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Engagement, Businesses and Services

in alphabetical order

Leah Bartos - Journalism Advisor/Living History Project Coordinator

leahphone1 893-5422 email1 email me web1 Weblink

Who do I advise?

  • The Bottom Line
  • Living History Project

What can I do for students? I provide guidance in reporting and writing the news, journalism ethics, interview techniques, source development, and investigative reporting.

What other duties do I have?

  • Creating press releases for other AS organizations.
  • Supervising the student staff coordinators of the Living History Project

Where is my desk? AS Annex (Room 141-B)

When is a good time to drop in? 9-5, please email to confirm availability.

Ted Coe – KCSB Advisor

ted2016phone1 893-3921 email1 email me web1 Weblink

Who do I advise? 91.9 KCSB-FM’s Executive Committee and KCSB-FM student and non-student volunteers, more generally.

Campus committees: Numerous KCSB committees/subcommittees; A.S. and KCSB hiring committees.

What can I do for students? I advise on a range of concerns: KCSB operations, volunteer coordination, organizational development, special-projects/events coordination; community and public relations, promotions and marketing (especially through written and online-platforms); radio production; public-service programming and announcements; media/entertainment industry careers; and community-media issues.

What other duties do I have? A.S. awards committee, philanthropic giving, budget preparation assistance for student organizations.

Where is my desk? 1055 Storke Communication Building (under Storke Tower).

When is a good time to drop in? Monday afternoons, most any time on Tuesdays-Fridays, but preferably email or call for an appointment, as meetings or other duties might take me away from my desk.

Marilyn Dukes – Assistant Director of Student Programs, Events and Services


marilyn2phone1 893-3536 email1 email me web1 Weblink

Who do I advise?

  • AS Program Board
  • Womyn’s Commission
  • Take Back the Night
  • Herstory

Campus committees:

  • Professional Development Committee for Associated Students staff
  • UCen Governance Board
  • UCen Programming Committee
  • UCen Marketing
  • ECen Advisory Board
  • Major Events
  • UCSB Operational Effectiveness Workgroup
  • UCOP Student Liability Workgroup

What can I do for students? Program planning, contract information, risk management/insurance information

What other duties do I have?

  • Work on contracting for the department and insurance issues for the department.
  • Supervise the Sr. Artist
  • I do event planning with registered student organizations as requested and read admissions applications during Winter Quarter for the Office of Admissions.

Where is my desk? 1519C–First floor inside the AS Program Board office

When is a good time to drop in? In the mornings–I have a lot of meetings, so e-mailing me in advance is helpful.


Eric Fredricey – KCSB FM Chief Engineer


ericphone1 893-3921 email1 email me web1 Weblink

Who do I advise? KCSB staff, station volunteers (students and community), yearly KCSB assistant engineer

What can I do for students? I train, educate and assist with professional broadcast techniques / best practices, station operations, volunteer engineering opportunities (minor projects), multimedia production, general live media (tv included) broadcasting procedures and to have fun with a great form of communication

What other duties do I have? Help students to understand KCSB independent radio is a community legacy, emergency information release medium, legitimate form of communication and as a creative outlet.

Where is my desk? KCSB engineering room, next to KCSB in the stroke communications plaza courtyard. room 1029

When is a good time to drop in? Check the engineering room (1029) or the station (room 1025 / 1015) and if not, that means I am up at the transmitter site making sure the region can hear KCSB. If you need to schedule a meeting, email or call ext. 3921.

Rayshaun Grimes - A.S. Cashier Coordinator

phone1 893-893-2064 email1 email me web1 Weblink

Who do you advise? I directly supervise a few key student mangers and Cashiers and Event Ticketsellers who sell Notes and Course Readers from A.S.Publications and provide ticket sellers for events for Athletic Events, the Music Department, Theater and Dance Department, and many Office of Student Life (OSL) sponsored  events.

What can I do for students?

  • We sell discounted Movie Tickets, provide I CLICK rentals, rentals of extra computer laptop batteries, manage A.S.Bike Shop income, and process Short Term Emergency Loans.
  • I can keep working on increasing the number of students sharing in all the events that my department  helps sell tickets for to enrich their college experience.
  • I also will provide support  to my student managers while enriching the customer service  experience.

