2010 Spring General
Election Supplement

Presidential Candidates

Josue Aparicio - Open People's Party (O.P.P)


My name is JOSUE APARICIO and I am ready to be your next A.S. President.

Serving two years on Legislative Council and Finance Board, I have developed an understanding of the university structure and its functions. As an established leader on this campus, I recognize that it is an imperative time to elect a leader that will represent the needs of all students.

As President:

So when voting for your Presidential candidate this year, vote for the candidate with the experience, and the leadership skills needed to REPRESENT and STAND UP for YOU.

Vote for JOSUE APARICIO, and vote for the OPEN PEOPLE'S PARTY!!

Bennett A Duval - Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

Fellow Gauchos,

My name is Bennett Duval and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that your student fees are being spent properly.

As a founder of a small start up company and member of both the AS Investment Advisory Committee and AS Finance Board, I understand the importance of fiscal responsibility. In light of California's recent budget crisis, I plan on fighting for you the students in every way possible to insure that our tuition does not continue to rise!

It is my goal to also continue the efforts of both EAB and the Green Campus Program to continue to make our campus greener. Santa Barbara is where the environmental movement began. It is imperative that we continue to be recognized as the model of what a Green Campus should look like now and into the future.

As a leader in our community, I am prepared to work for you the students. I bring to the table a fresh approach to the Presidency. I believe that I can truly represent what a gaucho is and wants its President to be. I represent hope and change.

The overall goal of every student leader is to Better Our School System! Get B.O.S.S.Y everyone and vote for me!.

I represent change. I represent what our school needs. Finally, I represent transparency for Associated Students!

Best, Bennett Duval Note: This message brought by the campaign to better our school system.

Paul Monge-Rodriguez - Democratic Process Party (D.P. Party)

Hi SB!

The current budget crisis we're in represents an important time for collaboration and innovation both in and outside of A.S. This crisis offers a unique opportunity for us to work together to further the interests and promote the welfare of every student at this university. As president, I will work to create a campus climate where students feel supported and prepared to meet their academic and career goals.

Experience and victories:

My plan:

My name is Paul Monge-Rodriguez and I'm running to be your next AS President. Vote DP Party!

Internal Vice President

Andrew "Jake" Elwood - Open People's Party (O.P.P)

Hey Gauchos! My name is JAKE ELWOOD and I am running with the Open People's Party to be YOUR Internal Vice President! I'm a third year Political Science major who will bring the EXPERIENCE, PLANS, and CHANGE to Associated Students that UCSB needs. As a current elected member of AS, I have served on Legislative Council, five different AS committees, as well as having served as a Resident Assistant and Administrative Vice President of Manzanita Village. Having committed my first three years at UCSB to serving YOU directly, I am prepared to be the IVP that UCSB needs.
If elected IVP, I plan to:

  1. Increase the EFFICIENCY and TRANSPARENCY of Associated Students by making all AS activity publically visible online.
  2. Continue my current work to bring GMAIL to UCSB to replace the inefficient and outdated Umail system.
  3. Return control of the UCen to THE STUDENTS to create more student jobs and resources.
  4. Push forward the proposed new AS Student Building to provide students with the resources and services that they NEED to succeed.
  5. Reestablish the regular AS column in the Nexus to keep students INFORMED about AS.
  6. Lead AS to become the association that students demand and deserve.
Having served as an elected member of Legislative Council this year has provided me with the experience that is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for an IVP. My experience, determination, and passion make me THE BEST candidate for your IVP.
Make AS Strong! Vote JAKE ELWOOD and vote OPP!

Marjan "Marge" Riazi - Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

Suuuup UCSB!

My name is Marjan Riazi, but most people know me as Marge. I'm running for Internal Vice President with BOSS! I'm an Environmental Studies major and involved in organizations like RHA, WETT, Rec Sports, and much more.

AS needs strong leaders and people who are ready to fight for the students. I believe I will be that leader for all of YOU next year. Here are a few things I want to accomplish:

I have been an active member of the Residence Halls Association for almost 2 years now. RHA is the second largest organization on this campus right behind AS and as the current Administrative Vice President, I feel very prepared to hold an equivalent position in AS.

Even with all of my ideas, my priority will still always be to help YOU, the students. I will do everything I can to truly make AS a “place for everyone” next year so please choose me, Marjan Riazi, as your next Internal Vice President and remember to VOTE LIKE A BOSS!

External Vice President, Local Affairs

Corilyn "Cori" Lantz - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hellllllooooooo UCSB!
My name is Cori and thanks for taking the time to learn more about me and my reasons for running as your EVPLA. Local affairs have been a part of my college life since day one and I have the passion, motivation, and experience to server as your EVPLA.


A vote for me, is a vote for OPP, is a vote for our community. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact me at corilynlantz@gmail.com so you can have local affairs done YOUR way.

Ahmed Naguib - Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

What's up fellow students? My name is Ahmed Naguib and I would like to be your EVPLA! I am a third year Political Science and Business Economics Major with a Minor in education. I have a real passion for education and improving the world around me. As EVPLA I would like to help the Isla Vista Community by doing the following things:

These are just a few examples of the way I plan to make Isla Vista into a place that has a cohesive and balanced community. I plan to use the diverse experience I have had as a Resident Assistant, a Rep-at-Large with the Residence Hall Association, and as the Halloween Coordinator in the EVPLA office. Remember I will make IV into a place that is safe, fun, and homey at the same time.
Remember to vote for Ahmed and BOSS to better our school system. Ahmed Naguib

External Vice President, Statewide Affairs

Edward-Michael Muña - Democratic Process Party (D.P. Party)

Hey Ya'll I'm Edward Muna, a third year Political Science major, and I want to be your External Vice President of Statewide Affairs (EVPSA) with DP Party. We have seen much in the last year, a 32% fee increase, acts of hate on campuses across the UC System and state/nation wide budget problems. Students are fired up and can't take it no more, and it shows with campus actions happening statewide and across the nation. With this growing movement it is important now more than ever that we have students who have the experience, organizing skills and passion to move forward with the student movement and it is because of my belief in the power of the student movement, that I am the prime candidate for you and the campus.
In order to serve you as EVPSA I rely on my experience:

My plans for the future:

Douglas "Doug" Wagoner - Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

Hi! My name is Doug Wagoner and I hope to be YOUR next External Vice President of Statewide Affairs (EVPSA).

Who am I and why should you vote for me?

Above all, I believe in YOU Gauchos. Together we can bring out the BOSS in UCSB next year! Vote Doug Wagoner, vote like a BOSS! :)

Celina Ayala - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hi again UCSB!

It's me, Celina Ayala. I am a third year Environmental Studies and Psychology double major. I currently serve as YOUR External Vice President of State-Wide Affairs and I would LOVE to have your vote for RE-ELECTION.

This year I have:

Next year I Will:

Vote experience and leadership you can trust!
Vote OPP!!
Fist pump!

Student Advocate General

Harrison Weber

Fellow Students:

The Student Advocate General has the primary responsibility of overseeing the Office of the Student Advocate (OSA), an unwavering resource for all students who are in some way involved in the University's judicial process. In other words, the Advocate General stands at the helm of a resource that is a basic right for every student of this University. Having served the OSA under two Advocate Generals, I know from personal observation this job requires experience in dealing with administrators and judicial officers, the energy to manage a growing office of students, and empathy for every student and their specific circumstances. But above all, the Advocate General must first and foremost be an advocate for the students.

