Student Development and Leadership

in alphabetical order

Rodney Gould – Isla Vista Community Advisor

phone1 (805) 455-5019 email1 email me web1 Weblink

Who do I advise?

  • Isla Vista Tenants Union (IVTU)
  • Public Safety Commission (PSC)
  • Commission on Student Well Being (COSWB)
  • Commission on Disability Equality (CODE)

Campus Committees: UCSB Emergency Protocol Committee

What can I do for students?

  • Assist making connections with local government agencies
  • Assist with navigating Isla Vista park rentals and obstacles
  • Assist with connecting students with local non-profits
  • Assist with student /law enforcement interactions
  • Assist with connecting students with local business owners
  • Assist with community outreach public relations
  • Assist with Isla Vista History

What other duties do I have?

  • Beloved Community Conference and Projects
  • Assist and collaborate with the office of the EVPLA
  • Attend Community Meetings and bring back information relative to AS work
Where is my desk? In the IVTU office, upstairs at the Pardall Center
When is a good time to drop in? Generally Monday – Friday 9am-5pm. It is best to call, text, slack or email before coming as I attend meetings etc. on a frequent basis.
Timothy Grigsby - Campus Support Advisor

phone1 805-770-3145 email1 email me 

Who do you advise?

  • Human Rights Board
  • Transfer Student Alliance
  • Global Gauchos Commission
  • Public and Mental Health Commission

What can I do for students? I work to facilitate the path to achieving goals for my students and groups by advising on procedures and policy. More specifically I articulate agreements, requirements, regulations and collaborate with relevant UCSB departments on behalf of the Associated Students Committees. I provide logistical support navigating the campus and AS policies and procedures. 

What other duties do I have? I also provide supervision and guidance at the AS Pardall Center.

Where is my desk? I am located in the 1st floor of the AS Pardall Center in Isla Vista.

When is a good time to drop in? Monday-Friday between 11 am-5 pm. It is also a great idea to schedule a time to meet in advance.

Ruth Garcia Guevara – Community Volunteer Coordinator
ruthphone1 893-4296 email1 email me web1 Weblink

Who do I advise?

  • Community Affairs Board
  • Isla Vista Community Relations Committee
  • Elections
  • Childcare Grants
  • Community Volunteer Foundation

Campus committees: Campus Elections Committee

What can I do for students?

  • Advise students in volunteer recruitment and retention
  • Volunteer, non profit and community development resources
  • Primary contact for AS elections

What other duties do I have?

  • Staff Contact for any volunteer programs, and main authorized signer for volunteer hour verification forms.

Where is my desk? Ucen 2523

When is a good time to drop in? Monday-Friday 8am-3pm or make an appointment

Savannah Lee - UCIV/Pardall Center Coordinator

phone1 770-3145 email1 email me web1 Weblink

Campus committees: I coordinate the A.S. Public Safety Commission’s UCIV program; a student-initiated, volunteer led outreach program to facilitate public safety and well being in Isla Vista during weekends and major IV events.

What can I do for students? I’m here to support Isla Vista and UCSB communities with the Pardall Center: a unique and vibrant space to study, work, host meetings and events, and seek resources or support.

Where is my desk? I’m located on the first floor of the Pardall Center.
When is a good time to drop in? Monday-Friday between 11 am-5 pm. Please come and take advantage of our snack shelf, free wifi, computers, and printing. Check out our website for more information or give us a call as Pardall Center hours are subject to change.

Holly Mayes - Legislative Liason

phone1 893-2566 email1 email me Who do I advise?

  • The Internal Affairs Committee for the Senate
  • External Affairs Committee for the Senate,
  • Committee on Committees.

What can I do for students? I assist and advise students with interpreting and adding to the legal code, as well as assisting students with becoming involved & finding leadership opportunities within A.S. What other duties do I have? Maintaining the most up-to-date version of the legal code and providing minutes training. Where is my desk? Associated Students Main Office UCEN 1523 (1st Floor) When is a good time to drop in? Regular office hours (8am-5pm), but feel free to email or call as meetings or other duties might take me away from my office  

Allina Mojarro – Community Education Outreach Coordinator

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Who do I advise?

  • America Reads/ America Counts
  • CAB Alternative Breaks

What can I do for students? 

  • I specialize in training undergraduate tutors that support learning in local elementary schools and after school programs in Isla Vista, Goleta, and Santa Barbara  schools. 
  • I provide monthly educational trainings to tutors, and help place volunteers in local school and community sites.  
  • I can help you find volunteer opportunities on and off campus, youth programming and many others. 
  • Come into the CAB office and ask about Alternative Breaks, CAB, CFF, and pretty much all things AS. 

What other duties do I have? 

  • I am the Green Dot liaison for Associated Students. 
  • I coordinate Green Dot Bystander Violence Prevention workshops for AS, as well as conduct workshops for staff and students on campus by request. 
  • I am a member of the Dream Scholar Resource Team. 

Where is my desk? Community Affairs Board (CAB) Office UCEN 2523

When is a good time to drop in? M-F 9 am – 4 pm. Email is best for setting up appointments


Sarah Siedschlag – Environmental Programs Advisor


sarahphone1 893-5166 email1 email me
Who do I advise?

  • Bike Committee
  • Coastal Fund
  • Environmental Affairs Board
  • Human Rights Board
What can I do for students?

  • Connect students with environmental and sustainability resources on campus
  • Provide perspective and information on environmental issues and possible solutions

Where is my desk? Coastal Fund & Bikes office, UCen 2521 When is a good time to drop in? It’s best to contact me via email and set up a meeting time; I am often in different areas of campus throughout the day

Kendra Sandoval - Director of Community Affairs, Student Development and Leadership

phone1 805-570-7551 email1 email me

Who do I advise?

  • Lobby Corps

What can I do for students? I support you in your unique path. Be it building out your vision for sustainable community. Delving into the depths of wanting to serve through elected leadership and or investing in yourself through leadership development. You are one of a kind and so is your journey! 

What other duties do I have: Being a Director means I am lucky to be able to work and meet with lots of staff and students doing all kinds of things, from setting up workshops to attending meetings and supporting decision making to listening deeply and holding space for the brilliant work and people that are AS.

Where is my desk? I am in the AS Admin office, 2nd floor of the MCC building – down the hall from CAB.

When is a good time to drop in? I  have office hours from 4p-5p M & W and 2p-4p Fridays. Email is best for setting up appointments. Feel free to email me or stop in for any reason at all.