2009 Spring General
Election Supplement

Presidential Candidates

Paulina Abustan - Student Voice!


My name is Paulina Abustan and I am a third year Political Science and Feminist Studies major. I have been involved in Associated Students since my first year and have been in the forefront of activism and change. I served on A.S. Legislative Council my second year and am currently the A.S. Womyn's Commission Co-Chair. I am here to increase YOUR voice as a UCSB student by making A.S. a more positive and worthwhile experience for YOU.

Concrete victories: Registered the highest number of voters in the nation
Lobbied legislators to prioritize higher education
Organized multiple marches and rallies to vocalize the needs of UCSB students
Vocalized students' rights, racial equality, womyn's rights, student fees, workers' rights, etc
Recruited UCSB students to become involved

I will prioritize: Increasing student representation on committees
Protecting and increasing funding for student resources and services
Addressing the rising costs of living and tuition fees
Educating for a more socially conscious campus
Creating a more environmentally friendly campus
Advocating for the well-being of all UCSB students

I am here to create a movement of hope, diversity and love. I believe we can unite as students to see the change that we want to see. I am here to activate and empower UCSB students to get involved for the betterment of our greater community.

Know the power and beauty of your Student VOICE!

Vote Paulina for Progress! Vote Paulina for President!

Amplify your Student VOICE!

Charlie Arreola - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey Gauchos!

My name is Charlie Arreola and I am ready to be your next A.S. President.

Serving as President of the Residence Halls Association (RHA), I developed an understanding of the university structure and its functions. I will use my established relationships with the administration to address your issues. Whether you think it is a small or large issue, it is MY issue nonetheless.

I will do everything in my power to provide UCSB better opportunities for the present and future. Whether ensuring our student fees are NOT taxed, providing a safer campus and Isla Vista Community, ensuring our campus is the frontrunner in sustainability efforts, and making Associated Students accountable to you, the students, I will do that.

As an established leader on this campus, I recognize that it is an imperative time to elect a leader that will represent the needs of students. Associated Students is "a place for everyone" and through open communication, transparency, accessibility and action, we can enhance the quality of life for all UCSB students.

I am passionate about our UCSB community and want all students to be well served. Our university needs a dedicated, fiscally responsible president who is willing to stand up and defend student welfare. When voting, please consider who will be the strongest, most efficient leader for all our students.

My name is Charlie Arreola and I ensure that opportunity begins with OPP. OPPortunities for strong representation, OPPortunities for a responsible student government, and OPPortunities for a better UCSB.

Daniel Plotkin - Students With A Plan (S.W.A.P.)

My name is Daniel Plotkin and here is my plan:

To act with INTEGRITY: We pick the best people for the job and not best for the election.
To COMMUNICATE: We receive input from many areas of the campus before formulating decisions.
To EXECUTE: We solve the issues facing this campus instead of simply talking about them.

I plan to challenge all the assumptions we have about student government and the election process. Why spend thousands of dollars on t-shirts and food? Why define ourselves by colors and platforms? I believe that hard working individuals operating in a non-hierarchical structure provides the best opportunity to respond rapidly and effectively to whatever problems the campus will face next year.

We do not stand for A-G issues. Our mission is altruistic.

The goal is not simply to win. It is to view elections as an opportunity to educate UCSB students on issues facing the campus, and to begin a dialogue between students and their government. In this sense there is no platform or hidden agenda. We are no party. We are simply students with a plan.

My experiences make me ready to lead:

  1. AS Finance Board Chair
  2. AS Academic Affairs Board Chair
  3. Student Rep College of Letters and Sciences Faculty Executive Committee
  4. Student Rep Chancellor's Coordinating Committee on Budget Strategy
  5. Resident Coordinator for Apartment and Community Living

My name is Daniel Plotkin and I am a student with a plan. Check our blog for our next meeting: swapucsb.blogspot.com

Or Email us at swap.ucsb@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or concerns.

If my mom believes in me why shouldn't you?

Internal Vice President

Alexandra "Alex" Stubbs - Students With A Plan (S.W.A.P.)

My name is Alex, and here's the plan:

I am running for Internal Vice President because I want to see an easily accessible and open student government. Now is the time to question the foundation of our student government. Does the greater campus know about the 33 boards, commissions, and committees in A.S.? Is our bureaucratic Legal Code stifling the conversations and opinions of UCSB students who care? Are we working on issues that are important to UCSB students? Double majoring in Black Studies and Communication and working three jobs in A.S., I am compelled to seek answers from the UCSB community.

My name is Alex, and I am a Student With A Plan.
Are you a Student With A Plan?
Check out swapucsb.blogspot.com for our next meeting.

Amanda Wallner - Student Voice!

Hey Gauchos!

My name is Amanda Wallner and I am running for Internal Vice President with Student Voice! I am a third year Political Science major. I am vice-president of Campus Democrats at UCSB, and I am UCSB and Isla Vista's representative to the Democratic Party of Santa Barbara County. It took me a long time to figure out what Associated Students was all about. I want to let you in on a few things I learned.

Did you know?

With such amazing potential and such huge challenges, AS needs leaders who will stand up for students and run our association effectively.

I will:

Through my political work, I have learned a lot about how to run an effective campaign and an efficient meeting. I hope you give me the chance to put those skills to work as your IVP.

Vote for Amanda Wallner and amplify your Student VOICE!

Christopher "Chris" Wendle - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

What's up UCSB! My name is CHRIS WENDLE and as a current elected representative I'm hoping to continue to serve you as the Internal Vice President next year. I'm a third year Business Economics major & Education minor and involved in organizations on campus like AS Legislative Council, Committee on Committees, AS BIKES, and the Gaucho Tour Association, giving tours of our awesome campus.

My EXPERIENCE with Associated Students has ranged from Coastal Fund to Constitution & By-Laws, and was elected to Legislative Council the past two years working on issues that affect YOU.

The position of IVP needs someone with EXPERIENCE, LEADERSHIP, and COMMITMENT. The students need someone who knows how the campus functions, how our student government operates, and would hold elected members accountable to the student body. Like the MCP and student taxes, I will lead the Legislative Council on major issues so that students get the best solution possible.

If RE-ELECTED I hope to:

  1. Continue to fight for ACCESSIBILITY for all students
  2. Find ways to make Associated Students more of a place for EVERYONE
  3. Look into making our student government more EFFICIENT in all aspects
  4. Help passionate students by being a RESOURCE for their needs
  5. Develop more PRIDE in being students here at UCSB

If RE-ELECTED to student government, my priority as the Internal Vice President would be to listen to you, the students. Please remember to vote for CHRIS WENDLE and OPP to make UCSB the BEST place to be.

External Vice President, Local Affairs

Clayton "Clay" Carlson - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

What it do Gauchos? My name is Clayton Carlson and I'm here to tell you a little about myself and why I am YOUR candidate for the EVPLA position. I am a third year Environmental Studies major, with a minor in Education and have experience with a variety of campus departments and organizations. As an R.A. with Residential Life, the Goodspeed intern working under Vice Chancellor Michael Young, and the Team Manager of UCSB's Green Campus Program, I have worked with a diverse group of students, faculty, and staff.

It's through these positions that I have developed a very good idea of what needs to be addressed and worked on in our local community. A few things come to mind:

I plan on working with ALL students to make sure that your needs and concerns are satisfied and questions answered. My experience, enthusiasm, and desire to improve the greater UCSB community make me well-qualified for the EVPLA position.

Remember to get out and vote Clay for EVPLA! YOU DOWN WITH OPP!?

Ashley Day - Students With A Plan (S.W.A.P.)

Hello UCSB! My name is Ashley, I am a 3rd year studying Political Science and here is my plan:

My name is Ashley Day for EVPLA and I am a student with a plan. Check our blog for our next meeting at http://swapucsb.blogspot.com!

Hazel Putney - Student Voice!

Hey Santa Barbara!

The name's Hazel Putney and I'm ready to be your External V.P. of Local Affairs. I'm a second year Sociology and Feminist Studies major. I've been involved with political organizing in Santa Barbara County since I was sixteen. UCSB, IV and the surrounding communities hold a special place in my heart and I'm passionate about insuring that students can have the best experience possible within them.



UCSB needs someone who understands our campus while having a broader vision of our university's role in relation to the area at large. I'm that candidate, vote Hazel Putney for EVPLA with Student Voice!

External Vice President, Statewide Affairs

Celina Ayala - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey YALL!! Im Celina Ayala and I would LOVE to be YOUR next External Vice President of State Wide Affairs (EVPSA).

I'm short and simple:

So if you see me either in the library, skateboarding by the UCEN trying to get to class on time, or marching down the arbor against police brutality, shout a helloow, or do what I would like the most, join me in this fight against injustices because WE as a people will reap the benefits.

Vote Celina!!! vote for open minds and open ideas!

Happy Voting!!

Janelle Mungo - Students With A Plan (S.W.A.P.)

What's good Gauchos? Thanks for taking the time to know a little more about me.

I'm Janelle Mungo, running for External VP of State-wide Affairs, and here's my plan:

* I have worked hard to fight the unfair tax on student fees and will continue to PROTECT student money and services.

* I stand with many diverse communities here at UCSB, and will continue to listen and fight for the needs of all students.

* Students CANNOT BE SILENCED, and I will voice concerns among administration, Regents, and government.

* I will address other issues of ACCESSIBILITY and RETENTION at UCSB like: sexual health and education; aid for AB 540 students; mental well-being and support from the government.

* I will fight for the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT OF AN EDUCATION against those who make it harder and harder to obtain one.

* TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY are utmost concerns, and I will work to maintain them.

* I WANT to hear your voices and opinions guiding elected officials with your needs, wants, and concerns.

With the passion and drive to make our time at UCSB more productive and beneficial, I would love to be your EVPSA. Again, I'm Janelle and I'm a student with a plan. Check our blog for our next meeting at http://swapucsb.blogspot.com!

Peace through love-

David Preciado - Student Voice!


My name is David Preciado, 2nd year Sociology and Chican@ major, running for External Vice President of Statewide Affairs with Student Voice! With the Governor proposing over a $500 fee increase for the upcoming academic year, students are tired of always being placed with the burden of the state's economic trouble. With the cost of living going up, it is crucial that students elect an EVPSA that has FOUGHT for your issues at a statewide and national level and will CONTINUE to fight to make Higher Education a top priority for the state and nation - I am the BEST candidate for you!