Fellow students, I am your advocate. Too many times I have seen students come into our office feeling scared and without any support or knowledge of this University's puzzling judicial system. A system that is completely new for thousands of students each year. A relative few on this campus have knowledge of the OSA and the services we provide. As Advocate General, my top priority will be to change this unfortunate fact. Having the OSA's services known to all students is critical not only for the longevity of the OSA, but more importantly the overall well-being of the students. I have the most experience, am willing to put forth the most energy, and have empathy for every student on this campus. I am qualified for this position because I am your


Joel Mandujano - Democratic Process Party (D.P. Party)

Hi, my name's Joel Mandujano and I'm running for Rep-@-Large:)! Currently I sit on Legislative Council and am one of the two Political Chairs for the Queer Student Union.

As a currently council member, I have:

  1. Represented communities that are underrepresented and underserved.
  2. Taken stances against instances of hate across the UC system.
  3. Not been afraid to take a stance on controversial subject matter.

If reelected, I will:

  1. Prioritize the allocation of funds.
  2. Promote and make sure that Associated Students is transparent.
  3. Hold folks accountable to what they say.
  4. Not drink at student-funded retreats;)

In short, vote for me. Word.

Jaret Ornelas - Democratic Process Party (D.P. Party)

How's it going Gauchos? My name is Jaret Ornelas and I am running to be YOUR Rep @ Large with the DP Party! I am a third year Spanish/Chican@ Studies double major living in Isla Vista. Since my 1st fall quarter I have been involved with different community groups and causes:

Some basic policies I'll work to enact:

Benjamin "Ben" Aceves - Democratic Process Party (D.P. Party)

Hey Gauchos, my name is Benjamin Aceves currently a third year majoring in Political Science with a minor in Exercise and Sport Studies, and am running to be your Rep-at-Large. I have done extensive work with organizations dealing with social, economic justice, and health issues such as:

I have dedicated myself to improving and securing students' experience at UCSB, as I have enjoyed in my three years here. If elected, keeping these difficult economic times in mind I would work on:

So, Vote Benjamin Aceves for Rep-at-Large, Vote DP Party!!!

Marlenee Blas - Democratic Process Party (D.P. Party)

My name is MARLENEE BLAS and I am a second year Political Science major, running for REPRESENTATIVE @ LARGE with DP Party!
I have been involved with various organizations and as a current Resident Assistant I have witnessed how the financial stress, limited access to classes, and decrease of student services is affecting students. Due the budget crisis we can no longer be wasteful of our student fees, we need to be realistic and enact direct solutions in response to this crisis.

Jasmin "Lil J" Esparza - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Whose University? OUR university!

Hey UCSB! =)

I am Jasmin Esparza aka Lil J! I am a Political Science and Sociology double major w/ a minor in Education. I am running for Representative at large to put my passions and frustrations into work. We cannot sit around waiting for change to come. WE need to stand up, initiate and take action.

My involvements are:

Projects and goals if elected:

Look beyond shapes, titles and color. Instead look at passion because it yells louder than experience. Vote JASMIN ESPARZA aka Lil J for Representative at Large! I got your back. Know that your voice WILL be heard! Peace. Bless u! <3

Miles Freeman - Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

Hey there fellow Gauchos! My name is Miles Freeman and I'm running to be one of YOUR Representatives-at-Large on YOUR Legislative Council.

In the past I've served on the Residence Hall Association's Coordinating Board as a Representative-at-Large and this year I'm the RA for the bomb 1st and 2nd floors of San Miguel East Tower. As your Representative-at-Large next year, I want to make accountability a part of A.S. Currently as A.S. Attorney General I've made it my mission to reign in the excessive abuses of power by this years Legislative Council.

However, being Attorney General has also shown me that change needs to come from WITHIN Legislative Council and this belief has empowered me to run for this office. Next year, as a Representative-at-Large I want to amend the A.S. Constitution not only to force great accountability but also to foster transparency in our student government that's been lacking in past years.

Alongside this, as YOUR Rep-at-Large I intend to push for bills to reduce redundancy and excessive bureaucracy with our student government. Associated Students needs to work FOR THE STUDENTS and act PROACTIVELY instead of reactively when confronting the UC administration. The only way our government can do that is by increasing efficiency and insisting upon accountability to the student body that ELECTED THEM.

Therefore, if you care about honesty, accountability, integrity, and efficiency from your student government I STRONGLY encourage you to vote for me. Together, WE

Amanda Galvin - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hola UCSB!

My name is Amanda Galvin and I am running to represent YOU as a Rep-at-Large for the 2010-2011 Legislative Council. I am a third year, double majoring in Communication and Anthropology with a passion for the local community and its diversity.

As a student interested in experiencing as much as I can at UCSB, I have been involved in many groups since my first year including:

With the vote of the students, I plan to work on:

It is important to make sure you choose qualified candidates who have experience with working in our community. So please vote AMANDA GALVIN as your Rep-at-Large, and check out the many other qualified students of O.P.P.!

Aladrian "Dro" Goods - Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

I'm Aladrian Goods but you all probably know me as "DRO" and I am running for the Rep-At-Large position on Associated Students Legislative Council! I am a second year declared Pre-Business Econ major but I'm looking to major in Communications and minor in Feminist Studies. In my two years here at UCSB I have been involved in almost every possible aspect of this campus you can imagine. I hold executive positions on Sisters Geared to Reign, NAACP UCSB Chapter, and I'm the team manager for the Women's Basketball Team.

With the events that have occurred in these past months, including the "Gangsta Parties", "Compton Cookouts", homophobia, and various other incidents of hate occurring on UC campuses, my priority is to EDUCATE, ENLIGHTEN, and ENCOURAGE mutual RESPECT and DIVERSITY throughout our campus.

I also plan to:

Still don't feel me? I guarantee no other candidate rides a RAZOR scooter. Oh yea, IMA B.O.S.S!

Vote for DRO! DON'T MAKE IT HARD. IT'S EASY! ?'s email me: aladriangaines@umail.ucsb.edu . VOTE B.O.S.S!

Nadim Houssain - Democratic Process Party (D.P. Party)

Hi everybody! My name is Nadim and I am a first year global studies major. I am thrilled to be running for representative at large and I believe that I have the experience and ambition needed to effectively contribute to our school system through AS. I am currently the Multicultural Awareness Chair for Manzanita. As a MAC I take an active part in our weekly executive board and hall council meetings. I have also been invested with the responsibility of raising awareness of diversity within my residence hall. I will also expand upon this endeavor by being an RA next year. I am involved in various campus organizations such as, the Muslim Student Association, Students for Justice in Palestine, and Invisible Children. Additionally, I represent UCSB by competing for our track and field team through which I have also learned to effectively manage my time. With all these experiences I know that I am capable of bringing about the changes we need to see on campus.

Some goals I plan to pursue:

Marisa Looney - Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

My name is Marisa Looney and I'm running with B.O.S.S. to represent YOU as REP-AT-LARGE for Legislative Council! I'm a first year English major and am currently Treasurer of Anacapa Hall's Executive Board. I love UCSB and am willing to do everything it takes to make our school even better!

The main issues I'm concerned with are:

FINANCIAL AID- I understand how important financial aid is and will fight against it being cut because without it, I wouldn't be here.
INCREASING STUDENT INVOLVEMENT IN A.S.- The link between Associated Students and UCSB students need to be strengthened in order to better serve the needs of our campus.
COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT- We need to maintain the relationship between Isla Vista residents and UCSB students in order to give back to our community.
SUSTAINABILITY- It's imperative that we continue working to keep our campus green.
STUDENT SAFETY- All students should feel safe on campus regardless of their sex, gender, race, ethnicity, orientation, or abilities.

If elected as Rep-at-Large, I will be sure that YOU are represented at UCSB and that YOUR opinions are heard. Feel free to contact me at any time at marisalooney@umail.ucsb.edu because I'm here to SERVE YOU! So, vote for me Marisa Looney and vote like a B.O.S.S.!!!

