The exchange of ideas between different personalities creates awareness and growth within the community. I am a product of such exchange of dialogue as I became more politically and socially aware. As your off-campus representative, I will work to have affordable and quality housing for all tenants and ensure that all tenant rights are met. I would also want to connect the UCSB community and Isla Vista by creating monthly meetings with members of the community. I would like to continue on this never ending journey of growth and progress with you as your legislative council. Vote S.A.C. Taking Action. Attaining Access.

Yeva "Eva" Kilamyan - Students' Party

You've probably talked to me on campus or joined one of my famous facebook groups. My name is Eva Kilamyan and I'm a first year Business Economics and Political Science major running for off-campus representative with Students' Party. I'm running because I want to help change student government to make it accountable to the students. Every student pays to fund A.S., so every student should know where his/her money goes. Under Students' Party leadership, all A.S. fiscal reports will be posted online and available to everyone. I strongly oppose our rising student fees and ridiculous textbook prices and will continue to work with Student Lobby to make sure that the politicians in Sacramento and Washington D.C. make higher education a priority. We all have different backgrounds, political views, and interests. But at the end of the day, we are all in the same boat. If we suffer, we suffer together. If we work together and voice our concerns, we will succeed together.

Kathryn "Katie" Bender - Students' Party

Hey all, I'm KATHRYN BENDER, but I give you all personal permission to call me KATIE. Currently, I am rocking a position as off-campus rep, and I would LOVE to continue holding this position in the '05-'06 school year. I'm a second year art studio major, and a member of the Tau class of Delta Delta Delta. I have a long résumé of student leadership throughout my life, including president for my senior class, vice president of Girls' League, and so much more. I am a firm believer of the STUDENTS' PARTY platform including, but not exclusive to tenants' rights, keeping the IVPD in their place, reasonable tuition and costs of books in order to keep higher education attainable to as many as possible, and generally forging a better situation for the students of UCSB. I am just a normal girl-I love UCSB and I love to party and have fun, but I also know when and how to get down to business. I'm not afraid to hear from those whom I represent, or to go out of my way to find out what is best for YOU. STUDENTS' PARTY stands for representing the voice of the students here at our gorgeous school, and I want to do so. I NEED to represent your voice, and I'll be sure to do a darn good job. Vote Students' Party: Your Choice, Your Voice. And believe me, you won't regret it. Thanks!

Joel Rodriguez-Flores - Student Action Coalition

My name is Joel Rodriguez-Flores and I am a second-year global studies and women's studies major at UCSB. Over the past two years, I have become increasingly active in a number of progressive organizations on campus, including Amnesty International, Queer Student Union, and El Congreso. Currently, I am participating in the coalition for the planning of the upcoming UC-wide Women of Color Conference, and I am a finance co-coordinator for El Congreso's annual youth conference, which brings over 800 students to UCSB. I am also active in the local community; I campaigned extensively for Measure D last fall, and since it passed I have worked towards the construction of the Isla Vista community center.

I decided to become involved with Associated Students because I want to take advantage of that organization's resources and influence to better represent the many communities that are present on this campus. It is my main goal to make my fellow students aware of their power as individuals and as members of a collective, as I believe that A.S. should strive to represent the sentiments of as many of them as possible. This is why I chose to run for off-campus representative with Student Action Coalition: I believe that it is the party that most comprehensively addresses the issues that truly affect the greatest number of UCSB students. Vote SAC: Taking Action, Attaining Access!

Ryann Gastwirth - Students' Party

Hey UCSB! My name is Ryann Gastwirth and I'm running for Off-Campus Representative with STUDENTS' PARTY. I know you are reading this because you are bored or you just happen to love UCSB as much as I do and want to have a say in the decisions that affect your life on campus and off. Either way, I would love to represent YOU on next year's Legislative Council. I'm here to bring your ideas and interests to the table to make sure that your voice is heard. Over the past year I have been an active member of Student Lobby, working on the IVFP campaign to create a better relationship between law enforcement officers and students, and fighting against increased fees which we all know is a huge pain in the ass. I'm broke and starving just like many of you and the issues that affect EVERY student such as ridiculous textbook prices, landlords that like to rip us off, lack of parking, and rising tuition are most important to me. This is our campus and I'm here to make sure it stays that way. Vote Ryann Gastwirth for off-campus rep because a vote for STUDENTS' PARTY is a vote for YOU.

Rachel Weight - Students' Party

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Vote for Rachel Weight.

10. Lots of leadership experience-I've been actively involved in my school and community since forever.

9. Member of Student Lobby - working on the IVFP campaigns to create a better relationship between police and students in Isla Vista, and the Prioritization of Education campaign to make the university system affordable and accesible to all.

8. I hate Ugg boots and a mini skirt.

7. I love the environment and am dedicated to preserving our sweet coastlines and community parks, and to making our campus as eco-friendly as possible.

6. I'm totally broke, and you probably are too, so I want to fight on our behalf against the raising of our student fees, high textbook prices, the implementation of parking permits in IV, and any unnecessary spending of our student body budget.