I will do:

Vote for David Preciado and amplify your Student Voice!

Student Advocate General

Kelsey Fisher

Hello UCSB! My name is KELSEY FISHER. I am currently Head of the University Division in the Office of the Student Advocate (OSA). The Advocate General runs the OSA which was established to promote the rights of students and defend them against unfair treatment from the university.


If I were elected there were some changes I would like to make:


Ramon "Albert" Garcia

Hey UCSB! My name is Albert Garcia and I am ready to be your next Student Advocate General.

The Office of the Student Advocate is an official service of Associated Students which assists students accused of violating the University Code of Student Conduct.

My goal, as an established leader of this campus, is to take my skills and experience and use them to act as an effective advocate for students' rights and also oversee any violations of these rights. Whether its issues with Parking Services, getting C.A.S.E. for doing absolutely nothing, or being accused of cheating, I am able and willing to fight to protect your rights.

I've served as President of Francisco Torres South Tower
I was on the Residence Hall Association (RHA) Board as a 1st year
I was an RA in the Santa Cruz Residence Hall (love my boys in the 1200's)
I've been an active member in the Greek community and am currently serving as my fraternity's' Social Chair.
I've interned at the District Attorney and Public Defenders offices in San Diego

I'm looking forward to meeting as many new people as possible throughout elections. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via Facebook or email at rgarciaucsb@gmail.com.

Thanks and Go Gauchos!
Albert Garcia

Chad Mandala


My name is Chad Mandala and I am running for the chance to be your 2009-2010 Student Advocate General. The purpose of this position is to ensure that you as a student know what your rights as a student are, the policies, regulations and policies of the University that affect you as a student here at UCSB. The Student Advocate General also serves as an entity that seeks to ensure that your opinions as a student are taken into account in all the decisions made at the University.

It is this responsibility of the Student Advocate General that has caused me to pursue the position. Over the past year, I have served as your representation as a student on a number of academic issues regarding undergraduate students here at UCSB through my time on the Academic Senate?s Committee on Undergraduate Academic Programs and Policies. As your student representative to this committee, I have argued on your behalf to ensure that the struggles you face as a student are taken into account when decisions are made that directly affect your education.

My goal for next year is to ensure that you as a student are this University?s first priority. It is you as a student that makes this university the spectacular academic institution that it is; ultimately, without you there would not be a university. I will ensure that you as a student are always considered when this university tries to pass policy that entails you and your education.

Christopher "The Party Scene" Par - Independent

CHRIS PAR is here to fight for YOUR right to PARty!

Since pioneering the UCSB PARTY SCENE on FACEBOOK and holding office as CO-PRESIDENT of FT NORTH last year, I've always represented YOU and will continue to as STUDENT ADVOCATE GENERAL.

I justify our Friday and Saturday nights by the hard work we put in during the week. After my shit's handled, I want to go out and rage! This is the beauty of UCSB: the balance. Yet, IVFP has cracked down on our weekends more than ever this year, with the introduction of the SOCIAL HOST ORDINANCE and the heavy enforcement of the 12 O'CLOCK COCK BLOCK that is the zero tolerance NOISE ORDINANCE.

Every guacho knows that the party don't stop til 6 in the morning and I want to make sure your voice is heard and your rights are protected. I will use FACEBOOK to organize peaceful protests and bridge the lack of communication between the UCSB community and student government. Your vote counts!

Kevin Young

{No Statement Submitted}


Josue Aparicio - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey UCSB! My name is JOSUE APARICIO and I am asking you to RE-ELECT me as the REP AT LARGE for Legislative Council. I am a second year, Political Science major; I am currently the Off Campus Representative for Associated Students, and the former President of FT North. I am an average UCSB student, I love to have fun, go to parties, play intramurals, and chill by the beach.

If elected:

So, Vote for me JOSUE APARICIO, and vote for the OPEN PEOPLE'S PARTY!!!!!

Luis Omar Cardenas - Student Voice!

Hey Gauchos!

My name is Luis Omar Cardenas and I'm running to represent you as REP-AT-LARGE! I'm a Third year Political Science Major/French Minor.

Here are a few things I'm a part of:

I want to change the world, and I think being able to represent 4-5 thousand students as rep-at-large is a good start. For those who know me, know how open-minded I am about all issues and always want to here both sides of the story before making a decision. I am ready to serve you the student body and although some may doubt my time commitment, I believe that if your truly passionate about something you make time.

Andrew "Jake" Elwood - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey Gauchos!
My name is Jake Elwood and I am running to represent YOU as a Rep-at-Large on next year's Legislative Council! I am a second year political science major with an emphasis in public service, and I have spent the last two years here at UCSB working for students as Vice-President of Manzanita Village's Executive Board last year, and as an RA in Manzanita this year. I hope to continue my service to each and every one of you next year in A.S.

A few projects I plan to work on if elected are:

As a member of A.S. Legislative Council, my top priority will be to listen to the students and to work and fight for any issues or concerns held by any and all of you. Let's make next year our best year together here at UCSB. Make sure you VOTE and VOTE OPEN PEOPLE'S PARTY!

Beth Goodman - Student Voice!

Hey everyone!

My name is Beth Goodman and I am currently a third year Political Science major here at UCSB! I am running for Rep at Large with STUDENT VOICE to be your voice on campus! My plan is to make UCSB and Isla Vista your campus and your town by making the changes that students need!

I am an active member of Campus Democrats and CALPIRG on our campus. I worked with the Voter Registration Coalition to help us reach our goal of registering over 10,000 students to vote! With CALPIRG I have worked with climate change problems and making textbooks cheaper for you! If elected I will be your voice in AS, making sure your money goes where you want it to go and you are able to pursue all the opportunities you want to while at UCSB. College only lasts for four years and I want to make sure you get the most out of the time you are here.

Please vote for me, Beth Goodman, for your Rep at Large, so I can be your STUDENT VOICE on campus!

Daniel Gradias - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)


My name is DANIEL GRADIAS and I am a 3rd year Film and Media Studies Major. I am running with O.P.P for Representative At Large.

First off I want to say that I love UCSB and Isla Vista; living and going to school here has been amazing and this campus and community has so much to offer.

A Few things I am involved with:

Remember to Vote O.P.P and remember DANIEL GRADIAS for Representative at Large!


Michael Hewitt Jr. - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey fellow Gauchos, what's up!? My name is MICHAEL "MIKE" HEWITT and I would love to be elected as your REPRESENTATIVE-AT-LARGE! As a third year Environmental Science Major, I know this campus and I intend to keep the beautiful legacy of UCSB intact while learning from and building on our mistakes.

I am passionate about my commitments:

This diverse participation will allow me to approach every issue from a rational and experienced background which has also taught me how to get things done! Recently, I hosted the Residence Hall Energy Competition which encouraged 5,000+ UCSB residents to SAVE ENERGY and an unprecedented $20,000 will be going go back to you!

My GOALS depend entirely on YOU the student, but here's what I want to see happen:

I love UCSB and ISLA VISTA and will not let my home and Alma Mater be anything but extraordinary! I promise to serve every need with that firmly in mind.

If elected by you, my fellow Gauchos, I ensure that you will be represented fairly and consistently to the Legislative Council. I am a friendly guy who can kick back and party on DP or meet with the Chancellor on pertinent issues! Voting for me, MIKE HEWITT as your REP-AT-LARGE is the right choice so ARE YOU DOWN WITH O.P.P?

E-mail ucsbgreen@gmail.com with questions or for more detailed plans for the goals above! Thanks guys and gals and stay classy Santa Barbara!

Natalie Hoffman - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey Gauchos! My name is NATALIE HOFFMAN and I am running for the position of REP-AT-LARGE with O.P.P. for next year. I am a second year Political Science major with hopes of representing all of you and making you feel that your opinion always matters.

We are in a critical time right now. I want to take an active role in helping UCSB cater to the fiscal and social issues our country is dealing with. With the current recession and the many changes going on in Washington, there is going to be a lot of changes to our campus as well. As the number of classes being offered is decreasing, tuition, the cost of textbooks, and the number of people in classes is increasing. If elected for this position I want to ensure that your money is always benefiting you.

If I am elected to this position, I hope to:

  1. Ensure your rights as tenants and members of the IV community
  2. Continue to make this campus more sustainable and environmentally friendly
  3. Find a way to lower the cost of textbooks and make sure you get more money when you sell your books back
  4. Increase the level of pride in being a UCSB student

If these issues are important to you, voting for me would be the way to ensure that your voice is heard and your concerns are acknowledged. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me anytime at nataliehoffman@umail.ucsb.edu. Welcome to the Party!

Brian Mays - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

My name is Brian Mays and you know I'm down with O.P.P., the party that is. I am running for the position of Rep-At-Large because I want to represent YOU. I'm a 2nd year Bio major, President of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. and member of several other orgs.
As a student I know firsthand how hard it can be to balance school and work, while being active on campus as many of you do. With this in mind I want lighten YOUR load as and have the university cater to YOUR needs as much as possible to ensure YOUR time at this great university is Fun and successful.

As a Representative of YOU here are some things I plan to do:

As a representative of YOU it is important that we keep in contact. Questions? Comments? Ideas? Let me know. Email me at Brianmays@umail.ucsb.edu or hit me up Facebook.
Together we can create CHANGE at our university. Let's take it back UCSB! Vote BRIAN MAYS!

Edward-Michael Muna - Student Voice!

Hey Santa Barbara!

My name is Edward Muna and I am a second year Political Science Major /Asian American Studies double major running for Representative at Large with Student Voice!

I have always made strides in trying to stay abreast of the issues occurring in the UCSB Community. Since my first year I have been involved with:

If elected, I plan to:

I want to fully dedicate my year to serving and advocating for students. I want to make sure that students are at the table for every issue affecting our communities. I am your Representative at Large!
Vote Edward Muna for Rep-at-large!

"Your Choice Your Voice"

Vote Student Voice!

Omid Niroumand Zadeh - Students With A Plan (S.W.A.P.)

My dearest Gauchos,

I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to vote. My name is Omid Niroumandzadeh and here is my plan:

I've got the will, and with your help, I'll find the way. My name is Omid Niroumandzadeh, and I am a Student With A Plan. I invite you to check our blog (http://swapucsb.blogspot.com/) for our next meeting.

Salvador "Sal" Ramirez - Student Voice!

Was up Gauchos!!!