Javier Martinez - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey Gauchos, my name is JAVIER MARTINEZ and I am running for REP AT LARGE! I'm a third year Political Science & Black Studies Major with a minor in Technology Management. I am the current President of the Black Pioneers Renaissance Organization as well as the Athletic Coordinator for Projects, Facilities, and Events in the Athletic Department. Additionally, I'm working with Deputy District Attorney Josh Lynn on a Sobering Center for Isla Vista. I also hold positions on several councils and am part of many student networks in addition to being a Resident Assistant last year. With all of my involvements, I have had a passion for service and that is the tenet of my interest in being a part of Associated Students.
If elected:

  1. I will ensure the construction and implementations of a sobering center in IV to advocate for students and decriminalize certain alcohol and drug related offences.
  2. I will fight for a transparent budget so that each student knows where his/her fees are going.
  3. I will work towards the reconstruction and improvement of our current umail email system.
  4. I will work towards holding the administration accountable for their mismanagement of our student fees.
  5. I will ensure that textbooks become more affordable and that we DON'T get ripped off when we sell books back.
  6. Lastly, I will fight with the Academic Senate and administration to stop departments from raising our fees while cutting classes.

So remember, vote JAVIER MARTINEZ and vote OPP!

Danielle Mayorga - Democratic Process Party (D.P. Party)


My name is Danielle Mayorga and I am running to be YOUR Representative-at-Large!

I have seen first-hand the issues that face all of us as students, in the residence halls, Isla Vista, and on-campus through 3 years of experience at UCSB:

If elected I will work on:

I realize there are many organizations and coalitions working on these issues, and as your Rep-at-Large, I will use my position and resources to SUPPORT these groups and CREATE COALITIONS to make even MORE PROGRESS on our campus and in the beautiful town of Isla Vista!

I promise to make YOUR CONCERNS, MY CONCERNS and will make YOUR VOICE HEARD as I fight to address the things that mean the most to the students of UCSB- our academics, our safety, our organizations, our social life, and our community!


Andrew Ortiz - Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

Where you at UCSB!? I'm Andrew Ortiz and I am running for REP AT LARGE for Legislative Council. I am a third year Chicana/o Studies major; I am currently a Second Year RA at San Miguel Residence Hall and one of the founding chapter brothers of my multicultural fraternity Sigma Lambda Beta. Through all of my experiences here at UCSB I have decided to run for Rep at Large, and help make some change on campus.
If elected I will:

In becoming a member of A.S. I hope to become a voice for you. I want to listen to the needs of the students first, and put all bureaucratic business to the side. In this position I want to put you as the first priority. So vote Andrew Ortiz for Rep at Large, and vote B.O.S.S. the party for the students!!!

Roy Rodriguez - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

What's poppin' UCSB? I'm ROY RODRIGUEZ and I am running with O.P.P. I hope that you all give me the opportunity to be YOUR representative on Associated Student's Legislative Council as REP-AT-LARGE for the upcoming academic year! I am currently a Rep-at-Large for Santa Catalina (A.K.A: FT) with the Residence Halls Association (RHA) and the Vice President of Chapter Life of Theta Nu Kappa Fraternity, a MULTICULTURAL and ACADEMIC fraternity here at UCSB.

If elected I will work tirelessly to:


I am running for office in Legislative Council because I want to help student government once again become accessible and dependable for students. I believe students should be informed and have a say in what goes on in Associated Students. If elected I promise to listen to students and to be the voice many believe they have lost. So please, vote ROY RODRIGUEZ and O.P.P!

Jorge Solis - Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

What's good UCSB! I'm Jorge Solis and I am running for REP AT LARGE for Legislative Council. I am a fourth year Math/Econ major; I am currently a member of A.S Finance Board and one of two A.S Controllers responsible for the oversight of all student fees. It's been a great journey for me here at UCSB these last few years and am thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to serve you and the rest of this wonderful UCSB community.

If elected I will:

As a member of A.S. Legislative Council, my top priority is to listen to you and work with you to bring positive change to this campus. In my four years here at UCSB, I have learned that having an open mind is essential to effectively work with others. Vote for Jorge Solis and vote for B.O.S.S.!

Chloe Stryker - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey UCSB Gauchos! I'm Chloe Stryker and I'm asking you to RE-ELECT me to Legislative Council as your Representative-At-Large.

I‘m a second year Political Science major and am currently serving as your Off-Campus Representative. I am social, hardworking, and a typical college student just like you. I love the beach, Freebirds, and I.V, and I want to continue to be involved with A.S. because I care about making all our experiences here at UCSB worthwhile.

I have EXPERIENCE and passion that I have attained through:

If RE-ELECTED I will fight to make UCSB the best it can be:

So vote Chloe Stryker, because I know you Gauchos are down with OPP!

Luis "Louie" Tamayo - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

My name is Luis "LOUIE" Tamayo and I'm down to represent YOU as REP-AT-LARGE for Legislative Council. I am currently a 2nd year Communications and Sociology double major and am currently involved in various campus organizations.

Aside from the typical Academia, I love UCSB and Isla Vista that is why I want to work hard to preserve the culture of IV and the reputation of UCSB.

Having been involved in the Residence Hall Association my 1st yr. and currently living in I.V., I am the BEST CANDIDATE for REP-AT-LARGE because I am keen to issues on-campus as well as off-campus. I'm extremely laidback yet hardworking and diligent, and want to make UCSB LEGIT as POSSIBLE!


Dina Varshavsky - Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

Hey UCSB!! My name is DINA VARSHAVSKY and I am running for off-campus rep with B.O.S.S. I am a second year Communications major, Professional Writing minor, and hoping to get my certificate in Technology Management from San Jose, California. Since starting my time here at UCSB, I have been involved in numerous clubs and activities including:

By being elected YOUR off-campus rep I want to:

I love working with people and am extremely approachable and friendly. I am ALWAYS the one to approach people to meet them and introduce myself! I am so excited to run with such a dedicated and uniform group for AS elections. B.O.S.S. is so bossy! Be sure to vote for B.O.S.S. and Dina Varshavsky as your off-campus rep!!

Stay hyphy UCSB!

Off-Campus Representatives

Christina Barsamian - Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

Hi UCSB! My name is Christina Barsamian and I am running to be your Office Campus Rep with B.O.S.S! I am a third year Political Science major who has a deep passion for politics and government. I desire to use the skills I've learned through the various positions I've held in my sorority and from the classes I have taken as a Poli Sci major in order to better this already amazing campus. I also currently serve as a member on the Greek Conduct Board. I believe my strong will can make a difference for each student at UCSB, whether you are involved in sports, clubs, Greek life or are independently searching for your goals during your time here. Given this position I will devote my time and focus to making our school run for us so that we may achieve success in and out of the classroom during the four (or five :) ) years we get to spend on these sunny sidewalks and sea breezed classrooms.

Amanda Berry - Open Peopleís Party (O.P.P.)

Hey UCSB! I am Amanda Berry and I am running for YOUR Off-Campus Representative. So far this year I have served on exec board for Santa Rosa Hall Council, participated in CAB and have held a position in my sorority. If elected I look forward to making your voice heard because this is OUR school, OUR education, and OUR right. I am passionate about working on:

In order to accomplish each of these goals I am not only asking you to vote for me, but talk to me about what YOU want from YOUR representative. I want to get input from people from all backgrounds. I will strive to make all students involved and educated on issues pertaining to our campus.

So please VOTE AMANDA BERRY for Off-Campus Representative!

Kaily Burton - Open Peopleís Party (O.P.P.)