5. I love people and talking to people. I'll talk to you about any ideas or concerns you have and help you out in any way I can.

4. I'm a nice girl. I take notes and proctor tests for disabled students at our campus and pick up litter on the ground when I see it.

3. I make excellent bean dip, and can make you some if you'd like.

2. I'm crazy about IV and the amazing community we've created here, and want to fight to preserve our traditional chill way of life.

1. I'm running with Students' Party…and we're kind of a big deal.

Etuajie Oiyemhonlan - Student Action Coalition
"In a globalizing world, gender equality and empowerment of women are vital tools to achieve sustainable developments of societies, and are even admitted by the fools!"

My name is Etuajie Evelyn Oiyemhonlan and as a representative of Student Action Coalition (S.A.C) running for off-campus representative, I am taking a pivotal role in tackling issues that concern women safety within our community as well as other essential issues that will ensure representation and security among all members of the under-served communities. Throughout my educational career, I have taken on many leadership positions that require determination and ambition. As an off-campus representative I am willing to concern myself with issues such as diversity and opportunity. This quote essentially epitomizes my desire to take a more proactive role in creating an academic environment that both tolerates change within our community and celebrates the nuances of cultures, ethnicities, and orientations that our coalition represents. Though I believe there is a progressive movement on campus that stands for social change within our community, I believe that we can do more to insure that the students at Santa Barbara are able to grow culturally and academically in an environment that supports these experiences. Though I have only been apart of UCSB's community for two quarters, I recognize the issues that need to be addressed and put to the forefront of the university. The issue of bringing together all organizations such as minority groups on campus, queer communities and women collections are needed in order to ensure a safe zone for all individuals. As a woman, and woman of color I know that there will be obstacles that I have to face but I am willing to take them on headstrong without letting down. Vote for S.A.C because a person without ambition is dead, a person without love is dead, but a person with ambition and love for progressiveness and change is ever so alive. Vote S.A.C. Taking Action, Attaining Access.

Carlos Cruz - Student Action Coalition

Hello, my name is Carlos Cruz. I am running for the position of off-campus representative with the Student Action Coalition. I am currently the Vice President of San Miguel Hall. I am also a member of El Congreso, the Student Commission On Racial Equality and Queer Student Union. Student government should be a place where all students are heard, no matter what race, religion, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability they have. If elected I will bring forward YOUR ideas, issues and concerns to A.S. and the campus as a whole. I will work closely with underrepresented communitiies on campus so that the voices of all students are heard and their concerns addressed. As off-campus representative I shall work with the IVTU and other local tenant advocates to protect the rights and detain affordable housing and decent living for all UCSB students. I will also work to increase the safety and accessablility for students with disabilites, womyn, people of color, queer, low income and all students.

Let me represent you and your voice. Student Action Coalition: Taking Action, Attaining Access. A vote for SAC is a vote for integrity and experience. www.votesac.com

Candice “Candy” Hodge - Student Action Coalition

My name is Candice Hodge (Candy); I am currently running for Off- Campus Representative for the most influential and most recognizable organization on campus: Student Action Coalition (SAC). I am a freshman who is double majoring in Law and Society and Psychology, with a minor in French. I am a life member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (N.A.A.C.P). I hold the position of President of the local Youth council (400+ persons) and I am the National Youth Works Representative for Region I (I am responsible for seven states). I am a member of Black Student Union (BSU), AKANKE (women's support group) and the French Club. I am also the Multi-Cultural Awareness Chair (MAC) for Francisco Torres Hall Council. As one can see, I am highly active in my community in various aspects.
One may ask, why I am right for the job? The answer will be as follows:
1.) I am devoted to Social and Political Issues that affect and has an effect on the community.
2.) I am experienced; I believe that age does not define who you are and what you are able to contribute to the community.
3.) Lastly, I am a person that makes changes, which affects my community permanently not temporarily!
If you want and EXPECT change in your community, vote for SAC and most importantly Candice Rochelle Hodge for Off-Campus Representative! Taking Action, Attaining Access!

Claudia Garcia - Student Action Coalition

Hey! My name is Claudia Garcia and I am running for Off-Campus Representative with Student Action Coalition (S.A.C.). I'm a second year Political Science major and have been involved with our student government for the past year, and more recently with the Greek system. Through my involvement with Student Lobby and Student Commission On Racial Equality (S.C.O.R.E.), I have gained valuable experience and knowledge on the variety of issues that affect students on our campus- be it the quality of our education, the cost and accessibility of the university, or our safety on and off campus. I have worked on successful campaigns to ensure outreach on our campus and have lobbied in Sacramento against the fee increases we all dread. I realize that UCSB is incredibly diverse, not just in terms of backgrounds, but also in interests. As a member of both progressive organizations and a sorority, I see the disconnection between student government and many other groups on campus. I would like for you to give me the opportunity to help with this divide, to create a space in which all students work collectively to ensure a better UCSB. S.A.C does not promise new pop machines or glitter Bonnebell dispensers in the girls' bathrooms, but they do promise effective student organizing with strong leaders that will make change both on the legislative level and right here on campus. So vote S.A.C. and all your wildest dreams will come true! VoteSAC.com

