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Spring 2017 General Election


Thank you for your involvement and engagement in this year’s Associated Students Elections process! Here you will find more information on upcoming dates and a brief overview on the new voting system that will be implemented in this election cycle.

Voting is now open. Please visit vote.as.ucsb.edu" and login with your NetID.

Candidate and Party financial statements are now available here.

Election Results on April 27, 2017 at approximately 6:30PM

All events will take place at the Hub located in the UCen.

A bill was unanimously passed by our Associate Students senate to implement the Single Transferable Vote (STV) which ensures a more proportional election through the ranking of candidate choices. With STV, you, the voter, have the opportunity to rank your candidates by preference. A mathematical formula known as the Droop quota will be used to calculate the minimum a candidate needs to get elected. If one candidate reaches the minimum, then all of their extra votes go to their second choice. If no candidate reaches the minimum, then the candidate with the least number of votes is eliminated and their votes are redistributed amongst their second choices. If John Citizen is already elected, the vote shifts again. PLEASE rank the candidates fully to allow the new voting system to work in the most democratic way possible.

For more on how STV works you can refer to CGP Grey’s Politics in the Animal Kingdom video:

We ask that you contact elections@as.ucsb.edu if you have any questions about the process. Thank you for decision to get involved at UCSB!
Emails will be responded to within 24 hours and only between the hours of 9AM-5PM

Best Regards,
Elections Board

Contact Information


MAILBOX:  UCen Room 1523 (A.S. Main Office)
E-MAIL: elections@as.ucsb.edu

Ruth Garcia Guevara, Advisor 893-4296 ruthg@as.ucsb.edu
Tiffany Yeh, Chair 893-4296 elections@as.ucsb.edu
Winter Quarter Office Hours by appointment and: Monday 4:30PM-7:30PM MCC Room 2521
A.S. Main Office 893-2566 Ucen 1523
A.S. Judicial Council 893-2566 UCen 2535
A.S. Attorney General 893-2566 UCen 2535
A.S. Administration 893-3374 UCen 2537

Important Dates