My name is Kaily Burton and I am running for Off-Campus Representative with OPP. As a second year here at UCSB, I have seen a number of issues we can address to make our school and community a more livable, affordable, sustainable, and enjoyable place. And as a member of the Isla Vista community, I have had first hand experiences with the problems that need to be fixed. I will work diligently in solving the issues that students are most concerned about. I will address student concerns by taking action in a number of committees and boards, and focusing on:

  • Working to bring the average studentís concerns to various boards in AS, by becoming a liaison between students and board members of groups such as Environmental Affairs Board, Community Affairs Board, the Isla Vista Community Relation Committee, etc. I will outreach to students through promoting open forums, where YOU will have the OPPortunity to voice your concerns.
  • Continue promoting our campus and the surrounding community through environmental and sustainable movements. I will continue working on established projects such as Greeks Gone Green and Carrot Mob that promote the well being of our community.
  • Working as an advocate for students against the budget cuts while defending important resources. I will inform students of where their money is going and work towards making it possible for students to make decisions of where their money would best be spent.
  • Make your voice heard. Vote Kaily for OPP Off-Campus Rep!

    Brianne Chan - Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

    GOOOD MORNING SANTA BARBARAAA, my name is Brianne Chan and I am running for off-campus legislative representative with Better Our School System (BOSS). As a third year Sociology major with an Education minor, I currently hold the position of Den Mom in my sorority. I am a sociable, friendly, driven person who wants to be more involved on campus. As a member of the Isla Vista community, I see first hand what the students are concerned with. I want IV and campus issues to be solved because this is our home and we need to make it the best it can be.

    I am here to represent you and make sure that student's voices are heard. Vote for boss and vote for me, Brianne Chan, for off-campus rep. The only thing you should be "down" for is BOSS.

    Fabian Gallardo - Open Peopleís Party (O.P.P.)

    Hey UCSB! My name is FABIAN GALLARDO and I want you to RE-ELECT me for OFF-CAMPUS Representative for Legislative Council. Iím a third year, Global Studies and Environmental Studies double major; I am currently the Off Campus Representative for Associated Students. I am an average UCSB student, I love to have fun, chill by the beach, go to parties, and maybe even a few of you have raged at my house on DP. If elected:

    E-MAIL ME (gallardorobe@gmail.com) or FACEBOOK ME with questions or ideas so I can efficiently represent YOU!

    Vote for me FABIAN GALLARDO and vote OPP!! Welcome

    Molly Gordon- Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

    Hey UCSB! My name is Molly Gordon and Iím running for off-campus representative with the BOSS party- which is an amazing group of people. We are unique and friendly, open to new ideas, and accepting of all our fellow studentsí concerns. As for me personally:

    I believe that every student at UCSB should find their niche and that everyone should be accepted

    Kirstin Hadjis - Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

    Hey Gauchos!!

    Hey everyone. My name is Kirstin Hadjis and I am a first year psychology major.

    In my first year alone, I have been involved in several different events and clubs on campus. Currently I am in CALPIRG where I serve as an intern for the hunger and homeless campaign. I have helped to run the Ucen dinning program where we take left over food from the Ucen dinning and deliver the food to the homeless every week day. I also was apart of a nation wide movement to clean up the hunger on a national and local level and was the state wide coordinator for this event for all the schools participating in this event. I also will be attending a Sacramento event in April to lobby our government on a change in their policies.

    My goals for this position would be:

    I can guarantee that if I am elected, my main job will to be

    Alyce Haley- Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

    Hey UCSB! My name is Alyce Haley and I am a second year communications and psychology double major. I am fun, outgoing, friendly and love meeting new people. I pride myself on my time management and organizational stills as well as my work ethic. I am the Vice President of Member Education in my sorority and used to be the Director of New Members. I was very involved in local organizations in my hometown of Chico, California and now that I am settled here is Santa Barbara I am looking forward to getting involved and helping to maintain Isla Vista as the beautiful, fun place that we all love to live in. Some of my main goals are to

    Remember, my name is Alyce Haley and I am here to

    Duncan Kenney- Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

    Iím Duncan Kenney and am running for off-campus representative. I am a 3rd year Economics and Environmental Studies double major. During my time at UCSB, I have been involved in a wide array of activities and programs including the College of Letters and Science honors program, serving as the Recruitment Chair for the Inter-Fraternity Council, and even winning a coveted intramural basketball championship.

    My primary role as an off-campus representative is something that I am extremely familiar with as it also happens to be one of the most important foundations in environmental studies: taking a pro-active stance. No, Iím not referring to the fantastic face wash, but rather to addressing problems and issues in their earliest possible stages in order to ensure that they do not negatively impact the general student body. Solving problems before they become daunting issues requires establishing clear lines of communication between the leg-council and the student body and developing constituent trust. Rest assured that I will accurately represent your ideas and views and will not skew them with my own political agenda.

    I am here to represent the Student Body in its entirety. I genuinely believe that no issue is too large or small to address.

    Vote BOSS, and vote Duncan Kenney for off-campus rep.

    Joseph Lewis - Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

    Hey Gauchos my name is Joseph Lewis and I am a third year Business Economics major dedicated to improving your college experience. I am running to make noticeable improvements at UCSB as your Off-Campus Representative. Since arriving at Santa Barbara I have served as a president of my fraternity and am currently employed as a student-manager at the computer labs. My interests include the great outdoors, stand up comedy, and professional sports. As a voter, you should find confidence in my unrivaled desire to improve our access to a well-rounded education.

    Please take a moment to understand what prompted me to run for this position. After the tuition hikes this year, my minor was threatened and my major slashed courses. My resentment led me to take a stand. We can make differences, and we will. I will fight tooth and nail for the students, giving each of you the best possible opportunity to make changes at UCSB.

    My agenda consists of:

    In conclusion, there are issues we must approach. I am dedicated to clearing the path that leads to the rest of our Gaucho-spirited lives.

    Jason "JLO" Lopez - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

    Hello Everyone! My name is Jason "JLO" Lopez and I am running for Off Campus Representative with OPP! I am a second year majoring in psychology and philosophy and just like you all I am having trouble getting the classes to be a full-time student let alone fulfill my major courses. As a legislative member I would fight to get a better waiting list so that we are not stuck taking classes we don?t want. I have already proven this when I marched to capitol hill with hundreds of other students from all over UC?s to ask for more funding in higher education. Other projects that I would like to work on If elected would be:

    So, vote for me Jason "JLO" Lopez, and vote for the Opens People Party.

    Rachel Lydon - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

    Hey UCSB! I am Rachel Lydon and I want to be your OFF CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVE! I am a first year Political Science major and my experience here at UCSB so far has been serving on the Constitutions and By-Laws committee in AS and being involved with my sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta. I have also been involved in student government and served as a voting member of my school board in high school.

    I love UCSB and IV and thatís why I want to serve YOU, the students. I know you all believe that Santa Barbara should be safe, fun and most importantly, affordable. With everything going on with tuition this year, I believe the best thing we can do is to not dwell on the past, but move forward and try to prevent the same problems from happening in the future. Some of the things Iím really passionate about are:

    If you want someone who is really going to make a difference vote for RACHEL LYDON and the Open Peoples Party!

    Dana Magallanes - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

    Hello to all you beautiful Santa Barbarians! My name is DANA MAGALLANES and next year I would love to have the privilege of becoming your Off Campus Representative for Legislative Council. I am a first year Sociology major looking to better our university. This past year I was President of my residence hall and RHA Rep for Program Board. The reason I want this position is because I believe our students here at UCSB should have a say in what happens with our school. A couple of issues that I am passionate about include:

    Cynthia Martinez - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

    Whatís Poppin Gauchos!!

    My name is CYNTHIA MARTINEZ and I am a second year sociology and Pre-Bio major. I would like to be your OFF campus representative next year. Iím social, FUN, but most of all Iím as down to earth as Iím down for OPP! My major involvements have consisted of serving as social and recruitment chair for Lambda Theta Nu Sorority Inc., Hermanas Unidas, and Health and Wellness Chair for Santa Catalina North Tower. If elected I will:

    So vote for me Cynthia Martinez Iíll handle your SCANDALS and be the life of the partyÖ.. the OPP party

    Xuan Yen "Yeni" Nguyen - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

    Hey there Gaucho!
    I would like first off thank you for taking your time to read about all candidates running this year and commend you on taking the extra step in making sure you are well represented.

