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The Associated Students (A.S.) of the University of California, Santa Barbara is a non-profit organization and a department of the UCSB campus, funded by undergraduate student fees. Through elected student positions and appointments we voice student concerns and express student opinion to the UCSB administration, UC system, our community, and state and local governments. We have dozens of boards, committees, and commissions that are organized and funded through A.S. to enrich student life and give students services and opportunities not offered by the administration. Our mission is to help students uphold the high academic standards and give them leadership, employment, cultural and growth opportunities to serve the campus community.

Marisela Márquez, Ph.D., Executive Director
All departmental operations have been functioning remotely (via zoom meetings,email, etc.)  from mid March to the present with the exception of designated essential services.  Essential Services that have continued in operation limited in scope and with limited staffing (student and career) include AS FoodBank, AS Pardall Center, Department of Public Worms’ Garden, AS Ticket Office, KCSB and AS Administration.  Our Internal Operations and procedures have been modified and announced via an internal weekly update issued to all career staff.
The following are not all inclusive of all of our operations, as those plans are being developed for the academic year.  Additional updates will be noted on our website in the next few weeks as they become available at
Assistant Director, Budget and Finance, Anjum Fitch.AS Administration has  processed over 2200 checks including; 90 EOP Grants, 466
  • Honoraria and 26 Emergency loans.  Anyone seeking to access administration regarding any financial matters please link to:
  • Authorized Signers on all AS accounts will be invited to attend workshops in the new fiscal year and information can be accessed by contacting
America Reads/Counts

America Reads/Counts AS Jobs on Handshake open now!

AS in IV

Mask and thermometer distribution center at the Pardall Center

Bike Shop

AS Bike Shop is offering zoom bike repair advice. “Ask a Mechanic” zoom consultations can be accessed on the AS Bike Shop website (

Book Bank

We are sorry to announce the A.S. Book Bank will be closed for Spring 2020 in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. Please DM on Instagram @asbookbank or email if you have any questions. If you currently have a book or iClicker out, don’t worry. Simply return them in the fall. We hope professors are exhibiting maximum flexibility especially in regards to textbook costs for this quarter and hope that most, if not all, your required materials can be found on Gauchospace.

Business and Finance Committee

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Finance and Business Committee will not be meeting for the remainder of the school year.  As an alternative to in-person meetings and office hours, the following two forms were created:

If you were funded for a Spring Quarter event, please fill out this form:

  • This form will let Associated Students know if you cancelled or postponed your event.  You can also request for a reimbursement for said event or have the funds be rolled over to the next fiscal year which starts on July 1, 2020.

If you are requesting funds for the remainder of the year, please fill out this form:

  • If you are asking for a reallocation of previously approved funds (from events prior to Spring Quarter), you can use this form.

As of right now, the online requisition form is still in progress.  As soon as that is available, it will be posted on Associated Students’ homepage.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at

Coastal Fund

Coastal Fund is moving forward with its winter grant cycle to support projects that preserve, protect and enhance local coastal habitats. Application deadlines are January 15 for proposals over $1000 and February 19 for proposals $1000 or less. See for more information.

CODE (Commission on Disability Equality)

Zoom meetings are Monday at 4pm to 5pm.
office hours are Tuesday from 6 to 7pm (use the same link and can message our facebook or instagram if the time does not work)

instagram link:
facebook link:

Commission on Student Well-Being

COSWB is committed to the general well being of UCSB undergraduates, with a particular emphasis on physical, nutritional, and mental well-being. Its purpose is to increase awareness, educate, advocate, and serve as a reference point for student social services. COSWB creates programs that provide a positive and comfortable environment for everyone on campus in order to stay true to our values of appreciating and preserving student well being.

For more information, visit our website

Follow us on:
– Facebook:
– Instagram:

Feel free to contact us at or join our zoom meeting, held every Wednesday at 7pm.

Committee on Committees

Committee on Committee’s will be holding virtual meetings and events to engage students in the entities of the Association, and to ensure continuity of shared governance. Applications for vacant positions can be found here:

Community Affairs Board

Actively meeting and planning remote service events as well as funding groups and community projects.


Community Financial Fund

Community Financial Fund will be hosting our regular financial literacy grant workshops as well as independent, in-depth webinars on specific topics. Check out our webpage at for additional information!


Community Volunteer Foundation

Community Volunteer Foundation will open grant applications for local non profits, please check back for updates!

Department of Public Worms

AS Department of Public Worms is partially operational to maintain the Edible Campus Program Student Farm and Urban Orchard. Our other services are closed. Please follow us on social media (Instagram and Facebook) to see when our farm harvests will be delivered to the Food Bank, workshop and event announcements, and information about composting and gardening. Go to for more information.


