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A Greener A.S.

You don’t have to be a sustainability organization to be a sustainable one! The Green Bill outlines how your organization can make simple changes to regular conventions in order to become a steward of the environment.

The resources beneath Information & Guides provide education on the Green Bill and help make sustainability goals easy to accomplish! For a more in depth background to the history and purpose of the Green Bill, see the “About the Green Bill Certification.” The Green Bill Certification program is a great way for an organization to pave its way into a greener future. The second program, the Compostable Goods Exchange offers compostable serving ware and utensils at a price comparable to paper goods and helps organizations abide by the Green Bill!


Information & Guides


  • Is your organization Green Bill Certified?
    1. Have at least 1/2 of your organization’s officers fill out the Pledge
    2. Contact EAB’s Green Bill Consultant at for a Green Bulletin Board and beginning evaluation!
  • Compostable Goods Exchange Coming soon!