    My name is Yeni Nguyen, a first year Sociology Major who is running to be your off campus representative. I am affiliated with University of California Students Association (UCSA) and the Greek community as well. As a first year, I am already living off campus in IV and enjoying all the bliss that independency has brought. Aside from already living in the same place that you call home, I have also been able to understand the concerns that students face on a day-to-day basis as tenants in the Isla Vista community. My experience with UCSA has allowed me to network across all UC campuses and integrate what has succeeded elsewhere at our own UC.

    I believe in:

    With your help, TOGETHER we can work towards a stronger, better UC that meets the needs of students, residents and aspiring professionals. Vote with O.P.P. and elect me as YOUR Off Campus Representative

    Kathleen ReyesĖ Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

    Hey there UCSB!

    My name is KATHLEEN REYES and I am a first year, aspiring Communications Major.

    I am running for OFF CAMPUS representative with the B.O.S.S. party.

    The amount of diversity on our campus makes it such a great community to be a part of. We need to make sure that our voices are not quieted down, especially in times like these. It is vital to ensure that our fellow Gauchos return to UCSB and by taking action against fee hikes as well as those program cut downs. Having a strong group of fellow Gauchos to have these rights preserved is key, and that is what B.O.S.S. (Bettering Our School System) is all about. As a representative I want to aim on restoring programs and controlling those fees, as well as making sure UCSB is a safe place to all diversity. I am a regular Gaucho just like you, who worries about finals and those dreaded papers and now those ridiculous tuition fee hikes. I am also very determined and dedicated to what I put myself into. If elected I will make sure that actions are done and most importantly that the whole student body knows what actions were made.

    Release that inner Boss in you and vote BOSS!

    Blair Siegal - Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

    Hey UCSB! My name is Blair Siegal and I am running for the position of OFF Campus representative with B.O.S.S. I am currently a first year undeclared major, leaning towards a communication major. I really want to become more involved on our campus. I love everything about our school, from the beautiful location, to the awesome people, the nightlife, and the high academic caliber. I believe that our student government should speak for you, the students, and what you want. As a representative I will work to make sure that your voice is heard. I know that this proactive change can come about with B.O.S.S. I love getting to know new people, so feel free to come and discuss any ideas you have with me. If elected I will work to:

    I want to help you all get the most out of your college experience and I am here to represent you and your voice! So vote for BLAIR SIEGAL, and Vote for B.O.S.S!

    Stanislav "Stanley" Tzankov - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

    My name is Stanley Tzankov and I am asking you to RE-ELECT me as your OFF CAMPUS Representative for Legislative Council.

    I am an advocate for TRANSPARENCY and ACCESSIBILITY between students and A.S. I have taken on projects such as filming Legislative Council meetings and publicizing open student leadership positions.

    As CHAIR of ACADEMIC AFFAIRS BOARD I will continue to:

    (please answer the ballot survey afterwards!)

    As the STUDENT REP on the Chancellorís Technology Advisory Committee I will continue to:

    As the former President of Manzanita and a current IV resident:

    Finally, as a current LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL MEMBER I know that this position requires EXPERIENCE, COMMITMENT, and FEEDBACK.

    Donít let our last line of communication be a STRATEGICALLY CAPITALIZED ELECTION SUPPLEMENT. Do your part and EMAIL (UCSBStanleyT@gmail.com) or FACEBOOK me with your comments, ideas, and perspectives on how I can represent you best!

    Stay classy Santa Barbara! Remember, Vote STANLEY T. and Vote

    Princess Uchekwe - Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

    Recipients: UCSBEEZYS!!

    Agent: Princess Uchekwe.

    Agency: Better Our School System (B.O.S.S)

    Level: 1st year Business Econ major

    Mission: Serve as your Off Campus Representative


    Spread awareness about the workings of Associated Students. Why? Because top secret information doesnít need to be so top secret. The more you know, the more comfortable you are, the more effective our communication.

    Eliminate fee increases. We simply cannot be expected to pay more at a time where people make less.

    Promote diversity. At a campus like ours, we need to ensure ALL that our voices are heard, and that our differences are RESPECTED.

    Increase safety. We need a community that will benefit the well being of all our members.

    Upgrade to uniform parking passes. For the money you put down, you should be able to park ANYWHERE.

    Report: Students need to be more informed about whatís happening in our community. We need our voices to be heard and our demands met. We will no longer stand for the mistreatment of others and the deteriorating value of our education. As a diligent, determined, and open-minded individual, I will be receptive to student concerns. YOU are my business, and I handle my business like a BOSS.

    Nathan "Nate" WalterĖ Open Peopleís Party (O.P.P.)

    Hey UCSB! I am Nate Walter, I am running for off-campus rep with OPP!

    I am a first year Business / Economics Major, and was president of San Nic Resident Halls, which gave me connections in AS which will help me get the right people for the right job, so we can make the changes you want to see.

    I Love UCSB and I know that if chosen to represent you great things will happen in IV and on campus. If elected, as your off-campus rep, I plan to:

    (For more of my ideas check out NateWalter.com)

    Preston WashingtonĖ Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

    What's good UCSB students! My name is Preston Washington and I am a first-year staying in the Santa Rosa Residence Hall. In my short time I have come to appreciate UCSB for what it is, a great place. Our school is surrounded by beautiful scenery and filled with beautiful people. I have only gotten to know a small fraction of the students here but I look forward to meeting the rest! If you see me walking around don't hesitate to strike up a conversation with me, or just tell me what you want to see changed.

    As my appreciation for UCSB grows my, desire to protect it grows too. That is why I am running for an Off-Campus Representative position, with the Better Our School System party, to take care of the student body. I look around and I see things that effect all of us that I could work on:

    I am the type of person that likes to help people with there problems. I do not even skateboard, but I see a lot of students who do, so I want to make sure they can continue doing what they enjoy. You should vote for me, Preston Washington, so that we can change the course of our school!

    Breanna Zehnder - Democratic Process Party (D.P. Party)

    OLE' Gauchos! Let the madness of elections begin! I know it seems as though these Candidate Descriptions go on forever, and often seem redundant, but the issues we care about are really important to us and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for being an INFORMED VOTER and MEMBER of the student body. I am Breanna Zehnder and I am a first year Poltical Science and Global Studies Double Major. We can be great friends. Here are a few things I have been involved with my senior year and since coming to UCSB:

    Max Young - Open Peopleís Party (O.P.P.)

    Hey UCSB! My name is Max Young and I am running with O.P.P. because I am ready to be your off-campus rep next year! Iím a second year psychology and accounting double major who is currently living in IV, so I understand what needs to be done to make it a better place. I am also involved in the Greek community as well as holding positions in various AS committees such as Committee on Committees. I am a fun loving guy who loves the beach, socializing with my fellow students, UCSB, and IV so this is the perfect chance for me to give back to the place I love. If elected I vow to do the following:

    Like I said before, I am a fun-loving guy who loves meeting new people so if you see me around campus, feel free to come say HI! I look forward to meeting and serving all of you so once that time comes around, be sure to vote for MAX YOUNG and O.P.P!

    Yiming "Cedric" Zhao - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

    Hey Gauchos! My name is Cedric Zhao and I am running for YOUR Off Campus Representative with OPP! I am a first year Film Studies and Psychology double major who is interested in representing UCSB students and making UCSB a better place for everyone. Living in Isla Vista as a first year has given me a tremendous insight into the life in IV and I absolutely love the OPPortunities and fun that IV has to offer.

