Travel Accommodations

Please contact your advisor to ensure all students meet travel requirements.

Hotel and Flight Accommodations:  After getting your Advisor’s approval please contact Associated Students Record Keeping Specialist with the following information:

– For flights, email AS Record Keeping Specialist (

  1. Departing airport and Arriving airport
  2. Dates and preferred times (departure and return)
  3. First and Last Names
  4. Birthdays
  5. Phone numbers
  6. Sex (male or female)

– For hotel, email AS Record Keeping Specialist (

  1. Which hotel
  2. Check-in & Check-out dates
  3. Room Size (2 beds or 1 bed)
  4. Number of rooms
  5. Number of people per room
  6. First and Last Names

Transportation with University Vehicles:  Anyone operating a University vehicle must pass UCSB’s Defensive Driver Training program through the EH&S department.  For more information or to request training, contact Program Coordinator Rick Alvarado (805) 893-5407 (2 hr. session). Once completing the training, please email driver safety certificate to AS Records Keeping Specialist (