Jesse Howie Baker IV - Students' Party

What's up all?! My name is Howie Baker IV and I'm running for the position of Off-Campus Rep. with Students' Party. As a transfer, I haven't yet had the opportunity to work in student government, but what I lack in experience I more than make up for in my genuine desire to represent the students' interests as they are expressed to me. I believe that partisan infighting should never undermine the responsibility of student government to successfully respond to the demands of the students. Representatives need to subordinate their personal goals and always remember to work for the students' interests. One problem I think that all students can relate to concerns course availability. Financial cutbacks should never jeopardize the quality of our education or the availability of classes. I want to work with legislative council to push for a larger number/wider selection of section times for the more popular courses to ensure that students are able to graduate on time. I would also like to work on Legislative Council to further enhance the power of IV Tenant's Union in their struggle to stabilize the exorbitant rent prices in IV and inform tenants of their rights. Most importantly, I want to use my position on Legislative Council to get the work done that the STUDENTS want. If elected, I would encourage all students to approach me with any and all ideas they have to make life at UCSB even more enjoyable. VOTE FOR HOWIE BAKER IV, AND VOTE GREEN ON 4/20!

Gina Fischer - Students' Party

BANG! POW! WHAM! Did my use of Batman onomatopoeias catch your attention? Good. Now I am going to tell you what my life is all about, and hopefully you'll be inspired to vote for me. I'm a second year political science and geography double-major. I work at the UCSB Bookstore and the IV Food Co-op. I live in IV and pay way too much in rent and don't have a garbage disposal. Also, buying textbooks just broke my bank. Please note that it is the STUDENTS' PARTY taking action, more than our competition, to minimize these problems for you. Any hoot, I love nature and hugging trees, literally. I'm all about composting, recycling, and sustainability, (hence I work at the Co-op), and I fight for the end of violence against vagGINAs, (I'm a WETT member, and we're the awesome ladies who put on the VaGINA Monologues and raised money for the Women of Iraq). I'm also a poor speller and grammar is not my friend. It's all good though, because I'm friendly, open-minded, random, energetic, and can balance good times and business. I pretty much like everybody, even you, because you are reading this. Most importantly, I like trying new things, and A.S. is something I want to try. I know I will do a great job representing your needs, because they are most likely similar to my needs. So, rock the vote for this girl, Gina Fischer, STUDENTS' PARTY OFF-CAMPUS REP!

Joseph Cole - Student Action Coalition

Hey dudes. My name is Joseph Cole. I'm running for Off-Campus Representative with Student Action Coalition. I'm a first year History Major who takes an active role on campus. I'm president of Santa Rosa ResHall. I'm a member of a fraternity, Beta Theta Pi. You can also see me on campus as a Gaucho Tour Guide. I'm running for an A.S. position because I want to fix the problems that affect YOU, the average student. You are paying too much for housing in I.V. I want to work with the IV Tenants Union to lower rent and make sure you know your rights as renters. The IVFP loves to catch you drinking, but cares not for protecting you. I want to work with Student Lobby to build a complete fall defensive to make sure YOU are protected. You are paying too much for school right now, and they want to raise student fees while cutting back on financial aid. I am going to do everything in my power to make UCSB affordable for everyone. I want Greek Organizations to get the respect they deserve. S.A.C. has accomplished a lot in its 13 year history, including establishing the 24-hour study lounge in the library and the nights-and-weekend parking pass on campus. Vote for Joseph Cole in the elections, and I promise that every vote for ME is a vote for YOU. And remember to vote S.A.C. if you want to see some changes made. Because S.A.C. is Taking Action, Attaining Access.

Nora Kobashigawa - Student Action Coalition

Aloha, UCSB! My name is Nora Kobashigawa and I am running for the position of Off-Campus Representative with the Student Action Coalition. While most candidates have specific agendas and aims they wish to accomplish, I run on the premise of creating a campus that will benefit all students and our UCSB as a whole. As a third-year Political Science and Japanese double major, a member of Student Lobby, and an active in the Greek system, my diverse interests compel me to strive for a unified student body with an increasing awareness of the power that lies in their hands. Studying political science has made me keen to issues of discrimination, injustice, and inequality that goes on everyday in our daily lives. As a member of Student Lobby I have acquired the skill and organization imperative in taking action against it. As a part of the Greek community, I yearn to see a greater role of activism from such a large body of students. But most of all, I yearn for a UCSB where our vision for a better community undergoes a transformation into actual action. That is what S.A.C. is about. Feel the passion that fuels the action. With this legacy of commitment, drive, and social activism that SAC has upheld, I vow to do my best to serve as your representative. So vote for me, Nora Kobashigawa, for Off-Campus Representative. SAC- Taking Action, Attaining Access! !