    Organizations and groups that I am involved with:

    If elected, the projects and issues that I will be working on, Vote for ME and vote for OPP!

    Armand Amin - Democratic Process Party (D.P. Party)

    Hi, my name is Armand Amin and I am running for AS off-campus representative. I am running because I believe that I can make AS better. Better for YOU!

    In the past year, as a member of Isla Vista Tenants Union, I have worked to protect your RIGHTS as an Isla Vista resident, as well as:

    In addition, I believe that transparency in AS and student involvement is vital to our school.
    We, as students, are having our education undermined.
    We should NOT have to pay extra money for fewer classes.
    We should NOT be held to MCP requirements when we have to fight just to get into classes.
    Whatís worse? We all recognize these injustices and nothing is being done about it.

    So lets MOBLIZE, COOPERATE and be PROACTIVE about the issues that face us today.
    My name is Armand Amin and I am with the DP Party.
    Lets make this school OUR school.

    Richard "Milo" GavanĖ Democratic Process Party (D.P. Party)

    Hey UCSB!! My name is Richard Gavan and Iím running to be your off-campus representative. Hereís the situation: Associated Students is our student government Ė our tool of direct influence that most students know too little about. The Legislative Council works to get the wants and needs of the students written into campus policies. Wouldnít you like Associated Students to be actually associated with the students?
    Hereís what some of the plan consists of:

    Also, hereís a little about myself:

    Evan Hynes - Democratic Process Party (D.P. Party)

    Hello fellow Gauchos! My name is EVAN HYNES, and I am PUMPED to be running with the Democratic Process Party (DP Party) to be one of your next OFF-CAMPUS Representatives. I am a first year Art and Biology Double Majoróif you have ever seen a shirtless dude painting on the lawn in front of the MCC, then youíve seen me before!

    As my majors exemplifies, I am highly interested in the arts as a positive, public form of building a strong, open-minded Isla Vista community, as well as helping keep our town an environmentally friendly and sustainable place to live in.

    As your next Off-Campus Rep., I will work toÖ

    I am so excited to run with DP Party and start bettering the Isla Vista community! Vote EVAN HYNES for off-campus representative, and lets

    Christine Javier - Democratic Process Party (D.P. Party)

    Hey! What?s up UCSB! I'm CHRISTINE JAVIER, a first-year pre-bio major. I am a very open-minded person who has heard the many opinions of the students here, which has motivated me to become more involved in helping our school. I am currently a member of Anacapa?s Hall Council, so I have a lot of EXPERIENCE with this legislative business. Also, I am a part of NRHH, which is a group of leaders who advocate COMMUNITY GAIN and attain this by fund raising and such. Besides this, I've worked to fund raise money for charities such as Invisible Children, as well as projects to spread awareness of ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES. As your Off-Campus Representative, I will:

    As a student spending more money to not get the classes I want, focusing on AS funding will be my main priority. I see the problems within IV as well as on campus, and I'm here to fix them!

    Maribel "Mira" Martinez - Democratic Process Party (D.P. Party)

    My name is MARIBEL MARTINEZ and I am running to be your OFF-CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVE with the D.P. Party. I'm a first year Business-Economics, Spanish double-major and I know that I can help make UCSB a better campus for all of us.

    What Iíve Done:

    If elected, I will: Want to talk about anything? E-MAIL me at (ucsmaribel@yahoo.com) or find me on Facebook under Mira Martinez.


    Tiffany Mayville - Democratic Process Party (D.P. Party)

    Hey hey hey UCSB! My name is Tiffany Mayville, and Iím a third year Environmental Studies major. Elect me for OFF-CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVE, and I will be the positive, strong-willed, passionate workforce A.S. needs!

    What have I done?

    If elected as OFF-CAMPUS REP, I will work on: I will serve you, the students, as OFF-CAMPUS REP! Elect me with DP Party, and letís get to work!

    Abrahan Monzon - Democratic Process Party (D.P. Party)

    Hello beautiful peers, My name is AbrahŠn Monzůn, I am a second year Sociology and Feminist Studies double major with a minor in Education, and I am running to be one of YOUR off-campus representatives for legislative council. My EXPERIENCES range from having an involved part in several student organizations, as well as being part of a couple of boards, committees, and commissions (BCCs). I have also been a proxy for Legislative Council throughout the year, serving a liaison for legislative council members who can't make all the meetings due to scheduling conflicts.
    My goals are to build:

    Projects I have thought about (creating accessible menus at IV eateries, creating better transportation options for those who need them) reflect these goals.
    Once again, I encourage you to vote for me because I have experienced AS from the OUTSIDE, noticing what needs to be worked on and improved, as well as from the INSIDE, through proxying, so I have hands on EXPERIENCE. If you would like to know more about me you can

    Benjamin "BO" Oler - Democratic Process Party (D.P. Party)

    No statement

    Maritza Palacios - Democratic Process Party (D.P. Party)

    Hello my fellow peers! My name is Maritza Palacios and I want to be your next Off-Campus Representative! Iím a third year Global Studies and Spanish double major with a minor in Sports Management. I currently hold the position of Collegial Networking Chair with a non profit organization in which I have learned many leadership skills that will help me prepare for this role I want to embark on. I am outgoing, enthusiastic, and a dedicated person. I will work on issues that concern all UCSB students especially those who live off campus. I am very dedicated to empowering students on this campus and advocating for the needs of all students especially those in underrepresented populations. If elected as Off-Campus Representative I will:

    Most importantly, I am here to represent YOU, YOUR student rights, and YOUR concerns. So vote for me for your Off-Campus Representative and vote for the DP Party.

    Jessica Perez - Democratic Process Party (D.P. Party)

    Hey there Gauchos!
    My name is Jessica Perez and I am running for Off-Campus Representative with the Democratic Process Party (DP Party). As a first year Political-Science major I currently serve as the Co-President of Santa Catalina North and am a member of the RHA Coordinating Board. I am a friendly, responsible and outgoing person who wants to help make a difference on this wonderful campus of ours. This is our campus and with your help I know I can make UCSB all that it is possible of becoming! As your Off-Campus Representative I plan to:

    VOTE for the DP PARTY and VOTE JESSICA PEREZ for Off-Campus Rep!

    Anthony Rum - Democratic Process Party (D.P. Party)

    Hey there Gauchos!
    My name is Anthony Rum and I would love become your next Off-Campus Representative! Let me start by thanking you for taking part in the A.S elections: your vote will help determine the outcome of many important decisions made at UCSB.

    Iím currently a third year, Business Economics major and am devoted to bettering your experience here at UCSB.


    Plans: Itís no questions that we attend one of the best universities in the country and if elected I ensure you that I will do everything in my power to make it even better. Vote me, ANTHONY RUM as your OFF-CAMPUS REPRESENTAIVE, and be certain that change will occur.


    On-Campus Representatives

    Onyinyechi "Onyi" Apakama - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

    Wassup my fellow GAUCHOS!

    My name is Onyi Apakama and I am excited to be running as your On-Campus Representative. I am a first year psychology major, and I live in the Black Scholars Hall in Santa Rosa a.k.a DA ROSA.

    I am currently an intern for the Vice-President of Statewide Affairs. Where we have put forth different weeks of actions and petition signing to get our legislators to prioritize education! I am also a member of the Peer Education program in the Office of Judicial Affairs. We worked to put on a week called “Speak Up Against Hate” to spread awareness about hate crimes on our campus. As a member of BSU, Black Student Union, I was able to host high school students for our outreach program. This program lasted for three days it gave the students a taste of life in college .

    Simply my plans if elected

    I am a dedicated person that is always ready for action. I will advocate for the needs and concerns of students to the best of my ability.

    I am here for YOU! So you down with O.P.P? Vote Onyi Apakama for On-Campus Rep.

