2010 Spring General
Election Supplement

Final Voter Turnout: 7431 (Undergrad) 40.71%
625 (Grad) 21.82%
If you have a formal complaint to file please utilize our new online form or fill out the pdf version and return it to the Associated Students, Community Affairs Board office. UCen 2523.
Thank you,
A.S. Elections Committee
Election results are in!
Please click on each candidate/ballot-measure to see the results.
Raw voting numbers:

(from the AS Legal Code)

Run-off Calculations:
  1. The two (2) candidates receiving the highest number of first choice votes will be considered in the immediate runoff.
  2. Those ballots where the first choice does not advance to the runoff will be reconsidered using their second choice candidate (or backup candidate).
    1. Those ballots whose second choice candidates made it to the runoff will be added to the candidate's total.
    2. Once all eligible second choice votes are accounted for, new totals for the top two (2) candidates will be determined.