My name is Sal Ramirez and I am honored to be included in the list of candidates running for rep-at-large. Are you ready for a candidate that can stand for your best interest?

As students we represent the main shareholders in UCSB because collectively we have the most invested in making sure that our institution continues to thrive.

This is a time of great change and I hope you entrust in me to bring progress to our campus. Our concerns need to be heard about legislation that affects us!

Wouldn't you want a representative you can trust?

I want to represent YOU so if you have any questions, suggestions or just want to say hi, email me at s_ramirez@umail.ucsb.edu or Facebook me!

Amplify you Student Voice!

Gadise Regassa - Student Voice!

Hey UCSB!!!
My name is GADISE REGASSA and I am running for Rep-at-Large for AS!!
I am dedicated to work for YOU and the student body to insure a more affordable and beneficial educational experience.

Some of the issues I would like to address as your future Representative:

  1. The lowering of student fees and increase of financial aid
  2. Quality and quantity of student services
  3. Tenant rights in IV
  4. Affordability and Accessibility of Student Parking
  5. Textbook prices
  6. Promotion of diversity, equality, and a stronger connection of students on and off campus.

Why are we paying more and getting less?
I feel we should be getting the top of the line experience in our four years at UCSB.
After all, we are their BEST consumers!!!!

If you vote for me I will make sure that the money YOU pay will go directly back to YOU!!!
Let's take advantage UCSB and amplify our Student VOICE!!
All Love, Gadise.

Sevasti Travlos - Student Voice!

My name is Sevasti Travlos and I'm running for Rep-At-Large!!! I'm a second year Global Studies major with an emphasis in Environmental Studies.

I'm tiny, but full of personality.... I'll make you laugh...a lot...I promise

I have an INCREDIBLE amount of ambition and passion and I want to work with YOU to make progressive change at UCSB, and the community! I'm currently involved with many organizations including:

Fund For Public Interest (Environment-California, CALPIRG, Human Rights Campaign, and Progressive-Future)

I have several goals for OUR campus, and I want to know all of your goals and passions, and do my best to ensure that they are HEARD and MET!

The main issues that concern me are:

I'm passionate about EQUALITY and social and economic justice; I recognize the inequalities on campus, and the world. I'm informed about Queer and People of color issues and want to work to make UCSB AND IV both safe and AFFORDABLE places for students and families, by working to keep others informed and lowering our student fees!

Thanks for VOTING, having YOUR VOICE heard is MY priority; if elected I promise to do EVERYTHING I can to ensure that our college life is SUSTAINABLE, AFFORDABLE, and SAFE!

Off-Campus Representatives

Araceli "Chely" Acevedo - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey What up UCSB! My name is ARACELI ACEVEDO and I am a second year Political Science Major. I am a very chill person, so do not hesitate to say HEY!! I am running for OFF Campus - Representative with OPP and I want YOU to vote for me. Last year as a first year, I was able to be in Hall Council and get hands on experience with specific issues that students had. Now living off campus, I have experienced many safety and awareness issues that need to be solved in IV.
When I am elected for this position I will try my best to fight these issues concerning students:

For the most part, I want YOU to vote ARACELI ACEVEDO for Off - Campus Rep!!

(She is a pretty kool chick...SO VOTE for her :D)

LeT iT bE HeArD.....VOTE OPP...WooT WooT!!!!

Mukhtar Ali - Student Voice!

HELLO UCSB! My name is Mukhtar Ali, I am running to be your off-campus rep. with Student Voice! I am a second year Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies double major. My experience makes me more than qualified to represent you! I have served as: an ambassador for Youth Service California, a representative for over 4,000 students on a school district's administration board, and served as an active member in The Muslim Student Association and Students for Justice Palestine. I have worked with the UCSB Isla Vista Liaison office, and with California Democrats. Working with these organizations has allowed me to interact with other clubs on campus and find commonalities that allow for collaboration. With your help I hope to accomplish the following:

So, for the sake of positive effective change I urge you to vote for progress, vote Mukhtar Ali for off-campus rep. with Student Voice!

Bridget Benedict - Student Voice!

Hey everyone. My name is Bridget Benedict, and I am running for your 2009-2010 Off Campus Representative. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am currently a second year Global Studies and Psychology Major at let's face it, the greatest University! I have spent the last year as a Resident Assistant at Santa Catalina Residence Hall, thus I have had the opportunity to meet and interact with many of my wonderful peers. I am also a dedicated member of Invisible Children at UCSB along with the Human Rights Coalition.

Here's why I want to represent you as your off-campus rep: I believe that as a representative of Associated Student's Legislative Council it will be my duty to fight for the students. The best way to represent you is by listening to your needs. Whether it be:

I am fully committed to bringing your issues to the forefront of the school's agenda. It will be my responsibility to represent you, not just in our school but in the greater community as well.
Feel free to contact me at bridget_benedict@umail.ucsb.edu and talk to me about my plan of making our university an even better place. And when you are voting just think to yourself "A vote for B is a vote for me!" Vote Bridget Benedict for Off-Campus Rep. with Student Voice!

Timothy "Tim" Benson - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey UCSB, I'm Tim Benson, a first-year communications major living in Manzanita Village. I love going to this school because I think it is truly a unique community, unlike any other university in the country. I believe that UCSB represents social and academic prominence. I believe in the immense potential of the student body at this university, and I believe that this diverse, talented, and capable group of people we have here on campus are headed for great things. Unfortunately, we as a university face massive problems in the coming year. We are amidst a detrimental budget crisis, one that has caused the administration to take away a lot of the great programs that UCSB has traditionally offered. In dire economic times, our school needs a group of leaders that will fight for the students and their rights. That is exactly why I am running for an Off-Campus Representative position, representing the Open People's Party. The OPP has always stood for representing ALL students at UCSB, making sure that everyone's rights as a student are being preserved. As a representative, I plan on working with the university to restore programs that are currently on the chopping block. As a student, you deserve a student government that will speak for you, and your needs as a member of this incredible community, and that is exactly what I, along with the OPP, plan on delivering. This election, vote for a student government that fights for you, not the administration. Thank you.

Armando Carmona - Students With A Plan (S.W.A.P.)

My name is Armando Carmona, I'm running for Off Campus Rep and here is my plan
First of all,
We need to educate UCSB students on Associated Students (A.S.) and how it works. A.S. representatives oversee a lot of money (brought to you by YOUR student fees) that funds many of the resources we have on campus. This is all good and great for us as students UNTIL the people left in charge are not representing our needs.
We also,
Need to hold the administration on this campus accountable to our needs, because as of now it seems as though their goal is to cut funding from our resources and tax our fees, not to offer more classes, or create more safe spaces, but to take them away from us. When in reality their job is to serve the students and to make our experience the best possible
I want to,
Continue working with outreach and retention programs on this campus, and continue empowering the youth with the resources needed to pursue a higher education. We must utilize our resources to benefit not only ourselves but also future generations
So basically,
We need representatives willing to start these conversations, and question AS. If we can't question our own actions and our impact on this campus how will we be able to learn and improve. Together we can create this.
My name is Armando Carmona and I am a Student With A Plan. Check our blog for our next meeting. swapucsb.blogspot.com

Abigail "Abby" Cordova - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

What's up UCSB! My name is Abby Cordova, and I want to be your Off-Campus Representative.
As a first year Sociology/Chicana(o) Studies major, my involvement at UCSB has mainly consisted of being involved with HAU, A.S. SCORE and serving as an intern in SIRRC. I am a very friendly and humble person, determined to be part of the change that this school needs. Being an average UCSB student, that enjoys having fun, going out and being active in the community, I'm aware of the changes that off-campus people want and need. If I'm elected:

Rememeber ya'll, I'm her to represent YOU!!!! Feel free to contact me at acordova90@gmail.com with any concerns and suggestions or just facebook me!
Lets change this university to our university! IF YOUR DOWN, VOTE BLUE! VOTE O.P.P! VOTE Abby Cordova for your Off- Campus Representative!

Barbara De la Torre - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey Gauchos!!

My name is Barbara De La Torre, and I am a first year Communication, Spanish double-major DOWN to serve YOU as off-campus representative for this upcoming year.

During my time here I have been involved in Hermanas Unidas, work for the UCSB Annual Fund, will soon be working with Upward Bound, serve as Local Affairs Coordinator for Student Lobby and County Relations Coordinator in the office of the External Vice President for Local Affairs, Lobbied Legislators in Sacramento on behalf of 200,000 UC students and helped you register to vote where UCSB had the highest number of registered voters in the nation! But it doesn't have to stop there...

I want to help you improve our community, university and college experience by-

And most importantly making sure YOUR thoughts, comments and opinions are HEARD.

I can assure you I am dedicated, hardworking, open-minded, approachable, respectful and will work to the best of my ability to represent you for a better community, university, and college experience. Join me!

Now, are YOU DOWN?
Welcome to the Party! Vote Barbara for off-campus representative

Elizabeth Farrington - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey there UCSB! How are you doing? Something bugging you? I can FIX IT! I am ELIZABETH FARRINGTON, and I want to MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER. Elect me for Off-Campus Representative with the Open People's Party so I can change what's necessary!

What is necessary?

Why am I capable?

Elect ME and OPP!

Fabian Gallardo - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)


My name is Fabian Gallardo, and I'm a second year Global Studies Major

I'm running to be YOUR off-campus rep and here's why you should elect me.

I have experience working with campus organizations and Associated Students (AS)

I have worked with El Congreso and Students Commission on Racial Equality
I am currently an intern for our EVPSA office, where I have gained valuable knowledge of AS and its workings.
I will work for you, the students, on issues we are passionate about.

In the two years I have been here, I have found out more about the issues affecting us, the students, both off and on campus, and how I can better serve ya'll.

I love IV, UCSB, and even SBCC!!

I will do whatever I can to fight the Social Host Ordinance and protect our right to entertain guests in our homes and apartments, without the invasion of the police!

I will work on TENANTS RIGHTS to stop the landlords from taking advantage of not only us the students, but also IV families, who we share this great bubble of greatness with!!

I have way more sweet plans for ya'll, our beloved IV, and beautiful campus.

So, Vote for me FABIAN GALLARDO, and Open Minds and Open Doors

Adam Goldman - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey Everyone!

My name is Adam Goldman and I am running for Off-campus Rep with OPP!