    Zoe Poff-Turjacanin - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

    My name is Zoe Poff-Turjacanin, I am a first year undeclared major and I am ready to represent YOU as an ON-CAMPUS

    I am a strong believer in fighting for the students. As a student who originates from a low income family, the budget cuts hurt me greatly just as it does many of you.
    I have developed an understanding for our school and it's structure through different organizations on campus that I am involved with. Our campus needs representatives such as myself to ensure the correct actions are taken to create positive change. I am passionate about making UCSB a better community for everyone.
    I will do everything in my power to:

    Make our associated students more transparent
    Create a better meal plan (rollover meals if possible)
    Find efficient ways to enroll on course waiting lists
    Campaign towards a campus that is more diverse, unified, and inclusive


    Bevan "Drizzy" Verma - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

    Hey UCSB!

    My name is Bevan Verma and I am running for your A.S. On Campus Representative Position for the 2010-2011 school year. This year, I served as your President for Santa Catalina North Tower and was amazed at how rewarding the position was. It taught me the leadership, citizenship, and scholarship skills necessary to be your future A.S. On Campus Representative.

    If elected,

    To address these issues,

    I have a real passion for the residence halls and believe in it with all my heart. I know every other candidate is begging for your vote, but know that I am the most qualified, the most dedicated, and the most passionate about representing the residence halls! VOTE BEVAN "DRIZZY" VERMA as your A.S. On Campus Representative and Vote for OPP!

    Sarah Vilardo - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

    What's up, UCSB!
    I'm Sarah Vilardo, running for YOUR On-Campus Representative with OPP! I'm a first-year English major who loves being involved in campus life. Here are a few things I've done so far:

    But enough about me! As YOUR On-Campus rep, my priority would be to represent and serve YOU.

    You down with OPP? Vote for me! Sarah Vilardo for On-Campus Rep!

    Julia "Julie" Flores - Democratic Process Party (D.P. Party)

    What it do Gauchos!?!

    My name is JULIA FLORES, I am a first year Business Econ Major and I am running to be a trustworthy On-Campus Rep. As YOUR On-Campus Representative I plan on addressing certain issues such as:

    I strongly believe that these three issues affect our campus greatly. By reaching out to students I plan on providing detailed information on what is occurring in A.S and the activities that are being organized for the student body. In order to assure transparency within A.S I plan on holding open meetings and providing financial disclosure statements. As YOUR representative I will do all that it takes to make education affordable again, it is absurd that universities receive 7.5% of the state general fund while close to 11% is dedicated to prisons!!

    As a resident myself I know on a first hand basis the issues that the on-campus community faces. I will have YOUR voice heard and assure that your concerns are not ignored. I am looking forward to being YOUR on-campus representative. So remember vote for JULIA FLORES!

    Sarah Gilbert - Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

    Hi everyone! My name is Sarah Gilbert, and I am a first year English major who would love for you to vote for me as your on-campus representative! I am a very open-minded and friendly person who wants to help students by representing them and their needs in a very positive way. I truly enjoy taking on leadership responsibilities and working to gain what students want most from their time here at UCSB.

    I currently serve as the President of the Anacapa residence hall, and I have loved every minute of hall council meetings and hall programs that work to build community, as well as address different issues students face here on campus. I am also the President of the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), and I work with other dedicated and enthusiastic students to recognize leadership within the residence halls through card making activities and managing the Of The Month recognitions.

    Students at UCSB deserve awesome programs that work to build community, educate on issues like diversity, and work to keep students feeling safe and content here on UCSB campus. The biggest goal of mine is for ALL of your thoughts and opinions to be HEARD. The most important part of the University is the students, and I want YOU to be able to depend on myself and the members of the B.O.S.S. party to take a proactive stand in making your experience at UCSB the best possible.

    Erica Kalingking - Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

    Fellow Gauchos!!! My name is Erica Kalingking. So, how are you? Ever feeling down, a little lost, maybe need a shoulder to cry on? I'm your girl. Elect me for on campus representative for legislative council and I'll make sure that your new home is a home you feel proud to be a part of. But of course, who would want to trust a stranger? Let's get familiar.

    Now that you know me a little better, I hope you feel reassured when I tell you that I am passionate about solving these problems that can no longer be ignored.

    So remember, vote B.O.S.S., all for you.

    Joseph "Joe" Lee - Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

    WHATS UP UCSB. My name is Joe, and I am currently a first year Poli-Sci major. I am chillest person you will ever see on campus so never be afraid to start a chat with me. I am running to be YOUR On-Campus Rep so vote for me and B.O.S.S and lets get BOSSY! I am currently the MAC (Multicultural Awareness Chair) for San Cat South and through this, I have had hands on experience with executive and legislation issues through Hall Council. My priority consists of three things, to make sure past issues never come back, to resolve present issues, and to pro-act and create an environment where futuristic problems will not occur.

    If I were to be your voice and be elected, I will do my outmost best to fight these issues:

    So let your voices be heard and let's make things HAPPEN!!

    I will be your VOICE, your ADVOCATE, and FRIEND

    So come up, don't be shy, VOTE for JOE LEE as your ON CAMPUS REP and VOTE BOSS and let's get BOSSY!!!

    Ian Moret - Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

    Hey UCSB! My name is Ian Moret, and I want to be your On-Campus Representative next year! I'm a second-year Business Economics major who currently serves as the Farside Area Representative for the Residence Halls Association, and I've also previously served as the Media Coordinator for RHA.

    Having been involved in the residence halls community for the past two years, I know that there's a lot of untapped potential among residents - I believe it's critical for AS to expand its outreach efforts into the halls so that students' can realize that potential. From the first week a student steps on campus, they should know about the possibilities waiting for them in our many student-run organizations.

    Not only do I want to put my knowledge of RHA and Residential Life to work for students, but I want to help students help themselves. It's essential that there is an ongoing dialogue between the on-campus community, AS, and RHA in order to promote a better knowledge of the quality-of-life, financial, and many other issues that we face daily.

    Finally, it's bad enough that students are paying ever-higher fees mandated by distant bureaucrats - I'll make sure that AS isn't being frivolous with students' hard-earned money. I want to make sure that AS isn't part of the problem by neglecting to follow through with its funding decisions.

    A vote for me is a vote for greater integrity, responsiveness, and openness in our student government. Vote Ian Moret

    Briana "Bri" Riley - Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

    Hey Gauchos!!! My name is Briana "Brii" Riley. I'm excited about running for our On-Campus Representative next school year! I'm a former resident of Manzanita's Rainbow House and now I'm a current resident of Santa Rosa's Black Scholar's Hall. Living in these Res Halls I've become an adamant believer in COMMUNITY, UNDERSTANDING, DIVERSITY, INCLUSIVENESS and UNITY. I hold Executive Positions in Akanke, a Black Women's Support Group, the Peer Education Program, a student branch of the Office of Judicial Affairs and I am also a member of our campus' Gospel Choir, Black Student Union and I am a LGBTQQI Ally.

    As a product of EOP's S.T.E.P (Summer Transitional Enrichment Program) I have gained knowledge that being EDUCATED, EMPOWERED, and ENLIGHTENED about OUR community are the keys to LEADERSHIP!

    As your On Campus-Representative, I would strive to serve you by:

    With all the injustices placed upon our system, WE STUDENTS should have a SAY in what goes on OUR CAMPUS. If you believe in all these issues Vote ME as your Candidate for On-Campus Representative!!!!!

    Remember to Vote "Brii" for On-Campus Representative!!!!!
    Vote RED for B.O.S.S.
    Why Not, Better. Our. School. System?