Thomas Fehrs - Students' Party

Howdy, my name is Thomas Fehrs and I am running for Off-Campus Representative. I'm a third year Political Science major and a member of A.S. Student Lobby, Campus Democrats and co-founder of the UCSB Foosball Club. My involvement with A.S. during my first two years was similar to most students here at UCSB. That is to say that I was not involved at all. Then this past summer I decided that instead of simply complaining about increasing student fees, exploitative landlords and police conduct that ranges anywhere from annoying to abusive I would actually get off my ass and do something about it. Thanks to the new more inclusive environment in A.S. that has been fostered by Students' Party I found a place to work on issues I was concerned with in IV. Through A.S. Student Lobby I have worked to improve police and community relations with the Fall Defensive campaign as well as the IV Cop Watch program. Looking ahead to next year I also would work on tenants' rights issues through the IV Tenants' Union because I see problems involving IV landlords as probably the single most widely felt quality of life issue for IV residents. I know that many of us feel that in recent years things have been getting worse in our community. I also know it doesn't have to be that way. This is why on April 18th we need to cast our votes for candidates who care about issues that affect all of us as students first and foremost.

Samantha Nevels - Students' Party

My name is Samantha Nevels, and I am running for Legislative Council Off- Campus Representative with Students' Party. I am currently a freshman living out at FT and double majoring in Political Science and Economics. Since arriving here at UCSB, I've gotten involved in many activities and only found a passion for wanting to do more to benefit my fellow peers. I've been involved in RHA with the Executive Board of FT North and several RHA conferences; and I have also been working with UniCamp and was chosen as Head Counselor Assistant by my peers in the organization. If elected, there are several things that I hope to focus on, such as: lowering the price of our overpriced textbooks, making our IV foot patrol more accountable and helping to eliminate the parental notification system, trying to stop the increasing fees being afflicted on UCSB students, and hopefully helping to start up the Freshman Cabinet to help incorporate the new freshman into our UCSB environment. The boards and committees that I hope to participate on next year are the Finance Board and Program Board. The financial issues affecting the UCSB students are quite important to me. We pay more for textbooks then other UC campuses and our fees are constantly being raised. I believe, as well as the rest of Students' Party, that higher education should accessible to anyone, but if we keep raising our prices that could soon prove impossible. So vote Students' Party, April 18-21 on Gold!

Chelsea Moore - Student Action Coalition

"Insanity is using the same methods to solve the same problems and expecting different results..." -Tavis Smiley

Hello my name is Chelsea Moore and I am running with the Student Action Coalition in this spring 2005 election for off campus representative. I am involved with the Black Student Union and Akanke her on campus. I am a second year business economics major who believes that there are various obstacles that different individuals and communities face both on this campus and on a global scale. These problems in our community need innovative and strategic solutions. For example, why are there numerous science buildings being built yearly, yet amount of money allocated to outreach services continues to decline. Our diverse representation of students plan to tackle this and many other issues when YOU give us the opportunity next year. The Student Action Coalition party at UCSB is equipped to tackle these issues and take action while attaining access!! www.VoteSac.com

Tiffany Pascual - Student Action Coalition

Hello, my name is Tiffany Pascual and I am running for Off-Campus Representative with Student Action Coalition. I am a second year Asian American Studies Major. During my two years at UCSB, I have been involved with Amnesty International, Kaptirang Pilipino and Student's for a Free Tibet. Currently, I am a dedicated member of Associated Student's Student Commission on Racial Equality (SCORE). As a member of SCORE, I actively worked on issues concerning militarization and the prison industrial complex(PIC) by providing workshops for freshman about the PIC, and advocating on behalf of SCORE in a rally regarding a bill to provide a comprehensive review of the ROTC on campus. I believe in working with other student movements on campus. I participated in events like Raza College Day and the Womyn of Color Conference to support organizations like El Congresso and Womyn's Commission. I enjoy interacting with the variety of progressively minded people here at UCSB and becoming involved with issues to reshape the policies and environment of this university. Through my involvement at UCSB, I have built relationships with professors, graduate students, kcsb news announcers, and staff members. As an elected member of legislative council I will voice the needs of underrepresented students to align with Student Action Coalition's vision of reaching out to womyn, people of color, the queer community, people with disabilities, and low-income students. For more information visit www.votesac.com. Vote SAC, Taking Action, Ataining Access.

Ivan Rosales-Montes - Student Action Coalition

My name is Ivan Rosales and currently a third year student. As a current off-campus representative I have had the opportunity to see how this institution runs while serving the needs of the greater UCSB community. I am a strong believer in helping those in need, maintaining a green environment, and giving back to the community. I would not be here if it was not for the many people who have helped me along the way, so I take it upon myself to do the same; to help our neighbors who lack the resources to become successful. Currently I am a cultural intern with the Educational Opportunity Program, an organization that is dedicated in aiding our communities by offering valuable educational resources. We try to enrich the education of UCSB students and create a culturally welcoming environment. Through the Educational Opportunity Program, I have built the self-confidence and the organization skills that are key for a Legislative Council member. As an off campus representative I will work to build a positive and supportive community by establishing a strong line of communication and awareness, to ensure that our concerns as residents of the UCSB community are heard and addressed. For more information on the Student Action Coalition visit our website: www.votesac.com. Vote SAC, Taking Action, Attaining Access.