As a member of a Greek fraternity and an intern with the Wellness Program, I am actively involved at UCSB both off and on campus. Through my participation in these organizations, I have worked incredibly hard and learned to deal with a variety people. Moreover, I have come to appreciate the incredible opportunities and experiences UCSB offers and would love the chance to give back to a school that has given me so much.

As Off-Campus Rep, I will work diligently to make sure that our rights and privileges are not only maintained, but also enhanced. I would like to make the housing in Isla Vista more affordable as well as more accountable to the students who live there. In addition, as Off-campus Rep I will make myself available to the students in I.V. by working with all of you to make sure our voices are heard!

As I am sure many of you already know, Santa Barbara County is trying to pass the Social Host Ordinance that would severely limit the social scene in Isla Vista. This is simply unacceptable. If you elect me as Off-campus Rep, I will do everything in my power to make sure that this bill is not passed, and our liberties as students and rights as citizens of I.V. are preserved!

Thank you for your time and vote for me!

Adam Goldman

Jennifer Gutenberg - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey UCSB! My name is Jennifer Gutenberg and I am running for off-campus representative with the Open People's Party (OPP). As a second year Political Science major, I currently hold the position of internal social chair in my sorority. I am a sociable, fun loving, motivated person who wants to become more involved on campus. As a member of the Isla Vista community, I have seen firsthand the problems that need to be fixed and will work hard to solve the issues that students are concerned with. This is our home, school, and college experience and we need to make it the best it can be! As your off-campus rep, I would focus on:

I am here to represent you and make sure that student's voices are heard! Vote OPP and vote for me, Jennifer Gutenberg, for off-campus rep. Welcome to the Party!

Azucena "Susy" Gutierrez - Student Voice!

{No Statement Submitted}

David "Dave" Hassan - Post Party Direct Democracy After Party

{No Statement Submitted}

Ryan Hirschler - Student Voice!

Friends and neighbors,
Students of UCSB,
My name is Ryan Hirschler. I am a second-year Environmental Studies major living here in Isla Vista, and I need your help.
Throughout my past two years at UCSB I witnessed the awesome power of student activism. I heard the voices of young people across America. At a time when so many cynics believed that young people do not vote, UCSB turned out numbers which shattered the national averages. I was fortunate enough to be on the frontlines with Associated Students and Campus Democrats, helping to ensuring that every student voice was heard, and that every vote was counted. Sadly, there are some who are trying to silence us. The current attack on UCSB students seeks to erase you from the 2008 election, regardless of whether you correctly registered to vote and regardless of who you voted for. If Steve Pappas has his way, myself and 9,000 of my friends will have their voices extinguished.
This is why I am running to be your off-campus representative. Associated Students now faces the firing squad, because their efforts to register voters were EFFECTIVE! There are those who will back down next year; who will not fight to keep the student voice heard because they are scared. Elect me, and I will ensure Associated Students NEVER falters in its duty to our student community. For all of us who fight for something we believe in, please join me in protecting our most basic democratic right.
~Ryan Hirschler

Alaa Kamel - Student Voice!

Hello Students!
My name is Alaa Kamel and I am running for Off-Campus Representative for Student Voice. I am a Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies major with a minor in Global Peace & Security. Representation of unheard voices is my main concern! Our diverse community identifies with many controversial issues but I must emphasize that my responsibility is to make sure ALL voices are heard. I was the president of Model United Nations for 2 years, which means I have what it takes to put myself out in the community and find a way to accomplish my goals. I am dedicated to making a higher education accessible and affordable for our generation as well as the future. I also have very extensive experience in being a leader that holds strong conviction in my active voice. If I am elected, I am going to invest my time to serve you, and make the UCSB experience most enjoyable. I commit myself to the interests and concerns of the student body.

Kimberly Keller - Student Voice!

{No Statement Submitted}

Corilyn "Cori" Lantz - Students With A Plan (S.W.A.P.)

Hey UCSB! I'm a second year political science major with a passion for representing this campus and our student body. I am running for Off Campus Representative.

My name is Cori Lantz and here is my plan:

My plan is to represent the average student here at UCSB.

My name is Cori Lantz and I am a student with a plan. Check our blog for our next meeting: swapucsb.blogspot.com

Jessica Lenz - Student Voice!

Hey UCSB!!!

My name is Jessica Lenz and I'm running for Off-Campus Representative with Student Voice! I am a first year Theater major. I am currently the President of Anacapa and participate actively in R.H.A. On top of that, I am currently in a sorority and hold two positions in it. I believe that I could be a voice for all off campus residents of UCSB as I will be residing in the sorority. I have so much love for this school, as well as Isla Vista, since I so often find myself roaming it's streets, and I am very dedicated to making this community even better!

Some ideas I have for next year:

Vote for me! Remember "For a clearer view of the future, vote Lenz."

Jason "JLO" Lopez - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey fellow Gauchos! My name is Jason "JLO" Lopez and I running for Off Campus Representative. I am a first year currently undeclared, but I'm leaning toward biopsychology. I am involved in a couple of things here in UCSB such as 9th floor representative for Santa Catalina , sexual health peer advisor, and the UCSB after school program. I'm just like you I play intramurals, go to the beach, party, hit the library when its crunch time and overall just live life to the fullest. If elected:

So, vote for me Jason "JLO" Lopez, and vote for the Opens People Party.

Aurea Martinez - Student Voice!

My name is Aurea Martinez and I want to be your Off-Campus Representative. Let me start off with a fact. Did you know that $ 156.23 of your fees each quarter goes to A.S.? Yes...this makes all of YOU part of Associate Students. Therefore I would like for you ALL to feel that your needs are being addressed. Don't you want your money to be used wisely? I think you do!


Every single one of you is important to me!
If you want to talk about anything I will be here for you!

So vote AUREA, your friend, for OFF-CAMPUS REP!!

Nicholas "Nick" Musni - Student Voice!

Hello fellow students. My name is Nicholas Musni and I want to be YOUR off-campus representative. I see this position as an excellent opportunity to enable positive and progressive change for ALL students and our surrounding community. I am a third year English major involved in S.C.O.R.E, Pilipino Culture Night as stage crew coordinator, Kapatirang Pilipino and Culture of Youth Progressing Humanity in Rhythm and Expression (CYPHER). With all the budget cuts and funding shortages going on I want to make sure that administration does not compromise YOUR needs. I want to make sure that decisions are made for YOUR best interests. And that ALL groups of interest and identity (race, sexuality, gender, economic standing, etc.) are equally represented by our student government.
Some of my many issues of concern are:

By addressing these and other like issues we can create a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students. As your off-campus representative I will continuously be looking for new ways to learn what your needs are and passionately fighting to meet those needs. I want to be your STUDENT VOICE!!!

Urvashi "Urvi" Nagrani - Student Voice!

Greetings! I'm Urvi Nagrani and I am running for off-campus representative with Student Voice! I'm a first year transfer and a senior Film & Media major. I'm a photo blogger, artist, activist and President of Words, Letters, Poetry Slammers and member of UCSB Democrats, Queer Student Union, FUQIT, and English Club. During my first year here I've also worked on local elections, the senate run-off election in Georgia, organized a major Rally for Equality in San Francisco during the oral arguments against Prop 8 and worked on a film through the Film and Media department. I'm a California native of South Asian decent who's numerous travels have given her a somewhat global perspective. I am an active go-getter who you can count on to not only think about issues, but to translate ideas into action. I'm cynical enough to be realistic, and idealistic enough to try to improve the status quo.

If elected I will:

  1. Be active.
  2. Work to enable student organizations and leaders rather than hinder them.
  3. Enable and represent all students regardless of their gender, sexuality, and ethnicity. We have a diverse student body and everyone should feel comfortable sharing their voice.
  4. Improve cooperation and communication between organizations, administration and students so services can be utilized by all.
  5. Make it easier for student's to voice their input.
  6. Work towards creating gender neutral housing.
  7. Be active!

If you want to voice your perspective or learn more, contact me at unagrani@umail.ucsb.edu

Alexandra Onodera - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Aloha students of UCSB! My name is ALEXANDRA ONODERA and I am down to represent you!!! I am running as YOUR Off-Campus Representative and my number one reason being to ensure that you get the most out of your college experience.
As a first year, mathematics and pre-bio double major, representative on AS Finance Board, and member of the Greek community, I realize the importance of:

I will represent YOU! From a first year biking through IV on an intimidating campus full of opportunities, to the seniors who are itching to leave and at the same time trying to enjoy their last precious moments here, I am all about what makes you, IV, and UCSB the experience you want to get from college!
Vote me, Alexandra Onodera for your Off-Campus Representative. Remember I am down to represent you! Are you down with O.P.P?

Jaret Ornelas - Student Voice!

How's it going UCSB? My name is Jaret Ornelas and I'm running to be YOUR Off-Campus Rep with Student Voice! I am a second year Spanish/Chican@ Studies double major living in Isla Vista. I can safely say that Isla Vista is unlike anywhere else in the world. I've come to love this little surreal bubble as a second home. This is why I have and will continue to work to make Isla Vista a better place for ALL of its residents. Since my 1st fall quarter I've been involved with different community groups and causes:

Some basic policies I'll work to enact: So vote for me to be YOUR voice as Off-Campus Rep. Vote Student Voice!

Jamie Silverstein - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

What's up Gauchos? My name is JAMIE SILVERSTEIN and I am running to be your OFF-CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVE with the O.P.P. I'm a first year Political Science major and I'm running because I believe that I can use my experience and ideas to make UCSB the best place it can possibly be.

My experience:

If elected, I will:

E-MAIL ME (Silverstein.jamie@gmail.com) or FACEBOOK ME with questions and ideas so that I can efficiently represent YOU!


Chloe Stryker - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey UCSB Gauchos! I am Chloe Stryker and I'm running to be your Off-Campus Representative. I am a Political Science major and my involvement has consisted mostly of serving as Vice-President of Manzanita's Hall Council, being part of two AS committees, and being involved in my sorority.

I am social, hardworking, and I'm a typical college student just like you. I love the beach, Freebirds, and I.V, and I want to be in AS because I care about making all our experiences here at UCSB worthwhile, safe, and FUN.
I care about the issues you care about.
If elected I will fight to make UCSB the best it can be:

Most importantly, I will fight for YOUR student's rights and will listen to YOUR concerns and YOUR ideas and actually get things DONE.
So vote for me, Chloe Stryker, because I know you Gauchos are down with OPP.