    Danielle Stevens - Democratic Process Party (D.P. Party)

    Whazzup! ;p

    The name's Stevens. Danielle Stevens. ;)

    I'm a first-year Philosophy and Black Studies double-major, Spanish minor. I am a proponent of all avenues of creative expression. I like to mediate and listen to an eclectic mix of music. I love my Sector 9 Longboard. I wish to join the Peace Corps one day! I'm running for On-Campus Rep (woo, woot!!) because I want to advocate for you STUDENTS and hear what YOU have to say because after all, it's YOUR university.

    Issues I currently work on:

    Member of Conferences I attended: Issues I will be working on if elected into office:

    University-owned Off-Campus Housing

    BreYanna Carter - Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

    Hey UCSB!!

    My name is BreYanna L. Carter and I'm a first year Sociology and Feminist Studies double major. I would love to serve YOU as your next University Owned Housing Representative.

    Through my experiences in the Summer Transitional Enrichment Program (STEP), and as a resident at Santa Rosa Hall, I have gained knowledge regarding issues that directly affect students here at UCSB. I am a person who wants to make a difference on this campus and serving YOUR needs would be great! I have collaborated as well as been a part of campus organizations such as: Office of Judicial Affairs, Peer Education Program (PEP), Black Student Union (BSU), Akanke, and Gospel Choir.
    Campus Needs that will be my main priority:

    Most importantly, I will fight for OUR rights as student and will listen to YOUR concerns, YOUR ideas, YOUR plans, and actually get things DONE.
    E-MAIL ME (breyannacarter@yahoo.com) or FACEBOOK ME with questions and ideas so that I can efficiently represent YOU!
    Be a B.O.S.S. and VOTE BreYanna L. Carter!

    Alfredo E. Del Cid - Democratic Process Party (D.P. Party)

    Hello Fellow Students,

    I'm Alfredo Del Cid and as part of the Democratic Process Party, I believe in accountability and transparency within Associated Students. I am running to be your next University-Owned Housing Representative.

    As your Representative I will:

    So if real transparent and accountable action is what you want then vote Alfredo Del Cid and let's get to work!

    Party Mission Statements

    Bettering Our School System (B.O.S.S.)

    The issues haven't changed.

    The approach hasn't worked.

    Are you getting what you paid for?

    It's time for something new.

    It's time to take Associated Students in a new direction.

    Our priority is to Better Our School System.

    Will you be the BOSS of your university?

    Learn more at www.ucsbboss.com

    Democratic Process Party (D.P. Party)

    We believe Associated Students should be Associated with the Students. It was on this belief that we founded the Democratic Process Party. Our candidates were elected through an open general primary, where everyone had the opportunity to participate or run. That's what makes our party unique.

    As individuals, the diversity of our experience and the issues we work on is our strength. As a party, we all stand by these CORE four principles:

    We will work to CREATE class availability and job opportunities on campus.

    We will continue to ORGANIZE around the UC financial crisis to prevent unfair budget cuts from our university.

    We will RETAIN the quality of this institution by promoting environmental sustainability and protecting funds for departments and student services including CLAS, Student Health, ESS and EOP.

    We will ENGAGE the administration to prioritize student concerns on issues like the MCP, hate incidents, and unwarranted fees.

    Although we do not limit ourselves to these principles, they represent our focus.

    We do not believe in closed-door meetings.

    We do not stand for hate.

    We believe in having fun, but not at the expense of student fees.

    Get your democracy on. Vote DP party!

    Open People's Party (O.P.P)

    The ideals of the Open People's Party exist in the honest and absolute representation of each and every student of UC Santa Barbara. This is our campus. This is our mutual goal. You are the Open People's Party.

    We continue to pay more for our education, yet see less. Why are student services being cut? Why is class availability decreasing? We are expected to graduate within four years but don't have the resources to satisfy our educational requirements. Your student government should protect and advocate for you in the face of these reckless budget cuts and increasing student fees by providing student scholarships, job opportunities, and academic support.

    If we are expected to pay these fees, we expect a quality education, which includes a modernized campus that UCSB is severely lacking. The Open People's Party will fight to improve student communication services, create mobile device applications, and finally establish University-wide wireless Internet.

    We will continue to support efforts to keep the power of education in student hands. By demanding a reassessment of the financial situation, we will fight to protect the voice of students in such influential decision-making processes.

    The Open People's Party believes in diligent work at home and in our local community. We stand strong in our commitment to protect students from abusive rental rates. Isla Vista has a unique and eclectic culture that Open People's Party hopes to preserve through the establishment of an Isla Vista Community Center and Sobering Center. Students are unjustly criminalized for minor infractions by a sometimes-overzealous police force. Open People's Party works to better relations with law enforcement, as they are meant to protect and serve, not aggravate and belittle.

    The Open People's Party represents all UCSB students. We draw student leaders from all facets of our community in order to encourage the diversity of opinion. We are a party that embraces the free exchange of different thoughts and ideas. We advocate for the holistic student perspective to enhance the quality of life for all UCSB students. Opportunity begins with OPP. OPPortunity for strong representation. OPPortunity for a responsible student government. OPPortunity for a better UCSB.

    Welcome to the party!

    2010 A.S. Reaffirmations

    (These are reaffirmations of existing constitutional lock-ins. Voting "YES" will not increase your A.S. fees.)

    *Click here for more information about Return To Aid (RTA)

    Educational Opportunity Program (E.O.P): Do you support continued funding of one dollar and twenty-five ($1.25) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $0.83 for summer quarter for E.O.P?

    Pro Statement

    The EOP Emergency grants are crucial to students who need the most aid and support. Thus, it is imperative that they continue to be offered. As an EOP student and Student Mentor, I have learned the value of services such as these, by inviting my peers to use them as resources, as well as doing so myself. On countless occasions, even before becoming a Mentor, I told students about the grants. I know many of them who were saved from eviction or received a new pair of glasses that they desperately needed, but could not afford. Personally, the emergency grants helped me because they gave me the opportunity to apply to graduate school. Being a low-income and first generation undergraduate, it was hard to even imagine what the journey to being a graduate student would be like. The financial burden that graduate school testing and applications impose, thanks to the emergency grant, was no longer an impediment for me. I hope that with the continuation of these services, obstacles such as these will not keep future EOP Students from attaining their goals.

    Con Statement

    No Statement Submitted

    Undergraduate Night and Weekend Parking fee: Do you support the continued funding of three dollars and thirty three ($3.33) per AS/UCSB Membership quarter for undergraduate night and weekend parking?

    Pro Statement

    {No statement Submitted}

    Con Statement

    No Statement Submitted

    2010 A.S. Fee Initiatives

    (These are new funding initiatives and would increase your current A.S. fee for Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer quarters.)

    Isla Vista Arts (I.V. Arts)

    Isla Vista Arts (IV Arts) will help support a variety of free and low cost events including films, theatrical performances, and other arts programs for students and members of the Isla Vista community. The fee will be used to advertise events, art showings, or performances relevant to students in the Isla Vista community. IV Arts will advertise its own events on its website, and will also advertise events to take place in Isla Vista, run by other university or community groups or organizations on the website, at no cost to the group or organization. The fee will be used for but not limited to the program costs of WORD: Isla Vista Arts & Culture Magazine, IV Live, Magic Lantern Theater, Shakespeare in the Park and Nuestra Voz. It will also be used to maintain staff positions.

    Do you approve of mandatory fee increase of $2.00 per undergraduate student for Fall, Winter and spring quarter and $0.67 for summer to support Isla Vista Arts (of the $2.00 collected $0.50 is for return to Aid, $0.02 is for administrative fee, $0.04 is for the AS recharge fee and $1.44 will go to IV Arts); in the summer $0.67 (of the $0.67 collected $0.17 is for Return to Aid, $0.005 is for administrative fee, $0.01 is for the AS recharge fee and $0.48 will go to IV Arts)?

    Pro Statement

    No Statement Submitted

    Con Statement

    No Statement Submitted