Asharg Molla - Student Action Coalition

Hello to all the students here at wonderful UCSB! My name is Asharg Molla and Iím a first year student majoring in Psychology. Iím running for Off-Campus Representative with the almighty Student Action Coalition. So far I have taken part in such organizations as Black Student Union, Akanke, Outreach, and Santa Rosa Hall Council. I have been here only a short time and am trying to make the most of my college experience. Part of that effort is becoming involved in the UCSB community and taking part in addressing the present issues that affect all UCSB students. I, like many others, believe in equality whole-heartedly and passionately. All students should have a chance, should have a voice, and should have an opportunity no matter what race, gender, sexual orientation, or physical ability. It will be a great time when we do not have to address the issues of diversity and equality, but until that time arrives, I want to be a part of this growing movement. I want to be a voice for all women, the queer community, minority groups, the disabled community, and all students as a whole. There are no limits to what we can achieve if we just open our eyes and work together. Student Action Coalition is the perfect group to lead the way. We care about the issues and the students, and it is our complete hope to make sure everyoneís time here at UCSB is as fulfilling as possible. Help us help you by voting for Student Action Coalition and Asharg Molla for Off-Campus Representative! Taking Action, Attaining Access!

Sarah Burstein - Students' Party

Hey students of UCSB! My name is Sarah Burstein, I am running with Students' Party and I want to represent those of you living in Isla Vista this upcoming year. You might be wondering out of all the candidates running for off campus representative, why should I get your vote? Well, this 2004- 2005 year I have been a hall representative for San Miguel and am the HIV/AIDS sex advisor for my floor. I speak my mind and am very opinionated (in a good way); if I see something I disagree with, specifically how an action will affect those I'm representing, I will speak up to protect your interests. I am motivated to represent you and your wants as residents of IV because your concerns and thoughts are the same issues that I have to deal with. Look, we all want to see IV improve and the sooner that we as students and residents cooperate together, the sooner these progressions can happen. I know that many of the issues are confusing, such as the bicycle and traffic laws. I'll do my best to clarify for us all because after going to school and work, the last thing you'll want to do is go to a meeting; that will be my responsibility, one I will be dedicated at doing. Support the group that is committed to supporting you. Have a Stupendous Spring quarter and vote for Sarah with Students' Party!

Amelia Holstrom - Students' Party

Police accountability. Tenants' rights. Cheaper textbook alternatives. These are just a few things that inspired me to run for off campus representative. My name is Amelia Holstrom and I'm a second year psychology major. As vice chair of Isla Vista Community Relations Committee, I have supported numerous programs locally including the Measure D campaign for an IV Community Center, outreach programs for local teens, and student lobby's fall defensive campaign. Students' Party has done many great things this year including the creation of AS Congress so that students' opinions can be heard and advances toward fiscal transparency in AS. Although these are great achievements, I believe there are still instrumental changes that need to be made on our campus and throughout IV. AS needs to hold IVFP responsible for their actions through complaint forms, an expanded copwatch program, and improved communication between the officers and residents of IV. Student Government should be responsible for educating tenants on their rights by offering more services through IV Tenants Union to help tenants fight back against selfish landlords. Work needs to be done to find cheaper textbook alternatives, such as international editions or peer-to-peer online stores. Students' Party and myself are tirelessly dedicated to these issues and others that pertain directly to all student interests on campus, equally and fairly. I am excited to continue work on Students' Party's current campaigns as well as make changes with new, creative campaigns to make students' lives easier and get their voices heard.

Adriana Wianecki - Students' Party

Hello again to all you beautiful Santa Barbarians. I'm Adriana Wianecki of Students' Party fame and would love the opportunity to serve all you suckas on next year's legislative council. I'm currently reppin all of those who live off campus on this year's council and want to continue to be your voice in this quaint little governing body. I work at the university's children's center on west campus and was previously a DA at good old san miguel... so if you think you've seen me around... you probably have. I will bring an open mind to next year's council and want to continue to promote more student participation within A.S. If you ever want to discuss any issues, want to become more involved, or are just bored and have time to kill find me in the arbor or the A.S. office and we'll kick it old school. Please vote for Adriana Wianecki for off-campus rep and all of your wildest dreams will come true... ok, they probably won't but I hope that got a laugh. and Remember: ain't no party like the students' party, cuz the students' party won't stop.....working for YOU that is!