Stanislav "Stanley" Tzankov - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hello Gauchos! I am STANLEY TZANKOV and I want to be your OFF-CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVE! I am currently a Global Studies/Economics double major, President of Manzanita Village, a local musician, and your fellow student. I was born in Plovidv, Bulgaria and lived in Davis for 13 years! Through my experience in interning at the capitol in Sacramento I have learned to always be curious about issues on every level and through RHA & Neighborhood Council I have learned and applied ambition and a vision into progress. I am a dork when it comes to Model United Nations and learning something new and I strive to be proactive in my goals & ambitions!

If elected:

  1. I will fight to CREATE TRANSPARENCY in where your FEES go and limit fee hikes and make sure you make the most out of the money you put into.
  2. I will work on ACCOUNTABILITY IN LANDLORDS through an IV tenants rating system.
  3. I will ADVOCATE FOR AN IV COMMUINTY CENTER so more events and activities can be closer to off-campus residents.
  4. work on AWARENESS & PHILANTHROPICAL EVENTS since we need to tap into the wealth of knowledge and influence of UCSB!
  5. Work on making everyone's experience in the small place we call IV just as MEMORABLE as my own.
  6. I will COMBAT all policies that are implemented without student input!

Katherine "Kt" Van Dermark - Students With A Plan (S.W.A.P.)

My name is Kt Van Dermark and here is my plan:

Increase Accessibility of Legislative Council Members with the student body by attending meetings I represent, give students a forum to be heard, initiate suggestions and enhancements from the student body, ensuring information available to students in various media forms.

Working diligently to align student concerns with the action the board takes by listening to students and soliciting their responses.

Protect Student Lock-in fees and services by working with and challenging administration to make students voices heard.

Changing legislation that makes our governing board more student-friendly and translucent.

My name is Kt Van Dermark and I am a student with a plan. Check our blog for our next meeting.
Kt Van Dermark :)

On-Campus Representatives

Quienna "Kiki" Broadnax - Student Voice!

Hey UCSB!!!

My name is Quienna "Kiki" Broadnax and I am a first year Pre-Biology major! I currently live in Santa Rosa Black Scholars Hall and I am running with Student VOICE! for your On-Campus Representative for the upcoming school year!

I am committed to this campus and I have shown this by:

  1. Attending the Student Lobby Conference 2009 in Sacramento where I learned about the fee increases and other issues that affect us as students
  2. Volunteering with Voter Registration to get the most registered voters nationwide for the past election

Some things I am passionate about changing are:

  1. Getting more people involved in shaping this beautiful campus
  2. Building unity among different communities and organizations on campus so that we can all work together
  3. Making sure that everyone is represented and has an equal voice

I have been known to come up with some of the best ideas and most effective solutions. We should all know what is happening with our fees and how that will change how many classes are being offered or what budgets will get cut. I will continue to learn about these and other issues that YOU care about so that we can all work together to fix them.

You have the chance to make a change for the better!

So when Election Day comes, don't forget to vote for me, Quienna Broadnax, for On-Campus Representative!

Remember: STUDENT VOICE is definitely the right choice!

Casey Capachi - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey how's it going UCSB?!

My name is CASEY CAPACHI and I'm a second year Communication major who would love to serve YOU as your On-Campus Representative.

I am so grateful to UCSB for allowing me to further my previous leadership experience in a variety of organizations. I look forward to drawing from those experiences and acting on what YOU want to see happen next on our beautiful campus!

As Vice Chair of the Media Relations Committee, I have enjoyed promoting the many organizations and their events to students. And as a peer health intern for Student Health and reporter for the Daily Nexus and KCSB Radio I have become knowledgeable of the many activities and resources here on campus.

My goals include:

My door is always open and I'm interested in hearing what YOU want to see happen on campus so please e-mail me at ccapachi@umail.ucsb.edu with your thoughts anytime.

You down with O.P.P. and me?! Remember CASEY CAPACHI for On-Campus Rep!

Jasmine Davenport - Student Voice!

Hello Fellow UCSB Students!

My name is Jasmine Davenport, and I am a first-year Feminist Studies major running with STUDENT VOICE! for ON-CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVE.

As a woman of color, LGBTQQI ally, and San Nicolas' Multicultural Awareness Chair, I understand that every student has a story and issues that are important to them. I have had leadership experience in the following:

As an On-Campus Representative, I promise to be the public servant and voice that UCSB students deserve. As YOUR candidate, I will:

The one thing I want every voter to know is that YOUR ISSUES ARE MY ISSUES. I promise that I will be YOUR ADVOCATE for the betterment of UCSB and our surrounding communities.


Corina Herrera - Student Voice!

Hey UC Santa Barbara!

My name is CORINA HERRERA and I am a first year Sociology/Political Science & Chicana/Chicano Studies major. I am proudly running for your ON CAMPUS REP. for STUDENT VOICE!

My first year has been such an interesting experience by viewing what this university has been going through. The struggle that we as students are facing need to be voiced!

What I dedicated my time to this year...

As your fellow ON CAMPUS REP., I plan to

I hope to take issues into my hands that really matter to you & to continue progress by having things done! UCSB matters to me as a whole especially what goes on in & out of our community. Now, we all know UC Santa Barbara is the best school ever & now all we have to do is make it our own!

Vote for me CORINA HERRERA for ON CAMPUS REP! & be sure to Vote STUDENT VOICE!

Joel Mandujano - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hello my fellow GAUCHOS! My name is Joel Mandujano and I'm stoked to be running to become your On-Campus Representative. I'm a first year Political Science major who's looking to double major in Philosophy.
As a first year, I've gone out of my comfort zone to reach out, build coalitions, and meet people from all sorts of different interests and backgrounds to enhance my experience here at UCSB. I have collaborated as well as been a part of campus organizations such as: QSU, RHA, Queer Comm., Black Quare, De Colores, NAACP, El Congreso, and recently Theta Nu Kappa as well as a soon-to-be FSSP RA.
As an On-Campus Representative, I would work to:

  1. Build a sense of DIVERSITY through establishing COALITIONS with MULTIPLE campus organizations and interest groups.
  2. Make sure that safe spaces continue to be SAFE SPACES for underrepresented and underserved communities here on campus while working to build a sense of COMMUNITY within ALL students.
  3. Make AS more ACCESSIBLE to ALL students
  4. Modify the current MEAL PLAN SYSTEM to better compliment students and their busy schedules

So join OPP and our campaign to enhance, integrate, and diversify our campus!
-Vote JOEL MANDUJANO as your On-Campus Rep and let's make things happen!-

Jose "Alex" Marroquin - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hey Gauchos! =)

My name is Jose Marroquin -many of you know me as Alex- and it would be great if you would elect me as your next On-Campus Representative.

Through my experiences in the Freshmen Summer Start Program (FSSP), and as Santa Cruz Hall Council President, I have gained knowledge regarding issues that directly affect residents in the halls. I am a person who wants to make a difference on this campus and serving your needs would be great!

I have represented you at the Student Of Color Conference, Student Lobby Conference in Sacramento, and the Legislative Conference in Washington DC. I worked diligently and spoke to politicians regarding our high fees and how to ensure our stay at UCSB. (ADD *USEU SOMEHOW)

I have learned about the injustices we face as students and I find a need to be involved in order to make a positive difference. As your On-Campus Representative I plan to:

So Please Make Sure You Go out And Vote
Vote Blue for OPP and Vote for ME Alex =)
Why Make Things Complex Simply Choose Alex!!

Marjan "Marge" Riazi - Student Voice!

Suuuup UCSB

My name is MARJAN RIAZI, but most people know me as MARGE (yes, like the Simpson) and I'm running for ON-CAMPUS REP with STUDENT VOICE!

A few quick things about me:

As the Administrative Vice President and current resident of San Nicolas Hall, I know what it's like to live on-campus and would like to make some changes with YOUR help. I would love to be given the opportunity to represent all of you living on-campus next year and I'm always open to ideas from everyone.

A few things I'd like to work on next year:

I can't wait to hear what YOU want so I can help to get YOUR GOALS accomplished. Vote for MARGE! Vote GREEN! Raise Your Voice and Vote STUDENT VOICE! NEATO!

Veronica Smith - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hi Gauchos!! I'm Veronica Smith, running with OPP, and I want to be your On-Campus Representative for next school year.

I am a first year student living in San Miguel who is a Rep-At-Large in the Residence Hall Association. I have been able to see and experience many different parts of this campus by being a first year student taking classes, going out to IV, and meeting new people. I've also had experiences with RHA, and organizations such as Akanke a black women's support group. I've had a great experience so far at UC Santa Barbara, but I also feel this campus could make the experiences for its residents and students better.

I would like to see a campus that is more DIVERSE, more UNIFIED, and more INCLUSIVE. I believe it will be crucial to fight the hike on student fees, increase outreach programs to bring more diverse representation to this campus, increase administration involvement with students so that students can understand the confusing college system better, and work to fight for issues big and small that affect the residents of UCSB.

I believe that the concerns of ALL students (including all races, religions, and sexualities) at this school are important and I want to work to make changes so that residents have a better and easier experience. I believe it is important to have a diversity of opinions which represent all students at this school which is why I'm running with OPP and want to represent YOU.

University-owned Off-Campus Housing

Thomas "Sammy" Ferrell - Student Voice!

Hello Fellow Students,

My name is Sammy Maramba-Ferrell and I am running with Student VOICE! to be your next University-Owned Housing Representative. I am a Global Studies major and non-traditional student.

My involvements include:

Campus needs I'll be focusing on:

It's my prerogative to outreach and make myself available to you the students, who I will be representing. It would be one of my highest priorities as your representative to optimize resources that cater to your particular community's needs.

It's the right place and the right time, here's to getting serious where it matters, vote for Sammy Maramba-Ferrell for Student VOICE! University Owned Housing Representative!

Alejandro "Alex" Góngora - Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

Hello UCSB! My name is Alejandro Góngora and I want to be your University Owned Housing Representative.

I am a first-year Political Science and Chican@ Studies major. I am involved in El Congreso, Raices de mi Tierra, IDEAS, Student Initiated Recruitment and Retention Committee and Mock Trial. My involvement also describes my value of Respect, Higher Education and Harmony.

As your University Owned Housing Representative, I envision three goals that will move this campus progressively into the next year.

I am confident I can represent the voices from El Dorado, Santa Ynez, and Westgate. I am passionate about promoting diversity and expressing oneself. So I ask you to vote with Open Minds, Open Ideas, and the Open People's Party. Vote for me, Alejandro Góngora to represent you.