Where is my desk? Inside  the AS Cashiers Office 1st Floor Associated Students across from UCEN Corwin Pavillion
When is a good time to meet? M-F 9a-12p

Rodolfo Herrera - Foodbank Coordinator and Student Engagement Advisor

phone1 893-2276 email1 email me Who do I advise?

  • Food Bank
  • Student Lobby

What can I do for students? Advise on Nutrition, food insecurity and Social Justice while navigating Campus and County resources. What other duties do I have? Oversee the Associated Students Foodbank. Where is my desk? UCEN room 3175 (3rd Floor) located inside of the AS Foodbank. When is a good time to drop in? Come visit any time between 9am and 5 pm, and please e-mail if you would like to schedule an appointment in advance.

Adam Jahnke – Bike Shop Coordinator

adamphone1 893-3610email1 email me web1 Weblink

Who do I advise?

  • I advise students at the AS Bike Shop

What can I do for students?

  • I am here to help provide the UCSB community with a full service bicycle shop.
  • Provide space and advice to students and staff looking to repair their own bicycles.

Where is my desk? I am located in trailer #324. Were right next to the pool and bus loop.

When is a good time to drop in? 10-5 Monday-Thursday. 10-3 Friday. Closed Saturday and Sunday

Jennifer Kiser - Assistant Director for Independent Media (KCSB & The Bottom Line)

phone1 893-3921 email1 email me

Who do I advise? I support the Advisors for KCSB Radio and The Bottom Line and the students running KCSB 91.9 FM. I also serve as a liaison between KCSB Radio staff and other Associated Students entities.

What can I do for students?

  • Listen and inspire them to do their best work.
  • Guide them through community radio logistics, FCC requirements and content issues.
  • Support them in creating a sound communications operation.
  • Write, edit and record in a pinch.
  • Recognize and promote their efforts through social media.

Where is my desk? I am located in the back office of the Blue Rooms of the Storke Student Communications Building #589 aka Storke Tower.

When is a good time to drop in? My office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or by appointment.

Lisa Osborn - News & Public Affairs Director

phone1 310-980-3180 email1 email me web1 Weblinklisa-o

Who do I advise? The KCSB volunteer news team and associate news directors, KCSB sports director & sports reporters

What can I do for students?

  • Support and train KCSB reporters, anchors and staff
  • Offer advice/information about how to get involved with the KCSB news & sports team
  • Offer tips for reporting & anchoring newscasts,
  • Share insights on career options in the radio & media industry

What other duties do you have?

  • oversee the content and production of the KCSB newscast
  • develop and conduct news training programs
  • oversee and make recommendations on spoken-word public affairs shows airing on or under consideration at KCSB
  • compile & maintain public file

Where is my desk? Storke Communications Building, under Storke Tower, Room 1001

When is a good time to drop in? Usual business hours; it’s helpful to email me ahead of time to make an appointment, as I’m sometimes on deadline or away from my desk


Phil Pinedo - Publications Coordinator

phone1 893-4471 email1 email me web1 Weblink

What can I do for students? Assist and advise on print related projects, artwork setup and project planning.

Where is my desk? AS publications office UCEN 1531A

When is a good time to drop in? My door is always open, feel free to call or email too


Jessie Schmitt – Recycling and Compost Program Coordinator


phone1 893-7765 email1 email me
Campus committees:

  • Edible Campus Program

Who do I advise?

  • AS Recycling
  • Department of Public Worms
  • Zero Waste Committee
  • co-advise the AS Sustainability Coalition 
What can I do for students?

  • Provide information about waste reduction, composting and sustainability
  • Advise students on outreach, program development and event planning

What other duties do I have? Supervise daily operations for AS Recycling and DPW collections
Where is my desk? Facilites Building 437A x Room 171F
When is a good time to drop in? I am often in different areas of the campus throughout the day so send me an email to set up a time to meet!

Kathleen Versola – Assistant Publications Coordinator

kathleen2phone1 893-4471 or 805-452-3387 email1 email me web1 Weblink

What can I do for students? Take care of all their printing and bindery needs.

What other duties do I have? I’m also in charge of Maintenance for 6 buildings and taking care of all Department Furniture needs.

Where is my desk? AS Pubs office UCen 1531

When is a good time to drop in? M-F business hours or email