Environmental Affairs Board

AS Environmental Affairs Board will be holding virtual meetings and events to engage students in sustainability issues both locally and more broadly. General meetings are held Wednesday nights at 7pm, link: ig: @ucsbeab

  • Mission: The Office of the External Vice President for Local Affairs represents undergraduate UCSB students to Santa Barbara County, Isla Vista local government, and UCSB administration. We push for the greater inclusion of students in the local political decision making process. 
  • Our work:
    • Free mask distribution project: 
      • The office has continued the efforts of the previous EVPLA to respond to the needs of our community in face of COVID-19 by distributing free masks at the Pardall Center, IV Neighborhood Clinic, the Food Coop, and nine businesses throughout Isla Vista. 
      • We have currently distributed 3,459 masks. 
    • Free thermometers:
      • The office, in collaboration with the other Executive offices last year and this year, has purchased 10,000 free thermometers to be distributed at the Pardall Center, the Food Coop, the Neighborhood Clinic, and Residential living. 
    • Police Collaborative Board: 
      • We are revitalizing this board as a way to hear students’ and community members’ concerns about law enforcement and the office would address these issues with law enforcement
    • Prop 21 + 16 coalition: 
      • we have collaborated with the EVPSA office to create a coalition in support of reinstating affirmative action and giving the power of rent control to local governments. 


  • UC Student Association (UCSA) campaign goals democratically selected for this year at the UC Student Organizing Summit
    • Racial Justice Now! Campaign Goal: Defund UCPD, Invest in Community, and Create a Community Restorative Justice Plan. 
      • Divest/Invest Framework: be sure not to recreate policing
      • Funds go to Psychologist and funding for University Health Care, Housing Grants, Broadband Adoption in Low-Income Communities
    • ACQUIRE: Secure an Equitable COVID response (including federal funding support and redirecting of funds for student support).
    • Fund The UC: Double the Pell Grant (and Expand Eligibility to Undocumented Students).
    • UCweVOTE: Support and Grow Vote Coalitions on Every UC Campus:
      • Each campus will have a VoteCo with a target number of campus org. members to push GOTV & Census efforts 
      • Textbanking and phone-banking together
      • Organizing events: competitions of member orgs on, targeted voter edu events (for ex: out of state, STEM, etc)
      • Working with member orgs to include voting announcements in events
  • Get out the Vote Work by UCSB EVPSA:
    • EVPSA Office is part of the ‘New Voters’ Project’ Coalition at UCSB
    • Created a coalition of students to get out the vote/information on certain propositions which would largely benefit students (such as Prop 16 & 17) – EVPSA & EVPLA office are collaborating on this effort
  • Appointed Transfer Student Brandon Villareal to UC-Wide Transfer Student Coalition
  • EVPSA has been involved in the planning of the first ever UC-Wide International Student Advocacy Conference – currently scheduled for September 12 via Zoom but date is still subject to potential change

Food Bank and Basic Needs Resource Center

AS Food Bank continues to serve students on Wednesday and Friday between 10am and 2pm.  AS Food Bank has been able to explore new partnerships during the pandemic in order to offer a variety of nutritious items for students in need.  In addition, the Food Bank continues to distribute fresh food harvested from the student farm, masks and thermometers.



Global Gaucho Commission

GGC is currently collaborating with A.S. SCORE to hold an educational workshop that talks about the ongoing struggles students face as minority student groups. GGC is currently supporting UCSB CAPS and A.S. Trans & Queer Commission in producing an interview about international LGBTQ+ students’ living condition and struggles. Also, GGC is currently holding an international Cooking Competition.

Human Rights Board

Human Right’s Board continues to hold virtual meetings & events, promoting awareness and advocating for Human Rights Issues. They are currently collaborating with the External Vice President for Statewide Affairs on a Prop 17 Task Force. You can see their latest awareness graphics or connect with them here:

Isla Vista Community Relations Committee

IVCRC is not actively meeting during summer quarter. However, if you would still like to request funding for an event, program, or other project that benefits the Isla Vista community, please visit our website at and fill out a funding request form, and we will do our best to accommodate you. Otherwise, IVCRC will reconvene in fall quarter—we hope to see you then!


Both IVTU and LRC have moved to online appointments. More information can be found at their websites: and You can book an appointment at IVTU Emergency Fund IVTU has put together an emergency fund to help students with unexpected moving and storage costs due to COVID-19, with the support of other AS Entities such as IVCRC and Public Safety Commission. The fund will help students subsidize the costs of moving (gas costs for moving home, renting vehicles, hiring a moving company, moving supplies, plane tickets home), storage (storage units), temporary housing (hotel/motel/Airbnb costs), and associated costs up to $300 per student, pending board approval. Apply at Other Resources IVTU has also put together a resource guide to help students and community members navigate the resources offered by many other organizations and companies. Check out the guide at IVTU is dedicated to seeing our mission of an informed, proactive, and strong Isla Vista. We will continue our work throughout Spring Quarter to educate tenants on their options, advocate for them and their needs, and support students and the Isla Vista community by providing legal resources and advice, because we are stronger together.


KCSB-FM is on the air and broadcasting 24/7 with minimal staff on-site. Radio hosts and DJs are producing their shows remotely, and sending in the recordings for air. KCSB News is providing coronavirus news updates weekdays at 5pm and other times throughout the day and weekend, and publishing a COVID-19 Updates newsletter M-W-F for all UCSB undergraduates, and community members who subscribe.