Party Mission Statements

Open People's Party (O.P.P.)

The ideals of the Open People's Party exist in the honest and absolute representation of each and every student of UC Santa Barbara. This is our campus. This is our mutual goal. You are the Open People's Party.
The Open People's Party believes that Associated Students was created to act as a bridge between the students and the University itself; establishing a persistent contact with the often confusing bureaucratic operations of the University of California. Our goal is to use this influential pathway to involve each and every student in the operation and guidance of UCSB. We believe that Associated Students is a place for everyone.

We continue to pay more for our education, yet see less. Why are student services being cut? Why is class availability decreasing? We are expected to follow MCP, but don't have the resources to satisfy our educational requirements. The Open People's Party will continue to support efforts to keep the power of education in student hands. By demanding a reassessment of the financial situation, we will fight to protect the voice of students in such influential decision-making processes.

The Open People's Party believes in diligent work at home and in our local community. We stand strong in our commitment to preserve tenant rights and improving relations with property managers. While acknowledging the importance of safety in Isla Vista, we see the Social Host Ordinance in violation of student privacy and as an abuse of police authority. Police are meant to protect and serve, not belittle and aggravate.

The Open People's Party represents all UCSB students. We pull student leaders from all facets of our community to encourage the diversity of our opinion. We are a party that embraces the free exchange of different thoughts and ideas. We advocate for the holistic student perspective and to enhance the quality of life for all UCSB students.

O.P.P. wants you to be involved. From bringing diversity and financial honesty back to our university, to managing that which is our local home, the Open People's Party will continue to fight for and represent, you, the students.

Welcome to the Party

Student Voice!

Are you worried about...

If so, Student Voice! is THE party for you!

Student Voice! is a coalition of student leaders from UCSB that has historically advocated for putting power in the hands of YOU, the students. As a coalition, we want to represent all facets of our community. We recognize the wide range of campus issues, and maintain a passionate commitment to strengthening relationships with students, our local communities, and the administration, in order to increase the quality of the UCSB experience.

Student Voice! wants to take action on issues that are important to you!

Everyone is feeling the impact of the state budget crisis. The University is cutting your classes and vital services, including CLAS, EOP, Student Health, and Rec Sports, while asking you to pay more. Students are increasingly being forced to work additional hours to cover these costs, and as a result, are being denied essential college experiences. Student Voice! is committed to reducing the financial burden on students, and making the most of your time at UCSB.

UCSB and IV should be places free from violence, hate crimes, and police harassment. Student Voice! is devoted to making sure that EVERYONE feels safe, welcome, and a part of our community, regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, ability, or sexual orientation.

Student Voice! will continue to work with IV Tenants' Union to make sure students are not taken advantage of by exploitative landlords.

This is a very exciting time for UCSB and Isla Vista as plans for the future of our community are made. Student Voice! will ensure that students have a say in development projects such as the IV Master Plan and Vision 2025.

As a coalition, we are dedicated to maintaining our campus' reputation of being at the forefront of environmental innovation. Student Voice! will carry on the history of preserving our coast, conserving energy, promoting recycling, and keeping Isla Vista CLEAN.

It goes without saying, Santa Barbara knows how to have a good time. But these good times are being threatened by excessive policing and invasive policies, such as the Social Host Ordinance. As vital residents of the community, students are entitled to our fun and Student Voice! will be sure to defend that right.

So why not vote GREEN for LESS worries?!


Student With A Plan (S.W.A.P.)

We are not a party, we are a movement. Our mission is altruistic. The goal is not simply to win. It is to view elections as an opportunity to educate UCSB students on issues facing our campus, and to create dialogue aimed at reviewing all assumptions made about the student association at UCSB.

In this sense there is no platform or hidden agenda. We all share faith in our ability to succeed in elected positions because we are already working on issues facing our community. Here are our respective plans:

Armando: make college affordable for us, and an option for future generations

Cori: Fight to make sure you're involved in off-campus organizations

KT: Protect student services & rights through communication and action

Omid: Direct focus and funds towards counseling and anti-depression programs

Alex: Support student investment in Associated Students (A.S.) and create awareness of services available

Ashley: Work with students to fight for their rights in their communities through education and action

Daniel: Seek solutions to budget cuts that protect student services and avoid fee hikes

Janelle: Money talks and so will I. I'll be a strong voice for students.

The beauty of our plan lies in its individuality. Instead of standing for A-Z issues we recognize that each member of SWAP has unique talents. We are individuals, and Students With a Plan. We are a group of character. A group of education. A group of action. This statement does not define us; What we do defines us.

See you on the streets.


2009 A.S. Reaffirmations

(These are reaffirmations of existing constitutional lock-ins. Voting "YES" will not increase your A.S. fees.)

*Click here for more information about Return To Aid (RTA)

KCSB/KJUC: Do you support continued funding of $2.80* (of which $0.40 is return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $2.90* (of which $0.40 is return to aid fee) for summer quarter for KCSB/KJUC?

Pro Statement

KCSB is a vital campus resource that provides inexperienced students and community members with the opportunity to participate in radio media. Each year, KCSB recruits, trains, and develops the skills of a large group of new students as music and public-affairs programmers, news reporters, sports broadcasters, and radio engineers. Additionally, the station strives to offer these opportunities to a diverse community, especially people who are traditionally underrepresented in broadcasting. We encourage anyone to become involved, and promote an active, tolerant, and progressive community. For its listeners, KCSB provides programming that is stimulating, informative and generally unavailable from other local media. KCSB's news and public affairs programming places an emphasis on providing a forum for unpopular, controversial and/or neglected perspectives on important local, national and international issues. The station also serves as an emergency resource for the community, and has recently entered a partnership with the county of Santa Barbara and other radio stations to create Radio Ready, which will provide the general public with accurate, up-to-date information in the event of a disaster. At a campus with no journalism department, KCSB plays an important role at the University, educating both programmers and listeners. KCSB is currently further encouraging student media financially and otherwise by supporting the new A.S. Media Center. The space is designed to provide students with the technology to document events of their choosing, and become media activists. KCSB is funded by students, so supporting the A.S. Constitutional Lock-In is essential in sustaining this diverse and unique media outlet.

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

AS Communication Personnel: Do you support continued funding of $4.92* (of which $0.67 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $4.17* (of which $0.67 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for AS Communication Personnel?

Pro Statement

The Communications Personnel budget covers the salaries of all of KCSB's professional staff. It had not been increased since 1989 until the Students' Initiative passed in 2006. The station has grown considerably during that time and we have increased our staff from two positions to 4.5 positions. The additional position has allowed us to hire a person to activate the AS/KCSB Media Center and to begin archiving more than forty-five years of audio programming.. We remain a very small staff for running a full time, full power radio station and other media opportunities.
Please continue to support A.S. Communication Personnel.

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

Program Board: Do you support continued funding of $11.50* (of which $1.50 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $11.50* (of which $1.50 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for Program Board?

Pro Statement

In 2006, students voted to implement a $10 per quarter fee to support Associated Students Program Board. With the money from this fee, Program Board has continued to put on numerous events on campus. Here is just a sampling of the things we have done in the last two years alone.

We are asking you to continue to support student programming and live music on UCSB's campus by voting YES to reaffirm our fee.

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

UC Student Association: Do you support continued funding of $3.02* (of which $0.67 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $2.90* (of which $0.67 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for UC Student Association?

Pro Statement

UCSA is THE student line of defense against regental fee increases. Funding from our association has revitalized and renewed our efforts to fight for increased financial aid and lower student fees. Without our funding we would be leaving the University of California Students Association crippled in a year when budget cuts to the university will cause unprecedented fee increases. We need a seat at the table to fight on behalf of the students, and UCSA gives us that seat. Funding UCSA in an investment in your student voice at Sacramento and to the UC regents. Our funding to UCSA has given UCSB the dominant voice in shaping advocacy efforts for an affordable and accessible university. Your $8 a year goes to efforts to save you thousands.

Vote Yes for if you want to fight a potential 10% fee increase next year – vote yes if you care about fighting for increased financial aid – VOTE YES FOR UCSA.

John Paul Primeau

In 2007, UC Santa Barbara students introduced and voted to pass the Students Initiative which included the University of California Student Association (UCSA). UCSA is the official voice of UC Students to the UC Regents, the State Legislature, and the UC Office of the President. UCSA is a student run student led organization that runs grassroots campaigns for access, affordability, and quality in the UC system. Gauchos took the lead in strengthening our systemwide voice because in bad budget years, we need UCSA to fight for students to the Legislature and UC Regents. UCSA leadership has access to meet with high level administrators in the Office of the President and lobby UC Regents one-on-one. Since Students Initiative passed, Gauchos have seen their field time with UCSA staff more than double and the EVPSA office has now greatly increased conference representation at Student of Color Conference and Student Lobby Conference. UCSA has benefited Gauchos through:

Your investment in UCSA is returned a hundred fold every year in UCSA Victories. Vote Yes on the Reaffirmation!

Corey J Huber
Jaclyn Feldstein
David Preciado
Celina Ayala
Janelle Mungo

Con Statement

UCSA is an organization representing 21 graduate and undergraduate student organizations across the UC system. Annual dues for UCSA are $1.30 per student per year. The average UCSB student pays $8.09 per year! We pay more than undergraduates at Davis, Merced, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Cruz COMBINED! We pay ONE THIRD of the total dues paid by all 21 organizations! Gauchos vastly overpay UCSA, and do you know what we get in exchange for it? Practically nothing! Occasionally a UCSA staff member will come and visit the AS Office, but what does that do for UCSB students? Practically nothing. UCSA takes our money and does not care at all about our campus or our causes. They are too focused on fighting for statewide causes (which they usually lose) and have forgotten about campuses.

Vote NO on this reaffirmation to send UCSA a message that if they want money from UCSB students, we need to pay our fair amount, and that they can't force us to pay SIX TIMES AS MUCH by forcing it through as a piece of pork in the Students Initiative. Don't let them get away with this, vote NO.

Student Commission on Racial Equality (SCORE): Do you support continued funding of $0.59* (of which $0.08 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $.50* (of which $0.08 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for SCORE?

Pro Statement

The Student Commission On Racial Equality seeks to expand its collective ability to advocate on behalf of social justice issues as they pertain to and affect students of color throughout the state of California. As we expand our advocacy and campaigning, we see the need for additional funds for staff members within AS. We would like to either increase the focus and pay of existing staff members or hire a staff to work specifically for S.C.O.R.E. on local, statewide and national social justice campaigns.

