A Resolution to Create a Transportation Service for Students with Mobility Limitations (11202013:28) – November 19, 2013
Resolution #655
by Nikki Calderon & Second: Ali Guthy

Student Sponsor: Lupe Ibarra Irene Sarmiento
Resolution Liaison:

Result: Passed by a vote of: on

Whereas: Students with both temporary and permanent physical mobility limitations have limited alternative means to get to class on the UCSB campus; and


Whereas: Many other University of California campuses have a form of transportation for these students;


Whereas: UCSB once had a similar transportation service; and


Whereas:  In the 2006 – 2007 school year 194 students came to Student Health with conditions that would qualify them to participate in this service, 208 students in the 2007-2008 school year, and many more in the following years; and


Whereas:  A transportation service would create more student jobs on this campus; and


Whereas: Students with temporary disabilities have to pay $36 a month for a UCSB parking permit in order to park on campus and;


Whereas: A transportation service would recruit prospective students and increase student retention; and


Whereas: Many departments on this campus have agreed that this is a valuable idea and support this endeavor; including Student Health and the Disabled Students Program.


Therefore let it be resolved by the Associated Students in the Senate assembled: That the University of California, Santa Barbara administration recognizes the importance of a transportation service for students with mobility limitations for the UCSB campus.


 Let it further be resolved: That UCSB Associated Students Administrative Staff work with the current Transportation Service Workgroup to further develop and finalize the proposal for the program’s implementation and;


Let it finally be resolved: That UCSB Associated Students Administrative Staff allocate funds toward the proposal’s implementation.


Fiscal Impact: $0 from the account.

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