Hi Y’all! My name is Erika Ramos (she/her), 4th year Sociology Major, and I am your 2021-2022 University Owned Apartment Senator! I’m from Santa Ana, California, but I am so happy to be back on campus for the school year. I joined Senate because in my first couple years I didn’t really know much about AS and really wanted to delve more into student government. I originally started my journey in AS my third year when working for the Student Advocate General and the Pardall Center. While working in these offices I realized I truly enjoyed the behind the sevens work of AS, like reviewing legal code and being more transparent as entities. I am honored to be working in my senate position and also chair the Internal Committee while doing so. Some things I like to do during my free time are online shopping, watching Netflix and finding new music.

Favorite IV Restaurant: A tie between Blenders and Hana Kitchen

Office Hours: Tuesday: 9:30-10:30 Thursday: 9:30-11:30 via Zoom

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