Additionally, S.C.O.R.E. is a vehicle by which students at UCSB can attend statewide conferences throughout the year. These include the Student of Color Conference, the UCSA Lobby Conference in Sacramento, the USSA Legislative Conference in Washington DC and many more.

S.C.O.R.E. also allocates money to student organizations for their respective programming and advocacy. Increased funding for S.C.O.R.E. will translate into increased funding for student orgs throughout campus.

Furthermore, S.C.O.R.E. can and will continue to assist endangered student outreach and retention programs; particularly those that impact low income and under-represented student communities. To this end, we aim to establish an outreach and retention component through our office. Please continue to support A.S.S.C.O.R.E.

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

Bike Shop: Do you support continued funding of $6.08* (of which $1.33 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $5.83 * (of which $1.33 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for Bike Shop?

Pro Statement

Supporting the A.S. Bike Shop will fund the building of a new facility for the Bike Shop. The facility is currently housed in a 40 year old cargo container not meant for human occupation. There are no bathrooms, the floors are rotting and it is a hazard to the students occupying the space.
Your support also keeps student charges at a minimum for parts and repairs. The Bike Shop will continue to provide free tutoring to students in the repair of their bicycles.
Part of the new shop will contain a training center and enhanced bicycle repair facilities.
Please continue to support the A.S. Bike Shop

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

Community Affairs Board (CAB): Do you support continued funding $2.62* (of which $0.37 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $2.24* (of which $0.37 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for CAB?

Pro Statement

Community Affairs Board is the volunteer action center on campus. We provide a database of volunteer opportunities to our students. Our volunteer opportunities cover a wide range of interests including working with the homeless, the elderly, low-income families, transition homes, children with cancer, animals, the environment, and awareness of our community's needs. In addition, we partake in mini service activities each week at our meetings to help out with the local community and nonprofits. Along with the mini service activities, we set up programs to help with the local and surrounding communities. This past year, we were able to feed the homeless breakfast once a week, provide 100 Thanksgiving Baskets to the families in Isla Vista, help with Hurricane Ike relief in Texas, bring awareness and raise funds for local non-profit organizations such as School on Wheels, and so much more. With our students' support, we are able to plan and participate in these events to make the community a better place. Vote Yes on Community Affairs Board reaffirmation to continue these services!

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

Recycling Program: Do you support continued funding of $1.75* (of which $0.25 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $1.50* (of which $0.25 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for Recycling Program?

Pro Statement

  1. As the campus increases in size the need for providing proper methods of recycling also increases. The AS Recycling Program will require construction of at least 30 "4-in-1" Recycling cluster (Berthas) for new buildings. This campus expansion also calls for:
    1. Hiring additional employees to better maintain new berthas
    2. Parts and maintenance for existing Berthas
    3. Construction and replacement of recycling rigs (Bicycle and Trailer) as well as parts and maintenance for existing bicycles.
  2. New technologies that would include the purchase or rental of additional electric vehicles.
  3. Development and implementation of a permanent campus wide Techno Recycling Program including new bins for each building on campus, cost of proper disposal, publicity and an additional employees to oversee the program.
  4. Development of the Eucalyptus Grove into a sustainable recycling demonstration site for the education of UCSB campus, students, staff, and faculty, as well as the surrounding community and visitors. This will include extensive landscaping, construction and purchase of several types of recycling and composting demos, and hiring an additional employee to maintain the area.

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

Bicycle Path Maintenance Fee: Do you support continued funding of $1.75* (of which $0.25 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $1.50* (of which $0.25 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for Bicycle Path Maintenance Fee?

Pro Statement

The AS BIKES lock in fee is dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of bicycle facilities on campus. This includes repaving paths, installation of new racks, replacement of aging racks and signage around campus. During the summer of 2009 improvements will be finalized at Campbell Hall, a new lot will be installed at Music and multiple maintenance projects around campus will be completed. To continue to make improvements on campus and make your bike commute as safe and easy as possible please

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

Isla Vista Community Improvement Fund: Do you support continued funding of $2.83* (of which $0.33 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $2.33* (of which $0.33 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for Isla Vista Community Improvement Fund?

Pro Statement

Support for the Isla Vista Community Improvement Fund will continue to do the following:

Please continue to the A.S. Community Improvement Fund

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

Childcare Grant: Do you support continued funding of $0.58* (of which $0.08 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $0.50* (of which $0.08 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for Childcare Grant?

Pro Statement

The Childcare Grant supports programs/projects and events for undergraduate students with dependent children such as:

Please continue to support the A.S. Childcare Grant!

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

Environmental Affairs board: Do you support continued funding of $0.58* (of which $0.08 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $.50* (of which $0.08 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for Environmental Affairs Board?

Pro Statement

The Environmental Affairs Board, voted last year's Office of Student Life Student Organization of the Year, is UCSB?s foremost student environmental organization. For over 10 years, EAB has served to raise environmental awareness and preserve the natural environment at UCSB and the surrounding community, while also providing leadership opportunities and a social outlet to students. EAB is proud to be the annual host of the Isla Vista Earth Day celebration and a promoter of wider environmental action in the state of California and in the nation?s capitol through the entities of the California Student Sustainability Coalition and Powershift. EAB is also a nexus for proactive ideas to promote sustainability and volunteer work, such as Adopt-A-Block, K-12 environmental education, organic foods in dining commons, recycling at UCSB and in Isla Vista, energy efficiency on campus, tree-planting, beach clean ups, and restoration. Please continue to support this integral part of our campus.

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

Isla Vista Tenants Union: Do you support continued funding of $2.33* (of which $0.33 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $2.00* (of which $0.33 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for Isla Vista Tenants Union?

Pro Statement

Got a dispute with your landlord? Trying to get your security deposit back? Think rent prices are getting out of hand? The Isla Vista Tenants Union is your space to educate, advocate, and organize for tenants? rights. For ten years, we have promoted tenant interests and acted against violations of tenants' rights. Located at 6550 Pardall, Apt B (above GrafkArt), we receive walk-in tenants daily, we hold workshops and trainings on tenants issues, we organize for tenant-friendly laws, we confront unethical landlords and property mangers, and we work for a united tenant community in Isla Vista. Please vote YES and be a part of the only student-run, student-funded tenants union in the nation!

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

AS Legal Resource Center: Do you support continued funding of 1.90* (of which $0.10 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $1.40* (of which $0.10 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for AS Legal Resource Center?

Pro Statement

Associated Students Legal Resource Center (LRC) opened its doors in Winter of 2000 as a result of a student initiative to provide free legal counseling services to the UCSB campus. The LRC attorney is available to consult with all registered UCSB students on any issue or concern in which legal education would be helpful. B We offer information, education, coaching, and/or referral in most legal matters affecting students and assist them in identifying and resolving their legal problems, including landlord tenant disputes, contracts, personal injury matters, consumer complaints, credit and debt problems, family law, motor vehicle tickets, employment problems, criminal citations, wills and probate, and traffic accidents. LRC also has over 50 self-help law books written for the layperson. All consultations are strictly confidential. At LRC we are committed to finding practical solutions and resolving disputes. In those situations where an accord cannot be facilitated, or where the situation requires being represented by an attorney, our staff will refer you to private or public counsel outside of our office. LRC also offers periodic workshops to coach students on how to do specific legal procedures.
Please continue to support the A.S. Legal Resource Center.

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

Women's Commission: Do you support continued funding $0.47* (of which $0.07 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $.40* (of which $0.07 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for Women's Commission?

Pro Statement

Women's Commission works to empower women identified individuals by providing them with a safe space to organize and address women issues. Women's Commission also serves as an umbrella organization for all women's groups by providing support, space, and funding. By reaffirming the lock-in we will be able to:

Please continue to support the A.S. Women's Commission.

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

Take Back the Night: Do you support continued funding of $0.47* (of which $0.07 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $.47* (of which $0.07 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for Take Back the Night?

Pro Statement

A.S. Take Back the Night is asking you to support reaffirming our lock-in of 40 cents! With this money we are able to make a positive change in our community and continue our fight against sexual violence. This vote will allow us to continue bringing powerful speakers and performers. With this we can continue reaching out to the community with empowering events and help our neighbors feel safe at home. We need your help though…vote yes to reaffirming the AS Take Back the Night lock-in!

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

University Center: Do you support continued funding of $8.00* (of which $2.00 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $8.00* (of which $2.00 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for University Center?

Pro Statement

In fall quarter, 2006, students voted to implement a $6.00 per quarter fee to support the University Center. This funding was part of the Students' Initiative Fee and was sponsored by the University Center Governance Board (a student majority board that sets policy for the UCen).

We're asking you to once again support the UCen by voting Yes to reaffirm the fee. Why vote Yes?

Ryan Smith, UCen Governance Board Student Chair

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

Child Care Center Fee: Do you support continued funding of $6.33* (of which $0.83 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $5.33* (of which $0.83 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for Child Cater Center Fee?

Pro Statement

No Statement Submitted

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

Student Health: Do you support continued funding of $24.00* (of which $3.00 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $20.00* (of which $3.00 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for Student Health?

Pro Statement

Thanks to unwavering student support, Student Health continues to be a robust medical facility staffed with an experienced team of doctors, nurses, therapists, counselors, dietitians, pharmacists, lab scientists, x-ray technologists, optometrists, and health educators whose only job is to address the health needs of UCSB students. Last academic year our appointment logs and urgent care center recorded a combined total of over 52,000 visits. We recently expanded appointment hours to 7:00pm on Thursdays, added an additional psychiatrist and a second Advice Nurse to our staff. We continue to have a very active Health Education office that works tirelessly with students in spreading the word on the importance of making healthy life style choices. Please vote yes on reaffirmation so Student Health can continue to address the health needs of a diverse and active campus community.

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

Disabled Student Services: Do you support continued funding of $4.08* (of which $0.58 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $3.83* (of which $0.58 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for Disabled Student Services?

Pro Statement

The Disabled Students Program (DSP) receives a lock–in fee of $3.50 from Associated Students. This fee is used to provide academic accommodations for approximately 650 students living with permanent and temporary disabilities. These support services includes note takers, exam accommodations, reading services, priority registration. Re-affirming this fee will help DSP provide a level playing field for students with disabilities, and provides support to continue their education at UCSB.

