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Spring 2016 General Election

Congratulations on your decision to become an elected leader at UCSB! Here you will find everything you need to get through the Associated Students elections.

The deadline to register to create a new party is coming up on Friday February, 12th at 4 PM. Submit the party registration form digitally at elections@as.ucsb.edu or physically in the cab office. The Declaration of Party form can be found under the Candidate Info tab of the website. Party recruitment plans will also be due at the same time.

Media recruitment for parties begins Sunday, February 7th at 8 pm. Party recruitment events will run from February 14th at 8 pm to February 28th at 8 pm.

The application to declare your candidacy will be available from Friday February 19th, to 4 pm on Thursday, March 3rd on the Elections website.

Please check the calendar closely for upcoming deadlines. We ask that you contact elections@as.ucsb.edu if you have any questions about the process. Thank you for decision to get involved at UCSB!

Best Regards,
Elections Board

Contact Information


MAILBOX:  UCen Room 1523 (A.S. Main Office)
E-MAIL: elections@as.ucsb.edu

Ruth Garcia Guevara, Advisor 893-4296 ruthg@as.ucsb.edu
Avery Chamberlain, Chair 893-4296 elections@as.ucsb.edu
Winter Quarter Office Hours by appointment only: Monday 3-4:30 CAB Thursday 11-12:30 CAB
A.S. Main Office 893-2566 Ucen 1523
A.S. Judicial Council 893-2566 UCen 2535
A.S. Attorney General 893-2566 UCen 2535
A.S. Administration 893-3374 UCen 2537

Important Dates