Alexandre Webster - Students' Party

My name is Alex Webster and I am running for Off-Campus Rep with Student's Party. UCSB is a hell of a place- I think we all know that. We're on the beach, in the sun, and rocking out to a great weekend life. Isla Vista, an integral part of UCSB, is a very unique place that is currently being muscled into submission by local authorities, and the voices of students living in IV are being shut out. I don't think we should just sit and watch our awesome community fall into the sea, so I want to represent Isla Vista in order to give students in IV a fair voice. I know what students want in Isla Vista and I am familiar with the struggles we all face. Students' Party has already done much for Isla Vista including working to open Claire's Park on Del Playa so that we can all have more space to live and relax. We saw that textbook prices were a burden on all of us, so we set up a system to make our bookstore bills cheaper. Students' Party has also worked to protect you from undue punishment with the Fall Defensive plan implemented earlier this year. Being a part of Students' Party will allow me to work alongside the strong leaders that brought you these great plans, and to make life better for all of you off-campus. Go Commando on 4/20 and Vote Webster! Peace out Isla Vista.

On-Campus Representatives

Chunzi "Emily" Lu - Student Action Coalition

Greetings UCSB Students! My name is Chunzi (Emily) Lu and I am a 2nd year student pursuing my degree in Film Studies and Asian American Studies. Please elect me for the On-Campus Rep. position because I have many experiences both living and working within the residential community. From my past experience as a resident and as a Resident Assistant this year, I am extremely familiar with some of the major issues the residents face. If I am elected for next year, I can see myself working on increasing visibility of not only the A.S. government, but also promoting variety of resources our campus has to offer to the residents in order to help them succeed in their college career. In addition, I want to help bridging the gap between Residence Halls Association (RHA) and A.S. in terms of coordinating more programs that are geared towards the residents, especially first and second years who are not as familiar with what our campus has to offer. Through my involvement organizing programs for FT residents, Reel Loud student film festival, Lunar's New Year celebration, Tsunami Relief Beachwalk, and Pride Week activities as well as sitting on A.S. Finance Board, being an active member of Queer Student Union this year will provide me with a solid foundation/skills serving us, the students, addressing/voicing our concerns, and making changes within our local/statewide communities. So please vote for me and S.A.C to make sure you are truly represented! Taking action, attaining access! www.votesac.com. shekedown@umail.ucsb.edu.

La Toshia Brown - Student Action Coalition

As a candidate for office, I recognize the challenge that lies ahead. However, my goal is to face these challenges head on with an optimistic attitude. There will be change. My name is La Toshia Brown and I am running for the office of On-Campus Representative. I am a freshman English major. Though I have been a student at UCSB for a mere two quarters, I serve as an active part of the student body. Through my involvement in different groups on campus and an adamant desire for social change, I plan to continue my work towards equality. In order for progress, we need more interaction between differing groups on campus. To make significant changes for diversity on UCSB's campus as a whole, our individual communities must come together and strategize change. Outreach is the key. Let us make our campus available to all students. To achieve these goals it is necessary for UCSB students to build a coalition amongst themselves and with other UC students statewide. An unified force, undivided by cultural differences held together with a bond; educational equality. Vote S.A.C.! Taking Action Attaining Access.

Nathaniel "Nathan" Wood-Wilde - Students' Party

What is up UCSB. My name is Nathan Wood and I am running for On-Campus Rep. Right now that name probably doesn't mean much to you, and why should it? After all I am just a freshman. Just a student struggling to get through his 16 units while doing a few extracurricular activities. Just someone who wants to enjoy life and at the same time make a difference. Does my name really matter? NO it doesn't, because Nathan Wood is that person you see in class everyday you pass by to get to the middle row. He's the guy in the back of the cafeteria you always see at breakfast. He's the biker that you were this close to crashing into. I am a UCSB student. Now you might think we're all students...let me say there's a difference between being a student and being for students. Your name could be on the registrar, but that doesn't mean you're here to help each of us on our journey...I will do just that. If you let me, my face can start to take shape with each of your support. I can take the experience I've gained from being a Hall Rep. and magnify that to become an On-Campus Rep. My dedication will equal your dedication. If you're interested talk to the 6'5'' dorky looking white guy wearing a white 'Shady' hat. A vote for Nathan Wood and the Students' Party is a vote for students.

Cordero Vigil - Students' Party

Coming from a background where the status quo influences a person's mind to seek advancement for those of a lower socio-economic status as well as the general population has influenced me to delve into the problematic issues that face UCSB in order to bring contentment for those that seek a rich environment. I would like to introduce myself to you as Cordero Vigil, a man of integrity and decorum that does not seek fulfillment for me but rather for those that want a positive change at UCSB. I am not running for an advertisement in the Daily Nexus but to serve every student at UCSB whether you are a person that falls into the realm of under-representation or if you are a general learning entity on the UCSB campus. Aside from the hope of attaining a seat on the Legislative Council as an On-Campus Representative, I would like to join the Investments Advisory Committee and Student Lobby. I want to join the Investments Advisory Committee for the sole purpose of guiding money for UCSB students towards a positive purpose. I would also like to participate in Student Lobby because I realized (by attending the UC-wide Lobby Conference) that funding for students is at an all-time low and there needs to be more money placed in education instead of a failing jail system. If you are seeking a person that will focus on you in a cohesive manner, you need to vote for Cordero Vigil, a representative for every UCSB student.