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

Intramural Sports: Do you support continued funding of $5.83* (of which $0.83 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $5.00* (of which $0.83 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for Intramural Sports?

Pro Statement

No Statement Submitted

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

MultiCultural Center: Do you support continued funding of $4.08* (of which $0.83 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $3.00* (of which $0.83 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for MultiCultural Center?

Pro Statement

The UCSB MultiCultural Center was established BY students and FOR students to provide a hospitable and safe space for their use, to facilitate the recruitment and retention of underrepresented groups, and to fight all forms of discrimination and oppression. For that effect, the Center presents around 100 programs that include lectures, films and videos, panel discussions, readings, art exhibits, music, dance, and dramatic performances that would promote changes of attitudes and behaviors among the campus community. Events are open to anyone and most of them are free of charge. In addition, all of its facilities, including the theater, lounge, meeting rooms and kitchen are available to over 200 student organizations on campus. Students are therefore provided with a space to hold meetings, present their programs, and prepare food for receptions and sales.

The reaffirmation of this fee will allow the Center to continue to offer 1) free educational programming, 2) free rental and A/V technical support to all UCSB student groups for their events, 3) funding for events presented by student groups, 4) jobs for students, 5) meeting space, 6) a place to study, 7) long operating hours and much more! With your vote and support, the MultiCultural Center will continue with these traditions.

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

Office of Student Life: Do you support continued funding of $2.00* (of which $0.50 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $2.00* (of which $0.50 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for Office of Student Life?

Pro Statement

The Office of Student Life AS Constitutional Lock-in fee provides continued support for first-year programs, leadership development, and security costs for student-initiated late night programming. The After Dark Social Programming Fund$ are a vital resource for student-run organizations putting on small- to large-scale events on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. These social alternatives to the IV party scene provide the opportunity for students to network and have fun in a safe atmosphere?-the money from this fee is earmarked specifically for security-related expenses. The availability of alternative programs is important in the university experience as 25% of UCSB students abstain from alcohol use and a majority of the rest of the population does not go out every weekend. In the past three years, After Dark has funded over 150 late night programs attended by approximately 3,000 students each quarter. Please vote yes on the OSL lock-in!

Elizabeth Vincent, Undergraduate Student
MacPherson Social Programming Intern, UCSB After Dark Program

One thing that distinguishes UCSB from many other university campuses is its commitment to developing the next generation of scholars, leaders, and citizens. Through First-Year, Leadership Development, and Alternative Social Programming, the Office of Student Life offers countless opportunities that are crucial to promoting and maintaining student success here at UCSB. Supporting the Office of Student Life AS Constitutional Lock-in fee will ensure that programs like the Conference for Student Leaders, the After-Dark Social Programming Fund, and the Leadership Challenge Series continue to serve thousands of students and cultivate new leaders in the years to come. Vote yes on the future leaders of UCSB; vote yes on the OSL lock-in!

Paul Monge-Rodriguez, Undergraduate Student
Capps Leadership Development Intern
AS Student Commission on Racial Equality, Co-Chair

This lock-in fee directly funds First-Year Programs, Leadership Development Programs, security costs for Alternative Social Programming and the salary package of one career staff member. As described in 2006, the funds from this lock-in have been allocated intentionally to yield the highest benefit to students.

By incorporating assessment and improvement into the day-to-day administration of our programs, we are able to provide services to the campus community that meet the changing needs of the student body. The services include:

Individualized support, training and consultation for individuals and organizations with regard to the college transition and/or leadership development

I support the Office of Student Life lock-in reaffirmation personally and professionally. Please join me.

Miles Ashlock, Graduate Student (entering fall 2009)
Associate Director, Leadership Development, Office of Student Life

With the recent budget cuts that this campus is facing, the $1.50 lock in fee for the Leadership Development Program here at UCSB is critical. The Leadership Development Program serves as a service to students that provides opportunities for individuals to enhance their knowledge about leadership and provides an invaluable resource for developing individual leadership on our campus. The Leadership Development Program utilizes this $1.50 lock in fee to put on programs that prepare students at our institution to take their academic achievements and allow them to easily translate into leadership roles within the organizations that they become involved in. This critical service on campus helps prepare students for the world after their tenure at UCSB ends. Whether it is the Student Leadership Conference, the Leadership Certificate Program or any of the countless developmental workshops that the Office puts on, all of them serve to better develop the student population on campus. The loss of this critical service would leave the students of UCSB with a decrease in the amount of developmental services that students have for the professional aspect of their education. Remember, with this $1.50, you are not simply handing it over to the campus in the form of a bailout, you are investing in the individual that has the biggest stake in your future, yourself.

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

Arts and Lectures: Do you support continued funding of $2.67* (of which $0.67 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $2.67* (of which $0.67 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for Arts and Lectures?

Pro Statement

Each year, UCSB Arts & Lectures (A&L) presents over 100 films, lectures, writers' readings and performances by musicians, dancers, and theater artists from around the world. Past A&L participants have included Yo-Yo Ma, Jon Stewart, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Tony Blair, Jack Johnson, General Colin Powell, Wynton Marsalis, BB King, and John Cleese. In addition to providing the UCSB student body unique cultural experiences, these events also support classroom learning with many UCSB students attending as part of their course requirements. A majority of the artists presented also engage in educational outreach opportunities for students across campus through workshops, master classes, meet-the-artists and demonstrations.

This fee allows A&L to preserve and enhance the services it offer to UCSB students so that we many continue to 1) offer significantly discounted UCSB student ticket prices (up to 75% less than performance tickets sold to the general public as calculated by current season prices); 2) offer a selection of up to 40 free events a year; 3) provide student employment opportunities and internships for over 80 UCSB students; 4) arrange intimate student-artist contacts through educational outreach across various UCSB departments and fields of study; 5) use current technology, like a 24-hour online ticketing buying system, email blasts and other electronic means to provide students with up-to-date information about A&L events; 6) bring to students a diverse roster of some of the world's most influential thinkers, authors, performing artists and public figures as well as unique films.

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

Rec Sports: Do you support continued funding of $14.67* (of which $3.67 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $14.67* (of which $3.67 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for Rec Sports?

Pro Statement

No Statement Submitted

Con Statement

No Statement Submitted

Event Center: Do you support continued funding of $4.00* (of which $1.00 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $4.00* (of which $1.00 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for Event Center?

Pro Statement

The Events Center (a.k.a., The Thunderdome) received a $3.00 per quarter fee in fall quarter, 2006, as part of the Students' Initiative Fee. The Events Center Governance Board, a student majority board, sponsored the request and continues to approve all funding choices utilizing student fee money.

Please join us again in supporting the Events Center by voting Yes to reaffirm the fee. We have accomplished a great deal with the past fee support, but there is much to do. Last year we were able to fully fund a new state of the art sound system for The Thunderdome. We still have many projects that require additional funds:

* New Air Conditioning System * Energy Efficient Lighting * Exterior Painting * Replace Wooden Bleachers with Arena Seating * Improved Acoustics for Concerts * New Cushioned Flooring on Playing Surfaces * Expand Restrooms to Meet Current Building Codes

The Events Center is the largest indoor venue available on the central coast for athletic events and concerts. However, it's a 1979 building that needs serious repair and improvement. Please help us make the Thunderdome a first class facility. If we could improve its status from just "an old gym" to a major multi-use venue, then the Events Center could compete favorably with the County Bowl for major concert events and it could once again rock as The Thunderdome for athletic events.

Please vote Yes to reaffirm the Events Center fee.

Events Center Governance Board

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CLAS: Do you support continued funding of $8.00* (of which $2.00 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $8.00* (of which $2.00 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for CLAS?

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In this financial climate, CLAS cannot offer essential academic support services without maintaining student fee support. The loss of student fee funds would dramatically reduce CLAS' hours of operation and the number of groups, review sessions, drop-in services, consultation appointments, and skills services. The fee funds the equivalent of 1/3 of our full-time staff or all 100 of our student staff. This drastic loss would be detrimental to the student retention and academic success of the over 8000 undergraduates who use CLAS each year.

If CLAS is to retain its current services, and continue to grow to meet changing student needs, CLAS must maintain student fee funding. Students use CLAS an average of 37 hours in group instruction and 6 hours in drop-in services per quarter. A student hiring a private tutor would have to pay $40 to $60 for a single hour of tutoring. CLAS is asking for your support in reaffirming $6.

Helping CLAS maintain its open door policy ensures that all students have equal access to vital academic tutoring. Please vote YES to reaffirm $6 for CLAS.

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Coastal Fund (formerly known as Shoreline Preservation Fund): Do you support continued funding $6.33* (of which $0.83 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $3.33* (of which $0.83 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for Coastal Fund?

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Coastal Fund is a student run organization that allocates student funds to preserve, protect, and enhance the environment associated with the UCSB shoreline by funding grant proposals for preservation, education, open access, research, and restoration. Since 1999, the Coastal Fund has proven to be an outstanding resource in improving our local shoreline and providing opportunities for students to get involved local coastal projects. The Coastal Fund supplies diverse prospects for valuable internships and student involvement for all levels of interest.
An important focus of Coastal Fund is the Coastal Service Program, which provides the student body with the opportunity to be involved with the improvement of the local coastline through beach cleanups and various restorations with our partners. This partnership benefits our local environment and the student organization involved, as we monetarily sponsor each activity. The Coastal Fund is vital to maintaining the beauty, accessibility, and sustainability of our beaches as well as providing opportunities for the UCSB and local community to be involved and make improvements that really matter. So vote yes on the Coastal Fund Initiative!

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2009 A.S. Fee Initiatives

(These are new funding initiatives and would increase your current A.S. fee for Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer quarters.)

Daily Nexus

Do you approve of a $3.00 fee increase per undergraduate student for fall, winter and spring quarters, and a $0.43 fee increase per undergraduate student in the summer, to support the Daily Nexus? The fee will be used for Nexus student journalist salaries, newsgathering operations, production costs and distribution expenses throughout campus and Isla Vista. For the academic year, $0.75 is for return to aid and $2.25 goes to the Nexus; in the summer, $0.11 is for return to aid and $0.32 goes to the Nexus. The fee is in addition to the $0.85 per academic quarter and $0.57 per summer quarter currently collected. If passed, the fee would begin Fall 2009, be subject to reaffirmation in Spring 2011, and raise the total undergraduate student quarterly fee to $3.85 during the academic year and $1.00 (summer).

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