Non-profit and campus orgs are invited to email us information to receive an on-air public service announcement (PSA). These are community messages to promote services available during this time. Please submit your copy, press release or flyer to: for consideration.

Interested in reporting news or training to be a news reporter? Join the KCSB News team of volunteer reporters and contribute to the 5pm newscast or daily news updates. No experience necessary. Community members and students are welcome. Email to learn more. Want to be a music DJ and program your own show? KCSB hosts a quarterly New Programmer Orientations the first week of every quarter. Email for more info! And remember, no prior experience (except a love of music!) is necessary.

For great music to study to and to follow the evolving campus and community story, listen via live stream at, or 91.9 KCSB-FM Santa Barbara on your FM radio dial. And follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for stories and blog posts on music, culture and news. 

Living History Project

The Living History Project continues to meet & hold virtual events. They are currently continuing research projects, and have reached out to other AS entities to document their history. Their work can be found here:

Lobby Corps

Lobby Corps will be holding virtual meetings & events to engage students in local, statewide, and federal legislation pertaining to student needs. Links to their virtual general meetings are posted here:

Media Center and Annex

The Annex and Media Center are closed. Please don’t enter the space, even if you have a key, unless absolutely necessary. Do check out the Media Center website ( for online courses, Workshop Wednesdays, and other online resources to support your creative endeavors. You can also find the center on Facebook at: And, don’t hesitate to write with questions or suggestions for how the Media Center can best support you during this challenging time. Be safe and take care! We look forward to seeing you when classes resume!

Pardall Center
  The 1st floor of the Pardall Center is currently closed to comply with University’s Fall COVID-19 regulations throughout the Fall Quarter. Use of printing, computers and wifi at this location is therefore unavailable.

For additional support or questions relating to the day to day operation of the Pardall Center, please contact
Pardall Center Board

Executive Office Hours will be held via Zoom throughout the Fall quarter. The Pardall Center Governance Board is meeting biweekly the quarter, and is open to the public via Zoom as well. If you would like to contact the Pardall Governance Board’s Chair to attend their office hours or a Board meeting, please reach out to for the link.


ASOP’s summer outline:

Goals center around two platforms: Basic Needs & Academic Support                                                            
Through Basic Needs: 
•Grow the Mental Health Town Hall 
•AS Food Bank pop-up locations in Isla Vista 
•Support students with affects of COVID-19 

Through Academic Support: 
•24 Hour cafe on campus 
•Outreach towards freshman and transfers 
•Promote campus resources
•Establish more academic advising and mentoring programs

Program Board

AS Program Board continue their virtual programming for Summer with current plans for a virtual Welcome Back Concert scheduled for 9/25. For more info visit

AS Publications working on delivering readers remotely via e-readers or readers that can be mailed out to students.
Public and Mental Health Commission

The Public & Mental Health Commission is continuing to meet virtually. Notably, they have begun working on their mental health awareness animations in partnership with Health and Wellness. Updates on their upcoming events can be found here:


AS Recycling is collecting e-waste and outdoor recycling as needed while research staff and essential services continue to work on campus. For pickup requests, go to Please follow us on social media (Instagram and Facebook) for important announcements and information about waste reduction and sustainability.

Since the middle beginning of its term in office, the 71st ASUCSB Senate has met several times, both via zoom and for email votes. So far, the Senate has passed 33 pieces of legislation.
Internally, Senators have been assigned to standing committees. The four standing committees include the Finance and Business Committee, External Committee, Internal Committee, and the Basic Needs Committee. Each senator has been assigned to a committee as either a chair, a vice-chair, or a general member, and the committees have been meeting intermittently throughout Summer. 
Beginning for the 2020-2021 school year, all honoraria-earners of the Association are required to attend mandatory A.S. training sessions. Senators are required to attend a total of 8 training sessions, and all other non-Senator honoraria earners are required to attend a total of 5. There are over 20 training sessions that are currently being offered to students, with topics ranging from the internal workings of the Association to identity-based training. These trainings are all taking place via zoom during the Summer period, and all training will be recorded and posted to the A.S. website after their completion.
Ticket Office

AS Ticket Office is open for deposits only on Wednesdays between 11am and 1pm or by appointment.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is an award winning college news publication. They are always looking for new staff writers or editors to work with and continue to hold virtual meetings which anyone is welcome to attend. You can subscribe to their newsletter here: or check out their website for reporting on campus, local, state, and federal topics. You can find them on social media @tbl.ucsb for Instagram and @tblucsb on Twitter.

Technology & Media
Trans and Queer Commission

In response to COVID-19, the Trans and Queer Commission will not be holding regularly scheduled meetings for Summer quarter. Should we hold any meetings, Zoom links will be posted on our Facebook page and website ahead of time.

For any immediate questions or concerns please email or visit for more information.

Transfer Student Alliance

Transfer Student Alliance will be hosting meetings, events, and office hours via Zoom. The organization will continue to promote resources for transfer student success via social media and further develop relations with California Community College and prospective transfer students. All events, meetings, and office hours can be found on the TSA website:

Applications for next year’s executive board are being accepted at this time. Please apply here:

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