Sam Marks - Student Action Coalition
"Access is a Civil Right!" National Disabled Students Union.
"Taking Action, Attaining Access" Student Action Coalition.

Hi, my name is Sam Marks, and I'm running for On-Campus Representative with the Student Action Coalition. In my two years in the AS Commission on Disability Access (CODA), I've learned a lot about problems with access for the over 500 students with disabilities on our campus- not only physical access to buildings, but access to services and events around campus which greatly enhance the life of any student at UCSB.

In terms of disability access, my top priorities are the following:
accessibility of all AS, and all campus events to students with any type of disability; making sure AS, as the voice of 17,000 students, pressures the University to improve access when it can, and to find other avenues when appropriate; making sure University funds, as well as AS funds, used to improve access are spent wisely, not wasting money on a handful elaborate projects when many basic measures are needed; and creating a culture of disability acceptance and pride at UCSB rather than what I feel can be an atmosphere of secrecy and exclusion.

I believe, and SAC believes, that accessibility does not just apply to people with disabilities- it's a much bigger concept than that. Access to safe streets for women, access to financial aid for low-income students, access to a safe environment, including restrooms, for GLBTQ students, access to the University itself for students of color, access to a safe, accepting environment for all students, no matter what our differences, and access to the government which represents you- I believe these are rights, not privileges, and as your representative, I will work tirelessly toward these rights.

I hope to have your vote. For more information, check out SAC's website at www.votesac.com, or drop me an email at sam_marks@umail.ucsb.edu. VOTE SAC-Taking Action, Attaining Access!

University-owned Off-Campus Housing

Felix Hu - Students' Party

Hello fellow Single Student Apartments Residents. My name is Felix Hu and I'm running to be your voice in A.S. Legislative Council. Although I am new to this school and community, I've had the privilege to have been appointed as your representative since winter quarter. During my time of service on both Legislative Council and the Single Student Apartments Community Council I have noticed a disturbing lack of community between the Single Student Apartments and Associated Students. With the current budget crises in California the need for communication between the Single Student Apartments and Associated Students is greater than ever. Things like the 5% increase in next years rents are results of policy decisions made far beyond the Office of Apartment Living. The Office of Apartment Living is also planning to give control of apartment parking over to University Parking Services. The impact of this would be an annual doubling of parking fees until they equal those of University Parking Services' fees, some $400+! Although I cannot promise that I will prevent fees from going up, I promise to represent your interests to the best of my ability to keep parking fees from increasing before and more than they absolutely have to. I promise to do my best to use whatever A.S. powers that are available to lobby the UC Regents and Sacramento to keep student fees as low as possible. So vote for me and Students' Party because we will fight for what is most important to you.

Party Mission Statements

Students' Party

Students' Party is committed to being a catalyst for positive, effective and lasting change. We believe that student government should provide information and tools to help each individual have the greatest possible impact in their endeavors. We are committed to being an advocate for student rights and needs, the shared governance of the University, and accessibility, accountability and sustainability on internal, local, statewide, and national levels. We believe that no student should be silenced, thus we advocate the integration of the social and political aspects of the university to promote a fun, safe learning environment that encourages diversity of opinion as well as amplified student empowerment.

When there is a disconnect between broad public opinion and Student Government, we cannot govern effectively. As such we recognize that student government tackles a myriad of student issues that must be respected and addressed, including those of under-represented groups.

We recognize that constant change is the only consistency to be found in today's dynamic environment, and therefore we promote appreciation of the current campus culture and recognize the value of adaptation to the challenges it poses. It is our duty to insure fiscal transparency and intelligent fiscal management of all student monies, to be dedicated to our belief that education and accessibility to all resources is a right for all students, to be devoted to environmental issues, and to promote a more sustainable future. More Progress, More Involvement, More Integrity, and More Good Times

Student Action Coalition

Student Action Coalition (S.A.C.) commits itself to ensuring that all students have a represented voice. In order to do this, we will create a safe space for women, people of color, people with disabilities, the queer community, low-income communities, and all UCSB students. To ensure that all students are protected equally, S.A.C. will move towards administration accountability and fiscal transparency. S.A.C. realizes that UCSB is an area with diverse environmental issues and will work to keep our school green. From the UCSB campus to the global sphere, the coalition promotes peaceful resolutions without the use of violence. UCSB is a progressive community and our student government should continue to reflect that sentiment. A vote for S.A.C. is a vote for student equality and solidarity.

2005 A.S. Reaffirmations

(These are reaffirmations of existing constitutional lock-ins. Voting "YES" will not increase your A.S. fees.)

University Children's Center: Do you support continued funding of three dollars ($3.00) per A.S. UCSB Membership per quarter for the University Children's Center?

