051315-144 A Bill to Update Article IV Section 1 – May 13, 2015
Bill #1535
by Hiro Bower & Second: Brandon Lee

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There is nothing in our short-term investment pool.

Therefore let it be enacted by the Associated Students in the Senate assembled:





  1. C) All Operating Account monies not spent by June 30th will be transferred into the A. S. Suspense

account and retained for the fiscal year two (2) years hence unless otherwise provided herein.


  • Final approval of all trustee accounts must be completed by the eighth (8th ) week of the Spring quarter. If an account is not approved, funds remaining in the account at the end of the fiscal year will go back to the Capital Project Reserve Account. The Executive Director shall submit to the Senate, the request, which shall approve the request as an action item.


  1. If a rollover request is denied, and the account is a lock in fee, the remaining funds will rollover into a category in Finance and Business’ budget to be allocated to any OSL or AS entity requesting funds for a project or program relevant to the specified language of the lock in.


  1. Exceptions listed below: All the Operating account monies not spent by June 30th will be transferred to their trustee accounts.
  2. a) EOP
  3. b) KCSB
  4. c) Program Board
  5. d) Communications Personnel
  6. e) Recycling
  7. f) IV Improvements
  8. g) IV Tenants Union
  9. h) Coastal Fund
  10. i) Community Affairs Board


  • A written request must be submitted by the sixth (6th ) week of Spring quarter to the

Executive Director, requesting that a trustee account be set up or, in the case of an

existing account, maintained. The request should include an explanation of how and

when the monies are going to be spent, why monies were not spent during the fiscal

year, as well as a valid reason why a trustee account is being requested. Some valid

reasons would be staffing considerations, long-range purchases, technical support, and on-going projects.






Corey Graves

Fiscal Impact: $0 from the account.

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