Student Health Center: Do you support continued funding of twelve dollars ($12.00) per A. S. UCSB Membership per quarter for the Student Health Center?

Campus Media (including Daily Nexus, La Cumbre Yearbook, KCSB-FM and the A.S. Communications Personnel): Do you support continued funding of five dollars and fourteen cents ($5.14) per A.S. UCSB Membership per quarter for Campus Media?

Multicultural Center: Do you support a continued funding of seventy-five cents ($0.75) from each student per quarter for the Multicultural Center student salaries, services, and programming?

Disabled Students Program: Do you support continued funding of one dollar and seventy-five ($1.75) per A.S. UCSB Membership per quarter for the Disabled Students Program?

UC Student Association: Do you support continued funding of thirty-five cents ($0.35) per A.S. UCSB Membership per quarter for the UC Student Association?

A.S. Community Affairs Board: Do you support continued funding of one dollar and fifteen cents ($1.15) per A.S. UCSB Membership per quarter for the Community Affairs Board?

A.S. Isla Vista Community Improvements: Do you support continued funding of one dollar and fifty cents ($1.50) per A.S. UCSB Membership per quarter for A.S. Isla Vista Community Improvements?

A.S. Legal Resource Center: Do you support continued funding of one dollar and fifty cents ($1.50) per A.S. UCSB Membership per quarter for the A.S. Legal Resource Center so that it may continue to provide free legal education and consultation to students?

Women's Commission: Do you support continued funding of forty cents ($0.40) per A.S. UCSB Membership per quarter for the A.S. Women's Commission?

Undergraduate Night and Weekend Parking Fee: Do you support continued funding of three dollars and thirty-three cents ($3.33) per A.S. UCSB Membership per quarter for undergraduate night and weekend parking?

2005 A.S. Fee Initiatives

(These are new funding initiatives, and would increase your current A.S. fee for Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer quarters.)

A.S. Student Lobby

The overlying objective of A.S. Lobby is to support student interest and concerns through lobbying efforts on a campus, local, statewide, and national arena. Student Lobby works to ensure that the UC system creates and upholds an accessible, affordable, and quality public education. Student Lobby seeks to achieve this through the maintenance of communication and coordination of activities between all UC campuses, the California Legislature, the UC Board of Regents, Congress, and local authorities. Student Lobby further serves as a representative body, spreading campus awareness regarding statewide and national matters. Student Lobby takes into consideration the recommendations of the Legislative Council, EVPSA, EVPLA, the University of California Students Association, and the United States Student Association. Consistent with university policy, all lobbying activities supported by the new fee would be on student-related matters and would be under the direct and exclusive control of the ucsb student government and offer opportunities for participation by ucsb students in meaningful learning expereicnes.
Do you approve of a sixty-nine cent ($0.69) per student per quarter (including summer) lock-in fee to support A.S. Student Lobby to continue working on behalf of student rights on a local, statewide, and national level?

Pro Statement

A.S. Student Lobby is the unitary voice representing UCSB students on a statewide and national level. In the face of rising student fees, decreasing financial aid, and the attempts to cut outreach programs to the UC system, it is vital to have a strong voice against these attacks on students. A.S. Student Lobby is that voice. Student Lobby works to ensure that students have a strong presence in Sacramento, Washington D.C., and at the UC Board of Regents meetings. We strive to better the lives of students on our campus and the quality of our education by demanding that UCSB remains accessible and affordable. Student Lobby also works on local issues such as the Isla Vista Foot Patrol "Fall Defensive" campaign and fights unjust and illegal conduct in our community. Our organization in the past two years has been a driving force in saving outreach on our campus, lobbying local and statewide officials and regents, attending budgetary hearings at the State Capital, as well as holding local police authorities accountable for their actions. Student Lobby is an organization that continually fights to prevent student fee increases while fighting for better financial aid packages consisting of increased grants and a decreased dependency on loans. We work tirelessly for the students to preserve the quality of education and life at UCSB.

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

A.S. Environmental Affairs Board (EAB)

The Environmental Affairs Board (EAB) is a student organization with status as a sub-unit of the ucsb student government. It offers ucsb students meaningful learning experiences through its support of a wide range of programs and activities to protect, preserve, and enhance the environment, principally at UCSB and its surrounding communities. EAB connects the community and campus through raising ecological awareness, enhancing open space, teaching K-12 environmental education, hosting the annual Earth Day Festival, and building partnerships and programs for addressing sustainability. EAB's Education for Sustainable Living Program (ESLP) has created upper division student-led classes applying sustainability issues such as alternative transportation, biodiversity, and renewable energy. The lock-in will allow EAB to continue to make a positive change in our environment.
Do you approve of a one dollar ($1.00) per student per quarter (including summer) lock-in increase for Environmental Affairs Board, bringing the total quarterly fee to one dollar and twenty-five cents ($1.25), to help EAB continue working to develop sustainable solutions at UCSB?

Pro Statement

No Statement Submitted

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted